Sunday, January 2, 2011

Sunday Faith Blog

The quote from winning Texas Christian University quarterback Andy Dalton after the Rose Bowl game yesterday was "Humble yourselves therefore under the mighty hand of God, that he may exalt you in due time."  1 Peter 5:6.

I honor any young man whose faith is so strong he's eager to share scripture with a worldwide audience.   Dalton's apparently always shown this strength and I think the verse he shared after the game in an interview on the field is something we all need to be thinking about.   Maybe it is time to humble ourselves in God's eyes.....I know He'll exalt us and He might just still exalt America for it.

Congratulations, TCU, what a great bunch of guys..........and congratulations, Andy Dalton for not letting political correctness stop you!

Have a wonderful Sunday ... I hope you saw the TCU game and I hope you let the enthusiasm of those great kids stay with you for quite a few days!



Elmers Brother said...

I'm reminded of Eric Liddle and the movie Chariots of Fire.

Good Sunday to you Z.

Anonymous said...

Hello Zin;

At 22 December we had 4 imminent Americans with us who came to Paris to support The Iranian Resistance and Maryam Rajavi;

1- Rudolph Giuliani
2- Michael Mukasey
3- Tom Ridge
4- Frances Townsend

who denounced the ongoing American policy that demonizes the dissidents and thereby mollifies the repressive Ahmadinejad regime.

John Bolton came to paris to support Maryam at july 26th.


Maggie@MaggiesNotebook said...

Hi Z, this is a beautiful story. I am always encouraged by the bold faith expressions of athletes. Perhaps no other group can influence our youth as these believers do.

Happy New Year!

Z said...

Hi,Elbro...same to you.'s about time. The question doubters will have is why these people 'ignore' that Maryam's group killed Americans and is on the terror list. Obviously, if John BOLTON believes your group is safe, who COULDN'T? He's one of the most pro American, safety-supportive man in this country today.

Hi, Maggie...that's exactly why I had to publish it...Happy New Year to you.

Anonymous said...

The Mullahs lobbies are very strong on your medias and your universities, and they know very well the American mood, They know that you hate Communism and American Killers,

So, if they want to diabolize someone or the Iranian's resistance in USA, it is very easy.

In the Colombia court, the judges noticed that the released classified documents against the Resistance were all fake.


Z said...

SAM, we have a LOT of Americans who are in charge of the media and our universities who are not at all against Communism. SOme of them are American-killers too, like WIlliam Ayers, the CHicago 7 from the past, etc etc...The Black Panthers even threatened our voting process this year, so that's not quite as clear as you say...but, I do get your point.

It's marvelous that some of the past information on your group has been found to be fake. I totally believe you and I wonder if you have any links regarding that....
You know, one of the things I tell people about MEK and their 'fundamentalism' is "Would they be muslim fundamentalists and have a WOMAN leader!?" Seriously, how many muslim groups have a woman leader? This is beyond a Muslim fundamentalist group and it's fighting hard to knock over the fundamentalist leadership in Iran and I have always applauded you.
this is great information, thanks for sharing it with us.

Anonymous said...

Z, this is great. Anytime one such as this young football player, overcomes political correctness to speak from his heart, it's a win. We need more of this. Ultimately, it will set us free.


Z said...

Pris, I so agree..ultimately, it WILL set us think a kid felt safe enough in his faith to share it 'allows' others to do the same, makes it more mainstream;
Too many Christians have been very subtly and cunningly quieted by the media and's just stupid and so dangerous for this country. But, someone will come now and tell me I'm insisting all people become Christian because I said that...wait for it! (now they won't because they might have the good taste to realize I'm right and how stupid it is, but you can't ever tell).

Beverly said...

Hi, Z,
Thanks so much for posting this. God has some special young men who use the platform of sports to further His work. I love reading stories like this.

Bloviating Zeppelin said...

The hubris and arrogance of human beings knows no limits.

At my last assignment, I witnessed the amazing works of God, and the arrogance and stupidity of humans:

At work we dammed up a small creek which held water run-off from the EVOC skid pan. We planted a small tree there too. This was adjacent one of our perimeter roadways. We did this for no greater a reason than to have a nice place for some shade where we could eat our lunches.

This created a small pond. From there, in what was nothing more than an empty dirt depression before, came grass. From the grass came rushes. Then long cat-tails. Then birds visiting. Then more rushes. Then a lily pad or two. Then it became a stop for more birds. Then some egrets. No one know we had white egrets anywhere around Sacramento except in the zoo.

Then we became a stop for migrating ducks and geese. Then we had snakes and tons of croaking bullfrogs. Somehow, and no one knows how this came about, we even got little tiny mosquito fish in there. From absolutely nothing, this small empty area became its own little wonderful ecosystem.

Then it came to the attention of county water works that we had “interfered” with a creek. We were ordered that day to tear down the dam. And with that we ended up immediately killing fish, small animals, natural plants, eliminated a food chain, eliminated a convenient point for fowl, and turned a beautiful area once again into a desolate muddy pit, which later dried completely.

This proved to me the amazing persistence of Life, the presence of God, the stupidity of humans and, further, the inability of arrogant humans to kill the planet. We can’t kill this planet, even if we were to wipe it clean with nuclear mushroom clouds from all our combined arsenals. It would come back.

It would come back in time that isn’t convenient for humans, but it would come back. And it is this perspective of time in which we need to view so-called “Global Warming.” We no more have a grasp on the cycles of this planet than we have a concept of the creation of Life. The Leftists and Religious Left have been proven, time and again, that their visions of “Global Warming” are false, specious, and predicated upon their philosophical yearning for the bankruptcy of America and Western Nations, and redistribution of wealth from those who work to those who don’t.


Z said...

BZ, that is one HECK of a fabulous post there..if you don't, I WILL :-)
It's such a metaphor for big government, too many stupid regulations, and a disregard for God's creation...what a marvelous thing you all did, and then to notice what it had created.......but no, the "progressives" can't have that. amazing.

Law and Order Teacher said...

It's great to see that some of our athletes are humble and realize they are only a small part of God's plan.

Anonymous said...

yea God!!!
Stephanie downs in cincinnati

Z said...

"Rep.-elect Mike Kelly, R-Pa., a car dealer elected to the House in November, spoke against the idea of the government spending money it doesn't have. "

Ever seen any Democrat identified like this? "a car dealer.." What's the inference, as if we didn't know? :-)

it's from THIS interesting piece.

ABNPOPPA said...


Great minds think alike! Check out my post of 01/01/11 on Conservative Outrage. You ain't gonna believe it!


Wow, I would have liked to been at that meeting in Paris, talk about the great minds of America!

Z said...

Pops, that's almost scary! Thanks for directing me to your blog there......imagine doing almost exactly the same post? We sure caught the essence of it, didn't we.
great stuff!

Anonymous said...

Sacramento? Knowing that it's in California doesn't surprise me at all.

And with that we ended up immediately killing fish, small animals, natural plants, eliminated a food chain...."

And they also killed 40,000 human beings, a fertile food belt ( for humanity ) created poverty, devastated Fresno and it's lush productive valley...for a friggin' sardine.

Little do the freaks, enviro nazi's, greens and other fruits and nuts that inhabit california politics....know that food isn't grown in the back of the Fresh Market parking lot.

I don't know why those people haven't taken up arms against those who have committed this felonious assault upon them and their families?

Anonymous said...

"a car dealer..."

At least he gives the people what they want and need....something government seldom does.

Z said...

anon, i thought it might be that the car dealer'd taken advantage of the stimulus.

Ticker said...

I am surprised that his statement wasn't "blipped" or that the LSM hasn't condemned him.

I watched the game and was thrilled that they won (Us Texas folks gotta stick together even for "horny toads" err, "Horn Frogs") and even more thrilled by his words.

MK said...

He certainly does not like arrogance in us. After all, we have no place feeling arrogant before him.

beamish said...

The Rams didn't want to go to the playoffs.

Yeah, that's it.

Hey Coach Spaghettio, didja know what that red flag in your pocket is for?

David Wyatt said...

Amen! I knew I liked TCU for some reason & now even more! Those badgers are one tough group & deserve much credit, but I am so proud of TCU! Wish they could be contenders for #1. Anybody over Auburn! (Of course, that comes from a 'Bama fan from WAAAAY back!)

beamish said...

Them's fighting words. ;)

I AM an Auburn fan.

David Wyatt said...

Well, Beamish, since it's you & I appreciate you so much, I'll not count it against you! ;>)