Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Gitmo; telling Europe what they'd like to hear?

Eric Holder had to go to Europe to announce that the Obama Administration WILL close Guantanamo(adding that "we will face substantial pressure").    So, his base is happy,  the liberal Euroweenies are happy, and Holder's the big star!  Look at the adoring gaze of Spanish president Juan Fernandez Aguilar!

Uhoh, this next picture indicates that either Holder mentioned Republicans or capitalism?   Or something else happened.  ?!! :-)
Gitmo seems like an odd thing to talk about with the European Parliament  when it's not too popular an idea in the States even with some Democrats, and Obama's got enough negative polling now to prevent a wise man from pushing anything quite so unpopular. Can we see some JOBS, Eric and Barack?   Campaign in Europe, announce in Europe what Europe would like to hear..........odd, isn't it?


Chuck said...

Z, you forget - he's the President of the world

Silverfiddle said...

This administration will say just about anything to just about anybody...

Remember how he was going to make the oceans recede?

Pris said...

Why would Europe believe him, no one else does!

Anonymous said...

Prisc...I read that Europe...especially Germany....loves the junk yard dog.

Ya know what I'd say? Send him there where he'll be appreciated as a man of the "world".

However his Arab "friends" in the ME actually feel about him the way we do Congress!! His love speech to the mooslims back in 09 hasn't gotten him anymore love...that he so wants from the sadists.

WomanHonorThyself said...

what narcissists...sickening Z..truly!

MK said...

Maybe a century from now historians will ponder the question, why do leftists the world over, not just American ones, scurry to European socialists, kissing ass and begging for approval.

Back to the topic though, i was going to ask when they would close gitmo, then i read - will do its utmost - sure, can we get a promise that he'll resign if it's not closed?

Mind you, obama's promises are really worthless, still waiting for him to make good on the promise from a few years ago that he would leave if he didn't turn the spiraling economy around. It's still spiraling oh numbnuts, need help finding the door?

Mark said...

I would think the Europeans would want to re-think their support for this hare-brained idea.

If we close GITMO, isn't there a chance that the terrorists might go over there?

Bob said...

From the beginning, I thought having foreign terrorists kept in Guantanamo Bay was a brilliant idea. I could never understand why people thought it was terrible.

If you have to fight and capture bad guys in other countries, you don't want to bring them to US soil where they would be given the same rights as US citizens. That's so obvious it should not have to be mentioned.

Instead, all we got from the LEFT was a constant drum beat of torture, torture, torture. I don't recall any prisoners requiring medical care after being interrogated, nor have any prisoners died of starvation or malnutrition, nor were any accorded the ritual Islamic beheading as given to Daniel Pearle.

The worst thing that happened was that a copy of the Koran was pissed on, or thrown into the toilet. Big deal if you are a superstitious Muslim.

The Bush Administration's choice of Gitmo was not only brilliant, it was the only logical choice. Just why do you think Obama has not been able to shut it down? We need Gitmo, and the brain-dead leftists just don't get it, as usual.

beamish said...

I think we spend too much money on Gitmo. Dirty water and stale bread can't be that expensive.

Ticker said...

Duty of the Attorney General:
Represent or supervise the representation of the United States Government in the Supreme Court of the United States and all other courts, foreign and domestic, in which the United States is a party or has an interest as may be deemed appropriate.

What the **** was he doing in Europe to begin with? Was he representing the US in a court action? If not he didn't have any business in Europe making statements concerning something that takes an act of Congress to do.
Of course "going around" Congress is typical of Holder and Obummer.