Thursday, September 8, 2011

I can't STAND Jon Huntsman...I really can't

What IS it with Jon Huntsman?  (though I admire his dad, whose Cancer Center I had the great luck to fly to last September, and which is so well run with excellent doctors, etc.)   Jon Huntsman hits me so wrong that I had to switch to another channel during the debate;  like I have to change to CNN when that awful Shep Smith is on FOX.  (Okay, I don't dislike Huntsman as bad as I dislike Smith, but almost)

Do you know I almost liked Ron Paul tonight? (stop thinking I've lost my's true! Update from this morning:  I'm learning from fellow blogger and long-time pal Beakerkin that Ron Paul attracts anti Semitics...I need proof, I had never heard that.  Obviously, all sorts of candidates can attract creeps without sharing those beliefs, so and I've asked for links of proof from our dear beak;  let's see what he finds)
I think Santorum is my favorite.
I hate how Newt has to look at everybody for approval with every sentence he makes, but he's smart.
Bachmann did a very good job.
Romney rose in my estimation.
Perry did FAR FAR better than I thought he would because he was losing me this week with what I heard.
Cain was pretty good...tho I hate for America to follow anything Chile has started :-) I'm willing to see his point.
What did you think?  HERE  is a review of the candidates and their words last night... by the AP.
I wish I had the time to reveal the obvious bias in almost all of the criticisms (for instance, if Perry did well on reducing emissions, he did it;  it doesn't take away from his work because it had been mandated!!!);   help me out, if you can.


beakerkin said...


If Ron Paul wins the nomination I would leave the GOP and vote for Obama.

Paul is a well known anti semite whose comments about Israel rival the familiar idiocy of Maxine Watters. His supporters include 9-11 Truthers and Don Black of Stormfront.

You can read Mark Levin's comments about Paul.

Always On Watch said...

I didn't watch.

Beak said: If Ron Paul wins the nomination I would leave the GOP and vote for Obama.

Damn. I'd never vote for Obama.

But I'd be between a rock and a hard place were Ron Paul to be on the 2012 GOP ballot.

IMO, Ron Paul doesn't have a chance in hell of getting the nomination.

Opus #6 said...

Huntsman was busy in 2009 brown-nosing Obama so much, he will probably never be able to scrub the Amber Stains from his face.

Silverfiddle said...

Jon who?

Seriously, he's not even a factor.

Beakerkin. Could you provide some links?

I know Paul seems to be a kook and neonazi magnet, but do you have evidence he is an antisemite? That's a serious charge. I'm not saying it's not true, I'd just like to see the evidence.

Z said...

beak, I have no clue about that and would like links, too, as SF asked for.

Believe me, I've never been a fan and, not knowing the information you know, I thought he wasn't as creepy as I have in the past .... Not saying I'd vote for him, just that he didn't turn me quite so off this time.

Joe Conservative said...

What's the old saw, "If you don't have something nice to say about somebody..."

Oh, wait, that doesn't apply to politics?

Bd said...

I saw a bunch of scary loons on stage and no one who could possibly win. Sanatorium? Lol. If he wins will all have Santorum on our faces!

mistaanonymous said...

Obama and his minion describes us republicans as the party of "no." He accused us Republicans of making decision just to oppose him on the stimulus bill, on Obamacare, on the debt ceiling, etc. Instead of doing what was right for the country. He charges us repeatedly with racism and playing politics.

But I have news for him, sometimes saying "No" is what's right for this country!
What he has been doing has just been wrong for the country ... being a leader is more than being chummy with a Union bully..

Lisa said...
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Lisa said...

Looks like Bd already got his talking points from Media Matters.

I think they all did pretty good and yes I agree with you on Huntsman Z. I am so tired of the "Science" reference. Like Conservatives don't believe in Science if they don't agree with man made global warming.

I do, however like the smack downs from Newt.I do believe he is he one to beat but we have a ruthless media who had the gall to run a commercial in the middle of the debate about Republicans and tax breaks to the wealthy.
I hate the MSM. Really I do.

Z said...

Bd, if Santorum won, you'd be miserable. America would have dignity and integrity again; we'd be really helping the middle class by raising their pride in hard work rather than the self-defeating nannyhood of entitlements.
I know, it'll be hard for you to understand.

Don't worry; he can't win. Really good people don't anymore. It's all the SHOW, the CHARISMA, the LIES.

Z said... blog of your own? I'd have like to have seen that! Thanks very much for coming sure do see the true picture.

Lisa... I know; the left acts as if it's all their way of looking at things or you're stupid. the 'open minded bunch' isn't QUITE that, is it. :-)

Newt does a good smack down; he ought to have stayed off that bench with Pelosi; too many people still remember that ad!

Z said...

Uhoh! I saw that Mistaanonymous left exactly the same comment at at least one other blog! oops!

Opus, he brown noses from the beginning to the end, eyes WIDE open in panic that he'll say the wrong thing, integrity be damned. He REALLY rubs me the wrong way. Odd, really.

AOW...Paul doesn't have a chance.
but, look at what I wrote and how people jump to conclusions as if he's my hero now!? That mystifies me in the blogosphere sometimes.

I wrote that I shed a tear when I saw young black faces weeping with pleasure when Obama got the DNC nod and I was CREAMED by my Conservative buddy bloggers........."so you like Obama now!?" etc.

WHAT? ah, well..the world of blogging!! :)

Ducky's here said...

I could tolerate Huntsman. He sees to be in possession of common sense.

Beak sees antisemites everywhere. Check under the bed, Beak.

Ducky's here said...

Perry said he'd abolish Social Security. Now most of those dipsticks want to do just that but they have the brains not to be explicit.

Perry is finished.

Ducky's here said...

z, if L'il Ricky Retardo won 98% of the electorate would have to have stayed home.

Always On Watch said...

AOW...Paul doesn't have a chance.
but, look at what I wrote and how people jump to conclusions as if he's my hero now!? That mystifies me in the blogosphere sometimes.

The blogosphere gets really wacked up in the run-up days to a national election.

Z said...

Ducky, he has seen antisemitism in you, too. sad.
And yes, Americans would have to be way too smart to vote for Santorum....and the recognition of good character is missing these days; I'm not holding my breath they'll finally do the right thing. Not after 2008.

AOW...yes, it does, but this is a longstanding thing and not always associated with elections. Boy, you say something off the plantation and LOOK OUT!
Lib friends tell me it's worse at liberal blogs; remember, some aren't even open to Conservative bloggers.......but it's wrong done by any bunch.

Speedy G said...

Huntsman represents GOP pandering to the Left. Nobody EVER represents DNC pandering to the Right.

Speedy G said...

Santorum suffers from the same supposed defect Palin and Bachmann suffer from, "unelectibility" in the eyes of the GOP political pundit class. Nothing garners an intellectual's disdain quicker than a whiff of "populism" (ala "Reagan").

And of course, the "Amen" chorus from the Left Press Corps ALWAYS backs the GOP pundits up... after all, they represent an supposedly intellectual "elite". G_d forbid that a POPULAR Republic should ever get elected!

Ticker said...

Jon Huntsman made a strong bid to replace Joe Biden on the Obama 2012 ticket, which could really use a "moderate."

I am no fan of Newts but he slapped the leftist host network choosing to try and divide and conquer the GOP. My question is why do these fools continue to allow this to happen?
The winner of last nights debate was not be the candidate who best answered the questions, but the candidate who best challenged the conventional wisdom of the liberals asking the questions. It was clear that the purpose of the panel was to "divide and conquer and to beat the Republicans over the head with questions which would not hurt Obama but give the Left ammunition with which to make the Republican candidates appear "stupid'.

If Republicans want to get their message out, they are going to have to show some spine and get tough with the establishment media.

Ticker said...

Maggie had a great post on Newt and the debate last night.

Ducky's here said...

Come on, z, Beak thinks that anyone who looks cross eyed at Likud is an antisemite.

It's a pretty cheap little game.

He thinks the kids who were gunned down in Norway were antisemites.

Z said...

The kids gunned down in Norway were liberal kids on a liberal camp/indoctrination week ...
I don't believe Beak thinks all liberals are antisemites and he's cited you several times, Ducky.
I don't personally believe you hate Jews, but you sure do pull that stupid Calvinist Card the minute we stand up for Israel.
For the record, and I've said this before (and been creamed for it), I also don't believe all Jews who don't stand up for Israel are "Self hating Jews" as I've heard them called. I think they're HUGELY naive and uninformed but don't believe they hate Israel or themselves.

Ticker said...

This should answer the question on Ron Pauls stand concerning Israel .

Ron Paul has on more than one occasion spoke out against Israel and US support for her.

H Res 34, “Recognizing Israel’s right to defend itself against attacks from Gaza, Reaffirming the United States strong support for Israel, and supporting the Israeli-Palestinian peace process”

He was against this resolution.

Ron Paul: U.S. Shouldn’t Support Israel’s Gaza Blockade

Paul’s message speaks for itself: Hamas is not a terrorist organization, in spite of its launching of over 1,000 rockets against citizens of Israel. The United States should not support Israel in its campaign of retaliation against a vile terrorist organization whose "Culture Minister", Atallah Abu Al-Subh greeted the news of 9-11 with the words, "Allah has answered our prayers."

Bob said...

Huntsman is a very intelligent person, but some of his ideas are out in the weeds, i.e., climate change which is nothing more than a marketing term. He has gone for the non-science hook, line, and sinker.

beakerkin said...


I know in your heart you support Israel. Look at the links ticker sent about his comments about Israel defending itself from lefty loons on the flotilla to Gaza

I am sure you are more than familiar with Ben Stein and Mark Levin. Ben Stein on Larry King does not mince words. "

Mark Levin is absolutely scathing
on Ron Paul and his supporters.
Google Mark Levin Ron Paul. This is not new either.

beakerkin said...


There is David Horowitz's recent commentary on Glen Beck on Paul's anti-semitism.

On a lighter note Paul is hysterical
in Bruno first clueless and then running from Baron Cohen

Z said...

Beak; YOU are sure in your heart that I support Israel?
When the heck did I ever say anything that gave anybody the impression I don't support Israel in my heart and every other part of my body? WHAT?

I said I don't believe that all Jews who don't support Israel's right to land hate Israel, that's all I said.
I don't agree with them.

"On a lighter note Paul is hysterical
in Bruno first clueless and then running from Baron Cohen"

Is that English, Beak? I don't have a clue what that means.

And I don't believe for a second Paul hates Jews, I don't care what Horowitz says....but link it for me and I'll look! xx

beakerkin said...


You are 100% wrong about Jews who do not support Israel. The anti zionist
Jews are overwhelmingly Marxist.

Chomsky calls himself an anarchist
but rationalizes communist crimes while demonizing the USA

Norman Finklestein The planets foremost anti Semite Maoist calling himself green.

Debbie Fink currently a green

Joel Kovel a green who rails about anti communism.

Rabbi Snagglepuss Lerner " I dig Marx". Swears he has never been a commie. Pass the LSD

Ron Paul is supported by Don Black of Stormfront. Mark Levin, David Horowitz and Ben Stein all have been vocal on Paul's problem.

The Ticker has provided Paul's votes and comments.

Ask the Duck if he has called me
"an inbred Lubavitcher and a Kahanist". How a person with Hindu Family gets those monikers is unknown. Logic and planet Ducky never meet.

Elmers Brother said...

And like Weber duhkkky has no clear understanding of Protestantism or of Calvinism

Z said...

I am 1000% pro Israel.
All those horrid people you mention ARE Marxists and probably ANti-Zionists..yes.

I still don't think Ron Paul for a second hates Jews. He might be supported by depraved JERKS for other reasons; they're not following him for any anti Semitic stances...have you HEARD him say anything like that?

Z said...

Elmers Brother said...

And like Weber duhkkky has no clear understanding of Protestantism or of Calvinism"

But thinks he's an authority and that it's perfectly fine to come to a Christian's blog and try to insult with ridiculously leapt-to conclusions.
well, he's a leftist. And a Catholic who should read the Scriptures before commenting on ANYTHING Scriptural.

Silverfiddle said...

Beakerkin: Links, please. We asked for links.

It's one thing for someone else to call him and anti-Semite, but I would like some proof, please.

beamish said...

It is impossible to have a respectful, honest, good faith discussion with a Ron Paul supporter that won't up front admit that they're an imbecile.