Friday, May 31, 2013

Leftist Hostility

As reported recently in the Huffington Post, “… the chairwoman of the National Transportation Safety Board called last week's Interstate 5 bridge collapse a wake-up call to the state of safety of the nation's infrastructure and the Saturday destruction of a highway overpass in Missouri that was struck by a cargo train.”

Subsequent to the bridge collapse, Neil Cavuto observed, “No good disaster is ever wasted by the government. If in doubt, spend. If something broke, spend more… So a bridge falls down in Washington State and immediately, liberals bemoan our infrastructure’s sorry state. They say if this isn’t a wake up call to fix our roads and bridges, nothing is.”

Cavuto continued with a common sense question, and one that each of us should be asking: “What happened to the trillions of dollars we already committed to fixing our roads and bridges? Why aren’t they fixed? Where the heck did all that money go?”

Remember all the increases in gasoline and federal excise taxes allegedly earmarked for the repair of transportation infrastructure? Or all the “lotto” money supposedly earmarked for education, and yet we seem only to be able to graduate the world’s dumbest children.

In any case, leftists responded to Cavuto in their typical manner. One viewer wrote in, “I so hope the next bridge collapses just as you’re driving over it. I’d call it justifiable homicide, you clueless, corpulent, right-wing freak.”

A typical response from the left, it seems. Just read any leftist/progressive blog, or any of the low comments they are so proud to leave at other sites. We just wonder, “What in the hell is the matter with these people?”

—Mustang Sends


Always On Watch said...

About the last paragraph of this blog post...NO KIDDING!

Droppings are deposited, then whining ensues when some slapping occurs.

You know what? Some of those on the Left would literally kill conservatives if they thought they could get away with it. For now, the Left is screaming, "Shut up!" I will be posting about that silencing of voices on Monday.

JonBerg said...

"Shovel-ready was not as shovel-ready as we expected," Obama said.

Perhaps then the "Left" will tell us where all of that "Porkulus" spending went. What say you, Ducky?

Z said...

JonBerg, that'll be the day. Probably went to Obama phones...easier to get votes that way than through bridges. People who don't work don't need bridges by which to get to work.

Always...I'll look forward to your silencing post.

I'm thinking leftwingers would be fearful of what's going on, too.
When we hear PIERS MORGAN say "This is worse than NIXON and the 3 scandals like this are NOT being addressed by the WH as they most certainly SHOULD.." as I saw last night, jaw dropping, I was pretty surprised, BELIEVE ME.

Ducky's here said...

Well, I've seen it here.
The Massachusetts Avenue bridge, major project on the Longfellow, Gloucester ... I don't know what's happening in Virginia.

Probably y'all are following all the fringe right love coming out of Ken Cuccinelli's office.
Beam in your own eye and all that, Mustang.

Constitutional Insurgent said...

I haven't noticed much difference in the tenor of online comments between the left and the right. Both sides typically believe that they - and only they - are correct, logical and magnanimous.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, but we got all that low cost solar and wind energy. Pfffft!

Impertinent said...


Yeah, but we got all that low cost solar and wind energy..."

Don't forget that $100K+ Tesla with a dubious range of 265 miles...

Sam Huntington said...

Is this the same Ducky commenting (above) who said he would like to see Andrew Breitbart in a body bag? That "beam in your own eye" Ducky?

JonBerg said...

"People who don't work don't need bridges by which to get to work."

How true and those who don't pay Federal Income Tax could care less where other people's money went, except for what they could skim from it!

Ed Bonderenka said...

Is it an infrastructure problem when the bridge collapses after being hit by a truck?

JonBerg said...


That seems to me like a legal liability problem.

Z said...

Sam, SO true.

When we consider the horrible meltdown at Huff Post the day Tony Snow died so painfully and so young, or the glee most leftwing bloggers show when Cheney's heart's acting up, or the kinds of emails Cavuto gets on a regular basis, etc etc...and even a president who slams FOX publicly?...

and then we're supposed to feel "Well ONE OF OUR GUYS isn't nice"?

ya, right.

I purposefully checked out the conservative blogs I know the day Ted Kennedy died...not ONE of them showed any nasty happiness..they ALL (including me) said that they didn't respect his legislation but they respected him and didn't wish what happened to him on anybody..and sent good wishes to his family.

I was really proud of the Conservative blogosphere in general and am surely not going to feel cowed by ANY Republican who mouths off in 1/2 the meanness of anybody on the left.

I know many on the left aren't like this (witness Sue Hanes, for example) but SO many on the far left are SO VILE.

Jack Whyte said...

Still waiting to hear what happened to all that money. No one concerned about that?

JonBerg said...


"Still waiting to hear what happened to all that money"

Apparently, it all went to some obscure bridge in Massachusetts.

Pris said...

Didn't a lot of that money go to unions, or projects that demanded that the workers had to be union folks?

So of course the unions contributed campaign money, back to Obama, right?
I call it money laundering, but who called him on it?
Not you Ducky, huh?

BTW, if loving our country, and freedom is "fringe" right, what in the world do you love besides yourself? You far left radicals belong in rubber rooms if you ask me!

Pris said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Z said...

const. Ins.
You're entitled to what you've noticed but I sure don't know where you visit.

I have never in my life seen rightwing comments as bad as what happened to Tony Snow. Have you ever heard of a rightwing blog that closed down/crashed due to the reveling of rightwingers over a leftist's death?
Please read my comment a few below yours for my observations.
Have you not heard of the "Dick Cheney has no heart...but if he does, I hope it stops right now"? I've read hundreds of those myself.

This isn't about politics and ideology and 'who's right and who's wrong' on platform items...this is about who's vicious.
Glad you haven't noticed. I wish I could say the same thing. I really, really do.

Pris...well said. Ducky will be back saying "I love Fellini more than myself" :-)

Pris said...

Z, thanks,
You cracked me up about Ducky! He lives in a fantasy world, which has no meaning in reality! By the time his ox is gored, it will be too late for him to wake up.

Z said...

Pris! Don't say "Gored" :-) (Too reminiscent :-)

Constitutional Insurgent said...

Z - "This isn't about politics and ideology and 'who's right and who's wrong' on platform items...this is about who's vicious."

I think you have a point in this statement. Comments such as you cite are an illustration of intellectual immaturity and vulgar emotional tantrums. It's also not about left or right because neither party has the monopoly of grace or vile.

I've seen pejorative laden tantrums just as bad as you cite for Snow and Cheney...directed at Ted Kennedy, Barney Frank, and others...and expect a historic spike should Jane Fonda die within the next two decades.

These comments can be found on sites such as Red State, Free Republic, Fox Nation, and numerous blogs.

Pontificating luminaries such as Coulter and Breitbart have been found making these statements as well. It may not be ABOUT politics, but in many ways it's ALL about politics.

The political angle of almost any issue is distracting trash, which is why I care about issues, not the reactions to them.

TSWS said...

Hanoi Jane Died? I hadden Heard.
Saying stuff when they are alive is one thing but saying it when they a passed just doesn't happen in the mass conservative side.
Some have been bitten on the back side by reality. But just can't grasp reality as good as a standing hampton

Constitutional Insurgent said...

"Hanoi Jane Died? I hadden Heard."

Of course you hadn't; because nobody has claimed that she did.

Interesting homoerotic reference. Oddly out of place here, but interesting.

Anonymous said...


"should Jane Fonda die within the next two decades."

Two decades? She's already in the dead pool at 76. Besides the government, if it were serious about treason, should have put her up against a wall...decades ago. How many more thousands was she responsible for being KIA?

Ted Kennedy..I was over joyed...he killed the country in 1965.

Kid said...

obama was going to create jobs by working on aging bridges and infrastructure. Has a single bridge been worked on that was affected by federal stimuli ? Hell no.
obama's FLAGSHIP program for jobs was shovel ready jobs. 4 + years into his presidency he was on TV actually LAUGHING about the fact that there were no shovel ready jobs.

That's how much respect this POS has for this country and most especially you. He rapes you, steals your money and he laughs at you and diseased brain people like libtard still support this POS. What can it be called beside mental disease? Nothing else.

And this is One in thousands of ways these POS's have screwed you over the last 4 years.
They take you money and give it to millions of imigrants who moved here from other countries because "they wanted a better life" and have stolen your tax money and haven't worked a single Hour since they're been here. AND have the gaul to complain about not having enough money for fill in the freakin blank. LOL.

It's coming you morons. It's coming for you and it will find you.

I'm looking forward to 2014 when your health insurance bills are scheduled to increase by 146%. Probably a low estimate. No doubt the libtards will cheer that. Eventually, obama's evil will find its way into you so hard you will finally get it, and I'm going to enjoy laughing at you. I'm looking forward to it. When you fooking morons finally figure out what's been done to you.

Remember the dems have been in charge since 2006 you idiots. ;-]

Z said...

CI...Breitbart never made a remark about reveling over anybody's death, BELIEVE ME.
He was one of the nicest guys around...NO WAY would he have said anything like that.
Coulter just calls it as she sees it; she's never wished anybody dead, either.

What's homoerotic about that comment, by the way?

Hanoi Jane isn't dead and she looks more fabulous than anybody I've ever seen at her age.
She sure doesn't have her values straight, but she looks great.

Imp, I never ever head ANYTHING like I saw for Tony Snow or Dick Cheney. I was so proud of conservatives when TEd Kennedy died...not one of them said they rejoiced in his death. Not one.

Kid said...

Hey duck, show us where federal money outside of the ordinary goings on for the last 5 decades has been involved in infrastructure work.

Get busy now. Go to it.

Z said...

Kid, I remember Obama was campaigning on a kind of WPA, CCC platform, you're right. He was going to spend too much money but I thought it might be money well spent to get people working and fix the infrastructure. Even I thought that might be a solution; not the best, but SOMETHING.
But, alas...........all you see is the occasional freeway little sign on the side of the road "federal dollars funding this.." You usually can't find what they're alluding to here in LA, by the way> "funding WHAT?"

Robert Sinclair said...

I think the right made an honest attempt to remain a "silent majority." It was a mistake of epic proportions, for the left saw this as a weakness to be exploited for their own political purposes. No blame here, just the facts as I understand them.

Left and right are no longer separated by degrees; it is now leagues of separation between those who seek progress on the Marxist model, and those of us who wish to maintain our uniquely American traditions. Many of us even wish to pursue a more libertarian bent. And so we pursue our truth, as we understand it, realizing that for the most part, cordiality is no longer possible. It is a dangerous precedent.

The left strains the limits of credulity. Today I read one blog, crowing about how Republicans lie three times as often as Democrats, citing of all things, the most liberal newspaper in the entire country, and its manufacture, Politifact. How does one argue with such inanity as that? As to the various personalities, I have never had an emotion respecting the likes of Kennedy, or Frank. Frank belongs in prison, along with his kindred spirit, Duke Cunningham.

I wish the milquetoast would stop pissing down my neck telling me it’s raining.

Constitutional Insurgent said...

Would you like for me to post some of Breitbart's tweets following Kennedy's death?

Constitutional Insurgent said...

"Standing Hampton" = Erect penis; per Urban Dictionary.

Constitutional Insurgent said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Constitutional Insurgent said...

*edited for grammar*

Z - I'm not sure why you would bother to rationalize this. That right wingers can act as immature as left wingers, doesn't detract from you personally, nor your ideals and values....nor your opposition to the values that Kennedy held.

Is Coulter merely "calling it as she see's it" divorced from reveling in a death when she referred to the deceased Kennedy 'that human pestilence'.

Here's some of the Breitbart tweets:

Jack Whyte said...

Z ... would you like me to list a few tweets that Mary Jo kopechne sent out after Ted Kennedy died?

Oh wait ...

Never mind.

Kid said...

Z, and we've seen those signs for decades, so what it different or new? nothing

Kid said...

Robert Sincliar, Respectfully... The republicans will do nothing for you.

In the spirit of 'defining the problem'.

There is not a single politician in office who cares about You or America and there hasn't been for some time.

JFK and Ronald Reagan were the last American presidents.

Potentially the Tea Party people -ala Allen West are actually interested in America, but the hatchet job the repubs put on them in 2012 proves to me they have no interest in America or You or Me.

I'll kick it around with you if you like and feel you can make a case otherwise. Lip service. White vs black, red vs blue, nothing happenin here but the Government screwin You.

I won't vote for a repub again, (and of course not dem) ever again. That silent majority you talk about staying home? Count me in and count me late to waking up to the fact that the only difference between repubs and dems is the repubs generally don't make you eyes bleed when you see their pictures in the "news".

Good Luck sir.

Kid said...

Jack Whyte +2

Z said...

CI, I'm not rationalizing anything. I'm stating a fact.

Andrew was one of the nicest men I ever knew and I'd never heard him say ANYTHING like a few of those. Some aren't nearly as offensive as many I've seen from the left, but fine...I think "human excrement" might not be something anybody wants to say about the dead.
Matter of fact, I've heard liberals say they wanted to hate Breitbart but when they met him they still hated his politics but loved the guy and stayed in touch.

What we all need to learn is that the biggies don't get big by not creating a sensation and saying really 'out there' things to get noticed; I believe Coulter's that type...she laughs all the way to the bank. Incredibly bright and well spoken she's mostly right, but overexaggerates, which is something I've faulted her for because all the good she talks is overlooked purposefully by the left as they glom onto, for example, her (probably right) comment about the widows of 9/11.

These people don't represent me; What I'm trying to say is that I've never seen a whole rightwing website crash with SO GLAD HE"S FINALLY DEAD reveling as they did to Snow, for example. That just hasn't happened.

Will I remain steadfast that Republicans aren't as vile as the Leftwingers? Absolutely.
You can believe anything you wish.

Again, I'm very surprised at Andrew and I appreciate those links. I'll never EVER think less of him, but those remarks weren't kind. And not like the Andrew I knew.

Z said...

Kid, I think you're wrong for not voting against Dems but I don't fault you and I 100% understand you.

I still think we can do better with a Republican in place and you know I'm very VERY angry and 'over' the GOP.

I think Rove is behind a lot of the problems. ROVE.

Larry Elder was thinking about running a few years back. I heard him speak a few years later and he related his story of being summoned to DC by GOP senators who grilled him up one side and down the other. He was so turned off by it and 'decided' not to run. I still wonder how that happened.
Of course, he might have mentioned that he thinks China should be allowed to buy up our parklands; "it'd be a good way to make money" at which the crowd I was in went VERY quiet.
The dumbest thing I ever heard Larry say....that, and "is the First Lady coming to this luncheon?" when we were both invited to a "First Ladies Luncheon" which was actually WIVES OF BLACK PASTORS THROUGHOUT LOS ANGELES... THOSE kinds of "First ladies" I thought "Man, I can see no Secret Service for a REAL First Lady, can't HE!?" HA!
He must have been surprised and disappointed (though he did say to me that he didn't know how he could listen to her speak for more than three minutes!
He came the next year, too, so he must have warmed to the "first ladies!"

Constitutional Insurgent said...

Jack - That's probably a fair response; Kennedy should have spent a large part of his life after that event, holding tightly to his soap in the communal shower.

Z- I admire Breitbart for what he was able to accomplish. I tend not to follow commentators and ideologically beholdened journalists much, but he blazed new trails in the field.

"Will I remain steadfast that Republicans aren't as vile as the Leftwingers? Absolutely."

It's an unsupportable blanket statement of course, which is why I can't acknowledge it-as-fact....though I respect your opinion. I'm also sure that you acknowledge the paradigm that when one belongs to a particular political team, they will nearly always presume the worst about the opposite. The left does that as well...often times far more so than the right.

I find it an interesting study, looking at a particular issue becoming overwhelmed by political reactions and counter-reactions. Sadly, that's what comprises most of our cable news these days. I think that ties in with your adjunct point about Coulter.

Anonymous said...

@Robert Sinclair:

"it is now leagues of separation between those who seek progress on the Marxist model, and those of us who wish to maintain our uniquely American traditions.."

And do you see these traditions being upheld against the marxist hordes? As unfashionable as it is with these mostly propagandized loons and youth?

I do not believe it's a passing phase as much as I think that Islamist Fascists will give up their jihad ( as the liberals wage one simultaneously ) any time soon.

Kid said...

Z, Good Luck Mademoiselle !


Robert Sinclair said...

I am not a republican. I do see myself as a conservative with leanings toward libertarianism. I would even say more libertarian were it not for the incredulous position that many dyed in the wool libertarians take.

But as to our future, it is bleak. I think the left has already won by creating dummies wearing gray flannel suits. The GOP serve themselves, rather than their country. I believe we are the waning days of the grand experiment. What next follows is, to me, utterly depressing. The only promise I can even contemplate, and that to myself, is that I refuse to be silent.

Z said...

Kid, ya, I know.

CI, thanks....obviously, I agree that whatever party we're a part of forges how we consider the other, but I have to say I try hard not to do that.
Andrew actually wasn't that rightwing ideologically...he was fighting for a FAIR MEDIA. yes, he disliked the Left's tactics but mostly he was wanting truth to emerge. I admired him greatly.

Yes, Coulter is part of the "you scream, then I scream back at you" bunch ...
it's a sick type of talk show...we've lost the long, careful answers to good questions. Everything is sound bytes now...and that's damaging, I think.
I see people talk about really amazingly important, mind-boggling serious stuff, and suddenly it's a big smile and "we now to go COMMERCIAL" and they come back from the ad with another quick stupid discussion that gets nowhere...

Kid said...

Robert, I couldn't agree more.

Kid said...

Z, Nice rant there.

people like rush, hannity, beck are the problem.

Why can't we have some people like Wiliam F Buckley who calmly talked conservatism and let people ponder the differences.

- this is why socialism fails.
- this is why capitalism is better even with it faults.

They don't do that. They spend/waste their time talking about today's dumbass libtard politician's comment or talking point.

People who might otherwise be engaged just run off because of the waiing by the "right wing nutjobs",

It's so pervasive, I have to wonder if it's not done on purpose to actually help the commies by creating more divisiveness. Oh, let's hate pelosi's stupidity, let's hate boxer's ignorance, etc etc.

No, how about let's talk the benefits of capitalism and let the circus clowns promote their own dog and pony misdirection show.

It's very depressing.

Let's talk about how the pres of CNN (Virginia Mosley) is married to Tom Nides who was hilrod clinton's Deputy Secretary. Let's talk about eh equally collusive relationships at CBS, NBC and how Jar Carney is married to a lady high up in ABC.

Do we do that? Nope the talking right wing attack dogs talk about the pathetic useless ramblings of he imbecilic incompetent dem politicians.

Someone correct me if I'm wrong because I haven't listened to rush and crew for at least 10 years.

Constitutional Insurgent said...

Kid, I think you're spot on with what you wrote, but I would also add the networks who run party politicians through their revolving doors like a farm league.

The incestuous nature of today's MSM and the political elite...are a large part of what's driving our nation to it's demise.

How I too, long for Buckley.

Anonymous said...

@Robert Sinclair:

"I believe we are the waning days of the grand experiment..."

As many of us do...thank you for a spot on...although depressing analysis.

I just wonder...where we where?

Kid said...

CI "the networks who run party politicians through their revolving doors like a farm league."

I just don't see the MSM in a superior position. I see them as the servants. The useful idiots. But maybe you're right.

Constitutional Insurgent said...

Kid - By incestuous, I wasn't awarding the dominant role to's truly difficult to say who pulls the reigns, between the elites of the media, or the parties.

I incline towards the parties, both of them. By enabling a constant 'faux war' between both major parties, due to the media's format of coverage - as two opposing positions - both parties ensure a place of political power among the electorate.

Z said...

CI, I think 'faux war' is an apt's almost as if someone, somewhere, is forcing this war upon this country.
Everything is SO divided it's like there's no TRUE anymore.

beamish said...

Why can't we have some people like Wiliam F Buckley who calmly talked conservatism and let people ponder the differences.

Because he passed away, CPAC became a gay circuit party, and the astroturf populistas of the "Tea Party" - well, you'd be lucky to throw a rock at one of their "gatherings" and hit someone who could spell "conservatism" much less tell you about it.

Pris said...

When Buckley was with us, he wasn't conversing with, or about Marxists, and radical elements, he was dealing with Democrats who then weren't as far left as so many are now.

As for Beck, he has predicted things that are now obvious to those of us who pay attention. I happen to respect Glenn Beck because he sticks his neck out to stand up to the far left radicals who are in power now.

He raises issues on his program that aren't even being discussed yet, like Common Core which is the federal takeover of education, and further undermining of parental rights over their children. If you don't believe me, wait for it!! BTW, we won't have a long wait because it's already in the works!

beamish, if it weren't for the Tea Party, we wouldn't have had Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, Allen West and other conservatives elected in 2010.

Furthermore, if the Tea Party is so beneath you, why then did the IRS go after them? Because they're a threat to the far left just for being contributors to conservatives and strong opposition to the leftists.

But then, beamish, you think you're so above the true Americans, don't you. Talk is cheap, civilized action is not.

Kid said...

CI, I'd say that idea has merit. The rebubblekins sure don't seem to mind the media.

Kid said...

Z, faux war. Btw why do we say faux when fake is the same # of syllables and letters... hmmm

Anyway, regardless of the details, they do have us fighting with each other so as to avoid having us focus our attention on them. Without a doubt.

Kid said...

PS - tune starts at 1:10 One of my favorites of all time.

Pris said...

Kid, that's great. Thanks.
It is the way it should be! Between you and me, I'd love to go back to that time. Mr. Pris and I would have been dancing our feet off!

Kid said...

Pris, I lived it and loved it. And really, given the race riots of the 60's, people like Sly putting stuff like this out was really fantastic stuff. The Sly and The Family Stone Greatest Hits is one THE best albums of all time. As a rec. That music was so good, it was illegal in most states ;)kidding