Wednesday, September 7, 2011

"C'mon, me out"

Boy, did Bloviating Zeppelin get it right:

The only thing lacking on the Tshirt is "and it's all Bush's fault" :-) That looks to be all Obama has in his coming year's bid for reelection. From the polls, that's not setting him in too good stead.
Now, please read Angel's story below..........I think you'll like it.


Brooke said...

How apropros that Obama is depicted wearing a 'wife beater' shirt. Surely we are his battered victim... Let's make sure we don't go back!

Silverfiddle said...

The only thing lacking on the Tshirt is "and it's all Bush's fault" :-)

That's scrawled on the back...

Impertinent said...

I heard one dimwit actually argue that NO JOBS or Zero jobs this month...was better than losing "X" number of Jobs!!! Can you believe that new speak from these twits?

NO HOUSE='s & if you have one it's underwater, in forclosure or worth 1/2 what it was a year ago...right Bwaney Fwank / Dodd and the well paid crooks in Fannie and Freddie who walked away with millions in bonus'?

NO GAS='s sorry to all those saps who ran around saying.."Obama gonna pay my rent...Obama gonna pay my gas".
Sorry...Comrade O said energy would cost us more...double as a matter of fact.

NO FOOD='s "I just love burgers and fries and lobster and Grey Goose and Johnny Walker and big special airplanes all to my self and vacations at Martha's and Africa and Spain to touch the holy Mandela and $500 sneakers and bling bling and designers who are on LSD! And you...should eat your peas cause I can grow them in my organic white house garden and tended by my 40 or more handmaidens. Shoot..I even get my mother out there to help me. I mean she gets free room and board on you suckers and I think she outa help out. As for Uncle Ouniga...we'll find a room for him to and get him some Betty Ford care, What do you mean deport my Uncle?

NO PROBLEM='s I got the unions, I got the chicago thugs, the madison loons, thugs and the glorious teachers unions to take care of you terrorists, barbarians, un Americans, racists, bigots, extremists, evangelicals, bible toting, gun loving... sons of bitches. We get in your face...we'll keep you in our pull a knife, we'll pull a gun.
Like the spawn of the dead hoodlum Hoffa said..."We're your army" boy. Once a scumbag....then the son of a scumbag.

Impertinent said...

Barry's illicit love affair with the Unions who shove it up America's butts:

"Calling off Teamsters corruption investigations. Back in May 2008, as he jockeyed with rival Hillary Clinton for Big Labor support, Obama promised to end longstanding federal probes into the Teamsters’ mob racket.

In 1989, the union was facing federal racketeering charges after Justice Department officials determined it was operating as a “wholly owned subsidiary of organized crime.”

The Wall Street Journal reported that Obama phoned several Teamsters heavies to convey his vow to begin dismantling the independent federal watchdog overseeing the Teamsters; an Obama spokesman confirmed it."

Nevertheless, Obama’s crime-fighting crusaders are far more preoccupied with cracking down on Gibson guitars made of rare wood and covering up the Operation Fast and Furious gun-walking scandal than with cleaning up the Teamsters’ graft and pay-for-play dirty business."

Bd said...

So sad the people are so gullible that they believe the lies out of places like Fox news who are shills for the corporate owned GOP trying to get Americans to hate other average Americans so they can have an easier time when the completely destroy the middle class.

Unions have helped us all in middle class and without them say goodbye to child labor laws, minimum wages, weekends off, no safety standards. Hello sweatshops, we've missed you!

Bd said...

Impertinent said...

I heard one dimwit actually argue that NO JOBS or Zero jobs this month...was better than losing "X" number of Jobs!!! Can you believe that new speak from these twits?

Yeah, I agree. That's spin. But it still is turning of the spigot that Bush left running when he left office.

We were losing 700,000 jobs a month under Bush! Opps, I guess you forgot that.

beamish said...

We were losing 700,000 jobs a month under Bush! Opps, I guess you forgot that.

Bush left office with a net gain of 1.1 million new jobs created.

Over 25 million jobs have been lost under Obama.

Bob said...

Just wait 'til you hear Obama's jobs proposals. His speech will be the very definition of insanity, doing the same thing over, and over, and expecting different results.

According to press reports, O's jobs plan consists of fixing old infrastructure, aid to state and local governments, and pay-offs to unions. This is the same stuff as in the first $trillion stimulus.

State and local governments do not create jobs in industry. Unions have never created jobs. Fixing old infrastructure may buy a lot of concrete and steel, but will create few permanent jobs. It didn't work for FDR, and it won't work, now.

Z: I apologize for going political. I have sinned.

Impertinent said...

"like Fox news who are shills for the corporate owned GOP ..."

I'll up you one dimwit. Jeffrey Immelt of GE and HEAD OF Comrade O's "Jobs Council ...Immelt is moving even more GE infrastructure to China.

Under Immelt, GE has shipped tens of thousands of good jobs out of the United States.

If the very people that have been entrusted with solving the unemployment crisis are shipping jobs out of the country, what hope is there that things are going to turn around any time soon?

Now knucklehead....who's killing the middle class again? Any way...I sure as hell hope it's at least UNION JOBS that he's killing. Cause the Chi-Coms sure as heLl don't need them. And apparently....neither does Immelt / Obama.

You loons are just too stupid and easy to screw over. And you love being BS'd to by those DEMOCRATIC, CORPORATE LOVING THIEVES TOO!

Impertinent said...

" Unions have never created jobs."

I dunno....seems to me that 1000 guys standing around watching one guy with an actual shovel or broom is the way unions "create" jobs?

And if these are "shovel" ready jobs....I see a sea of more illegals getting the gigs. Surely you don't think union thugs will do the work do you?

Elmers Brother said...

BD minimum wage increases are cave ins to unions and help no one. Increases in minimum wage costs jobs and are justification for the unions to demand higher wages for skilled labor and actually hurts the poor. Grow up Boy.

cube said...

From your wife beater to God's ears come November 2012.

Pris said...

When Obama, speaks of workers, he means union workers. They can be controlled, and when they're told "jump", they say "how high"!

And when they're told who to vote for, most will obey. Stimulus money which goes to the unions is nothing more than a huge money laundering operation. Campaign money from unions will go full circle back to Obama's war chest and the Democrat party and politicians.

If card check is passed or is already in the works, more unions will be formed, and there will be no secret ballots for their union votes. All of this is a plan to have total control of the workforce, thereby total control of private business which will not be so private.

So, I'd like to know, who are really the slavemasters of today?

No wonder Hoffa declared war on the tea party. We're in their way, and they don't like it. But more than that, it's a war on the private sector and the middle class.

Bob said...

Impertinent says: " I dunno....seems to me that 1000 guys standing around watching one guy with an actual shovel or broom is the way unions "create" jobs? "

Got me there! Good one.

Too bad those shovel watching jobs don't produce economic activity, they just suck it out of the economy. One of the effects of unions is to limit the supply of labor, thereby raising wages for a few people.

Another major function of unions is to pay into their Mafia run pension funds. The thugs win.

net observer said...

Z, I promise not to go into this, but I am genuinely curious. Do you see anything about this depiction of Obama that might lend credence to some of my past criticisms of today's conservative movement?

Or, let me put it this way. When people make fun of the way Sarah Palin talks (i.e., "you betcha"), it's because she kinda talks like that. When people make fun of Bill Clinton's or GW Bush's southern drawl, it's because they kinda sound like that.

Obama, to my knowledge, has never spoken like the caption on the cartoon. Why do you think the artist chose that particular dialect? And why do you think he/she combined that dialect with a tee-shirt and that peculiar look on Obama's face?

(And before anybody accuses me of hypersensitivity, I had to listen to a week of people crying foul over Michelle Bachman looking "crazy" on the cover of a magazine, so fair's fair)

Z, as you know, I don't believe in censoring anybody for any reason, and ultimately, I couldn't care less about the cartoon. In fact, I think we should all speak with total freedom so we all know where we stand.

Having said that, you and I have gone back and forth so many times about my specific criticisms of today's conservative movement. So when I saw this cartoon I thought it was possibly a chance for me to make a point.

If someone else (not me) accused this artist of race-baiting, would you understand why?

Impertinent said...

Net...maybe if you can explain, reasonably, Maxine Water's "go to hell / terrorists" statement. To jesse Jacksons "slavery coming back" to the CBC's guy claiming "lynching and Jim Crow" are rebounding...

Then I might see something in that picture. At this point I don't except that I've seen him in a T playing B ball too.

How about all the Bush pictures superimposed over a Chimps face?

Come on man.

Jan said...

Bd, for your consideration:

"In light of his refusal to condemn the extremist remarks of Teamsters' boss Jimmy Hoffa, promising to 'take out' the tea party, it is deeply disturbing that Barack Obama would nominate someone who has taken the radical position of advocating for the unionization of prisoners. Alan Krueger has even supported paying the minimum wage and overtime to prisoners. This is the man that is supposed to turn our broken economy around?"

~Bill Wilson, President of Americans for Limited Government

At a George-Soros funded symposium on prison labor, Alan Krueger advocated for
unions for prisoners.
Krueger …. supported the Fair Labor Standards Act and
Occupational Safety and Health coverage for inmates, as
well as the right to form or belong to unions.

(Corrections Today 10/1/99)

He also supported paying the minimum wage and overtime to prisoners....

You can read the rest of it at:

It seems that anyone should be able to see where the priorities of this present administration lie.

It is NOT with the average American citizen, that's for sure.

There are strikers at a RiteAid Pharmacy near my home. They've been there for months, through the freezing rain and snow, and the recent extreme heat, and now, pouring rain.

Now, when questioned about why they are there, some of them say that it is because they want better health coverage, and others when questioned at the time they first started, said that they didn't know...only that they were told they had to do it, or they'd lose their jobs.

So, many hours are you willing to spend out in extreme heat and cold, and pouring rain to keep YOUR job, if it should ever come to that?

Come to think of it, I wonder how many of the Union thugs, who reap the real benefits, would make that kind of sacrifice?

Bob said...

net observer: I think you are being a bit hypersensitive.

The picture at the top of this article is a caricature, similar to thousands of caricatures of Bush, Clinton, Reagan, Carter, and maybe every other President who has ever served in office.

These caricatures normally appear in the opinion pages of newspapers. This blog presents the opinion of its owner.

The Bachmann picture to which you refer was on the Cover of an magazine that purports to publish news. It is an excellent example of biased journalism.

Z said...

Brooke, I don't think we can swim upstream of the entitlement machine, but we can hope (um...)..let me put it another way (!) ...we can TRY!

SF...good one.

Imp; they're going to spin till we're dizzy right up till the election

Bd "Unions have helped us all in middle class and without them say goodbye to child labor laws, minimum wages, weekends off, no safety standards. Hello sweatshops, we've missed you!"

This is the exact remark I'd expect from you. Ya, because most adult Americans understand the damage unions are doing NOW, that means we're for child labor, no OSHA (I worked closely with OSHA and it's very important), and we want sweatshops.
DO YOU HEAR YOURSELF? :-) You really know how to lose an argument, don't you!! I like it!
talk about sad and gullible; go back to WONKETTE, you're missed, I'm sure.

Net...I have never heard a president say "BABY" but I SURE have heard (and had friends who voted for him bring it to my attention) how this president suddenly goes Southern in his speech. That's just a given. honestly
And yes, this is a conservative site and it doesn't come CLOSE to the horrible type of writing about conservatives I read on most leftwing sites.
Compare me to Wonkette...I'd like that.

Are you suggesting because it says "Baby" that's race baiting? "come on baby" is race baiting?
I seriously don't get that. I slam Palin every chance I get with her ridiculous "youbetcha..wink wink" She drives me up the WALL, but I"m not race baiting whites.

Imp is right......what about the Bush/ Chimp pix? I haven't seen anything like that re Obama EVER.

Bob..I don't get it. That's a picture of a thin Black man with a T shirt, there is NOBODY more sensitive to racist slams than I am, tho I'm white and probably don't quite grasp subtleties only Black Americans get, but this? I don't see it. He is black....what can the artist do, bleach his skin? Who CARES if he's black, this Tshirt doesn't even come close to being anything but honest...a spoof on a president most of us aren't fond of...
And please don't apologize here about going political!!??

Jan...INTERESTING story about the RiteAid strike; how much you want to bet they're being paid? By the union.
Gad, get Elmer's Brother in here about his union...Bd'd be a quivering mass on the floor saying "I'm SORRY" (if he had that ability and a more open mind)
and thanks for those amazing links but leftwingers won't read them. ANd they vote.

Beamish...the left can't grasp that net gain. Sad, but true. Nobody was screeching about being out of a job then, were they.

Impertinent said...

Bd's "Heros and role models....

Four of the last eight Teamsters presidents have been criminally indicted and since FY 2001, racketeering investigations have yielded more than 2,000 indictments and awarded more than $3 billion in fines and restitution. In past union elections, Hoffa’s team was caught laundering union funds for electioneering and for campaign polling on dues-payers’ dime. Hoffa now faces a new challenge to his union presidency from his own far Left flank this fall.

Z said...

Imp...good information, and this is what leftwingers admire; and then they'll come here and call Bush a liar because it makes it easier to digest and ignore the facts you present...happens every time.
Wait for it.

Bd said...

As the unions go, so goes the middle class. Stop believing the lies.

beamish, stop lying. See the chart:

Bush lost jobs, Obama created more.

Jan said...

Z...regarding Obama going "Southern" in his speech, I don't think he does that so much as going "Ebonic."

I noticed this, myself, when he was speaking at a church with a large African-American audience.

As far as the cartoon being racist, I don't see how anyone could perceive that...actually, it just reminds me of someone I knew, personally, who was very abusive, and always begging to be taken back, using empty promises that were never kept.

And he was Caucasion.

You know, I've never seen as much of a racial divide as I've seen since he became President...and it seems to me that it is encouraged, consistently, for political gain.

Of my own African-American friends and acquaintances, they either don't like him, at all, or they've become very 'touchy' about things they perceive as being racist, which really aren't.

There seems to be no middle ground.

Z said...

Bd, I wouldn't argue with Beamish were I you.
Beamish wins, Bd gets slaughtered....

I can't wait to see this.

Jan, I am so sensitive to racism and I just can't see it in that image. Actually, he's portrayed with marvelous muscle tone, his face is angry but his....
And yes, I have heard him slip into a kind of smooth, lazy-talk Southern thing; I don't know that I've ever really heard Ebonics, but I think that's more extreme than Obama does? Isn't it?
An Obama fan friend of mine commented that she didn't understand why he goes into the SOuthern tone in Chicago...that kind of cracked me up. I don't, either :-) Maybe SOUTHERN Illinois?!!

Impertinent said...

"I don't know that I've ever really heard Ebonics...."

Yes you have. Hillary tried it when she was on the campaign trail before a black audience. She failed cause she bought a pocket Ebonics translator that only cost $10. It was on sale because it had no consonants and no vowels.

I too have always wondered about the lapsing into a "cracker" drawl from people who were born and raised in Boston or NYC...que"

Impertinent said...

"As far as the cartoon being racist..."

Actually I'm beginning to believe it's a muslim thing? You know...they can't make craven images ( or any images ) of their prophet? And Comrade O certainly is their prophet.

Jan said...

Maybe SOUTHERN Illinois?!!

LOL...well, maybe. :)

Some Ebonics is very extreme, yes, but not always, depending on the individual.

Being from the South, myself, I guess I may be more attuned to certain nuances.

Actually,some of our friends hardly speak that way at all, with us, but kind of lapse into it, at times.

Since we are on this subject, I would like to say that I get really irritated when someone thinks I am automatically a racist, or predjudiced,or bigoted, just because I grew up in the South...that I resent having a Black President.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

Just as I would be proud of any President who would have the best interest of all the citizens as his/her priority, so would I resent a President of any color who doesn't.

I have no doubt that it's the sentiment of everyone who comments here.

Most of them, anyway.

Impertinent said...

"Hoffa now faces a new challenge to his union presidency from his own far Left flank this fall."

History does repeat itself friends. This is the same rebellion that Juniors father faced some time ago. The mob wanted daddy done cause he was reneging on on the sweet deals he made the mob. And since he was imprisoned he never regained the power ( level of corruption he was famous the name of the Teamsters, of course ) he once held....which was iron fisted ( billy clubs and guns too ), thug, violence fisted rule.

Some say that daddy is entombed in the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge between Staten Island and Brooklyn ( a union job )...others say he's probably been ground up and spread over the Jersey meadowlands mafia burial grounds. Where the Giants stadium is now ( a union job ).

I'd say junior is worse off now...he's in the same trouble as daddy.

A combination of a dump, a demorat sewer of corruption, violence and it's called Waashington, DC.

Elmers Brother said...

Hey BD (big dummy) you do realize the chart doesn't cover the whole of Bush's two terms? BWAHAHAHA! now find a chart and do try to pay more attention.

Z said...

Jan, I hope those days of thinking all Southerners hate Blacks have been over for a long, long time.... maybe since Byrd was a Klan recuiter? (Smile)

Imp...imagine if a Republican had said anything like Hoffa did....Oh, the msm would be SO all over the Republicans for BAD LANGUAGE IN FRONT OF A PRESIDENT and WHAT ARE YOU THREATENING?, etc etc.

ya, and Obama was THERE, heard it, and did nothing but congratulate Hoffa ....

this is the left, I guess.

Impertinent said...

"ya, and Obama was THERE, heard it, and did nothing but congratulate Hoffa ...." seem genuinely surprised? Why Comrade O sat in a "church" pew for 20 years and never heard the tribalistic, racist "sermons" of his mentor...the black liberationist...Jerimiah....Wright?

Ya know...the "G_d Damn America and the chickens have come home to roost that was on CD in the lobby for sale?"

They must have sold really well Z.....guy is living the high life in a multi million dollar "crib" on a Golf course.

Yep...GD America indeed. Maybe he was cursing American made cars? Cause he's driving a couple Mercedes Benz's now?

It pays off for some of a certain pigmentation. Right Jesse, right Maxine, right Rangel, right Al...fat Al?

beakerkin said...


I am uncomfortable with that image.
To me it is close to a stereotype.

Now I do grasp that the job of President goes with some abuse. Abe Licoln was parodied as Ape Lincoln, but the same cartoons about Obama would be viewed as racist.

Impertinent said...

"I am uncomfortable with that image. To me it is close to a stereotype."

I think you neglected to explain your statement Beak. That and an Obama / Biden bumper sticker isn't enough to keep you safe.

Z said...

Beak, I don't know a guy, black OR white, who wouldn't say to someone "come on , baby, gimme one more chance" to a girlfriend, right? That's what this portrays...a young, well toned guy carrying flowers and saying that.
What makes you uncomfortable?
Are we so sensitive that we read something into it that's not there? tell me...tell me exactly how the 'gag' is's clearly a kind of '
gag' it because he's president and shouldn't suffer the indignity of a kind of spoof like that?

If that's it, I can agree; I take no pleasure in slamming presidents, tho when it's something kind of clever like the imagine in the post, I use them to make a point..

I WILL NEVER EVER forget the horrid pictures of Bush as a chimp and Hitler, can you? Nor will I forget the silence from the mainstream media on that type of thing. THAT hypocrisy was BAD because they'd jump all OVER a Republican calling Obama a chimp or Clinton a chimp... Isn't comparing Bush with HITLER and an APE worse than THIS?
Or does RACE trump DIGNITY and RESPECT?

Z said...

I have to say one more time: I AM STUNNED. I just looked at the image again and I do not see a THING that's racist about it and I'd want to apologize if I did...I'd remove if it somebody could make me feel differently and I'd remove it happily.

But, I SWEAR, I just don't SEE IT.
Please read all my comments above and then respond to this one...I've said a lot and I think it bears hearing, no?

Impertinent said...

"Or does RACE trump DIGNITY and RESPECT?"

Of course it does Z. Everything a conservative says, does or under the microscope of the CBC / AACLU / NAACP or the "Morris" SCPLC....! Every "minority' today ridiculed, castigated, scorned, denegrated or's against the new religion...the new ideas that PC shit has wrought, tongued tied dialogue and ideas.

It's pure racism...pure intimidation. And I bet the GD pork that the union pigs slober Obama the "N" word every chance they can. Why not...they look at a black man ( how dare he ) opposing their agenda...and quote....they want to call him a faggot ( on youtube ) and go away before one of them Fooks him in the ass. ( sorry but saw it and heard it.)

These hoodlums...hate blacks. They don't need them, like them or respect them.

These are the real "rednecks" in Madison and in the unions.

You'll never win the argument if you remove the cartoon.

You will have capitulated to the insanity of PC bullshit.

Anonymous said...

Just need a blacknmild hangin out of his mouth to make it complete.

Impertinent said...

"Just need a blacknmild hangin out of his mouth to make it complete..."

Too late friend...there's already many, many pics of the future Comrade O in a beret, leather jacket, a doobie hanging out of his puss...and a Bobby seal look ( Afrocentrist, combed up "doo" ) with a Che portrait in the background. the fuck is it that we haven't noticed that?

I think we saw them on Jane Fonda's bio along with her scumbag, degenerate whoring husband....Tom Hayden.

You know why.

Z said...

Imp: thanks. There is NO FREAKIN' WAY I am removing that until a Black friend says "Z, this is the problem with that.........." and I can see the explanation.

I have a special fondness for net, I have to admit; I'd like to know WHY IS THIS RACIST? A young man with pretty well toned arms, with his drawbacks written across his chest and a spoof like America's a girlfriend and he wants another chance.

HOW IS THAT RACIST? I am eager to learn.

spreadeagle.....I have to say that THEN one's crossing the line.

Z said...

Imp: Obama's pix with Che posters and all make me wonder how the media'd have advertised it had Bush done that. Or if Bush had somehow championed some REAL facist like Musollini as a college kid? Or STalin? Some REAL LEFTIST FASCIST (hell, there are Americans who STILL think fascists are rightwing no matter HOW much they read about it..!?)

all hell to pay had Bush done that.

But, you['re right...there's Obama, stupid cigarette dangling, Che portrait, dumb Panama hat, etc.........five years ago, Americans would have said "What the F?"

Five years later, they VOTED THIS IN.

MK said...

Boot him out and change the locks.

Z said...

MK.."change the locks" hysterical! good one, mate! :-)

Impertinent said...

"But, you['re right...there's Obama, stupid cigarette dangling, Che portrait, dumb Panama hat, etc.........five years ago, Americans would have said "What the F?"

Yup...there it is. Lilke out of a damn Ludlum novel. Espionage, CIA, skullduggery and the so called "impossibility" of a Plant?

They are so clever...IMHO....that they manufactured this...this.."All American, AA candidate...that NO ONE....NOT One GD soul...knows who this man is.

From his mother to his father to his uncles to his aunts. To his ( conviently dead white grandmother ) To his social security his work history as a his known associates. To his unknown girlfriends ( he should have had many easy lays who "remembered him among the hippie, dippie, doper, smoker, coker crowd of enlightened intellectuals ) that commanded a presence in the "dopaphoria" of Yale, Princeton, Occidential halcyon days of...fuck the establishment.

Hey...he looked cool....hey he looked hip...and hey...he was "blacK' and could charm the panties off of Mother Theresa with his....clean, disciplined.....English. Rather than the usual ebonics and jive ass talk of the time.

He's definitely to this day...smooth.

And still...No One recalls how good in bed he was?

In his his place....there wasn't a a hip Jewish Chick who would'nt have balled his brains out to piss off Mommy & daddy and risk the trust fund?

I tell it like it is.

Z said...

Imp, you may 'tell it like it is' but that's a little tough, tho I knew girls like that. I sure did.
(think they're conservatives? :-)
BY the way, I don't delete you because, except for the non sequitor 'balling' part, you're right.

Did you watch tonight's debate?

I watched and thought "Man, the left has made it so decency is BAD and I am SO PROUD of those candidates who fought back so well" (except Huntsman, whom I LOATHE, for some reason; I honestly had to change the channel like I do when SHep Smith's on TV).......
I LOVED Ron Paul when he said he's tired of hearing that because Republicans don't like welfare that they don't care. BRAVO, Mr. Paul. He had facts, figures and THE TRUTH. I think Brian Williams' poor head was spinning "How the hell are these people answering so well with the tough stuff I"M asking?"

Here's the deal...

Republicans believe in FAMILY and STATE, as all of them said. BUT..BUT!:
Leftwingers have created a situation where families are failing; they're paid to break up so the mom can get welfare if daddy's gone (but not long enough to make more babies)...
They're divorced because, GOD FORBID people stay together for the children (and, trust me, I am NOT condemning all divorced people; I know there are good reasons for it from time to time);
Our families are not whole because women have been encouraged to work not only for keeping a roof over their heads but to get a Mercedes instead of an Olds in the garage...
etc etc

SO, when families are too busy to CARE about their kids (packing good lunches, staying home so their kids are raised with good character, etc.)....THEY MUST GO TO THE GOVERNMENT! SLAM, DUNK!

what do we do NOW??

Tom: what's the solution? How does a country get families to be real families again?

beamish said...

Bush lost jobs, Obama created more.

Bush left office with 1.1 million more Americans employed than when he took office.

25 million people have lost their jobs since Obama took office.

Why are you impressed that Obama has lost more jobs than he has created?

beakerkin said...


It is seriously easier to draw Mohammed than Obama.

A Black Man in a wife beater shirt asking a woman to take him back does harken to familiar inner city stereotypes about irresponsible Black man. However, if you drew him as an arrogant elitist it would be the uppity Black man stereotype.

Our history with race needs to be considered when drawing Obama. If you drew him as a platypus it would be viewed as a joke about being biracial.

This is certainly less racial than
the familiar Tedd Rall Condi Rice
images. However, I did criticize those and the Duck defended them.

Always On Watch said...

He'll make his give-me-another-chance tonight. Can I bear to watch it? I don't know.

Always On Watch said...

A wife beater shirt? I saw it as a b'ball shirt.

Z said...



Stanley Kowalski said...

The white tank top tee shirt is a "wife beater"...

Working class underwear.

"To the Moon, Alice!"

Stanley Kowalski said...


Z said...

Well, Stanley, Gleason never beat his wife, but...OKAY! ???
My husband didn't either...

No, I have a strong hunch that a LOT of men wear these T Shirts and never dream of beating anybody.

But, thanks! I enjoyed The Honeymooners and it was nice to see those images...
I had clients building a home in Hawaii, on the big island, over the AMAZING Mauna Kea Hotel....the wife and I'd go now and then to check it out and she'd be on the beach sunning with 2 hours to get to the plane or so. 'TO THE MOON, ALICE' is what she heard a lot from me,
"GET READY FOR OUR PLANE!!" I was afraid to miss my plane! (although who wouldn't want to stay at that hotel in the evening, grilling your own tiny appetizers at your table in the jungle with the ocean view and a delicious drink!?)

Stanley Kowalski said...

Gleason never beat his wife

Gleason was never the man that I was.... ;)

Always On Watch said...



See THIS. It was news to me.

What are the origins of that term "wife beater shirt"?

Call me uninformed. My father wore athletic shirts, and he was clearly not a wife beater.

Stanley Kowalski said...'s a "class" thing.

Z said...

Mr. Z wore these and, trust me, he had enough class for the conservative and leftwing blogosphere men.
Look at it......what's the big deal?

Believe what you will about a stupid T Shirt's meaning, all I can say is this isn't racist because Obama's shown wearing a perfectly acceptable Tshirt that Jockey Brand sells without a disclaimer like "Wear at your wife's risk"

Jan said...

Z..there is nothing racist about that cartoon, and nothing about it that suggests that all men who wear those shirts are abusive... you did absolutely nothing wrong in posting it!

My husband wears them, too, and he treats me like a queen, believe me!

Z said...

Jan, EXACTLY! Thanks, I totally agree with you!

Speedy G said...

No, there's nothing racist at all about wearing a Guido shirt... ;)

net observer said...

Ladies and Gentleman, I can respect where you're coming from to a point. But I think I need clarify something:

I'm not so much offended as I am befuddled. I honestly cannot fathom how any decent, politically astute American can view or distribute something like that without noticing the potential problems that come with it. I just don't get it.

Frankly, it kinda begs the question: At what point would you consider it to be a racist cartoon? Sideways baseball cap? A joint in his hand? Over-sized lips? Over-sized crotch? A watermelon at his feet? Seriously. When?

More importantly, it's about the consistency. I wouldn't even blink if the reactions were consistent. But we all know that isn't the case.

I can't imagine a liberal depicting Clarence Thomas like this without having to face a NEVER-ending wave of criticism from the right -- they would call them racist! So what's the difference? Is that not a fair question?

I have heard white conservatives call certain liberals "racist" based on virtually nothing as far as I am concerned. But they don't see a problem with a cartoon like this? Seriously?

I just think it's weird. I'm not saying they're being dishonest. I take their word when they say they don't honestly see a problem. But it still strikes me as totally bizarre.

I remember, back in my old GOP days, attending a fundraiser, with about 90%/10% white/black GOP-ers in attendance. The keynote speaker started off his speech with a joke -- one that depicted the hanging of a criminal.

I am sure that in the mind of this good-hearted rural Southerner, all the characters in his joke were Southern white dudes. But it didn't matter. All the black GOP-ers started looking at each other, puzzled, "Are you freakin' serious?"

It's like, I would never joke about gassing people, particularly if Jews were in the room. I would never joke about beating my spouse, especially if women were in the room. But I guess that makes me "hypersensitive".

So be it.

Z said...

Net, if this was a white president depicted wearing a stupid Tshirt (what's RACIST ABOUT THAT?), would it be racist?

Just tell ME what's racist about it!?

Even if he DID have a dumb backwards cap on...that's racist?
or a cigarette is RACIST?


If he had a Klan cap on, if some jerk had watermelon in his hand instead of flowers, some LOUSY ridiculous generalization, sure...but '

is it RACIST or disrespectful? I"ll grant you, and did in a comment above, it's fairly disrespectful for ANY color president to be drawn like that, but...??????????

net observer said...

"Net, if this was a white president depicted wearing a stupid Tshirt (what's RACIST ABOUT THAT?), would it be racist?"

Z, honestly, this is what I find both sad and laughable about the typical conservative response to these kinds of charges. If you notice, the tee-shirt was essentially a tertiary item in my original post. Yet, most of my responders seem to think that was my main concern.

If you read my post, clearly, the tee-shirt was NOT my main concern. I was in fact focused on the cartoonist's choice of dialect: "C'mon baby, gimme a chance?"

I combined that dialect with what struck me as a carefully crafted facial expression; and then of course, there was the tee-shirt, which read "no job, no house, etc".

So I saw this cartoon and thought "This looks like something out of 'American Renaissance'".

Yes, I think the cartoonist went with this particular caricature because Obama is black. And I say that simply because I can't imagine him choosing the same caricature if Obama were a white man with, say, a Nebraska farmer background. But who knows? I don't know this cartoonist and I'm not a mind-reader. I will concede that much.

For the record, I never said the cartoonist nor his cartoon was racist. But still, I strongly feel that he is engaged in a little bit of race-baiting, even if it's unintentional - which, btw, is possible.

Of course I could be wrong, and if so, I apologize. But one thing's for sure: That the dialect wasn't poking fun at Obama's actual speaking manner.

Thus, it kinda/sorta begs the question: Why didn't the cartoonist go with a sterotypically Italian sound/look? Or a sterotypically Jewish sound/look? Or so-called "redneck" sound/look? Those choices would have been just as logical, right? That is, since the cartoonist, apparently, decided to go with an accent that didn't resemble Obama's whatsoever, why did he ultimately decide to go with this one?

Having said all that, the MAIN, main point of my original post was THIS, Z: I wanted to know if YOU could potentially understand why some decent fair-minded person, outside of the conservative circle, might view that cartoon as race-bait (even if it wasn't).

Based on your response here, I will conjecture that you really can't see why someone would take that position, and I fully accept that as an honest answer from someone I know to be a very decent, honest human being.

Nevertheless, it STILL boggles my mind, Z! lol I just find it amazing to observe so many decent people -- who are POLITICAL JUNKIES -- that resemble you in that way. It really trips me out!

I repeat, if a liberal cartoonist depicted Clarence Thomas in the exact same way, wouldn't we hear conservatives decry the cartoon and the cartoonist as racist?

And if so, how is this different?

"Even if he DID have a dumb backwards cap on...that's racist?
or a cigarette is RACIST?"

Well, my specific question was "At what point would YOU consider the cartoon to be race-bait?"

But putting that aside... Z, your question is little like somebody asking me "What was racist about those old Looney Tunes cartoons that depicted an extremely overweight "Aunt Jemimah"-type carrying a "Paul Revere"-type on her back with the caption, 'Black Beauty'"?

I'm not sure how to answer either question. It's like defining "pornography". I guess it's in the eye of the beholder.

Not sure I can offer a better answer on that one.