Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Texas Fires...a blogger's reality

Can we have a word of encouragement for our friend and blogger, Heidianne, who has family in Texas;   Her daughter's home is burned to the ground, as is that of her daughter's in-laws....She hasn't heard yet if two of her sisters' homes are definitely gone, but it looks like it....and her father (with a sick wife) refuses to believe the apparent loss of his home until he can get there and see for himself
PLEASE keep them in your prayers!  


Always On Watch said...

Oh, my! Praying right now.

Leticia said...

Praying right now!!

Lisa said...

Oh no my heart goes out to them. I can't even imagine .
Makesit even harder with a sick family member. Very Scary

Pris said...

How awful. My prayers are with Heidianne's family in this hour in need. May they all remain safe.

Z said...

From SilvrLady in Louisiana, via email:

My heart really does go out to those in the afftected areas in Texas. I know some of what they are facing as our house burned in '06, but we didn't have a forest fire to fear. Please extend my sympathies, & wishes for their safety.

heidianne jackson said...

thank you all so much. my entire family (and all their animals, even the horses) were able to evacuate ahead of the fire. my daughter had the most warning for evacuation - nearly 2 hours - but even then i could hear the fear in her voice when she called to tell us and when she asked "but momma, what should i take?? how do i decide what's most important for our lives?" i gave the only advice i could: "the legal documents, important, irreplaceable pictures, your computer and a few days' worth of clothes." it seems woefully underwhelming...

my parents and sisters received only 20 minutes notice to "get out now." and so they did.

the entire area is still blocked off. the reports are conflicting of what's gones and what's not. abc is reporting that my daughter's neighborhood is the worst devastation of the fires around houston. and once again the fires are starting to spread.

new areas are being evacuated; areas where they let them go back are being re-evacuated. the smoke and ash are so thick that even 30 miles away (where my daughter is at a friend's house) it's difficult to see and breathe.

it's overwhelming and heart breaking. and yet, as i sit here in california with my family 1700 miles away in turmoil, all i can do is thank GOD everyone i love, in texas, is safe and sound - even if they are all probably homeless at this point...

thank you all again.

Bd said...

Perry cut volunteer fire department funding in Texas by 75 percent this year.

Impertinent said...

"Perry cut volunteer fire department funding in Texas by 75 percent this year."

Links asswipe....Links. So I guess you're sitting around with a teeny B*ner giggling that Texans homes might burn up?

Way to go JO...yep ...according to your twisted, psychopathic "thinkers" like Joe ( this is a BIF F'ing Deal ) hair Plug Biden...or Maxine ( where did I leave my little brain so I can pee like a real man ) Waters or Debbie does the Aventura mall - buy American while she drives an M35....to the hoodlum deranged sperm of Jimmy Hoffa, Junior..."we'll get those sons of bitches" to Comrade O who says...keep them in your sights. Or those union leaders in Madison who said to a black man..."Go home faggot...I want to FU in the ass"?

You....are a useless shroom....a scrubby little bio freak.

Or....a little worried about them Guns and Bibles....Most of us are disgusted by your degenerate, socialist, mad men and women..."leaders".

Z said...

Imp, the links are there, I saw them.
Make sure you Google Wonkettes' take.........you think ANY Conservative blog is THAT slimey? NO WAY. The leftwingers take the cake. bastards. (oops) :-)

Ya, it's there...that's why I posted another link for ol' Bd....so he could learn the truth, too. It might help! :-)

beamish said...

Perry cut volunteer fire department funding in Texas by 75 percent this year.

Worse than that, he was a leading cheerleader for Al Gore for President back before Gore expanded his war on music to everything made of plastic, he supported Hillary Clinton's universal health care carp back in 1993, and as head of the Republican Governor's Association shilled for the TARP bailouts.

Why would we want a Tea Party fave President that's worked all his political life for left-wing causes as Rick Perry has when we have someone more (relatively) conservative like Obama in the White House?