Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Living in Washington....better for the country?

I couldn't agree more with THIS ARTICLE.  While I know it's impossible to insist upon, I believe all Congressmen and Senators should move their families to Washington, DC during their tenures.    That they don't has added to governmental incivility.   In the old days, before commuting was so easy, families from both sides of the aisle went to school together, went to church together, played sports together, had dinner parties together, etc.   I think that was essential to civility in Washington.  People who had cocktails the night before just might be more civil the next day.......they trust more, they like people personally even if they don't like their politics; this creates a better feeling between people and could carry over into their jobs in government.
Of course, the DAILY BEAST, where I found this article, suggesting that this situation of remaining in hometowns and not coming to Washington as a family is not only bad but creates 'gridlock' is going a little far, but I know they have an agenda and blaming families not living there is easier than blaming the leftwing propositions they support, but it's still an article worth consideration.
Of course, I believe smoke-filled rooms of legislators hashing things out without the media glare had their good points, too, so who am I to say? :-)
What do YOU THINK?


beamish said...


Why move away from your constituents at all?

Karen Howes said...

Never thought about this, but I think it says something that they want to move.

Always On Watch said...

In the old days, before commuting was so easy, families from both sides of the aisle went to school together, went to church together, played sports together, had dinner parties together, etc.

True enough.

Birch Bayh's children attended the same Christian school that I did.

We don't need more gridlock in the region, and politicians' families moving here would cause inflation in the cost of housing.

But, overall, I think that the families of Congressman and Senators should live in the D.C. Metropolitan Region.

And maybe there wouldn't be so many wild parties with politicians attending, too.

beamish said...

Skype. Video conferencing.

These Senators and Congressmen don't have to go to Washington DC at all.

Want to talk to your Congressman? Go down the street and knock on his door.

FrogBurger said...

My home in the US is DC and I love it. However when I go back, my friends who work in gov or World Bank are totally out of touch. Last time I was there (sept 2009) DC was booming. People were out in restaurants and I saw a difference between the scene there and the "for lease" signs all over the place in LA. They see DC and they think the rest of the country is like it.

So you don't have to be in Congress to be in a bubble. You may just be a gov worker and make decisions while being in this bubble.

Z said...

Am watching early morning TV talk shows..Imus, FOX, Morning Joke......
If anybody thinks this new batch of Republicans are going to acquiesce to the Left and not DO SOMETHING in this congress, they're not listening.
Peter King, Mike Rogers, etc etc....FINALLY, they're getting it and seeing that, for example, our interrogation processes being outlined in print for all to see is a STUPID idea, ..
Peter King said something I believe is true and worth mentioning: he said he used to visit a certain mosque near his office or home on a frequent basis and had attended weddings, etc of several muslim doctors, etc "moderate Muslims" is what we'd call them since 9/11. The sad thing, he says, is that after 9/11, he wasn't welcome and these same moderate muslims suggested 9/11 was the FBI, done by BUSH, etc etc.....I think this kind of thinking is extremely telling and he's right in holding investigations into certain imams' hate speech he hears about, etc. I give him credit. We've GOT to stop being PC or we'll lose.

As for living in Washington, Beamish, you have a point, but it's unrealistic; I'd hate to see a day when legislators voted via Skype.

Karen..."want to move?" to DC? not sure what you mean.

Always....good point about wild parties! Of course, we don't hear much about them anymore, do you?

FB, I think DC's suffering as much as LA is these days, economically.

Layla said...

Well, they did not call this "The Dirty Beltway" for nothing....ugh!

Hope you are better!

L xo

Chuck said...

I respectfully disagree. I think just the opposite, they need to spend more time in their districts.

I'm with Beamish, we should be able to knock on their door and talk to them. They work for us after all.

As far as the nastiness, fire them if they don't behave. You would with any other employee you have.

FrogBurger said...

Day is starting well. Gibbs is stepping down.

Scotty said...

I don’t think they should live in D.C. either. As it is, most have problems with knowing what the constituency REALLY wants. I remember when the “fearless” representatives went back home to do some town halling when Obamacare was in the works, they were shocked by the hostility when it came to Obamacare. Talk about living in a bubble!! Some, if not most, were clueless!

only 45 or so current Senate spouses showed for Jill Biden’s slideshow of her recent trip to Iraq, over crab cakes and grilled shrimp. Yeah, that would be the highlight of MY life. Can anyone not blame them for NOT showing???!! The phrase, “let them eat cake” pops into my head….

“I wish there was a chance to get to really know members on the other side of the aisle.” I don’t care if they know the members on the other side, I want them to know ME!!! THAT’S their job!

This phenomenon has ramifications far beyond absent parents and poorly attended First Lady Lunches. It's another component that portends a new level of Capitol Hill gridlock And gridlock is a BAD thing? Really?? Until they prove me wrong, I prefer gridlock and I prefer them not being in Washington, it’s safer for US!!

Lets look at the past two years, where was the civility from the Democrats. It’s always the same, when the Democrats lose, all of a sudden they call for civility, bipartisan action, interpreted meaning, we still want a say so and our programs to go through……

Look to the past when the Republicans had the majority, where did caving to the left get us then? Most times they seemed to join, arm in arm, to spend like drunken sailors, left and right alike!! From my line of site, G.W. was hardly a fiscal conservative, where did that get us?

A look into history shows us that goings on in the House and the Senate has been done amid one ruckus after another and I don’t want to see the House and Senate standing together singin’ Kumbaya I want passions, conviction Senators and Congressmen having my best interest in mind!

Ducky's here said...

What should they sing, Scotty, "Stuck in the Middle with You"?

Z said...

FB, Gibbs' stepping down is a dream for Barack. Gibbs is said to be going on the circuit FOR Obama; the meanest, nastiest, sarcastic, disdainful, smug guy around. I don't look at this as a boost for anybody but Obama, sadly.
Gibbs is withering, mean-spirited and, as you know, his countenance always says "the idiot other side..."....he'll be effective to Americans who don't know better, which is a LOT of people.
Also, he can say a LOT more than he could as Press Secy.

Ticker said...

All I've ever heard Gibbs say is a bunch of stupid , arrogant one liners that appeal only to the unthinking, leemmings of the left.

You know that pretty much describes Duck!

cube said...

I think the less time spent within the confines of DC, the better. Pols on both sides should get out and interact with their constituents and not the pols on the other side of the aisle.

Wasn't there some godchild between Bush and Pelosi? Look at how well that worked out.

BTW the word verification for this comment is HYPEFIX. If only we could.

Scotty said...

What should they sing, Scotty, "Stuck in the Middle with You"?

Nope, Twisted Sister's "We Ain't Gonna Take It".

Z said...

Scotty, I think civility goes a long way...I disagree with most of what you said, but I do see your points.

Ticker, ya, Gibbs is nothing but one liners WHEN HE CAN FIND ONE, mostly it's "I'll find that out for you..." but he's REAL mean and acts like he's got all the answers and liberal Americans gobble it up.

Ticker said...

Yep Z, he's a pure SOB and dumb at that and they are the most dangerous kind. The left eats it up because they are as dumb as he is. I mean just look at duck! A perfect example.

Anonymous said...

Scotty said pretty much all I would have said if he hadn't done it nicely for me.

The less COOPERATION we have between the two parties the less congress can get DONE. The less they get DONE the better off we are.

Why would we want Communists and Conservatives to get all lovey-dovey with one another? When decent people get on friendly terms with demons, they get very badly damaged. Love a demon, and you STRENGTHEN his malevolence.

The firmer each side becomes in maintaining their convictions and upholding their principles the greater the hostility will become.

As Jefferson said, "The Tree of Liberty must be refreshed [periodically] with the blood of patriots and tyrants ..."

Congress isn't in session to play whist, stage a cotillion or put on a pageant. Very properly they are their to butt heads, occasionally draw blood. In the process of UNFETTERED debate -- not mincing around hampered by tea party etiquette or the strictures of political correctness -- the TRUTH has the best chance of prevailing.

When foul ideas are put into play by legislators it well behooves the opposition to do everything in its power to louse up the legislative process and if possible grind it to a halt.

The LAST thing we want is a POLITE, EFFICIENT, SMOOTH RUNNING congress.

~ FreeThinke

Anonymous said...

I meant to say:

"Very properly they are THERE to butt heads, occasionally draw blood..."

Sorry for the error.

~ FT

Anonymous said...

I'd like to pay them to stay home in their states, and meet in DC a couple of times a year.

The more they meet, the more laws, regs. they pass, and the more of our money they spend micro managing our lives, and making govt. bigger and more bloated.

They should be in their districts seeing what real life is about, observing we, for the most part, can take care of ourselves, and being available to their constituents, not surrounded every day by lobbyists, and power brokers.

Washington shouldn't be the focal point of our lives. I for one, want the government out of our lives. The less they do, the better off we'd be.

I know I'm being unrealistic, that this would never happen, but it seems to me, everything becomes a crisis, and the politicians all rush to show they'll fix it.
They're constantly trying to impress upon us how we can't live without the government "fixing" the latest "crisis".

Is there anything there isn't an agency or dept. for? Anything?

All I know is, I'd like for them to leave us the hell alone!