Friday, September 16, 2011

Solyndra.......even NBC has to admit Obama's folks screwed up

NBC did a fair appraisal of Solyndra in that video, actually showing the White House's hand in giving such money to a company whose future didn't look too good, and to meet political deadlines as quickly as possible, etc.  The American taxpayer is losing a LOT of money (half a BILLION dollar) because due diligence wasn't heeded.

Then,  THIS VIDEO is Mark Levin's interview with a Solyndra employee who was vetted before they heard her out.  Here's the gist of what she said   "While we were out there, while we were building it – cause it is a half a billion dollar plant – everyone already knew that China had developed a more inexpensive way to manufacture these solar panels. Everyone knew that the plant wouldn’t work. But they still did it. They still built it"

Think this story will go anywhere or do you think our media's strong enough to keep this pretty much out of the average American's face?    The interviewee says Obama and the White House had to know the company was insolvent because she's so low on the totem pole and even she knew things were not going well.   A half a billion dollars and the company lasted six months.   

We know there are emails from senior members of the administration suggesting they did NOT back this company.  We know that top execs in Solyndra contributed heavily to the Obama campaign.

Think this will really change anybody's mind about Obama, on top of all the other ...........  'stuff' in this White House's last 2 1/2 years?

By the way, the Obama folks are BLAMING BUSH.....except that doesn't fly:
"By the time the Obama administration took office in late January 2009, the loan programs' staff had already established a goal of, and timeline for, issuing the company a conditional loan guarantee commitment in March 2009," said Jonathan Silver, who heads the Energy loan program.
Republicans pushed back hard against this version of events, unearthing internal Energy Department emails that indicate the panel evaluating the loans had made the unanimous decision to shelve Solyndra's application two weeks before Obama took office.



Always On Watch said...

Think this story will go anywhere or do you think our media's strong enough to keep this pretty much out of the average American's face?

Well, the story appeared on the front page of the WaPo the other day -- above the fold.

IBA has a post about Obama's being up the creek.

Always On Watch said...

And...there's this AttackWatch thing, which even many on the Left have decried -- and laughed at.

Silverfiddle said...

Some stories just get so big they have to cover them, and this whole green jobs fiasco is such a story, especially when it ties in with high unemployment.

Joe said...

Is there ANYTHING bad that happens that is not Bush's fault?

The only thing green about "green" jobs is the green color of the "stimulus" dollars confiscated from the tax payers for losing propositions.

Chuck said...

I was at and this a.m., not a word. Not on their front page, not on their politics page. Not about the Solyndra bit or the General being told to change his testimony.

They did cover though:

-The new book about Sarah Palin (which even the NYT has debunked)

-Michelle Bachmann and the HPV vaccine, discrediting her claim of it causing retardation (okay, that one was easy)

-Rick Perry, gasp, believing in God

-Questioning who Perry's money man is.

-Perry's inconsistency on foreign policy

-Fact checking the GOP debate (that was several days ago)

-A blog by Blitzer about a CNN poll on the Tea Party that covered all kinds of demographics from education to sex to religion, but not race. Hmm...

Nothing to see her folks, move along.

Bob said...

The Solyndra affair is just one story in a much greater scandal that will go unreported. Solyndra is the poster child for the Obama corruption machine. But, there is more.

Solyndra is symptomatic for an ideology that thinks government is smart enough to pick winners and losers. Effective economic control by government is the center piece of all forms of socialism.

Socialist models call for government control at some level for an entire economy. Socialism has been a dismal failure as shown with the economic failures in the Soviet Union, Communist China, Socialist Europe, and now, the Obama Administration.

The fact is that not one person, or group of people has the ability to know which technology, or which company, or which targeted tax cut will be successful in achieving whatever goal has been set for that action.

Clean energy in the form of wind and solar are clear losers because they are nowhere efficient enough for a national power source, nor can they be scaled to the levels necessary.

One of G W Bush's mistakes was in allocating $5 Billion to research hydrogen cars. This is $5 Billion guaranteed to be wasted. At this point, it costs more to manufacture hydrogen than the energy you can get out of hydrogen processes. This is an example of government not being capable of picking winners.

It may sound simplistic, but market forces are very efficient in finding winners and losers. In our economy, there are billions of transactions every day requiring decisions from businesses and consumers whose economic gain or loss depends on their decisions. A single government or group of people cannot match the wisdom of a free market.

We do not have an energy crisis in our nation, today. We are energy independent in the production of electric power. The only problem is that the oil necessary to fuel our transportation and feed the hydrocarbon industries is costing more than ever.

With the US government bent on destroying our fossil fuel economy, and there being no cost effective fuel available that is capable of running our cars, we have a classic example of a government that not only cannot target success, but has no idea about what constitutes success.

Scotty said...

Hmmmm....I'm still waiting for the investigation of Dodd and Frank in the mortgage debacle!

Ducky's here said...

Even NBC?

This hangup you have with the media is ridiculous. I changed my opinion of the issue (Silverfiddle can confirm) based on a segment on Newshour featuring a reporter from the Washington Post.

You spend too much time with Glenn Beck.

Ducky's here said...

Oh what's the matter, Scotty?

With the volumes written about the collapse was it all wrong because you don't agree that a minority committee member couldn't have collapsed the world economy?

Chuck said...

This hangup you have with the media is ridiculous.

Ducky I will give you one thing, you are predictable.

Go to CNN or MSNBC and read the stories about this. Or maybe you could read about it at ABC, AP, Yahoo, the New York Times, Reuters?

Kudos at least to CBS for actually reporting on the news.

Lisa said...

I just hope they don't replace him with Hillary,you know because it was really "her turn" and the unwritten rule is the democrats have to have the first black president and the first woman president

Ticker said...

All I found reporting on this was NBC, HuffnPuff which of course blamed Bush and a blog which is so far left it falls off the cliff and it of course blames Bush. 'I saw a short piece by cnet.
Bloomberg and Forbes had a piece on the fiasco.
The left will attempt to spin this back to Bush but it doesn't fly as Z said in her article.

Z said...

I am very sure the story won't get the 'legs' it would if a Republican had done this. Imagine spending this much money against the advice of experts and losing it?

Chuck, absolutely incredible. No race, huh? Ya, that would screw their racist agenda up.
I'm glad you check the liberal venues, too. I get teased for just putting CNN or MSNBC on for ten minutes and I think that's short-sighted; We have to know what other Americans are seeing.
And, we have to take comfort in knowing that Indies and Dems make a pretty significant part of FOX's viewers. I was surprised at that.

I wish Beck was still on; I never watched very often and don't subscribe to his internet thing, but I know he connected dots that had to be connected. I say this because I saw a liberal on TV very early this morning saying to some conservative "You connect too many dots" I'm not sure the lib knew what he was implying :-)
I like to say the Conservatives are connecting the dots but the liberal media's spending its time cutting the connections so most Americans don't learn anything.

Tick; the emails prove they're wrong and Bush's people were right in severing the Solyndra possible funding. But, I guess they just don't bother to read.

Ducky, I have no idea what opinion you held and pretty much don't care what opinion you hold now, either.
Yes, "even NBC"...huge. pay attention.

Pris said...

"Some stories just get so big they have to cover them, and this whole green jobs fiasco is such a story, especially when it ties in with high unemployment."

SilverF, yes that's true but there's another tie that comes into play, and that's Obama's high disapproval numbers.

Even rats begin to leave a sinking ship!

Anonymous said...

I heard there were more companies like this. 4 or 5 about to file for bankruptcy soon. Obviously to be confirmed.

Ducky's here said...

I find this attitude of "even NBC" confusing. This idea that no reporting occurs outside the hallowed halls of Fox.

The lead story on today's Democracy Now! podccast was Solyndra and they tore the administration apart. They also went into the further issue of some groups using this as a wedge to stop all government investment in solar while China invests heavily and drops our world market share to a couple percent.

Clearly Obummer wanted a quick hitter to boost his initiative and wanted this approved in time for Biden to make a speech at Solyndra. Now what was Solyndra manufacturing?
A panel which is less efficient and more expensive but easier to install. Sounds like a winner.

So you may get the story at the right wing trough but I doubt it. You'll probably hear about the largest stockholder being a Dem while the fact that the second largest was the Walton family gets buried.

Anyway, to say that this story isn't being covered only means it isn't being covered by your preferred source.

Anonymous said...

You spend too much time with Glenn Beck.

Ducky, you spend too much time on Conservative blogs all day. You may want to do some real work.

cube said...

I think Solyndra is too big to cover up.

Chuck said...

Okay Duck, now we have two leftist organizations reporting it.

What about the list I supplied, did you stop by there?

On to the next question.

Congress has been holding hearings on this. It's a big deal.

Congress has been holding hearings on the guns for drug runners scandal.

Also, we've had a General testify he was asked to lie to Congress by the WH and Pentagon on another Obama supporter sweet heart deal.

If George Bush were still President would these hearings preempt the soaps on the networks so they could air them live?

Come on, be honest.

Ducky's here said...

Well Chuck, I normally don't bother with the networks but looking at their sites they all have some coverage of the story.
One has a link to John Stewart's act which does get some shots at Obummer.
No doubt the guy screwed up big time. Criminal? No, it looks like it's just stupid.

Now are the networks supposed to ignore Bachmann saying that the HPV vaccination causes mental retardation? I think that it behooves them to report just how insane is Ms. "Pray Them Straight".

If this were Bush? That kind of conjecture is boring and useless. Dude got away wth quite a bit in his term also. Still looking for those WMD? Tat little fairy tail cost you a lot more than the Solyndra blunder.

Chuck said...

Duck, where to start?

-What exactly did Bush get away with? What was not reported on during his administration? (For the record, Fox reported on all of it also).

-Do you really want to talk about spending money?

Read this

-You actually think Bachmann saying something idiotic is worth coverage but the President giving one of his friends a half bil of our dollars to play with is not?

That is one of the dumbest things I have seen you post and that is saying a lot.

This, folks, is the mentality of the left. Ignore whatever Obama is doing to the country but be there to hang on every word that Palin or Bachmann say.

I can't decide if this is ignorance, protection of Obama at any cost, or just the good old fashioned misogyny of the left.

Ducky's here said...

-You actually think Bachmann saying something idiotic is worth coverage but the President giving one of his friends a half bil of our dollars to play with is not?

As I said, the second largest stockholder as the Walton family. If it was graft it was equal opportunity.

Z said...

Ducky, I bow to the font of your knowledge about the media. :-)

TRUST me, most Conservatives do not only read conservative venues or watch only FOX. We must watch FOX when we want both sides, but we also must know what the average AMerican's hearing.

Solyndra is being covered because the story's huge, but the Conservative venues were on it early on.
You will hear very little about any hearings; just like we didn't hear much about the hearings about the situation where an ATF agent was killed due to the gun selling situation. Heard much on THAT lately? didn't think so.

Don't be ridiculous; grow up; the mainstream media's liberal.
Some big surprise.

Chuck; thanks, but it's on deaf ears.

We all know the headlines would have been 6" high "BUSH KNOWINGLY GIVES HALF A BILLION TO COMPANY WITH NO FUTURE" Ya, the media wouldn't have carried that way, right? :-)

The Waltons story is as nutty as the Koch story. Every time we try to show liberals how involved Soros is in the ruination of our country, we hear THE KOCH'S ARE RICH, TOO! (that makes sense)

Bd said...

So sad to see the right cheering at the demise of a company just to burn Obama-who didn't run the damn country.

How many billions did Bush spend on Halliburton who overcharged the taxpayers and electrocuted our soldiers in their showers-not to mention covering up rapes.

Z said...


As for Halliburton; you think they did it on purpose and those are ideal surroundings for ANYBODY? and it couldn't have happened if it weren't halliburton?
They set out to kill soldiers and the company raped the girl?
VERY bad things happen, Bd....nobody's happy about it.

grow up

Anonymous said...

"I can't decide if this is ignorance, protection of Obama at any cost, or just the good old fashioned misogyny of the left."

They're just the sheet in the bottom of the bowl ...swirling around....backing up the commode...the septic tank of liberalism is nothing more than knowing that every so often you have to pour on the antidotes and cleansers to get the stench and stink out of your house.

Bd said...

Let's go after the real crooks:

Perry's Ex-Staffers Became Lobbyists, Made Millions At 'Torrential Speed'

Bd said...

Well one thing I do know is that the Democrats in Congress tried to add to the bill that THE SOLAR PANELS WOULD BE BUILT IN THE UNITED STATES. THE REPUBLICAN­S
DEFEATED THAT. So, the disloyal contractor­s in this country has been buying them
from China in spite of the need to manufactur­e them here. Then the contractor­s that
had been given tax incentives and tax breaks from States and Cities broke their
promise and moved to China. So, you have to blame the Republican­s, the contractor­s
that ordered the panels from China and the people who paid for them. Things do not
work if you receive no cooperatio­n. So, maybe Obama has to quit believing that
people will do as they promise and make sure the language is air tight. The rest of
us cannot be blameless becausse we let them all get by with their mendacity.

Bd said...

Gov. Scott Walker’s Office Targeted By Corruption Probe After FBI Raids Aide’s Home

By Alex Seitz-Wald posted from ThinkProgress Justice on Sep 16, 2011 at 3:20 pm

New details are emerging about a potential corruption investigation into Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker (R) and his staff after FBI agents this week raided the home of Cindy Archer, who until last month was Walker’s deputy administration secretary.

Anonymous said...

So sad to see the right cheering at the demise of a company just to burn Obama-who didn't run the damn country.

We're not cheering. It's just one more proof that gov should not be involved and distribute OUR money like it's nothing without serious due diligence, competence, and integrity.

Don't you understand we're sick of working, paying taxes to be screwed over like this?

There are people like me who were against TARP, the stimulus and that kind of shit.

Tired, tired tired.

But if you want to be screwed over, feel free to move forward.,, and bend over like MSNBC would say.

Pris said...

Perry's Ex-Staffers Became Lobbyists, Made Millions At 'Torrential Speed'"

Bd, wow what a revelation. It would be more sensible to list the ex-staffers of any politicians who haven't become lobbyists.
You could probably fit them on a
3x5 card.

Anonymous said...

Let's go after the real crooks

Why do leftists complain about corruption?

I don't complain about the ups and downs of the free market.

You want big, centralized gov: that's what you get. More corruption. From both parties.

I've been screaming about that for 15 years since the French political system is very corrupt.

Government is more greedy, more incompetent and more corrupt than the private sector.

So stop complaining and deal with it since that's your vision of the world.

Z said...

Bd; don't try to think.;..keep plagiarizing from far left sites; at least you don't look quite as uninformed.

SCOTT WALKER? OH, my GOD! The Solyndra thing is so big that you and your ilk are starting a new scandal in response? Typical! :-)

you just can't make this stuff up.

Pris; so true...but it's only Republicans who get the heat.

FB...excellent points. Why, oh why can't the lefties see it? And when are we having a Philly Cheese? :-)

Ticker said...

Does anyone remember Watergate? You know the "burglary " that took Nixon down? A cover up, certainly it was attempted but failed unlike the hundreds of other such goings on in political history. But I am only using this as an example not to start a discussion on Watergate.
What did Watergate cost the taxpayer other than the waste of money on s special prosecutor over the cover up of a $25,000 check intended for the Nixon re-election and wound up in the checking account of a supposedly Watergate burglar. UH, no taxpayer money here.
Now how about Solyndragate? Half a billion dollars of TAXPAYER money down a known rathole with more red flags than a construction site in North Dallas and Ducky and Braindead don't seem to think it is connected to Obama in more ways than one? Then the revelation by the AF General in the LightSquaredgate situation. WH says no to Generals Testimony but facts prove otherwise. Cover up, hell yes it is coverup just like Solyndragate but the LSM is awfully careful and have tippytoed around the subjects.
Now just how the hell is this different from Watergate? So far no one has asked the questions Who knew what and when did they know it. I am not holding my breath for the LSM to do their job and ask the question as they damn sure would if it were a Republican president. Hearings would have already convened and they would run 24/7.
It 's time to ask the question and demand the answers. It's time for Obama to resign or face impeachment because so far the evidence is piling up that HE knew from day one about Solyndra amd yet encouraged the loan to be made, no actually demanded that it be made. Why beat around the bush because that is the way he does business. He doesn't suggest or ask, he demands. Bet even money that he knew of the LightSquare debacle from day one as well. Who else would have the influence to "ask" a General to lie to Congress.
Lets just call all this mess Obamagate and be honest about it. He is a damn Crook and he can't play Nixon on this one.

Pris said...

Ticker, you're spot on. Obama and his pay to play cronies, make Nixon look like a babe in the woods!

Anonymous said...

Z, we need to do that on a Saturday b.c I have soccer on Sundays. Unless the game is in the morning, which is rare.

Anonymous said...

At least 50% of politicians are crooks or sex addicts. That's why I don't want them to run my life, Democrats or Republicans. You can't tell me that someone who can lie for a living is a normal human being.

Elmers Brother said...

Hey BD, Clinton paid Haliburton $80 billion to go into Kosovo.AND. we're still there.

Elmers Brother said...

It just goes to show you that the market is better at picking winners and losers.

And nobody cars if the Chinese beat us at some technology that is inefficient

Always On Watch said...

I think that MSNBC has avoided covering Solyndra-gate. At least, I read that somewhere. True?

MK said...

The way obama blames Bush, we can be blaming his dumbass 10 years from now for whatever that president screws up.

Z said...

AOW, I don't watch that much msnbc to know, but I had to laugh out loud at Rachel Madcow talking with some VERY serious-looking liberal woman about districts being changed in favor of Republicans and leaving Obama out in the cold, after all the gerrymandering the Left's done against the Right. It really DOES get almost fun watching msnbc, it really does.

MK: are you kidding? NOTHING will stick to OBama. And they thought reagan was the TEFLON PRESIDENT? That's a riot.

beamish said...

This hangup you have with the media is ridiculous.

Even Ducky must admit that the peripheries of right-wing radio (Glenn Beck, Michael Savage) had this story dissected right down to names of Solyndra execs who donated heavily to Obama's election campaign and how much they donated, on the SAME DAY Solyndra filed for bankruptcy.

Has MSNBC caught up yet?

Chuck said...

And the idiocy just keeps coming.

Duck, As I said, the second largest stockholder as the Walton family. If it was graft it was equal opportunity.

So far I have only heard about $2500 to the RNC from the Walton's.

More than that, the comment could not be more irrelevant. If all of the contributors at Solyndra gave all of their money to the GOP, Obama still gave away a half a bil to them.

If Solyndra was buying Bush where is the advantage, his administration turned down their loan.

Bd, what the hell does Scott Walker or Rick Perry have to do with Solyndra?

You guys are just looking like idiots now.

Bd said...

Sorry dude, you have 'idiot' lock up but good, lol!