Thursday, September 29, 2011

Autumn; my favorite time of the year

I lit a candle with dinner last night;  that tells me it's Autumn and I love it............
Karen has some pictures at her blog you MUST not miss........way better than mind.  Give it a won't be sorry!   Happy Autumn!  Do you have any Autumn stories to share?  Ever been in anything like the red/yellow/orange foliage above? 


Silverfiddle said...

I'm more of a spring/summer kinda guy, and winter is good for hunting and skiing. Fall has Elk and Deer season, and that's about it...

Z said...

AH, but it's lighting candles in the house again, and beef stew and snuggly blankets and beautiful sweaters and boots and not perspiring the minute you go outside, and reading a book when it's raining outside and the promise of Thanksgiving and Christmas and.......

:-) I REALLY like Fall!

Brooke said...

I did the same thing! :)

Best time of the year!

Z said...

Hi, Brooke!
When you say you did the same thing, I thought you meant you posted Autumn images :-) I guess you meant you lit candles because I went over to the blog and there isn't a post like that!!

Yes, I DO think it's the best time of the year. I even like it getting dark earlier; some friends think I'm like a vampire or something!

Joe said...

Woke up on the first day of Fall and the air was hot and almost as humid as it has been all Summer.

Still is.

Southwest Florida does have some disadvantages.

Joe Conservative said...

Those were some pretty pictures.

I hope that the change of colour isn't too disappointing this year... with the recent storms we lost a lot of leaves in MD... and they're already falling out of the trees w/o changing colour so.... hmmmm.


Ticker said...

Hate it because with it comes falling leaves to rake the end of swimming season and sooner than I like the cold winds followed by ice and snow, ARRRRRGGGHHHHHH!!!!.
Give me 76 degree weather this time of the year up until May,then warm up to the 80's and 90's, my kind of weather.

Ducky's here said...

Autumn means that the dam pink hats, Red Sox Nation poseurs and baseball babies don't have to read about Red Sox sturm und drang ... you're living it now babies.

Lackey, you don't know what misery is till we finish with you.

Ortiz gone

Crawford for Worth?

Nancy Drew gone

Youkalis to DH and look for a 3B and a starter.

Oh and fire the strength and conditioning staff. These bums started the season out of shape and finished tired.

Pedroia, thanks for playing it the way it should be played. And Ells too.

Lisa said...

I love Autumn too Z. It has always been my favorite season. Our Long Island tradition in the Fall is driving to the east end of the island for wine tasting and fresh fall veggies from the farm stands. It's God's country out there.
Of course yes the candles too,especially the pumpkin spice scented ones.

Pris said...

Z, what beautiful pictures.

I just made beef stew and dumplings last week for the first time since winter came to an end.

We don't really have seasons here like elsewhere, but there are things we seem to associate with seasons regardless.

I love summer and baseball.

Z said...

Ducky: WHAT?

Pris, delicious!

Lisa, I don't know if I could stand it if I was surrounded with beauty like the pix here or at Karen's blog!

Joe, I hope your leaves stay around enough to give you some enjoyment.

Ticker; I love to swim but I love this cooler weather better :-)

Leticia said...

They are such lovely pictures! Majestic, even.

I love love the fall colors. God sure knows how to mix them to make them so majestic.

Ducky's here said...

z, don't tell me you missed last night.

This implies you don't follow sports at all.

Pris said...

Ducky, I didn't miss last night. You sure you want to talk about this? I know what happened.

I thought I'd spare you the pain of it all. See, even we Tea Partiers have hearts, and I'm not an American League fan!

I was more interested in Matt Kemp hitting his 39th homerun, and
126th RBI. Yes the Dodgers were out of it, early on, but a fan is a fan, no matter what.

When you all get rid of the designated hitter, I'll have a little more respect for your league.

Btw, Z's a Laker fan. That's basketball in case you didn't know!

Z said...

Pris, thanks!

Ducky...are you kidding me? :-)

Ducky's here said...

Basketball? I've heard of the game. They play it at the same time we play hockey.

I'm not sure if the game really was painful. Us long time Sox fans who were raised on futility, disappointment and dashed hopes kind of felt the wind of the old days.

Luis Aparicio tripping over the third base bag
The ball going through Buckner's legs
Bucky F. Dent
... and so much more

I had hoped it went to a playoff game and they did a number on us.

Kemp is a very good player but right now I think the coming star is Jacoby Ellsbury. The Sox will probaby find a way not to resign him.

Basketball, don't the Lakers play that game? Maybe why I never quite picked it up.

Scotty said...

Southwest Florida does have some disadvantages.

I moved to Florida for the heat Joe!! I certainly don't miss the changing seasons I went through as a northerner.

The wife misses it, but I don't!

Chuck said...

Our backyard becomes quite colorful in the fall, I'll try to get a picture later and post it.

I do like the fall. I like going to a high school football game and smelling the fall night air.

Pris said...

"Basketball? I've heard of the game. They play it at the same time we play hockey."

You've heard of the game? You're old enough to remember the glory days for the Celtics aren't you? How quickly we forget.

"The ball going through Buckner's legs".

My heart broke a little for Billy Bucks that day. He was past his prime, but when he was a Dodger, he was a fine player.

Ah well, for me, once again, there's always next year, and Vin Scully's coming back again, so I'm happy.

Kershaw for the Cy Young Award, and Kemp for MVP. That's my hope, but I'm not counting on it because the Dodgers are not in the running this year.

I'm hoping by next year, the McCourts are out of the picture!

Z said...

Scotty, I think I'd miss it, but I'm from here, LA, so I don't know cold winters.
paris and Munich could get cold and Munich can snow something fierce but not very often. Paris hasn't really had a dump of snow in years; Actually, the year after we left got the most they'd had in ages; and they had snow quite heavily over the last can see it in so many painters' work.
I loved the cold!

Chuck, I'd LOVE to see pictures of your fall foliage..thanks!

Big Fat Tio Mike said...

Ducky--that's a pretty exclusive list if Aaron Boone doesn't even make honorable mention.

Z--I'm with you on autumn appreciation. Post-season baseball, football season, cross-country, fall marathons...


gramma2many said...

The pictures are beautiful. I enjoy autumn, but my favorite is Spring, heralding in Summer. Our trees are just beginning to turn this week. I will be able to get pictures soon.
Love beef stew and candles, but would you believe my husband is allergic to both!

Opus #6 said...

I'm a fall/winter person, too, Z. Living in So Cal will do that to a person.

Mark said...

I don't like Autumn. With the death of the leaves and the grass and the flowers, it signals the death of Summer, and the ushers in cold dreary Winter.

I like Spring. A new birth, A New beginning.

Southern Californians don't appreciate that sentiment.

Bob said...

You are all wrong. It's all about football. Baseball is just a placeholder until kickoff.

Z said: " and they had snow quite heavily over the last can see it in so many painters' work."

If the works of which you speak were in the 19th century, that's when the world's climate was coming out of the Little Ice Age. The world has been getting warmer ever since the end of the 19th centrury after about 400 years of extremely cold weather.

During that time they had Frost Fairs on the frozen Thames River; Napolean tried to conquer Russia and froze hundreds of thousands of French soldiers to death; George Washington crossed a Delaware River full of ice floes; and there were famines in much of the world.

What if fall goes into winter and we never come out of it? Chilling.

beamish said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
beamish said...

You are all wrong. It's all about football. Baseball is just a placeholder until kickoff.

For the sin of mentioning that inferior homoerotic pastime during football season proper, I hereby sentence you to cheering for the Raiders.

beamish said...

For the St. Louis baseball fans I do offer that it may be Red October though ;)

sue hanes said...

to no one in particular - The pictures of autumn are beautiful.

I've always said that fall is my favorite time of year. The color, the anticipation of cooler days, fires, the holidays approaching, snow, crisp air, and so on.

But then when winter sets in and I'm forced to stay inside because I'm afraid to drive on even a hint of slick roads and the temps hover around zero for days on end, then I get really impatient for spring.

Z said...

Mark, on the contrary; it isn't AS dramatic here in California, but the pear trees in the front of my house get white and lacy with blossoms and the elm and maple trees get leaves again; it's lovely!

I still love autumn :-)

Bob said...

" I hereby sentence you to cheering for the Raiders."

From the land of the free and the home of the Braves, I must say I resemble that remark.

sue hanes said...

The thing I don't like about fall is that the spiders start moving in to a place where they can get warm.

Then I have to kill them because I hate spiders.

Once at my daughter's house I spotted one in the room where I had to sleep.

I asked my son-in-law to kill it and he did but he wasn't happy.

He said, 'We tolerate the spiders because they eat the other bugs.'

I didn't say it but i was thinking:

You kill the spider, I'll eat the other bugs.

beamish said...


It could have been worse. I could have sentenced you to cheering for my Rams... ugh...