Monday, May 20, 2013

Pat Condell needs to watch his back......

Another Pat Condell rant......You'll see what he thinks of the UN and many more things...he really tells it like it is. You'll want to spend the few minutes listening:


Joe said...

Pat Condell certainly does get to it, doesn't he. Isn't it time to call the uncivilized people of those countries what they are: barbarians?

Always On Watch said...

Pat Condell tells us what he really thinks -- and backs up his contentions with facts and wry humor. Dhimmis and others would like to do away with him, I'm sure.

Always On Watch said...

Will the DHS remove Mr. Condell's YouTube videos? See THIS.

Charlie Orlin said...
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Charlie Orlin said...

By the way folks, DERVISH is a “enthusiastic follower”, and a member of the Progressive Eruptions Cult!

Dave Miller said...

AOW... The article you linked is referenced... I searched the included govt page and the quote the author referenced is a compilation of two different thoughts. The doc does talk about cultural sensitivities and dealing with people in a way that is consistent with our constitution, at least IMO.

Condell's videos were, at least some, banned for awhile in Britain...

He is an avowed atheist, does not believe in God and openly mocks all religions and people who trust in God.

Ducky's here said...

Uncovered women cause earthquakes?

Didn't Pat Robertson tell everyone it was the homos?

Z said...

Joe and AOW, it's important we have people speaking up; particularly those ridiculous UN appointments...
I guess we all know by now that they've put Iraq in charge of nuclear disarmament talks.
FInally, the US has had the good taste not to attend because of that. Pretty amazing, considering ....
But, it's okay if they say ridiculous things and treat women like hell because Pat Robertson has his opinions, too. Thankfully, he doesn't beat the recipients of his thoughts up.

Charlie..ya, putting the same email everywhere. You'd think they had something else to do but I guess when the gov't pays so they can stay home, here they are :-)

Sam Huntington said...

If its impossible to defeat what the man says, by all means, tell everyone about his religious beliefs. Is that your best shot? And of course, the moral relativist Ducky chimes in, as if anyone here gives a hoot what Robertson thinks … or Ducky either, for that matter.

Anonymous said...


"they've put Iraq in charge of nuclear disarmament talks."

I thought it was Iran Z???

FreeThinke said...

Frankly, it's a pleasure just to hear someone who speaks English beautifully, and understands the language well enough to put words together with grace, coherence and a modicum of wit and style no matter WHAT he's saying. It's the primary reason I was one of the late Christopher Hitchens' biggest fans.

If, as Dave says, Condell is a "Stone Atheist," as I've heard several such describe themselves, I feel sorry for him, because he's missing awareness of the Spirit that infuses Life with wonder, glory, meaning, joy, compassion, good humor, and infinite possibility for finding and doing good. HOWEVER, from the evidence presented by the conditions and living standards of the Semites, the Persians, most Africans, and the Indonesians only an imbecile -- or a brainwashed ideologue -- could possibly deny the essential truth of what Condell is saying in this video.

What I don't like about him -- and the myriad others who make a career out of denigrating others -- is the mocking, carping negativity of his attitude.

I'm naturally distrustful of those who do their best to promote ENMITY of any kind.

The TRUTH is always so much MORE than any merely human observer could possibly know. All WE are capable of seeing is various FACETS of the Truth.

Nevertheless, I recommend DIDADIN* as a matter of practical necessity.

Apparently Kipling was correct when he wrote, "East is east and west is west, and never the twain shall meet."

I, personally, don't WANT to "understand' these people. I don't want to learn to "accept" them. Given the choice I wouldn't even want to SEE them or hear anything ABOUT them.

I am much in favor of letting essentially hostile, contrary peoples markedly different from ourselves live in isolation and evolve in any direction GOD chooses in their own good time.

*DIDADIN = Detain, Intern, Disempower and Deport Islamaniacs Now.

Anonymous said...

@Free T:

I'm naturally distrustful of those who do their best to promote ENMITY of any kind."

Then I guess he'd be a welcome guest on Bill Maher's HBO show?

Anonymous said...

@Dave Miller:

"He is an avowed atheist, does not believe in God..."

Then I'd say he can be completely and reliably objective with his POV, yes?

Besides...his condemnation of this insane cult is more towards it's insane political ideology.

Always On Watch said...

A person doesn't have to be a Christian to be a truth teller, IMO.

Anonymous said...


No they don't...but in all won't be a muslim either.

It's said that the "moderate" ones are just waiting for the Radical ones to do the killing.

Z said...

IRAN, not Iraq...right, Imp. Thanks.

FT...I forgot that point; does being an atheist negate all Condell says? Of course not. You're right. One will notice in the video that as truthful as he's courageous enough to be when he talks about radicalized islam, he also holds up Christians as people who would never do what islamists are doing now. There is no bias, just truth. That bugs a lot of people, apparently.

Oh! AOW and Imp addressed this, too..just read their comments after having typed above to FT.

Imp...I think that's utter BS about the everyday muslims waiting for terrorists to kill all the infidels.
BUT, until the everyday muslim speaks up in the millions in Western Europe and America, what have we got to go on? Right?

If MILLIONS marched against the terrorists and specifically called out those parts of the Koran they disagree with, man, what a difference it would make.

Z said...

CHECK THAT OUT! James Rosen was spied on.

Always On Watch said...

Another cascade of news stories around the corner, I think.

Please check a list that I posted in the comments section to this post at my site -- a comment that I made @ 1:38 PM today.

And....There is also THIS, which appeared today at Breitbart: "AP Chief: DOJ Grab of Reporter Phone Records Unconstitutional."

Always On Watch said...

Here's another: "DOJ's secret subpoena of AP phone records broader than initially revealed" by Michael Isikoff.

Pris said...

Check out the link in AOW's second comment. It'll blow your mind.

Here's an excerpt from it:
"DHS office of Intelligence and Analysis: “Rightwing Extremism: Current Economic and Political Climate Fueling Resurgence in Radicalization and Recruitment” [pdf], which warned of the dangers posed by pro-life advocates, critics of same-sex marriage and groups concerned with abiding by the U.S. Constitution, among others."

Mr. Pris served as an intelligence analyst for many years, and the one basic rule from the Director was, "keep your politics out of your analyses, and your reports"! It was essential that credibility was uppermost in their work.

The DHS, obviously, does not have that rule. It's hard to imagine that any intelligence group would stoop to these kind of shenanigans.

So, let me get this straight, "concern with abiding by the U.S. Constitution", is extremism and radicalism?

Thanks for the link AOW, it's most important. If the DHS is determined to make sincere, law abiding Americans the enemy, it's essential that info get's out there! As for that so-called DHS "intelligence group", it's nothing more than a guise aimed at impressing the public that it's the real deal!

Always On Watch said...

Thank you for calling attention to that particular link that I left. I hope that others will read the link, too.

So much is going on right now as more and more of the snakiness of the Obama administration is being exposed.

Pris said...

Yes AOW, I hope others will read it too.
I know, it seems there's something new every day. We can only hope that finally there will be a consensus among many more Americans about what we're up against.

Anonymous said...


"what have we got to go on? Right?"

Right. And without any countering on their part...that's the way many perceive it.

We're going on 12 years now waiting for that "march"....they're marching all right....Dearborn...Boston..

Anonymous said...


"It's hard to imagine that any intelligence group"

You're referring to the DHS? Big Sis? Intelligence? When that POS opens her mouth....I cringe that someone that dopey is that dangerous. She has her guns, goons and army aimed square at us.

Anonymous said...

Another Smoking Gun??

"President Barack Obama met with the President of the National Treasury Employees Union Colleen Kelley, on March 31, 2010. The NTEU is "the 150,000 member union that represents IRS employees along with 30 other separate government agencies."

The Inspector General's report, blandly titled "Inappropriate Criteria Were Used to Identify Tax-Exempt Applications for Review," indicates that the IRS, in Lord's words, "set to work in earnest targeting the Tea Party and conservative groups around America" the very next day."

Read more:

Z said...

Pris, imagine "watch out for pro-life advocates.."
They have an agenda, it's all about "the rest of them be damned" and it's finally being exposed.

And ISIKOFF revealing more information?

Man, ticking off the media was the LAST thing this administration should have done...

Let's hope more and more comes out.

I heard a guy this morning who said he didn't get his tax exemption until 10 days after the election...surprise!??

Kid said...

Pris, "DHS office of Intelligence and Analysis"

I stopped reading right there.

IF A country had any sense, it would declare that any organization requesting tax exempt religious status - must follow basic human rights standards.

islam? Errrrrrrp. See ya you can call y9ourself a religion but we will not treat you like one to any extent.

Of course, that's in the dreamworld where stuff actually makes the slightest bit of sense.

Anonymous said...


"See ya you can call yourself a religion but we will not treat you like one to any extent."

I'll bet ya a glass of warmed over, stale, old headless beer...that the islamist scuzzballs weren't asked any of those questions that the T Party applicants were asked. ( No...demanded that they answer is more like it )

And karma strikes again....when the sheet was hitting the fan last year..Obutthead got off with Hurricane he gets to play big Daddy Cool POTUS with the Oklahoma City tornados.

Why couldn't it have hit DC where a big blow is needed to clean it out?

Pris said...

Z,and Kid,
You are both so correct.
Yes, and when I think back to Mr. Pris and his co-workers, I see integrity and dedication.

To read that current bogus crap at the DHS, it makes me sick. The inmates really are running the asylum.

Kid said...

IMP, I'll be we're giving so much fooking TAX money to the muslim vermin in America and around the world, it would make our heads go off like bottle rockets if we knew. I'll stop here.

Liberalmann said...

OJ Simpson, another brown man oppressed by the racist "justice" system of AmeriKKKa, has become a Muslim in prison to help fight the fascism.

Allah Bless Him!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...


"Allah Bless Him!"

Only if he ties a bomb vest to his fat they make them in XXXXXL?

He'll need 144 virgins to whet his appetite for stone cold dead meat.

And then after he detonates and explodes...he'll just cover his victims with bacon juice...

Kid said...

IMP, libturd simply cannot keep his/her true colors form coming out on at least a weekly basis right?

Hey lib you should get one of those full body front and back signs that say Allah Bless OJ, and walk up and down 24/7 in front of Nicole's family's residence and alternate with the Goldman's family until justice prevails and another defective entity (that's you) suffers the consequences for being an ignorant moron.

See, in the old days, Nature would have taken care of that for us, but now, you've got air bags, warning signs on McD's hamburger bags, depends, the ACLU, and most of all the democrat scum to steal money from us and give it to pieces of shit like you to keep you alive. Your best bet is to hope hard times don't once again come to America, because you'll find out what your Zero level of survival skills will do for you.

Could happen.

How about that you puke a dog wouldn't even give a second look to.

God Willing eh?

Darth Bacon said...

You mean another Ass-hole

Kid said...

That too Mr Bacon