Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Pictures from yesterday, hot off the Munich Press from Ms Z.......enjoy!


sue hanes said...

Z -These pictures are fantastic!

The color in them is so great, but as a person who is quite afraid of heights, even pictures like these make me cringe.

It has been many years since I even went on a local carnival ride - for the last time.


Silverfiddle said...

I went to Munich years ago for Oktoberfest. I don't remember swings though, just beer... Lots of beer... and not much else...

sue hanes said...

Silverfiddle - You mean you were so tanked that you don't remember the ladies with the gigantic chests that could carry six beer mugs in each hand?

beamish said...

Bring on the bier frauen!

Z said...

and chicken, TONS AND TONS of chickens...the numbers of chickens and gallons of beer are absolutely staggering.

Some women make so much money in tips they work little else throughout the whole year, and Oktoberfest lasts only 2 weeks.

I don't like crowds and, as many times as I lived in Munich during this period of the year, I only went once when it was drizzling...(much lighter crowds :-)

sue hanes said...

SF - Speaking of beer....my parents came to visit us in Germany. They were probably in their sixties at the time.

My dad was a drinker in his youth but not as a family man.

However, we attended a Fireman's Festival somewhere - a small German town.

After the first beer or so his eyes starting lighting up, and by then my mom was not having that and wanted to leave.

I'll never forget that...talking about Munich reminded me.


beamish said...

You should come to St. Louis, Z. Just like all French towns, we're full of German conquerors here and our Oktoberfest is big enough to say you were there :P

Jan said...

Oh, my goodness!

That first picture made me have butterflies in my stomach! :)

My German friend, and her husband, dress in authentic garb to attend Oktoberfest, here...along with other members of her German Club.

The Oktoberfest here is pretty authentic as far as food, beer, and dancing.

Thanks for the photos, Z...it was a pleasant surprise!

Pris said...

Z, it sure looks like fun to me. I'm not much of a beer drinker, but I love the atmosphere of a festival, and the rides!

Gramma 2 Many said...

No beer for me either, but if I were much younger I would most likely be in a swing right beside you:)

Speedy G said...

Looks like a State Fair. ;)

Z said...

Thanks, Pris and Jan..glad you enjoyed them.

Beamish, I HATE crowds!

Gramma, you wouldn't get ME up there on a BET..that's Mr. Z's daughter, Ms Z :-)

Speedy....not in person it isn't

Brooke said...

In Cincinnati for some inexplicable reason our Oktoberfests are around Labor Day... Too hot for beer and goetta/sauerkraut, IMO.

Those are some cool pics!

Ticker said...

No swings for me but ahhh, I do remember the beer and the FOOD. Lord, the food was soooooo delicious. Yea and I remember the fine ladies who served the beer.
At one point after about a dozen beers I think I tried to suffocate myself in the gigantic chest of one of those who had served me so well . LOL.
Not sure if I remember it exactly but....

sue hanes said...

Ticker - I don't drink beer, but I had lunch today at the best German restaurant - my favorite, really.

There were no large chested servers, in fact at noon you have to order at the counter.

For dinner they have truly wonderful German fare - like schnitzel, brats, etc. but today I just felt like having a famous chili dog.

I had planned to go to the music store but after lunch I found myself on the highway back home so I'll pick up my music tomorrow.

Unless the deal goes through with the house.

Z said...

"At one point after about a dozen beers I think I tried to suffocate myself in the gigantic chest of one of those who had served me so well"

Ticker....you're not alone in that sentiment from what I"ve heard my husband's Munich men friends say :-)

Brooke...weird they call it Oktoberfest but it is always at the end of September !

Ticker said...

Z but it runs for 16-18 days and into October.

Sue, I was in Munich for Oktoberfest on more than one occasion. My former and now late mother in law was from a small town nearby and we made it a point to travel to Germany every other year to visit her brothers and sisters. Of course this meant one heck of a party at Oktoberfest. If we didn't make it for Oktoberfest then Fasching was certainly our next favorite time to visit. Fasching, depending on where it is held usually ends around Ash Wednesday. It is called carnival time but it amounts to a time of partying. In some areas men go their way and women go theirs.
At either time Sue there were loads of "chesty" ladies serving up huge mugs of beer.
I don't imbibe these days as I once did but it sure was fun back in the day, err at least what I can remember of it. LOL

Z said...

Dates of Oktoberfest:
2011: September 17 - October 3

Ticker, it's only a very few days into Oktober if at all, usually...

next year, it'll be until Oct. 7, but that's pretty rare.

sue hanes said...

Ticker - Your mention of Fasching reminded my of a young German woman who taught us Americans whose husbands were stationed there conversational German.

She was always fastidious in her personal appearance - except for that one day when she had obviously been celebrating Fasching - maybe up all night.

I've always remembered her for that. :-)

sue hanes said...

And, Ticker, she was not chesty at all. I also remember that. ;-)

Z said...

From my stepdaughter in Munich:

"By the way, why „Oktoberfest” (your blog discussion):

The Oktoberfest reminds of the wedding of Prince Ludwig and Princess Therese on 17.10.1810. It was the first time a beer fest like this was held on a field just outside of the city wall – now called Theresienwiese after Princess Therese. Beer fests in October were not rare to finish the beer which had been brewn in march.

From then (1810) on, this festival has taken place every year. Since people find it too cold already in October, the Oktoberfest has been moved to take place mostly in September, but always ends in October – for the name. It always ends on the first weekend in October and thus starts at the second last weekend in September.

So much to that…..since there was a discussion in your blog about it. "

That's that! (thanks, Ms. Z!)

Ticker said...

Sue, Chesty is nice to look at for the most part but anything over a handful is a waste IMHO.