Thursday, September 1, 2011

"People are fed up.." that's for SURE

 WASHINGTON (AP) — President Barack Obama will a deliver rare address to a joint session of Congress next week to introduce a long-awaited plan for jobs and economic growth, but not before being forced to yield in a test of wills with House Speaker John Boehner over when he would speak.......that came from THIS ARTICLE talking about the problem that Obama picked the very night Republicans were debating on television to have a joint session of congress hear his grand ideas.  It goes on............

White House press secretary Jay Carney said Thursday the dust-up dramatizes why "people are fed up" with Washington.
"It is such nonsense.This is what people hate about politics," Republican presidential candidate Jon Huntsman said on NBC's "Today" show.
Carney said, "Our intention was merely for the president to address a joint session as soon as possible," to outline his plan for revving up the economy and taking the unemployment problem on head-on.
"Our interest is in not having a political back and forth here at all," Carney told MSNBC in an interview. He said the White House yielded when Boehner insisted the speech be next Thursday, instead of Wednesday.
"Americans are sick and tired of the partisan bickering" in the capital," Carney said. He argued that Obama's aim is to "focus on things we can do" to spur the economy.

Does this sound to you like, suddenly, this was Boehner's fault and it was his 'dust up?'  If the Republican debate hadn't been set for months, do you think Boehner would have had to have "forced the president to yield," as the first paragraph suggests?   Who'd have had to have been 'fed up' if they hadn't picked such an inconvenient night for the Republicans?   What "political back and forth" would have happened had they not picked the day after, which, as it stands, will conflict with an NFL game?  Is it more important for the game or for a long-standing date for Republicans to debate?  Is it Boehner, as this Carney and this whole article suggests, who caused the problem in the first place?
Did this work in Obama's favor?   Remember he was criticized on the left and the right for having announced on his recent vacation that he now has a plan and will discuss it after Labor Day?  People on all news stations were asking "why wait? this country's in trouble...give us hint..!!  We'd like to KNOW now!"   Then he picks this one night?  Did it cleverly get him 24 more hours to come up with a plan!?

Was this a publicity move or is it just the way the media's presenting which smacks of their adoring ideology again?  



Lisa said...
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Lisa said...

this whole presidency is a publicity stunt. Starting from his propped up campaign to his propped up presidency and his propped up intelligence.
I do agree he's smart and by smart I mean "Smart-Ass" because he is shrewd and manipulating.
The community organizer is organizing from behind IMO. Everything he does including this "10th jobs speech" will be nothing more than a speech with blame and more manipulation to try and make this about turning people against republicans.....again.

Silverfiddle said...

I love how Boehner continues to deliver Obama lessons on politics and the constitution.

Z said...

Now he's saying he'll 'hold Congress responsible' if, in essence, they don't buy his plan (obviously, because the left will and the right will only if they see it's not more government hiring and borrowing to pay for it).

usually, 'hold responsible' has a consequence. Does the Constitution say he can fire republican politicians? Time out in the corner with a dunce hat on?

He gave big money to an environmental company in California which is now closing...OBAMA EXAMPLE OF GREEN CLOSING$$1200 people being let go. We get nothing, the poor employees get nothing, and there wasn't even any interest paid.
The bosses apparently had supported his campaign for '08.

Did the WH do any due diligence before lending this money or they just felt cozy giving to yet another GREEN COMPANY, solvent or not?

Always On Watch said...

You might find THIS an interesting read. Related to what you posted.

Speedy G said...

I think Boehner should have scheduled the damn thing and then gone with all the Republicans to the RNC debate.

Jan said...

I don't think scheduling his speech the same night of the debate was a coincidence at all, and if it was, it only shows how very inept his entire administration if we didn't already know.

I wonder why he is even bothering to speak to the nation on his job plan? I think he will just do whatever he wants to do, anyway....he seems to delight in going around Congress in any way possible, just like with the amnesty issue.'t-need-congress/244420/

Anyone who votes for this man, again, should question their own sanity...or at least admit that they are a glutton for punishment.

Z said...

AOW, only a leftist can mention the kerfuffle in ways that OBAMA SCREWED IT UP HORRIBLY and then say Boehner acted somehow (not really proven by author) undignified. :-) Man, they must have special classes in journalism school...schools which used to teach "Only WHO WHAT WHERE WHEN AND WNY?" must have dumped that for "WHATEVER IT TAKES TO BE ON THE LEFT'S SIDE".

Also, the Post writer says this was a FIRST president to be turned down; I wonder if it was a FIRST for a president to schedule a speech to CONGRESS (usually only for SOTU and WAR, by the way, many are questioning this) when there's an important night for Republicans already planned, too? But, he didn't mention that, of course.

Z said...

Jan, not only does it not need COngress (Odd that he'd insist on Congress being there) but, look at my comment above...he's actually saying that he'll have to HOLD CONGRESS RESPONSIBLE....for WHAT? For not bowing to his every whim?

Bob said...

Lisa is right. Everything Obama does is calculated for its political effect. He has taken a page from Bill Clinton, who I believe was the first President to campaign for 8 years, seven days a week. That's the Democrat way, now.

There is no coincidence, here. Boehner did the right thing. Get in Obama's face and force the issue. That's the only thing that works.

Z said...

Well, Bob...the choice of words by the msm, and even FOX, that Obama "CAVED" gave me the impression they're trying to make it look like HE was the generous soul who gave in....the story is CLEARLY not that at all.

But, you're least Boehner had the guts to speak up.

I'm hoping the writer of the link AOW provided is right and Americans are waking up to who really created this situation...and see it for another example of the WH's desperate attempts to discredit the Right as often and as badly as they can.

Leticia said...

Of course it is a publicity stunt! Obama is always trying to get media attention, he thrives on it.

Boehner is awesome, he doesn't put up with the man/child's temper tantrum and blunders.

Anonymous said...

Obama (or any politician) never does anything without thinking it through. If the White House is saying they weren’t aware of the GOP debate, they are lying. On the other hand, Boehner had an opportunity to thump Obama for the next several months and let it slip through his fingers. Is he the gentleman politician, or inept? Given his emotional instability, it’s hard to tell. Is this much-ado about nothing? Probably, but it does underscore how sophomoric the White House is when dealing with anything other than transforming this country into a soviet state.

Bd said...

First time ever a President was denied a forum with the House. The GOP has been doing nothing about job creation and they won on this issue in 2010. Then they scream at Obama about the lack of them. Obama is to unveil a plan and they try to delay his speech. The GOP do not care about the middle class!

Ducky's here said...

Of course it is a publicity stunt! Obama is always trying to get media attention, he thrives on it.

Pretty rare quality in a politician, eh Leticia?

Ducky's here said...

He's such an arrogant man.

Nice to seem him take a straight right.

This is better than Marco Rubio crying like a little infant than Rachel Maddow and Ed Schultz aren't nice to him.

Parcel of rogues, all of them.

Pris said...

"First time ever a President was denied a forum with the House."

BD, it's probably a good bet that it's the first time a President asked to speak to a joint session of Congress to make a campaign speech which he's probably made a dozen times before!

President Reagan was turned down by the broadcast networks to speak live on occasion.

Obama doesn't seem to have any trouble getting air time does he?
Speeches don't create jobs by the way. I know that's a shock isn't it?

For Pete's sake, grow up and quit your whining.

President "overexposed" has everyone bored to tears with his constant appearances.

He's been campaigning since 2008 nonstop. That's all he knows how to do, or haven't you awakened to that fact.

sue said...

Much Ado About Nothing...

Z said...

Sue, "much ado about nothing"...?
No, character DOES count...
why can't people understand that?

Jay Carney's now saying this is just a little flap and AMericans don't care, they want JOBS. Really? Then don't THE HELL create this crap.

Another "Protect Obama at ALL COSTS" bunch stupidity. HE did this, HIS WHITE HOUSE KNEW, HE DIDN"T CARE, and now he can't own it?

Typical..he can't own this economy, matter how the numbers stack against him.

Thank goodness so many are seeing through this 'nothing'..FINALLY

beamish said...

F his damned speech. Here's an idea, Obama. Why not present a bill instead?

Z said...

beamish, they're asking Carney why Obama didn't just give a speech from the Oval OFfice; why the big CONGRESSIONAL SPEECH, usually reserved for war or the State of the Union?...some baloney about how he wants this on the top of Congress' list of things to do is the answer.

I guess he figures nobody hears him from the Oval Office......

it's Boehner's fault, dontchaknow.

Chuck said...

"Our intention was merely for the president to address a joint session as soon as possible,"

Translation = as soon as he got back from vacation.

Bottom line, he was embarrassed.

To put it more frankly, Obama walked away from this holding his ass in his hands.

Anonymous said...

"Fed UP"

Nah....not nearly as much as we should be.

We're faced with rising socialism, communistic philosophy, Alinsky devotees, Islamist assassins and ideology....illegal insolence and hubris.

Black lawlessness, armed revolts, chaos and murder of whites simply going about their business of living in this..."homogenous, diversified, multicultural society".

The CBC and it's black socialists boldly telling America..that one half ( or more ) of their fellow Americans want to hang them from a tree. Not an apology or a reasonable explanation from even one of these racist, seditious, lying....whats' the word?....Scum...pimps....and segregationists.

A "Black Savior" in office ( half Black and as half assed as his political expertise ) hasn't a word to say about his "bro's" in the CBC. But...let one WHITE cop grab a nasty friend of his...all hell breaks loose.

This "son" of a Kenyan commie and one whose momma was an undisciplined freak, raised by his white side of the "family"...can't find it in him ( even after living in Chicago with all it's enormous black crime )...can't bring himself to a "Nutter moment".

sue said...


usually reserved for war or State of the Union?'

What is more important here?

A Republican Presidential Candidates' Debate

A football game


The President of the United States addressing the Nation before Congress and the American People -
people who are in dire need of attention.

Bob said...

Duck said, "He's such an arrogant man."

Obama is a very arrogant man.

He is so arrogant that he would shove Jesus out of the spotlight.

He is so arrogant that he thinks he is The Big Bang.

Obama is so arrogant that God has to make an appointment to talk to him.

He is so arrogant that he refuses to pay sewage fees because he says his doesn't stink.

Bob said...

sue: I know you are serious in your opinions about Barack Obama, but let's face the truth. A football game is MUCH more important to most Americans than just another self-congratulatory speech by a narcissist patting himself on the back.

I never watch any of his speeches because I know he will say nothing of substance.

Football is much more important because men of consequence are doing battle on the gridiron. These are men who work for a living, and have earned respect. Obama cannot make that statement.

Jan said...

"What is more important here?

A Republican Presidential Candidates' Debate

A football game


The President of the United States addressing the Nation before Congress and the American People -
people who are in dire need of attention."

And one might ask, whether or not an ill-timed vacation, a faux bus tour, and other events too numerous to mention, were more important.

If he really feels it is all that urgent to do it on a night that the Republican debate was already scheduled, why didn't he feel it was urgent at those other times?

And yes, unfortunately, to some a sports event is more important, but maybe if one thought that his speech would contain something of substance, and not just another campaign speech, they might watch it, anyway.

But they won't have to choose, since his speech is supposed to be over before the game begins.

No intention of picking on you, Sue, but I think it's pretty obvious what he considers of more importance.

sue said...

The tendency to whining and complaining may be taken as the surest sign sympton of little souls and inferior intellects.
~Lord Jeffrey
(Scottish judge
and literary critic)

When are you people gonna stop bitching and moaning and do something about it?
~I said that
1945- ??
housewife and
someone who
cares about

Jan said...

The tendency to whining and complaining may be taken as the surest sign sympton of little souls and inferior intellects.
~Lord Jeffrey

Gosh...there must have been a lot of radical, far left folks around in his day, too!

How else could he have so adequately described them?

sue said...

No intention of picking on you all,
but really.

What good does all of this complaining, bitching, whining,
namecalling, backbiting, etc. do,
anyway, except send negative thoughts out into cyberspace.

How about something postive for a change?

sue said...

Jan - Blah blah blah.

You are so childish.

This whole blog is so stupid.

So incredibly unreal.

So phoney.

So do nothing but complain.

Wow! Leftists, Rightists, Idiots.

That's what all this means.

Just like kindergartners sticking their tongue out at each other.

Or junior highers flipping each other off.

Now it's grownups - doing the same thing on blogs.

It never ends.

Jan said...

Something positive for a change is exactly what we'd like.

Maybe, after the next election we'll get it.

Having said that, I will say no more,at the moment, because it is an exercise in futility, anyway.

sue said...

Sorry about the ranting, folks, but the temp was at 100 degrees today here in Central Illinois.

Looks like the same tomorrow.

The heat affects me like a full moon does a werewolf.

Lisa said...

BD he republicans have ideas and it's to stop an overbearing government with thousands of new regulations on business and the way to get it done is to get the senate majority and to boot out the ideologue who just thinks the only way is to keep bankrupting the country with all new programs,bank fees and increased energy cost. If he had his way we'd be paying 7.00 per gallon of gas and try being one of those paycheckless people he wants to create more of and be able to get by.
Do liberals see around them and not see how many more people have lost their homes in the last 2.5 years ? It seems that homeless people don't exist all of a sudden when we have a democrat in the WH?

Z said...

Lisa, just tonight I was talking to a friend from El Salvador...he told me he knows so many people who bought houses with the promise that all would be fine...with no down payments. They're all homeless now! They're so sorry they were lured into the ridiculous EVERYBODY DESERVES TO OWN A HOME IN AMERICA idiocy.

Yes, everybody does,, when everybody can afford it; has planned toward it, etc. My heart broke for his friends.
The liberal dream personified, huh? These people are hurting and libs rarely realize what can happen with their entitlement promises.

Sort of on that topic, a REALLY horrid law California's about to pass is going to make employers of nannies pay at least minimum wage and nannies can't work for more than 2 hours without a break and they'll get long vacations paid for, and cleaning ladies will have to be paid min. wage plus benefits, etc etc etc. VERY few people I know pay taxes for their cleaning girls, that's just the truth, like it or not.

The upshot's going to be LESS JOBS FOR ILLEGALS and I'm thinking our lib legislature thinks they're doing something GOOD for these people when, in fact, they're going to be JOBLESS! Don't these people think ahead?!
Sure, SOUNDS good,doesn't it? MORE PAY, VACATION, BREAKS, etc etc (as if nannies don't get pretty well paid and have breaks and vacations, anyway?)...but, in the end.......who'll afford it?

Well, maybe those poor kids's mommies will have to now get rid of the illegal, quit her job own job, and actually raise her own kids; maybe this is a kind of Conservative's dream, right?

Z said...

Sue, no offense, but I'm getting just a little worn out by your frequent disdain for geeeeZ......we're all hot.
Please try to be a little kinder.
THanks, and I hope you cool off soon

sue said...

Z - 'We're all hot'

I just checked

The high for L.A. tomorrow is 83 degrees.

And you call that hot?


Sorry for the unkind remarks, Z

A kinder and gentler me.

Z said...

Sue, it's uncommonly muggy here in Santa Monica...feels hotter than the temp. But, yes, it's cooled off ; the last few days were very warm.

I appreciate your apology, Sue.
And I'm glad I deleted my original response to you :-)

sue said...

Z - I'm glad you did too.

I'm sleeping on the couch tonight with three fans on me.

By Sunday, we should be seeing temps down to 78 and lower for a while. :=)

Z said...

"Z - I'm glad you did too."

Trust me, you should be :-)

now don't get catch pneumonia with the fans!

sue said...

That bad, huh?

Always On Watch said...

Sue said: How about something postive for a change?

Well, in the blogosphere, for many months prior to an election, things heat up. It's just part and parcel of this kind of venue -- and is certainly not unique to Z's site.

If you think that things are all heated up and negative now, just wait until the summer of 2012.

Always On Watch said...

I read the link you left in this comments thread.

It is interesting that Obama has been waiting until now to trim the various agencies. The waste therein is surreal and, in this economy, should have been addressed when Obama first took office.

He's pandering for votes as he tries to create the image of being a wise supervisor and a wise spender. Too late, too late, BHO!

Always On Watch said...

BTW, every election year sees lots of infrastructure projects being worked on and, typically, in some stage of completion.

sue said...

AOW - I realize that, and it is this awareness of how things will get worse that I find discouraging - because things seem to be at the worst now.

beamish said...

What is more important here?

A Republican Presidential Candidates' Debate

A football game


The President of the United States addressing the Nation before Congress and the American People -
people who are in dire need of attention.

Definitely the football game.

The President's been telling us we've been in economic recovery since before the summer of 2010. He even passed a stimulus package that was supposed to keep unemployment from rising to 8%.

The Republicans are dead set against running anyone who has a flittering chance of unseating Obama in 2012. Obama has five more years of golfing and vacationing in which he can schedule his next teleprompted recitation.

The football game will create jobs and advertising revenue.

sue said...

He shoots. He scores.

beamish said...

Must be the 106 degree heat here ;)

sue said...

Poor thing.

It's cooled off to 100 here.

Jan said...

"He's pandering for votes as he tries to create the image of being a wise supervisor and a wise spender."'re absolutely right about that!

His whole term, so far, has been nothing but a campaign for the next election.

We can only hope that the ones who voted for him last time are, finally, beginning to see through his 'transparency.'

And hope that the ones voting for the first time, will take into account all the dashed hopes he has left in his wake by all the empty promises.

Anonymous said...

People...aren't fed up enough yet IMHO.

Otherwise...we'd be surrounding the capitol with shotguns! Unloaded initially. But to show these weasels...if this is how it all started....than this is how it might end ( or begin ) again.

Where are our rights as American citizens? And why do our rights become 2nd to illegal invaders, scofflaws, criminals, diseased, corrupt interlopers?

Do we not pay for this "government". Do we not slave for 6 moths of every year to support these frauds? Then to see it all wasted, squandered on those who HAVE NO LEGITIMATE OR LEGAL STANDING IN THIS COUNTRY?

All of us say...WTF, right? Who owns this country? Who is it that is so willing to circumvent the constitution and the laws that we...CITIZENS....must bow down to PC, feelings and treasonous MF'rs that shit and spit in our faces?

Who are these "people" and how did we allow this shit to become the status quo?

Face it...we are in a very, very Uncivil war already.

And there are bodies in morgues all over the country from the results of this despicable allegiance to invasion and the Multi culti shit that has drowned America in lawlessness....lest we be tagged....racists.

"Compromise doesn’t work. Just shoot the Mexicans! Trying to solve a major negative problem, a national problem, without offending anyone, is a preposterous proposition. Now, true, if every illegal Mexican was deported, fat white Americans would have to plant the onions. Or, do without for a few seasons. The truck farming industry would come to a screeching halt. But, enforcing national, state, and local law is what makes a nation a nation, and in stead of a warehouse for Third World “economic refugees.”

"Just shoot the Mexicans! and the 140 other nationalities who cross the border in a single year."

"Seriously, when law is in abeyance, gun powder prevails. This is what now prevails in Mexico, and the “smoke” of lawlessness has been willfully allowed into the United States. The dark cloud is ominous. Mexicans murder other Mexicans, at will, in America. Mexicans murder Americans. None of this seems to matter. Peck Valley, Arizona, is a battle ground for Mexican drug cartels. Washington apparently couldn’t care less."

"It is as if the United States government is saying, “Just Shoot Me!” The government really doesn’t care. America is dying of social disease."

"The weaker the government gets, the more lawlessness evolves, and the more likely it is that there will be a grand “shoot out,” as they say in soccer."