Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Snow...for you who are deep in it............a little humor

I thought these were so cute!  ENJOY!............Which of my commenters lives where there's snow on the ground right now?   Are you in an area where you don't normally get much snow but got a lot this year? 


beamish said...

Snow here.

Slipping on icy sidewalks season has arrived.

Always On Watch said...

The snow last night fizzled.

We got a freezing rain instead.

No school today!

Ducky's here said...

Plenty here, although some rain today should clear a fair amount.

Chuck said...

I have 3" waiting for me in the driveway right now. Just trying to get ambitious enough to go out and start the snow blower, for the second time in three days.

Ticker said...

We had the snow last week along with ice both in Texas and here in Georgia. Unusual for the amounts that fell in both places.
We had about 6 inches in our yard in GA, more in other areas and then the ice came again.
It was ice, snow, and then ice atop it all.
It slowed things to a crawl for almost a week in Georgia. The kids loved it and my backyard was full of kids sliding down the hill on anything that would slide. Sleds are not common items here so cardboard, pool slides, air mattresses(and they work great)and anything flat on the bottom, even garbage can lids.
Still snow on the ground in places but temps were in the low 50's yesterday. Rain and fog today. Not sure which is worse, the snow or the yucky rain and fog.
Belize is looking better all the time.

Anonymous said...

Z, sounds like you need some snow there. We've had plenty here but it's raining a bit today. Somebody's house is burning down the street ... how' that for a news flash?


Anonymous said...

Those pictures are too cute!

Last week we had one day in the 70's and got four inches of snow two days later. I love Texas!

MK said...

Brings out the artist in all of us.

cube said...

The pics are cute. No snow here, but we got a ton of rain on the
17th. Today, we got sun and warm temps. Ahhhh. Today is why I live in Florida.

Karen Howes said...

No snow here in FL, Z, but I loved these! :-)

Anonymous said...

Very cute, very witty. Nice to see something that brings a smile and a chuckle.


It's been extremely cold here in Flaw-rid-duh -- FOR Flaw-rid-duh that is -- down in the twenties several nights as a matter of fact -- but we never see snow.

If I had my choice, I'd love to see a good snowfall once a year, and enjoy it looking out the windows while sitting by a roaring fire with a few good friends swapping stories, enjoying laughter while drinking mulled cider or hot buttered rum while devouring a plate of fresh homemade doughnuts.

I've had my days of ice skating, sledding on frozen hills, shoveling walks and driveways, building outrageously stylish snowmen and taking long walks with friends to enjoy the soft white landscape and the sparkling of bare, ice-covered branches after a big snowstorm.

There's a magic about snow. Its beauty never fails to cause wonder and delight -- unless it hangs around too long.

~ FreeThinke

PS: Anyone know here they got those sunglasses? ;-)

Faith said...

Sunglasses: got to be photoshop. The undisturbed snow is evidence that they weren't bodily applied.

Very cute pictures.

Had snow here (Sierra foothills) for weeks up until a few days ago. Now it's warmed up and almost all melted off. Not sorry, tired of having to watch my every step to avoid ice patches. Hope the warming trend continues.

Z said...

Faith, you can see a strip of sun to the right of the black pair and other places if you look closely...I don't think they're photoshopped...I think it's an incredible application of glasses that come around the front and that's it....no snow needed to be moved much. I love the other picture, too...so clever.

It's about 75 degrees here and now the news is saying California will get 40 days or rain and one in every four or five houses will be destroyed, nice, huh? I know the Ark is clearly visible in Mt Ararat's Xray pictures...anybody know anybody else in L.A. named NOAH?!! :-)

Leticia said...

Love the snowmen on the chairs, pretty creative.

We are not getting snow this coming Thursday but freezing rain. God help us! It's beautiful but deadly.

Faith said...

Well if it isn't photoshopped somebody spent a prodigious amount of time making believable-looking sunglasses out of who-knows-what that could span the width of a deck chair.

Naaah, it has to be photoshopped.

Z said...

see how flat they are? The lenses don't go in, so those are not real sunglasses. But, I won't go back/forth...
I just don't think they're photoshopped and I think it's adorably clever..
But, I do find the other even more clever, don't you!?

Leticia, good luck with that.

I'm contemplating the 40 days of rain FOX is telling California we're going to get..HOLY COW!

Faith said...

Yes, I agree, the other is even more clever.