Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Iranian Pastor may die today

HERE is an article that will turn your stomach.   This, from the religion so many like to remind us is 'peaceful'......
And, please, don't anybody remind us that there are Muslims who'd never support this, we all know that.  
Please pray for him.........I hear amazing first-hand stories of how Christianity is growing in Islam and those people need protection.


Silverfiddle said...


I too was surprised to hear that Muslims in Iran are converting to Christianity. It's happening in Indonesia as well.

Any religion that kills those who reject it is a horror show that does not know God.

sue hanes said...

Z - This is clearly coming from a country whose leaders are primitive in their beliefs and actions.

But what can be done to stop another country from carrying out these executions?

We are in so deep with our own problems, that another front will not do us any good.

What does anyone have - including the U.N. - have to hold over their head.

In the end they will destroy themselves.

Z said...

Silverfiddle, I figured Iran's muslims were converting in really amazing amounts when the Iranians started attacking Christian Iranians last Christmas day. I remember hearing that that morning and thinking "It must be as big as I've been told it is"......
All we can do is pray for this guy and the others who are in Iranian prisons for not denouncing their faith. My Iranian Christian friend was there in the early SPring and she said it's HUGE there.

Pris said...

Interesting that Boehner had no problem issuing a statement. Where's President Obama's?

Gramma 2 Many said...

I have Persian friends who were in prison waiting execution for converting. They were set free because Iran needed something from the US and we would not give it to them unless they freed their Religion prisoners. Eshmail was brought before the judge once again and asked why he was in prison. He answered because he was a follower of Christ. The judge said, Wasn't he a Prophet. Eshmail answered that was what the koran said. The judge said he had done nothing wrong and set him free. Same story for Mansur, who is now a Pastor in Kansas. Both families beat it out of the country as fast as they could. Our Prayer can only be for the Will of God to rein.

Anonymous said...

"Where's President Obama's?" know Prisc. Loving that "Arab Spring" stuff. Bowing east and to any other inferior being on the planet. Longing for that "sweet sound" of the call to prayer in the evening.

Working night and day to get someone hired who can produce a really authentic COLB? Before the next round of elections where he once again has to explain nothing of his past.

Anonymous said...

"But what can be done to stop another country from carrying out these executions?"

Hmmmm....a bit of quid pro quo?

Bwaaaaaa....Kill the apostate bastard...what do we care? He knew what the rules were when he joined the mob. Now he wants some sort of stay in his execution?

So says the non thinking , non feeling lib loonies who think murder of the unborn is a right too. Muslims have their rights...kill the unbeliever. Even though a Christian is a follower of a prophet that even the crazy muslims recognize.....Jesus Christ.

However...if he killed a cop....well that's a different story. Storm the Bastille....storm the courts for 25 / Mumbai...whomever the cause celebre flavor of the week is.

Anonymous said...

What sue and her tribe fail to realize is that...IT'S NOT what can a country do to stop another "COUNTRY" from killing, executing it's citizens because they've converted to Christianity.

It's all about the BARBARITY of ISLAM...period. It's about a political ideology no different than Nazi's who demanded strict adherence to their "LAWS" that excluded Jews, Catholics and any other non believer in their failed systems. How else do you maintain a hold over, power over those who chose another path in life, in beliefs? murder them. That's how you maintain control over your "believers". You KILL Those who don't follow the insanity...of ISLAM.

Hey...and you nutjobs want to give them a foot in the door here? You're not afraid of sharia law making it's ugly way into our laws and society?

You should be fearful...because this is the face of the fascism of ISLAM. Coming soon through a new mosque near you.

Oh...I almost about the lovely piece of shit who wanted to attack the Pentagon, Capitol with RC aircraft? They'll never give up....they'll continue to attack and murder...until we get our shit together and rid ourselves of them.