Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Muslim Nancy Drew and Muslim Rudy Cosby?

There were no Armenian Bobbsey Twins when I was a kid.   Nancy Drew was blonde and blue-eyed, I wasn't.   Somehow, despite all of that, I devoured those books, loving every second of reading them.    I'd have thought it's pretty typical that young muslim kids are doing the same, but you really must READ THIS.

Below, you'll see a quote from a young girl who agreed with me:

"Not many of the books have Muslim characters in them," said Sakina Walji, an eighth-grader at North View Junior High in Brooklyn Park. "But it works out pretty OK for me. I like to read any good books."

That's how I felt...though I didn't even give a second's thought to missing Armenian characters and, of course, nobody asked if I was sensitive to that fact :-)    If Sakina, above, is only in the 8th grade, I'm making a guess she's born here and it didn't occur to her, either, that Nancy Drew's last name doesn't have "al-" attached to it. "Al-Drew".  naaa   "Drewian" didn't work for me, either.    But, educators are feeling Sakina needs to identify with islam as she reads books here in America for some reason.  I'm still wondering why.   I got my fill of Armenian things at home and at church and church-related functions where we got the fabulous foods, music, etc.  I was AMERICAN, my Armenian-ism was a fun cultural addition to my already rich life.  By the way, nobody ever asked if I felt robbed of my Armenian background and would I like reading books about Armenian kids.  I was AMERICAN, why read about Armenian kids?  They were KIDS, like me, like Black kids, like Jewish kids, like Muslim kids.....what was the big deal?  Kids share something that transcends nationality and that's what they want to read about.

But, the educators are doing their best to confound this:  "Books oriented toward Muslim students are apparently more common at some grade levels than others. "They're easier to find for elementary kids," said Lori Saroya, president of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) Minnesota. "There are a number of books out there focusing on Ramadan [the Muslim holy month], but they're more targeted for younger kids. I've heard of some series of fiction books for junior high kids, but they are difficult to find."

WHY should they be found at all in American schools?  There are FAR FAR more LATINA kids in America, right?   FAR more Jewish kids, right?  If we're going to go this ridiculous route of pandering to special interests more than we try to build up a melting pot society we once were, why has nobody demanded Hispanic books, Jewish books, or more Black books, for that matter?    How's about a Black Nancy Drew?   SO, why now, MUSLIM?  It's still quite a small minority in comparison to the groups I've listed here!

You do the math;  Tell me if this makes sense to you and why our American textbook people are fighting so hard for this.   There have been exposes on how many Arab countries own American textbook companies but I"ve been Googling and it seems like it's being kept the best kept secret.........if you find anything, let me know.    There is THIS, of course, for Arab kids going to school in America...but I believe the horrible questions you'll see there are only in Muslim school books and it's horrifying but try to fight CAIR, right?

Wouldn't our country be better off sticking to its philosophy for years and years of promoting AMERICANISM in this country?  I didn't miss Armenian kids in textbooks or novels.........WHY are we suddenly catering to such a minority....they're apparently pushing, that's why.    And then the question to that is WHY?    Do you agree, or do you feel Arab children would feel more 'whole' were they to read about Arab children?    Obviously, I don't mind a story or two with a child named Soleila, but let's make them stories about American values.  That is, after all, where these children are living.

Katie Couric feels we need a Muslim "Cosby Show" because that show supposedly did so much for Black Americans.  Do we need a Muslim Cosby Show?  Couric feels it would counteract the 'bigotry' against Muslims in America.  Can someone site any huge numbers on bigotry in America?    Please do.

Are things getting a tad out of hand?  Can't we go back to being Americans and expecting those who live here to be the same?
(I tried to google 'muslim teen images' and 'arab teen images' for this post but, apparently, that's forbidden?  "Images of muslim teens' seemed to work until I clicked on a picture, then it was a goner, too)



beamish said...
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beamish said...

Sensitive to Islam?

Why the hell is this takfir watching television and reading books other than the Holy Quran anyway?

Take her ass out in the street and whip her. 53 lashes, no less.

tha malcontent said...

God help us, we is in deep Doo Doo.

Z said...

Mal...up to our necks.

Beamish...apparently, reading this non-muslim lovely American stuff's okay with her and her folks, but not okay with American leftist squishy 'big hearts'......damn

beamish said...
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beamish said...

Well, she needs to make up her mind. Muslima or apostate.

When the armies of Caliph Umar reached Christian Alexandria in Egypt, not only was it the location of the remnants of the Library of Alexandria after two prior fires in history, it was the center of book copying and publishing capital of Western Civilization. A literate city.

The fires of all those lost books and scrolls heated bath water and saunas for the Muslim invaders for six months. What was left of the Library of Alexandria was no more.

According to Islamic accounts, Umar reportedly commanded that the books at Alexandria "will either contradict the Koran, in which case they are heresy, or they will agree with it, so they are superfluous." And so, being "heretical" or "unnecessary," they were burned.

I don't care if this girl wants to read Nancy Drew mysteries, but she should know that as a Muslim she is reading heresies and deserves to be flogged.

Can't really expect me to respect her religion if she doesn't. STONE HER!

Z said...

Off Topic, I'm listening to FOX in the other room with Shep Smith lowering the bar talking about Bret Favre "trying to GET LAID"...then, of course, the female with him had to use it, too....class, huh? (not)
Man, if I disliked Shep SMith more I'm not sure what you'd call it, God forgive me.

Z said...

boy, I sure pegged the left before they went into full swing;
today it's nothing but 'THE REPUBLICANS ARE ONLY TRYING TO GET OBAMA.....THEY'LL RUIN THE WORLD IF THEY DON'T GO ALONG WITH US.......THEY'LL NEVER STOP OBAMA CARE SO WHAT'S THE USE..' ETC ETC (Megyn Kelly and O'Reilly are a bit on that same page in their silly zealousness to look above it all)

Ya, NOTHING Republicans will try to do comes from DOING THE RIGHT THING, from trying to turn back the nightmare DEBT this admin has created for us... it's OUR FAULT and we'd better just damn well go along with them or it's all about REPUBLICANS ARE THE PARTY OF NO again.

This is scary. The Republicans have never explained themselves well and now's such a crucial period that they're going to have to get a group of news people as good as Obama brought into the WH from CNN and the networks (which was never discussed after the one time I heard it near the time of the inauguration but they're sure at work:-) and GET BUSY telling the truth to the American people.

Anonymous said...

Z, this is interesting isn't it?

It never occurred to me either, that there were no stories about Portugese girls! Who cared? Not me. In fact it never occurred to my Mom or my Grandmother.

I think this is more a concern of these girl's parents, than the girls themselves. Recent muslim immigrants do not want their daughters to be Americanized. Especially the fathers, I would guess.

So now we have idiots like Katie Couric encouraging more separatism, polarizing yet another group which is already not assimilating into our culture.

A muslim Cosby show? What evidence is there that the Cosby Show helped the black community?

The Cosby Show was a great show, whether you were black, white, or whatever. We never missed it. Not because the portrayal was of a black family, but because it was funny and entertaining. My gosh it was Cosby, who's one of the best comedians around, clean humor, and so likeable.

And why Katie, do you think they needed help in the first place? Who are you another plantation owner or something? You know what's best for black people?

How about black people knowing what's best for them, and what if being an American is enough? Now there's a novel thought.

Please spare us this political correctness, and self superiority of the Katie Courics of the world.

They pat themselves on the back for being so tolerant with one hand, and can't wait to give the back of their other hand to people who don't think like them.

All this while they sell their country out with their hypocrisy, and appeasement!


beamish said...

Salman Rushdie wrote a novel with Muslim characters including the child molesting rock-worshipping charlatan "prophet" Muhammad himself, and recieved a death warrant for his troubles. Kurt Westergaard lives in fear for his life for his cartoon of Muhammad featuring a bomb in his turban. Even Nike shoes has recieved threats from outraged Muslims because a graphic on one of their shoes somewhat resembles the word "Allah" written in the squiggly ink blot alphabet of Arabic.

I believe we're just asking for trouble trying to depict Muslims accurately in literature for a Muslim audience, as well as inadvertently undermining the culture of Muslims by imposing unfair judgements about civilized behavior upon their backward wife-beating, baby raping, self-mutilating societies.

No, we need to respect Islam and encourage this girl's parents to beat her with a chain until she has the Quran memorized.

Ducky's here said...

Books depicting middle class Muslims would be worthwhile.

Media images are critical these days, anyone remember The Cosby Show?

I had to wait quite a while growing up before school acknowledged Slavic literature. I could have been reading Turgenev instead of hacks like George Eliot.

FrogBurger said...

Katie Couric on this one totally stepped out of her job as a journalist. Instead of asking questions, she was providing answers.

Ducky you should see the moderate Conservative Muslim Fox and Mark Levine invite regularly but not the lame stream media like Katie the cheerleader.

FrogBurger said...

So now we have idiots like Katie Couric encouraging more separatism, polarizing yet another group which is already not assimilating into our culture.

That's what they do. They group individuals in collective.

You're not Z, you're an Armenian American.
I'm French.
A black conservative is black first, therefore he cannot be a conservative b/c he doesn't fit the box.

Those people think they're open minded when they're not. They don't look at the core of each individual. It's too complicated.

Their whole ideology is based on this inability. Open the first 2 pages of the Communist Manifesto as a symbol of this.

Elmers Brother said...

and Couric ignores the persecution of Christians in places like Iraq and Egypt for the non existent Islamaphobic attacks here. She's an idiot.

Z said...

Pris, that's the point, isn't it...Couric is busy in her 'open hearted liberality' promoting division....typical..it's SO TYPICAL. I suppose when you don't much like America why would you promote everyone to be American?

Ducky, I laughed out loud. You could have read Slavik lit ANYWHERE...your folks could have introduced you to it. :-)
And, PLEASE, re; the Cosby Show? Read the POSTS, or at least the comments. geeez
By the way, I'm not sure that did much to promote anything...it might have but you lefties just keep harping on the shortcomings of Blacks, how they NEED US, which is utterly ridiculous and just more "soft bigotry"....stop it.

Elbro, yes, very true...and she can definitely be an idiot.

FB...I'm American who happens to have had relatives born elsewhere...that's how I look at it. I love the cultural things about my people, I'm very proud of them, but I'm FAR FAR more proud of America..though, I must admit, not so much anymore. I hate to say it, but I feel something creepy happening to me and it's not a good thing.
There ARE black conservatives but they have to keep in the closet; which the left seems to think is FINE for them but NOT FINE for homosexuals.

Anonymous said...

ducky, are you a slav?


FrogBurger said...

Z, my point was mostly about how they put people in a box.

I wouldn't sum you up as an America. To me, you're Z.
Some of it is American, some of it is just the individual.

But those people can't see those things.
I'll always remember when I told someone I felt very American in many ways, he laughed at me. I mentioned that once.

No wonder they think gov must intervene. They have no faith in the individual and self-determination.

Because I'm French, I'm supposed to be one way and can't involve.

Those are the traits of narrow minded idiots without curiosity.

FrogBurger said...

evolve I meant.

My spelling and English sucks the big one.

cube said...

Things aren't a bit out of hand, things are heading off a very high cliff. The liberal/progressive mentality is killing this country.

Z said...

FB...I identify as AMerican, that's all I mean....with love and respect for my roots.
I don't have the stigma you carry being French, where people "think they know you and every thought you have because they know the French", which is probably the singularly most stupid thing I find about mostly Conservatives, frankly.

Cube....I can barely watch the night/news/talk shows...except FINALLY O'Reilly hit it out of the park on several subjects tonight.....
Did you hear Colmes laugh that Republicans don't get angry and should if they had any scruples because "building hospitals in Afghanistan for the people" is SOCIALISM? MY GOD.

And then Pelosi, today, says she's PAY AS YOU GO?! O'Reilly was a bit dumber on that one....he kept saying HOW CAN SHE SAY THAT? SHE'S DELUSIONAL..
No, Bill, not at ALL....she can say that because the media will pick that up, run with it, and most Americans will actually believe what they heard. Simple.
and Absolutely AMAZINGLY DUMB

FrogBurger said...

Pelosi has botox up the brain. Must have frozen the neurones too.

Anonymous said...

"I had to wait quite a while growing up before school acknowledged Slavic literature. I could have been reading Turgenev instead of hacks like George Eliot."

You see Ducky, you prove what's always been obvious to me. It's all about you isn't it?

I knew early on about the Portugese explorers such as DeGama in the Americas, it was interesting, but not essential to me, or my family.

I grew up loving America. My Mom was an immigrant, but she too was an American through and through.

My grandmother was an immigrant, and she too, was proud to be an American.

Italian immigrants were proud Americans as well, and so many others. I don't need recognition as anything other than being an American. Not a hyphenated American either.

So Ducky, how did you get led astray? I'm sure we'd all like to know what you think makes you special. Up to now I can't see it, so help us out, won't you?

Yes Z, we went from a melting pot which was healthy for this country, to multicultural, which is divisive. The left has seen to it, over the years, that we have become polarized. They stress differences instead of commonality of values.

I think it's purposeful. It contributes to the divide and conquer mindset, which the left uses to gain power, and pits one group against another, then chooses each group they consider weaker, or more vulnerable, to pander to.

I consider no strategy more insidious, nor more evil. To create out of whole cloth, mistrust and separatism, is indeed evil, IMO.

It tears a civilization apart, just what the left needs to gain a foothold!


Law and Order Teacher said...

Katie is what I've always believed her to be. She is out of her element with news. Allow her to interview celebrities and they sit there and bask in their mutual coolness. She is a lowbrow purveyor of drivel with no chops when it comes to news.

Network news has descended into a bastion of cutie pies who compete with each other on a People magazine level. Katie should leave the real new reporting to those who are capable.

Maybe she should sit on top of her desk again and try to strike an alluring pose, at least that would attract the pervert cohort. She represents those who think the rest of us are too stupid get it. I despise the way networks talk down to their veiwers.

My students hate PC as much as I do. They don't get programmed in my room. I refuse to do it.

Anonymous said...

All this "stuff" is part of the Master Plan to destroy the sovereignty and the indigenous culture of our nation -- and eventually ALL nations. These treacherous people, who have included such early Progressive types as Woodrow Wilson, John Dewey, David Rockefeller, most of FDR's "Brain Trust," socialist reformer Upton Sinclair -- founder of the ACLU, Roger Baldwin -- all basic blueblood Establishment types notice, -- have been plotting to establish One World Government -- a SOCIALIST government naturally -- for about a century.

All the various "movements" that bug us conservatives do so, because we see through the palpable insincerity of these endless ploys to make the world a kinder, gentler, fairer more generous place for people of all races, reeds, colors, religious, sexual orientation, etc.

None of the "liberation" movements are about what they CLAIM to be about. They all have come into being for one nefarious underlying purpose only -- to advance the One World Marxist/Tyrannist Agenda.

Therefore, all these "debates" that take up so much of our time and attention are a series of red herrings used to distract the citizenry from what is REALLY gong on -- and that is the fundamental TRANSFORMATION of the USA -- an all the rest of the Free World --from a Free society to a Slave State. The antics of Congress, the Supreme Court and the White House are a big Punch & Judy show.

So, things like this Muslim girl's relationship to Nancy Drew are PHONY issues.

Disbelieve this at your peril. Some of our most prominent, most upright members of the old WASP Establishment have been selling us down the river since long before FDR took office. FDR and his Buck-Toothed Bride, of course, functioned merely as TOOLS used in service to promote the One World Agenda. The REAL power has lurked in the shadows behind the Throne acting as puppet masters.

Clinton, Obama and the BUSHES are just part of a long series of carefully selected useful idiots whose actions self-appointed Oligarchs -- our would-be Overlords -- direct and plan with consummate craft and guile. And BOY do these ruthless fiends keep the strangest most unlikely company -- people most of us rightly perceive as our ENEMIES.

~ FreeThinke

FrogBurger said...

My grandmother was an immigrant, and she too, was proud to be an American.

That's exactly how I feel. I see it as a privilege and something to honor and cherish.

Ducky is 55+. He lived through prosperity most of the time, not high unemployment and a no growth economy from the day he was born to now. He doesn't understand how it feels when one aspire to be in an environment that is a lot more free of social classes, regulations, and other restrictions in the marketplace and in the minds of people created by a state-run country.

Susannah said...

EXCELLENT post & comments, Z. I caught a bit of O'Reilly tonight, & you're right, he "hit it out of the ballpark" on several things. And about Pelosi...why NOT call her what she is? a LIAR! Why did O'reilly & Colmes dance around that like Jack-be-nimbles? She LIED through her smiling, porcelain capped teeth!!! LIED!

Someone, please someone speak the truth. And do it plainly please...maybe that's why Shep Smith's quips don't bother me as much as they do you, Z. Truth.

Oh, & Duck...you didn't have to read Chekov or Dostoevsky? No slavic lit. for you?? Lucky Duck...

Anonymous said...

"That's exactly how I feel. I see it as a privilege and something to honor and cherish."

FB, God bless you for that. Most immigrants I've known are some of the most loyal Americans, and love this country as you do.

This is why legal immigration is so desireable. My son's girlfriend became an American citizen two years ago, and feels as you do. And we love her.

And as you, she's a welcome addition to this country. And to our family too for that matter.


Anonymous said...

I wonder if Katie Couric has seen The Stoning of Saroya M.?

I kinda doubt it.

Karen Howes said...

I agree. Where are books for English-Irish-Jewish people??? I can't relate to characters who are over 5 feet tall either.

My civil rights are being violated, I tell you!

Always On Watch said...

The textbook companies wanting to alter books so that the books are friendlier to Islam are shilling for Islam and promoting conversions to Islam. At least, that's my basic opinion.

Can you imagine the outcry if 1001 Arabian Nights were revised to be friendlier to the sensitivities of Western children?

beamish said...

I wonder if the little girl who can't find Muslim characters in her library books and TV shows has seen The Stoning of Saroya M.?

Muslims can't have it both ways. Either they can take their beatings and stonings like good Muslims should or they can abandon that barbaric rock-worshipping religion.

beamish said...

I had to wait quite a while growing up before school acknowledged Slavic literature. I could have been reading Turgenev instead of hacks like George Eliot.

And of course to Ducky, Eliot was a "hack" BECAUSE she wasn't Slavic. Or male.

Z said...

Susannah! "TRUTH"? How could you say that!? :-) I believe in truth as much as anybody does. I believe Smith tells HIS "truth" and I get tired of the sarcasm toward Republicans; very demeaning, disdainful. Tell the truth, we don't need a slam while watching a channel we can actually respect.
You're so right about Pelosi...I heard the rest of her lousy quote..it was even WORSE..she added..">..and you won't see this anymore" In other words, SHE 'paid as she went' but the Right won't? UNBELIEVABLE LIAR.

All of you, too, are SO right.....

Karen, are you a tiny girl? :-) Maybe you could relate to "LITTLE house on the prairie!?" heh

Beamish, you know, you have a point...put up with the stonings or speak up.

beamish said...

Well, she better not speak up. Her Muslim testimony is worthless without corroboration from a Muslim male.

Mark said...

Over at my place, I posted a blog entry about Krazy Katie's stupid suggestion. One of the better comments posted went like this:

"Episode 125-1 Denise returns from Africa, with a new husband and stepdaughter in tow, something Cliff and Clair had no idea about until she arrived home. Cliff restores family honor by slitting Denise's throat for marrying an American sailor."

Mark said...

I don't know why I don't visit your blog more often. It is always very good.

Anonymous said...

A jive-talking black Nancy Drew, rapster, who sleeps around and detects and exposes crack dealers who cheat their clients might be interesting, but it wouldn't be Nancy Drew, would it?

Or why not Nancy Drewstein, aspiring young actress with a law degree also trained as a concert violinist who supports herself being a whiz on Wall Street? This prodigious Nancy detects skulduggery among the movie and money moguls, which increases her power exponentially with each "coup." Every episode would move her closer and closer to fame and glory. At the end Ms Drewstein would be be awarded both a Pulitzer Prize for investigative journalism that takes down the mighty for fun and profit, and an Oscar for best actress in a serious drama all in the same year.

The second Series featuring Nancy Drewstein would see her resuscitate her ambitions as a concert violinist and rise through the ranks quickly as she detects wrongdoing among rival violinists and finds herself replacing them as she sees them carted off to jail. The series would end with Nancy acting as both soloist and conductor in a Carnegie Hall appearance that draws thunderous applause and a great reviews from critics all of whim dear Nancy's formidable ability to ferret out and expose their dirty little secrets.


Go get your OWN culture, you splinter groups, and leave OUR pallid, insipid, harmless WASP traditions the EFF alone!

~ FreeThinke

Anonymous said...

And then you could consider the possibilities of Nancita Druendez, Policia Latina from the L.A.P.D.
but I hope you won't.

~ FT