Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Holder's DOJ/by GeeeZ writer Mustang

"People were recently complaining about Eric Holder and his “corrupt” Department of Justice. What a surprise, given that Eric Holder has been morally bankrupt since the beginning. He won’t prosecute finance fraud because he won’t turn on his former clients. Why not? Who knows when he’ll want to make millions more working for the same clients again?

Raise your hand if you didn’t know that Eric Holder and the head of the Justice Department’s Criminal Division, Lanny Breuer, were partners at a Washington Law firm that just happened to represent the major banking organizations, that amazingly were at the center of the foreclosure fraud: Bank of America, Citigroup, JP Morgan Chase, and Wells Fargo …

How many illegal aliens voted for Obama? How many democrats voted more than once? And when black thugs showed up in Philadelphia and Houston to intimidate voters, they got away with it. How is this possible? According to former DOJ attorney J. Christian Adams, it is possible because Eric Holder’s policy within the Department of Justice is to ignore prosecuting cases in which the defendant is black, and the victim is white. It is no surprise that some people are now claiming that Obama’s reelection was fraud at an exponential level and there is a reason why Romney was shocked to learn he didn’t win the election. All the polls indicated a win for Romney, but the fix was in long before Election Day. This explains why Eric Holder worked long and hard to prevent states from purging voter registration rolls of duplicates, dead people, and individuals incarcerated in state or federal penitentiaries.

We may forget a lot of details about Holder’s criminal behavior, but we must not forget Operation Fast and Furious, which resulted in the death of one US federal agent, and at least a thousand Mexican citizens inside Mexico. What that was all about, at least partially, was to orchestrate a campaign against an American citizen’s rights under the Second Amendment. If Holder could show that US guns are flowing into Mexico, if he could encourage Mexico to launch a formal complaint, then perhaps he could curtail our access to firearms through federal firearms regulations. It blew up in his face, of course.

Meanwhile, Holder was working just as hard to defeat the ability of Border States to curtail illegal immigration and undermine state sovereignty. He did this by tying them up in lawsuits. It is certainly understandable why Holder should want to increase the illegal alien population; it helped reelect his equally corrupt boss, President Obama.

Holder also sought to undermine national security by asserting the rights of foreign terrorists in US courts. He forgot to mention that as a private attorney, he worked on behalf of these same foreign terrorists. He failed to win in the case of GITMO detainees, but he certainly got his way in the case of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev. Holder undermined military efficiency by selectively refusing to prosecute DADT rules; the repeal of this rule has led to decreased military efficiency. But Holder is also a staunch advocate of universal law, which would obligate the United States to subscribe to United Nations mandates.

Now, of course, the Department of Justice AP phone records investigation is a sham. Was there a leak of sensitive counter-terrorism information to the AP? Yes, there was —and it was an egregious violation of national security. But by investigating the AP, who ran the story, the White House is shifting responsibility away from itself. The fact is that a very small number of people had access to this classified information. If the White House wanted to find out the source of the leak, it could polygraph the infinitesimal number of people who had access to this information, rather than investigating thousands of telephone numbers as part of an AP investigative raid. (Z: Liberals, please read that again;  you're apparently not understanding this important point, from your posts yesterday)

Law professor Ann Althouse, who admits to voting for Barack Obama, had this view of Eric Holder: “Holder is utterly pathetic here. Either he knows damn well what he’s doing and he’s lying, or he’s outrageously unqualified for his job.”

Speaking for myself, I have no confidence that Holder will conduct an impartial investigation into Barack Obama's IRS. Isn't this the problem with corrupt officials? How fortunate we are, as Americans, that an uninformed electorate overwhelmingly chose Barack Obama, who appointed such sleaze as Eric Holder, who now abuses his considerable powers. Eric Holder is not an Attorney General we can be proud of; he’s an abuser of Justice who belongs in a federal prison."

Thanks, Mustang, that's quite a piece; quite some information, and quite a quote from Ann Althouse.



Always On Watch said...

Control of the press is essential to promote tyranny.

Obama himself has been led to believe that he is "The One" and can operate without impunity. It is not wonder that his administration "oversteps," is it?

We shall see if the Obama administration can indeed operate without impunity.

Right now, we are seeing a triple storm: Benghazi, the IRS, the AP -- and very early in a President's 2nd term. Now, it is not unusual for a 2nd term POTUS to have scandals. But so early in the term?

Thersites said...

The ends justify the means...

I'm Here To Tell You said...

How can any American trust this President anymore? Not that I trusted him before! I never trusted him before, so nothing has changed as far as I am concerned.

Dear MSM, You’ll have to excuse me if I don’t fall all over myself congratulating you for finally doing your jobs. Assuming you don’t find a way to help Obama weasel his way out of trouble again — Go, Media Matters! Go,all you Media guys, it's about time, in fact it may even be a little too late now. The damage of this administration has been done. And he got away with it because you helped him. You covered for him. Most pathetically, some of you media guys are only turning on him now because he’s been exposed going after the Associated Press. But you can bet your last dollar that those progressive Obama worshipers still won't desert him, and they still will be defending him and they still will be kissing his ass.
Obama' makes Richard Nixon look like a Nun.

This Maddening World said...

Barack Benghazi Obama is hands down the worst president in American History. If he isn't impeached for the Big Three Scandals I will be utterly amazed. The buzz in D.C. is there is already a plan underfoot to impeach him. I say good riddance.

And as for ALL those idiotic Liberals, - Progressives and whoever is continuing to support this President. I can never quite understood your premise. How is supporting Obama,after all that he has done, and for what he is doing now right for this country?
How is forcing a healthcare mandate down people's throats doing what is right for this country? How is lying to America about the deaths of four men doing what is right for this country? How is liberals who demand repeal of the Patriot Act while defending the actions of our Justice Department in seizing phone records doing what is right for this country?

Always On Watch said...

...on Sept. 12, immediately after the Rose Garden statement the day after the attack, Obama sat down with Steve Kroft of 60 Minutes and acknowledged he purposely avoided the using the word “terrorism:”

KROFT: “Mr. President, this morning you went out of your way to avoid the use of the word ‘terrorism’ in connection with the Libya attack.”

OBAMA: “Right.”

KROFT: “Do you believe that this was a terrorist attack?”

OBAMA: “Well, it’s too early to know exactly how this came about, what group was involved, but obviously it was an attack on Americans. And we are going to be working with the Libyan government to make sure that we bring these folks to justice, one way or the other.”

(You can view this segment of the interview below. A key question is what the president meant when he said “right.” Was this agreement with Kroft or just verbal acknowledgment? It is a bit in the eye of the beholder, but we lean toward agreement that he avoided using “terrorism.” For unknown reasons, CBS did not release this clip until just two days before the elections, and it attracted little notice at the time because Superstorm Sandy dominated the news.) ...


Always On Watch said...

Check the site Politico. It seems that some of the Dem leaders are trying to distance themselves from Obama -- as of yesterday, I think.

The Political Chic said...

And think it this way, these are the scandals that the MSM has allowed this incompetent socialist to get away with. If the people in the media were really doing their job this guy wouldn't be around today, but then again we'd have Joe Biden as our president. I don't know which would be worse.

What a sad affair.

Jack Whyte said...

This is the "What difference does it now make" administration. I agree with the notion that Holder's AP investigation is only attempting to shift blame to the AP, an attempt to shield one of their blabbermouths. My bet is that the individual they are trying to shield is CIA director John Brennan, Muslim enabler, and all around traitor. The mere idea that this corrupt attorney general is seriously investigating the Obama administration is mockery of the first magnitude.

JonBerg said...

Comments so far, raise questions, namely: Which is worse; an unlikley impeachment and The Idiot-in-Chief, biden taking rein of an injured Nation or the continued insidious destruction of a once great Nation at the hands of The Fraud-in-Chief? I sure don't have a cogent answer. Perhaps, in the unlikely event that The Fraud-in-Chief were to be impeached and removed from office, the successor [sic] would be forced to consider what's best for the Nation, at large, and cease B.O.'s plans to "fundamentally" institute Communism in this once great Nation! Hey, just questions, I'm not 'banking' on anything at this time.

Anonymous said...

Holder may have screwed-up by going after Obama's cheerleaders.

Sam Huntington said...

I cannot imagine the House attempting to impeach this president. In the first place, what has he done beyond lying to the American people, and covering up the facts surrounding the death of an American Ambassador?

Who will bring forth testimony that they heard Obama order the IRS to discriminate against conservative groups?

Who will say they have first hand knowledge that Obama ordered his machine to violate voting laws in order to win an election no one thought he could win?

And even if this information was proven in triplicate, does anyone actually think a democratic senate would convict him? Anyone who thinks so, I have a “K” car for sale. Runs great.

JonBerg said...

Hey Sam, I'll contribute my Yugo, as well!

Robert Sinclair said...

“He has erected a multitude of New Offices, and sent hither swarms of Officers to harrass our people, and eat out their substance.” --Declaration of Independence, 1776

History repeats.

Louis H. said...

Lois Lerner, the senior IRS official at the center of the decision to target tea party groups for burdensome tax scrutiny, signed paperwork granting tax-exempt status to the Barack H. Obama Foundation, a shady charity headed by the president’s half-brother that operated illegally for years.

According to the organization’s filings, Lerner approved the foundation’s tax status within a month of filing, an unprecedented timeline that stands in stark contrast to conservative organizations that have been waiting for more than three years, in some cases, for approval.

Found at the Daily Caller.

JonBerg said...

Robert said....

"History repeats."

Apparently it's no longer studied!

FreeThinke said...

I don't worry about the PRESIDENT. It's The Oligarchs who PUT him where he is who should concern us.

Z said...

Louis, THAT is a FASCINATING SITUATION! I hope THAT gets out to America....(but it won't..)
EXCEPT, Obama MAY not have the media covering for him anymore after the AP thing. (but...that'll go away)

FT...I agree, except with one caveat: We DO have to fear Obama if only for the Supreme Court Justices he's certain to be able to select in the last few years of this administration.
That'll be our death knell.

EVERYBODY: I keep hearing CNN and FOX talking about how these scandals could have an affect on Obama's ability to govern.

Do you think that would carry over into his ability to push a Supreme Court Justice over on us, too?

Z said...

PRIS: my computer's down.
Imp and mustang know that...

I wish I had more time here at work to respond to all these terrific comments...

I will say that I agree 1000% with Always On Watch: Control of the Press is absolutely promotion of tyranny. Of course, Obama knows that but, as Thersites says, he is Machiavellian if he is nothing else.

I HONESTLY think this AP thing's going to problematic for Holder with Obama:

F&Furious, AP, so many long will Obama take it?

Sam Huntington said...

Obama is not the victim here. Holder's good to go because he knows where all the bodies are buried.

Louis H. said...

During the Clinton years, senior IRS official Paul Breslan revealed that the administration's auditors specifically targeted conservative critics. On the hit list: Judicial Watch, Paula Jones and Gennifer Flowers, the National Rifle Association, The National Review, The American Spectator, Freedom Alliance, National Center for Public Policy Research, Citizens Against Government Waste, Concerned Women for America, and the San Diego Chapter of Christian Coalition.

Steven Miller, one of the Clinton IRS agents who helped conduct those witch hunts in the 1990s, is currently the head of the Obama IRS department that has now admitted it discriminated against tea party groups. Jackboot history repeats itself.
—Michelle Malkin

Louis H. said...

“After We Win This Election, It’s Our Turn. Payback Time.” —Valarie Jarrett

Z said...

Sam, good point about the bodies. Actually, more than "knows where they're buried" , it's "and has buried them himself."
I had high hopes that the IRS thing would be the last straw, but you're probably right.

These guys give TEFLON new meaning, don't they. NOTHING sticks.

Louis, you're a fountain of good information; thank you for all of this...very much.
Isn't that fascinating about the Clinton input?
BUT, the Alinsky Rules kick in and the lefties say "Michele Malkin?..rightwing hack" and the public doesn't get the truth ...

By the way, is Mustang's piece here so compelling that the leftwingers can't chime in? :-)

I think so.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

@Pol Chic:

"but then again we'd have Joe Biden as our president"..?

Trust me...with JB giving all his worthless advice on shotguns...he's liable to pick one up and use it as a bong.

Did anyone here that blast over at Joe's house..asked a neighbor??

Then we'd have Boehner as CIC...hmmm.

Leticia said...

I doubt Holder is going to rat out his best-buddy in command, but there are so many unanswered questions that even liberals are beginning to raise their eyebrows and wondering what is going on.

Their "messiah" is not as clean and truthful as they so foolishly thought he was.

The truth will come out eventually.

Anonymous said...

Suit Alleges IRS Improperly Seized 60 Million Personal Medical Records

Mustang said...

I agree, Leticia, that eventually we will learn the truth; but I predict this will be an elongated process, the intent of which is to put most Americans back to sleep. Meanwhile, our country is in a steep spiral. Everything is political; justice is diminishing, and dishonesty pervasive. Thinking Americans fear for their country.

Mustang said...

@FrogBurger … that one has me scratching my head, too. If they wait a few months, IRS will be entitled to medical records as the watch dog for Stalin-Care.

Z said...


What the HECK?

Is someone in our gov't using the IRS to gather everything they can get on people in this country?

Leticia..hi! No, I know HOlder won't rat out but Obama may have to let this rat off the sinking ship immediately. I really wouldn't be surprised if Holder suddenly gets a really good job in corporate America and decides to leave because he just can't pass that job up! :-)

So, where are the libs, Mustang?
Baffled in their attempts to discount your piece or afraid of you? :-)

Z said...

Oh, you're here, Mustang, at the moment I just wrote my last comment.
Yes, why sixty million med records?

Anonymous said...

Trey Gowdy had it right then...and he has it right NOW!

Sam Huntington said...

We really don't know what they mean by "medical records." Does it mean "enrollment records," or "how much money was collected for the insurance," the method used to collect that money, or does it mean that everyone will soon know how small Barack Obama really is ...?

We do live in interesting times.

Law and Order Teacher said...

I've always admired Mustang and his measured and incisive essays. I've read his posts for years and admired them. I'm proud he's a fellow veteran. It really is interesting that the media is finally taking this sham to task. He was unqualified in 2008 and he's only gotten worse with his fixation on power.

Z said...

Imp, Trey Gowdy ROCKS.
I'm not watching this video from work but I sure do like him in general.

Law and Order...good points on Mustang. And the unqualified one.

Sam...worst yet; medical records usually means "medical history"... If that's the case, that's worse than any monetary information getting out, in my opinion.

Z said...

So one head has rolled for the IRS scandal. Not Jack Lew's, of course.

ya, right...after the way he talks so dismissively and ugly about Republicans and FOX, etc?

Oh, yes, he is OUTRAGED! That'll take care of the IRS targeting Americans on the other side of the aisle from the president, right? (wrong). what rubbish.

Anonymous said...


"So one head has rolled for the IRS scandal"...

Did you know that in addition to hassling Tea Party and conservatives...the IRS singled out groups who had CONSTITUTION & BILL OF RIGHTS in the Group name too? So...these people who believe in the Constitution, our Bill Of Rights are now considered subversives? Good Heysoos...when the left actually throws molotov cocktails and the muslims plant bombs to use against civilians are untouched?

And their mosques that protect and house real subversives and terrorists are left alone and can't be scrutinized due to the insane bullshit PC that's fried our governments brains.

Then the OWS...the real subversives, whackos and insane progressives...are honored by our dembaggers in DC?

They Say/We Say said...

The Next Scandal
The senior Republican on the Senate health committee, Senator Lamar Alexander of Tennessee, said the fund-raising “may be illegal.”
Administration officials said private donations were needed because Congress had provided much less money than Mr. Obama requested to publicize the new law and get people enrolled in health plans subsidized by the government.
Health care executives said they were reluctant to make big contributions for several reasons, including the fact that insurers are required to pay more than $100 billion in new taxes over the next 10 years to help defray the cost of expanded coverage. Drug companies must pay new fees totaling $34 billion over the same period.
An insurance executive said that some insurers had been asked for $1 million donations, and that “bigger companies have been asked for a lot more.”

Z said...

That's kind of interesting.

They Say/..wait! That means that those companies (private ins. companies) who will be SCREWED when "Affordable" (by whom?) CARE really takes over are supposed to donate money to advertise what will kill their business?
WHAT?? :-)

Ya, Imp...I did know that...can you IMAGINE? SUBVERSIVES who include CONSTITUTION in their names!? :-)

They Say/We Say said...

Oh, and I heard that some of you are world travelers.
I thought I read a passport once appoint-a-time.
Does it not say that if a citizen of the USA takes up arms against the USA the citizen will have their citizenship revoked?
How did the Boston pressure pot placer at the finish line, who ran over his brother - not lose his citizenship?
Oh, that dadburn Holder strikes again!

They Say/We Say said...

No, not this Black Indonesian Step Child--Commie.
You can not refute this!

Scotty said...

Z said...
"So one head has rolled for the IRS scandal. Not Jack Lew's, of course.

One thing I think you should note is, the present "acting" head of the IRS is a recent appointee. This scandal goes back to 2010.

Responsibility goes a lot further back than him!

Miller wasn’t commissioner when most of the targeting occurred. That was Doug Shulman, who left in November.

Z said...

Question Man...don't bother writing so much anymore, unless you're trotting around the Conservative blogosphere leaving that same comment everywhere.

We don't think the death of 4 Americans isn't worth looking into because it was 8 months ago; quit buying into everything Jay Carney says; it was stupid and makes you sound stupid,too.

How would you like this explanation if you were the brother of one of the dead in Benghazi "Gee, we're sorry, but the WH dragged their feet on Benghazi and so we haven't any real answers, but heck, that was eight MONTHS ago, let it go!"

And you have the nerve to call US names? WOW.

Z said...

Scotty, that's RIGHT! Has anybody in the media noticed that? Have you heard anybody mention it?
You are so right!
Very interesting..yup; Miller's gone and he wasn't even in that position then. WOW.

Z said...

Also, Scotty; I was hoping Miller might talk.
but, he probably won't.

Kid said...

Impeachment requires the Senate, and the senate won't unless it is seen somehow a benefit to the democrat/communist party.

They Say/We Say said...

The same thing about the Media.
There were four pressure pots at the finish line.
The two brother only had one a peace.
Two were set off by the police.
And the Media stopped reporting about the other two after two days.

Mustang said...

We can discount the views of TQM simply because he is seriously retarded, utterly dishonest, or painfully stupid.

Benghazi is important for these reasons: (1) The Obama Administration conspired to lie to the American people about what happened. (2) The Obama Administration conspired to obfuscate the events, to make it appear as if the Obama Administration had no culpability in the events. And (3), Benghazi is important because the genesis of these factors were intended to protect the president’s reelection campaign. I have no doubt this is not very important to TQM; he is bereft of common sense and true patriotism. I think it remains important to the American people who send their children in harms way in the service of their country.

I encourage Z’s readers not to forget about Benghazi. Don’t let it be true that Americans are incapable of paying attention to more than one thing at a time. Nor can we forget about Fast & Furious—and for similar reasons. Sean Smith had something that TQM never had: a mother. Eric Holder was responsible for the murder of Brian Terry. Hillary Clinton was responsible for the death of Chris Stevens and three others. Hillary sent Stevens to Benghazi ... and I want to know why.

What did Pat Smith have to say? See it here.

Kid said...

Here it is imo..

It would have Been SO Easy to provide security to the embassy.

It would have been SO EASY to provide/allow support (AC-130 from Tripoli) to show up in about an hour into an 8 hour battle and watch the jihadi vermin scatter like cockroaches with the lights on.


Instead risk impeachment for obama, and serious consequences for the hildebeast and others.

There is some serious Funk in the details.

Anonymous said...


" Miller's gone and he wasn't even in that position then. WOW Miller's gone and he wasn't even in that position then. WOW."

So does that immunize him from any criminal proceedings cause he's not in that position now? So if I rob a bank or embezzle from it and I move on to another bank...I can skate?

They Say/We Say said...

Hillary's gone - what difference does it make- NOW! (Hands waving)( did you look close- was she waving a one finger salute?)

Scotty said...

Mustang said:I encourage Z’s readers not to forget about Benghazi. Don’t let it be true that Americans are incapable of paying attention to more than one thing at a time.

If "Fast and Furious" is any example, Mustang, don't get yer hopes up!

Mustang said...

I know what you’re saying, Scotty. There is a difference, though, between not being able to do anything about Holder’s corruption, and not remembering (or caring). Those of us who care about Fast & Furious are not just angry; we are also frustrated. We are frustrated because the courts tell us that we citizens “lack standing” do anything about our corrupt government—other than vote. Even though voting is corrupt, and even if we could afford to bring in a public advocacy group. My suspicion is that politicians prefer frustrated citizens to those who are activity engaged. The IRS discrimination is but one example of many of the government’s intentions to treat us as slaves to government’s will. Frustrated citizens will drop out of the process—an automatic win for communist scum. But I don’t think the government is prepared for the deep anger among most of its 300 million citizens.

How do you see it?

They Say/We Say said...

But we do have standing.
I explained that in my last comments in the post the other day - about the First Amendment and the Tax Code violating the Respecting clause and the Abridged Clause.
I not very good at drawing pictures just laying out the info.
But of course if no reads them then...

Kid said...

They Say, Imagine how much the youngest 4-5 generations Don't know about the constitution.

Mustang said...

TSWS ... I read what you had to say. The first question a court will ask upon presentment of a lawsuit is, "What standing do you have to file this lawsuit?"

The answer, "I am a citizen" is insufficient. The court will dismiss this suit out of hand. Why? Because we are not a direct democracy; we are a representative democracy. Your representative has a voice, you don't.

Where was this most recently demonstrated? When citizens sued over the issue of Obama's qualification to serve as president. The law suits were dismissed in all but one case.

They Say/We Say said...

The Tea Party was denied the right to peacefully assembly and to petition the gov redress of grievances. As well as the Church Houses--but the Black Churches were given a pass.
It cost money to rent buildings to assemble. How can they raise money with out being taxed on that money - without a tax exemption?

Anonymous said...


Thanks for a powerful, truthful, pull no punches blog today. One of your best.

They Say/We Say said...

And then there is the 14th Amendment Section 3.
Obama gave aid and comfort to people in the Dem Party Officials and the Black Panthers.

Insurrection: A rising against Our Political and or Civil Authority; A Rising Against The Supreme Law of The Land - The Constitution.
And Now giving aid and comfort to our enemies in Benghazi, that was before the last election = his 2013 Oath is illegal.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...


"But I don’t think the government is prepared for the deep anger among most of its 300 million citizens."

( First...I don't think it's 300 million of us...maybe the 100 million that work. The majority of fools and morons that now occupy this land are quite happy with the commander of free bling bling )

So what's it gonna take Mustang? After 3 or more impeachable offenses...after his clear disdain for the rule of law...and Holders...after loading up the WH with czars...after spending our ass into eternal debt....after playing more golf than working and pinching the asses of celebrities...of jetting around the world and 4 or 5 vacations a year...and Moochele gets her own private 767.

And for him to admit that...he's basically lazy....what has to happen to do a major reset?

Mustang said...

What will it take for a major reset? The elections of 2014 and 2016.

Elections have consequences. When half of the electorate decide to stay home, for whatever reason, they set into motion their own unhappy circumstances over the next four years. All this talk about impeachment is silly in the extreme, and here’s why. There has to be evidence that Obama committed the offenses of treason, bribery, or other high crimes and misdemeanors. Even if you and I know in our heart of hearts that Obama is guilty of something, it has to be proved.

Not only that, the Senate has to convict Obama of the offenses for which he was charged. That will NEVER happen in a democratic senate. But what could happen if the House GOP play this silly game, is that the GOP will lose the House of Representatives in 2014. This is EXACTLY what Obama wants to see happen.

Is there a lesson here for voters? Not the stupid ones, unfortunately. And not for those who would rather suffer under Obama than to vote for an unperfect candidate. On the other hand, some of those people are standing on principle, and this is important … so the question is, why does the GOP keep choosing idiots run for the presidency? McCain and Romney are the GOP equivalents of Gore and Kerry …

Sadly, Imp … I don’t see one (NOT ONE) politician on the conservative side who has bona fides as a potential president. Do you?

They Say/We Say said...

Does anyone know what my avatar is?
I earned the right to fly it.
Doing just what I have been doing.
I can't say anymore or I may as well walk in front of a 18 wheeler.

They Say/We Say said...

In fact I have said to much - I will be removing my blog now.

Mustang said...

TSWS ... why remove your blog. You seem acceptably anonymous to me ...

They Say/We Say said...

I earned the right to fly it

Way before I started blogging.

It is a big deal- believe me
Like I said I have said to much
I know most of you don't know how to put stuff together--it's not your fault.
I can't draw a picture for you all with outing myself.
Like I said I earned the right to fly it. And they don't forget.
In fact most of what is is -is retaliation, daring me to do it again.
Rush even said don't try that on his show.
He went into a rant -out of the Blue and told me to stay away

Mustang said...


Anonymous said...


Give me until tomorrow. OK?

It's late here and I do have some comments.



Always On Watch said...

About those seized medical records (from the link):

The medical records included information on psychological counseling, gynecological counseling, sexual and drug treatment, and other sensitive medical treatment data, the suit alleges.

Blackmail material: "Do things my way or I'll tell the world about every skeleton in your closet." It was LBJ's way -- this kind of blackmail to get Congress critters to vote the way that LBJ wanted the vote to go.

They Say/We Say said...

That's it, AOW can see the picture.
Once you learn who these players are
and learn how they use the their rules--well you can give them a jab here and there and slow them down.
I landed a right cross (they never saw coming) that sent them back on their heels and haven't recovered yet.
I haven't had to spar for a while, they are punch drunk and as you can see they are tripping their feet.
I paniced earlier-but remembered they most likely know about me.
It is the street people who I don't want to be outed to.
They like a formidable competitor - I don't know how many rounds I can go but I ain't done yet.

Always On Watch said...

I didn't come to understand the picture via education in a classroom. Rather, my mother (1916-1987), who was a political animal, told me about some of the inner workings in political circles. In effect, she was a mole within the high-ranking social circles of the Democratic Party; she "infiltrated" those circles and watched and remembered. Mom wasn't a Democrat, of course, but she never let those she was watching know her political leanings.