Thursday, May 16, 2013

Arming Barbarians

—Mustang Sends 

Caught on video recently was a Syrian rebel cutting out the heart of a dead soldier and eating it. James Dawes, form Macalester College wants to know, “What kind of people could do this?”

Off hand, I‘d say the kind of people who, in their service to Allah, blow up innocent children, the kind of people who sexually mutilate women, the kind of people who could massacre 380 people at a school in Beslan, Russia, and the kind of people who would not hesitate to murder an 8-year-old boy in Boston.

According to the report, having eaten the man’s heart, the Syrian rebel said, “I swear to Allah we will eat your hearts out, you soldiers of Bashar. You dogs. Allah is greater! Heroes of Baba Amr—we will take out their hearts to eat them.”

This does appear to be barbaric behavior, even when measured against leftist standards.

And these are the people President Obama wants to arm, in order to bolster their opposition to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. It actually boggles the mind, doesn’t it? What on earth would compel President Obama to even consider arming Syrian rebels?

If this (idiotic) plan to arm Syrian "barbarians" goes forward, what would that say to the world about the United States, the American people, and President Barack Obama?...



FreeThinke said...

Until we get it through our heads that non-Christianized Middle Easterners ARE in fact brute savages, and the WE have NO PLACE WHATSOEVER interfering in the internal affairs of THEIR societies anymore than we did with sub-Saharan Africans two-hundred and more years ago, we will reap NOTHING but the kind of barbarous atrocity you described.

Let GOD take care of these problems. They are TOO BIG for US to SOLVE and are not OUR proper BUSINESS anyway.

If WE don't intend to KILL THEM ALL, we should simply step aside and LET THEM KILL EACH OTHER.

Always On Watch said...

IMO, Obama actively promotes The Arab Spring, which is part of his version of a new world order ("Change!") -- a new world order to correct the sins of European colonialism. BHO will arm any and all who can "Forward!" his version of the new world order.

CnC said...

Hate to say it, but the longer they are killing each other, the less time they have to kill us. Fight on psychos !

Guess Who said...

The Progressive ASS-HAT blogger seems to think that the Obama Sandals and the Benghazi Attack and Murders of our 4 Brave Americans is a BIG JOKE and calling the whole matter a “CIRCUS” . I guess it’s all a laughable matter to these people. No wonder you are getting all these comments about her here !

I know that they want to make this to be a non-issue and save Obama’s behind, but I think that this response is a bit too much and that she has crossed the line from Patriotism to Treasonous.
An Embassy in a country where America had just helped overthrow a dictator, which happened to reside in a hotbed of radical anti-Americanism was left horribly undefended. Why? Is that a “CIRCUS”?
That, to me, is Pathetic, and a cop-out on Obama’s responsibility. . Personally, I don’t think that anyone should trivialize, this is not a Republican/Democrat-Progressive issue. This is an American matter because an American Ambassador and three other American soldiers are dead, and on that basis alone this should be given the proper NONPARTISAN attention that it deserves. This is not a laughable matter.

Anonymous said...

Obama has a hit list on jihadist. Assad has a hit list on jihadist. What am I missing?

Thersites said...

Give em all the guns they want... as long as we stay out, they will only be used to kill each other.

Ed Bonderenka said...

"what would that say to the world about the United States, the American people, and President Barack Obama?..."
Nothing that Obama hasn't already been apologizing for...

In My Defense said...


The libs all think that this is a big Joke!

Z said...

MUSTANG: While my computer at home is down, if you wouldn't mind posting for tomorrow, I'd really appreciate it..
Just double-post from your blog would be fine for me.

Thanks so much for this one.

JonBerg said...

The, so called, Middle East appears to be little more than a perpetual cesspool; the population of which is controled by a vile excuse for religion. I say let's concentrate on maximizing extraction and refining of petroleum right here in North America and let the "Rag Heads" kill each other. Oh, and while we are at it, let's also extract the Muzzie-in-Chief who continues to defile our National Treasure known as the White House!

highboy said...

We don't need to be involved in the middle east. They can kill each other, and if they threaten our friend Israel, Israel will take care of itself. If anything, I'd rather just let Israel flatten the whole area while giving the U.N. the finger.

Darth Bacon said...
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Darth Bacon said...

This has been the best week ever.
Obama tells us not to listen to the voices about scandals, and that they are only Right-wing conspiracies .
The IRS admits to targeting groups that have the wrong opinion.
Benghazi Whistle Blowers.
The FBI conducts a secret and unprecedented investigation of reporters who broke a news story they didn't like.

All this and the week isn't over yet.

Law and Order Teacher said...

Someone is surprised? Did they miss all the beheadings? These are animals. These are an appalling breed of scum.

But Obama does really think he can deal with them.

Wow, we're in trouble.

beamish said...

Ever since I confirmed that the Obama administration is not actively torturing terrorists at Gitmo with repeated broadcasts of Alicia Keyes' "Girl on Fire" and Pink's "Learn to Love Again," I believe it is safe to say the Obama administration is soft on terrorism.

We should send the rebels a bunch of knives and forks.

Sam Huntington said...

At whose expense, Beamish? Or is this something Kathleen Sabilius can solicit from private donors?

It has been long argued that the key to winning in the Middle East is to convince one tribe that the opposing tribe is good to eat. I think this strategy is starting to work.

Kid said...

Z, Exactly, and every time I see a coexist bumper sticker on (99 out of 100) some young girls car, I want to pull her over and explain to her why I have no intention of coexisting with these vermin.

Peaceful muslims? What happens when they show up at their mosque and their cleric tells them to take up arms against the infidels.

They Say/We Say said...

Kid as long as we have guns they will not do that.
Wonder why Obama and the Dems want us disarmed.
They wanted us unarmed before de-planes de-planes.
But that didn't happen and Bush took it to their backyard.

They Say/We Say said...

I meant Obama and the Dems and the U.N. The U.N. is made up mostly of these camel caretakers.

Z said...

I know, Kid...I do think there are millions of muslims who couldn't care less about doing anybody harm, wouldn't dream of it, BUT we don't know how many of them would turn if the Grand Pooba Imam said " know what the Koran says, GO GET 'EM or you're going to burn in hell"...yikes.

have a good night, everybody.

Kid said...

They Say, the party is not over, it's just getting started imo.

Z, That's what I'm sayin

Liberalmann said...

So...where is this 'video?'

JonBerg said...


"I know, Kid...I do think there are millions of muslims who couldn't care less about doing anybody harm"

Yes but as I've said time-after- time; it's impossible to tell which one(s) will strike or when. These people are very spooky!!!

Robert Sinclair said...

Most mosques in the US are controlled by Wahhabis. It is well established that they teach their faithful to hate the infidel, to do them harm in the name of Allah. Why then, at this late date, is any red-blooded American confused about this? Are we simply baring our throats in order that they may be cut?

Robert Sinclair said...

As far as what the world should think of our nation, our people, and our president ... they already know (1) that we are a weak, (2) that we deserve the president we elect, and (3) we deserve no respect at all in the entire world. Now is the time for the Muslim world to strike us at every turn.

Anonymous said...


"Yes but as I've said time-after- time; it's impossible to tell which one(s) will strike or when. These people are very spooky!!!"

And it's estimated that there are about 30,000,000 of these scum that are bona fide ready to go...murdering POS terrorists.

I so wish that some here would just STOP trying to make excuses for these animals. And realize that islam is the greatest threat to our republic, to our families, to our lives, to our society, to our future..and above all To our Freedom to move freely, speak and associate than Communism, Nazism or any other scourge that mankind can invent generation after generation that we wind up fighting decade after decade.

If....IF..we truly want PEACE in the world...then we must face, confront and eliminate the scourge as it it were any other disease that threatened to wipe out mankind.

Islam...fits that bill...and the source is the ME...Mecca...or whatever 4th world shit hole that prevents mankind from truly evolving in the 21st century and moving forward.

Many of us do not give a crap with your..."I know many muslims that are nice people"...Crap. Take a look at Detroit and Dearborn, now Boston and Islamic foothold in America to freely train and send more terrorists like the Boston "nice kid" into out midsts.

How many more civilians and cities are we willing to be attacked or sacrificed on the altar of the serious disease, bullshit known as... Diversity, Tolerance and Co existence?

Wise up. Seriously. Wise up.

Liberalmann said...

Where's this video? (me thinks you're lying again)

TSWS said...

Truth is stranger than fiction