Monday, September 19, 2011

Obama's Speech and Douglas Holtz-Eakin

To CNN's credit, Wolf Blitzer had Douglas Holtz-Eakin on today, a Former Director of the Congressional Budget Office.  Douglas Holtz-Eakin was on for quite a while, a much more satisfying forum than FOX's often unsatisfactorily limited time for guests from either side, so one got a good feeling for Holtz-Eakin's expertise...and how Blitzer couldn't keep up.   I had never heard of this man; his knowledge, expertise, and standing strong against poor Wolf's constant attempts at sticking up for the Democrats impressed me.  Wolf was in a tizzy because he didn't have any effective come-backs to Holtz-Eakin's words.    I highly recommend you read articles like THIS important one, by Holtz-Eakin.

"liberal columnist Mark Shields calls (Holtz-Eakin) "one of the most intellectually honest men in Washington."   I agree.........he was absolutely calm, informative, and fair. It was impossible for Blitzer to argue Holtz-Eakin's logic, that was clear.

There was a young woman with Wolf who kept telling viewers "All (ALL) experts agree we need to raise taxes"...then they showed Bill Clinton on one of the Sunday morning shows saying it was an "insult to the rich to tell them they don't need to pay more."   ??    Meanwhile, Holtz-Eakin totally negates those two statements, but CNN kept trying.............    But, as I say, to their credit, they DID have this guy on.

As for Obama;  Are you getting just a little tired of the Class Warfare he's instigated and perpetuates?  If this wasn't a CAMPAIGN SPEECH, there can't be a better one.  What kind of presidential conciliation attempt is it when he continues to lecture and practically verbally SPANK them like children every time he opens his mouth because, according to him, they just don't seem to get it!? ("We can't continue to put party before the country"....very effective campaign speech)   It's also VERY effective to his base and the poor (who pay no income tax and know it, but...) to hear his tone of voice,  supposedly so "in earnest", so "don't they GET it?" , so "I'm with the REAL PEOPLE"  but, how's that work in reality?   And do Americans who adore Obama care?

Like Holtz-Eakin said on CNN, it's SPENDING which is the source of deficit, not "not enough taxes."
They must address spending.  
Did you hear Obama talk about how we must create an environment where companies will want to stay here and not go overseas?  Really?  How about Immelt, his big friend who was invited to sit with Michelle Obama during the last JOBS SPEECH?  Immelt, who's sending more and more to CHINA?  How about the damage of unions?

"ALL the burden is on ORDINARY AMERICANS!"  "I don't like paying taxes, either, but I know I have to.."  We can't have "My way or the highway"  "I was encouraged to hear Boehner  say......but then he resorted to his 'my way or the highway' again!"    OH, poor pitiful Republicans, they just can't do ANYTHING right.

Were you able to force yourself to listen to Obama's speech as I was?  It was tough, believe me........but we need to see what's going on.    On the other hand;  nothing new.   And nothing toward conciliation.  But a great campaign speech to the uninformed.



Lisa said...

He said "Fair Share" 16 times when there really is nothing fair about it.
No I could not bring myself to listen being I already knew it was going to be a politically driven,class warfare,campaign speech.
I guess when you are losing on policy ,Obama did what Obama does best, a politically driven,class warfare,campaign speech.
I had heard that the CBO has to accept bills at face value previously.
They were passing this bill regardless even when the actual cost was revealed. And here I thought it was FOX that lies.
The left wing media was never able to keep up with facts because they are so committed to this president they don't want to look like the fools they really are.

The republicans should just let this stupid bill pass and then add "We don't agree with it but we will let it pass which is why if you vote for us in the Senate and the presidency in 2012 we can repeal it along with Obamacare"

Lisa said...

Z i just recalled something. Hug Chavez controls his country's people by controlling the energy. He got on his State Run TV telling citizens they can only take 20 minute showers and cut off power to a manufacturer there saying they went over their limit on how much power they cane use.
This goes beyond corrupt because if they are lying about it now,what's to stop them for lying in order to control more of the economy by using lies.

Leticia said...

Z, unfortunately, I cannot bear to hear his voice, it just irks me the wrong way.

Glad you had the stomach for it. But every speech is always the same thing, raise taxes, spend more money and he is going to save the world's and nation's economy.

He's nothing but a flim-flam.

Ticker said...

Believing that you're better than others

Exaggerating your achievements or talents

Expecting constant praise and admiration

Believing that you're special and acting accordingly

Failing to recognize other people's emotions and feelings

Expecting others to go along with your ideas and plans

Taking advantage of others

Expressing disdain for those you feel are inferior

In his speech he did each of these things. All are signs of mental illness. It is called Narcissistic Personality Disorder. So I ask why is a mentally ill person sitting in the WH making decisions for the country.

Z said...

GAD, TICKER! I read "Believing that you're better than others.." and thought an "old friend", or one of my libs, was here to slam Z at her blog again! :-)

Obama looks more and more thin skinned in every speech he gives; and I'm pretty certain that even the left's getting a little troubled by a president who's the first president to so blatantly slam the other party. (except for when I lived in Paris and wept through a terribly insulting speech Clinton gave to the Labor Party in England...I watched it live....and he criticized Bush so badly that it brought tears to my eyes; not so much because it was Bush but because Bush was a past president and other past presidents haven't done that, especially in Europe; what a very cheap shot, I wish America'd heard about it but y'all didn' was HORRIFYING and heartbreaking)

Maybe Obama lives in such an ivory tower of 'yes-sayers' to everything that comes out of his mouth that he doesn't quite realize that the party he's slamming is comprised of one HELL of a lot of Americans?
Remember that Pauline Kael who said she couldn't BELIEVE Nixon had one because nobody she knew in NYC had voted for him? I believe Obama suffers a little from that ridiculous disillusionment.

Anonymous said...

"Maybe Obama lives in such an ivory tower of 'yes-sayers' ...

Of course he does. Every "accomplishment" that he has can be explained by the founding of AA. He has never had to seek advancement through a record of achievements. It has always been....the color of his skin. And one that he chose...even though he's half white.

He knew damn well that the victim-ology of the past 50 years was his way up the ladder. Name one accomplishment, academic or otherwise he can put his name to.

Bd said...

Oh, it's Obama who is playing Class Warfare! I see. Lol! It's not the GOP who wants to keep the wealthy protected from having to sacrifice like the rest of us in this bad economy by paying their fair share of taxes. They are taxed at a rate like the 1050s. Reagan taxed the wealthy. Clinton taxed the wealthy!

It's the GOP who has been playing class warfare in trying to destroy the middle class by going after labor unions, the minimum wage, unemployment benefits, social security and medicare/aid.

Get a clue. Even Bernake says 'class warfare 'is the rich against the poor and the rich is winning."


Obama: It's not class's math!'

Z said...

Oh, Bd,
Don't fall for every piece of junk you hear this president try to BS you's obviously worked.

Ya, no Republicans are middle class, right?
NO Republicans have trouble with bills, right?
All Republicans want 'crumbling schools,' right?
All Republicans don't give a damn about granny's medical care, right?
Gad, you fall for all of THAT? REALLY?
If Obama has his way, the 'rich' will lose...picture an AMerica without them. Get your Mao suit out, Bd...see how you'll look in 'one size fits all'.

We want the fix to last for the future; this country can't afford more fixes that aren't fixing anything and we need to stand up for this country before we go more into a hole we'll NEVER climb ourselves out of. Though why I'm trying to explain to you is beyond me..

Impertinent; so true.

Ducky's here said...

z, class warfare occurs when the poor drag you out of your car and beat you with tire irons.

Progressive taxation is necessary for a stable society and is very far from class warfare.

Z said...

"class warfare occurs when the poor drag you out of your car and beat you with tire irons."

Ya, I saw that in some article, too, Ducky.
Actually, it's an excellent description of what is happening to those of us who pay taxes, isn't it.

Yes, it was class warfare in Obama's speech today. It's all about beating up on the rich and middle class and then Obama talked about how we want to encourage success :-) Really?
Then Clinton's talking about what an insult it is to the rich to suggest they shouldn't pay more; ask them to pay more, see how that goes after all they already pay.

There's a big difference in understanding taxes, Ducky....income and investments; two very different things.
warren buffet BS'd Geithner and now he's got a plan named after him.

Obviously, there are plenty of better informed people who think progressive taxation's not working.

Silverfiddle said...

Bd: Define "Fair Share."

Obumbles sure is sounding shrill and brittle, isn't he?

Anonymous said...
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Z said...

SF, he is beginning to sound very brittle; very angry.

Has any president ever been quite so bitter and condemnatory of the other party as he's been? One always feels that he's lecturing, always chiding as if "you are JUST NOT GETTING IT" when, really, they just do NOT AGREE with him at ALL.

Pris said...

"z, class warfare occurs when the poor drag you out of your car and beat you with tire irons."

You are a dolt Ducky. Class warfare is being fed and promoted by the left, and you know it. This President is engaging in hate speech, and you and your comrades want violence, and chaos.

You are saying as much, and implying you condone it.

If they beat up on people they think are rich, it's the fault of people just like you!

My family, during the depression of the 30's had to burn their furniture to keep warm. I was told the stories of that time. Never did I hear of hate for the rich.

You know why? Because they were intelligent enough to know if the rich had less, they wouldn't have more, and they had faith that things would improve with time.

They also had pride, and did what they had to do to survive, without govt. help I might add.

But, that was then and this is now. Pride and self respect are taking a beating thanks to the left who want their plantation dwellers to be dependent on government.

You can't accomplish that if people have self respect, and choose to be independent. So you create hate, you feed it.

Ducky, you are pathetic!

Z said...

Pris, actually, I think the tire irons story is a perfect metaphor for what Obama'd like the poor to do to us, don't you? I'm quite sure nothing would please him more...and he'd tell us "See? I told you they're mad and it's YOUR FAULT" grrrr

It's funny how our ancestors were so strong and inspiring and how the people today are mostly such wimps; taught to be in our leftwingie classes on entitlements and hatred for the country they're suckling off of. disgusting

Bd said...

Z said "Ya, no Republicans are middle class, right? "

Ya...and they are dumb to buy the lies from the corporate right,hate media, radio and sites like this rather than think for themselves.

Pris said...

I couldn't agree with you more. You're spot on!

Z said...

Bd...anybody who disagrees with you is dumb, right?
I wonder about you, tell you the truth; You seem to never listen to anything but far left stuff and then come spew it here.
I've known MANY liberals who've changed once they heard people like Dennis Prager, etc. But I don't think you're capable of having thoughts which would pop your leftwing bubble...sad.