Tuesday, May 7, 2013

"I'm gay!" "Oh, really?......I'm ...never mind."

This says it all, no matter what you think of the situation........it's exactly what happens;  except Tebow, for example, was ostracized when he displayed his faith openly....nobody just walked away as the cartoon shows; instead, they piled it on.
Does Collins merit HERO STATUS and a congratulatory call from the President? Congratulations? 

What do you think?



Always On Watch said...

My reaction to all the coming-out parties is now "Ho, hum."

It's not that I don't have strong feelings about certain matters that the gay rights activists harp on. Rather, I'm so weary of all the glorification associated with these coming-out parties.

FreeThinke said...

SInce you asked:

I think it's long past time this country -- and every other country -- got itself in tune with REALITY.

No matter WHAT a few passages in the BIBLE say, the TRUTH is that your mother, your father, your sister, your brother, your husband, your wife, your mistress, your lover, your best buddy, your golfing partner, or your worst enemy COULD be living a double life, and be enjoying homosexual experiences apart from the life they lead with you.

Unless you are with someone twenty-four hours a day, and never -- EVER - let them out of your site, you just DON'T KNOW what they do with the they spend away from precious you.

Your MINISTER could be gay.

Your DOCTOR could be gay.

Your children's TEACHERS could be gay.

Your BOSS could be gay.

Your GROCERY STORE MANAGER and any of his EMPLOYEES could be gay.

ANYONE might be. Do you think gay men all wear pink tutus or red scarfs, or flaps their wrists and swing their hips to identify themselves? DO you think all lesbians look like Elena Kagan, Donna Shalala, Janet Reno and Janet Napolitano? Do you think all lesbians have crewcuts, wear combat boots, greasy jeans, dirty sweatshirts and clamp down on a stinking cigar with their brown and green teeth?

The TRUTH is YOU DO NOT KNOW anything, so why you keep HARPING on this -- as if it MATTERED -- and as if YOU could possibly DO anything to stop it betrays an innate FOOLISHNESS and utter lack of sophistication which is frankly EMBARRASSING.

Get a grip and FUGGEDABOUDIT. It is what it is -- and ALWAYS HAS BEEN -- and it's NOT YOUR BUSINESS.

You may THINK you know someone to whom you are related or with whom you have a close relationship, but NO ONE can ever know for SURE what a significant other is doing when he or she is away from home.

Z said...

AOW, that's the thing; the 'glorification' is so utterly ridiculous...

I'll start like this: are you kidding? You sound so defensive and you missed the whole point.

The truth is that most of us don't give a darn who's gay.

You missed the point of this post. The truth is the cartoon says it exactly right; Someone comes out strongly for his faith and he's either ignored or insulted, and someone who comes out GAY is celebrated?
Maybe you think that's a wonderful thing. I think it's ridiculous.
I don't believe anybody deserves applause for whatever sexuality he "enjoys," as you put it.

My gosh..."You don't know anything..." Is that for me, FT?

Anonymous said...

FT, you're a bit harsh about the lack of sophistication. I don't think that was Z's question. Z's question was about the 'hero' status.

Like Dennis Prager, language has been cheapened. Hero is a big word that not many deserves. A hero is someone who's getting shot at at Omaha Beach. It certainly not someone who's made millions playing for the NBA. Call him a trailblazer, not a hero.

Plus we really don't care who's gay, half gay, not gay, etc... We root for the individual, not the group he belongs to.

Silverfiddle said...


You speak as if scolding moralists pried into this man's life and shamed him on national tv, when actually, tho opposite happened.

He announced days ahead of time to certain press people that he was coming out so they could drop hints, heightening the twitching anticipation of liberal gay worshipers, leading to a climax of congratulatory adulation at the man's bravery.

I agree with you: It's none of my business. Now, if you could just convince the gay man and his halleluja choir in the popular media of it.

And you comment about the metaphysical uncertainty of one's sexuality applies to all aspects of a persons being and behavior. Indeed remove, "being gay" and insert "strangling fuzzy kittens" and it would be just as true.

Anonymous said...

Liberalmerde, you're such an idiot. This cartoon is more about the little guy on the right than the guy on the left.

Please make sure you understand English next time you look at a cartoon.

sue hanes said...

Z - I guess it's just a matter of opinion. I didn't go for Tebow's
actions as I think the football field is a place to play football and not profess your faith.

It's different with Collins - he came out of the closet and that took a lot of courage. If you are against gays - then you do not think it is a big deal. Big sports is a risky place to come out - so he was considered a type of hero.

As for the call from the president - for those who think announcing his sexual preference is an act of courage - then maybe the call was ok. I didn't think it was necessary.

Since Obama is on his second term as president he will do things that he wouldn't have if he were facing reelection. He doesn't have to worry about another term.

Anonymous said...

If you are against gays - then you do not think it is a big deal.

It is a big deal in the sports arena. And because we don't think it's a big deal doesn't make us against gays. I even played a few soccer games with an entirely gay team. I must have been the only straight guys with another one maybe.

The binary logic "You don't think it's a big deal or you don't care, hence you're anti [fill in the blank]" is getting really old.

Sam Huntington said...

Collins isn’t gay. He’s Homosexual. Odd. Queer. Why did he make the announcement? Was he not getting enough attention otherwise? Ellen Degeneris recently whined about how the press treated her after she “came out.” I have no sympathy for Ellen Degeneris … she had the option of keeping her sexuality to herself. Does Collins' courage to “fess up” demand our admiration? No … because most of us simply do not give a damn.

Ducky's here said...

Sports, last bastion of homophobia. Took a little courage so good on him.

Next thing you know we'll have the evangelicals claiming they can't be vocal as athletes.
No end to their whining.

Anonymous said...

Took a little courage so good on him.

Totally agree. I think the debate is on the definition of 'hero.'

I guess if you put it in the context of sports, hero could work. But hero as an absolute term doesn't fit the bill. He's no Rosa Parks or MLK.

Ducky's here said...

z, Tebow was tossed because he couldn't throw downfield.

Unlike sexuality or religion that's a pretty important quality for a QB. If he'd had the ability his religion would have been irrelevant.

FreeThinke said...


WHY do you take every opportunity to MAGNIFY what-you-regard-as-a problem?

Why throw more gasoline on the fire?

There was nothing DEFENSIVE about my remarks at all. I'm just trying to stand up for the TRUTH.

None of us is going to change the nature of the ENEMEDIA, so why TRY? It's a WASTE of TIME.

Remember that passage about motes and beams in Bible? It's good advice.

Z said...

Free Thinke...again you're not welcome here with the insults. How dare you?

Frog; I delete all Libman's comments now. It's a pleasure. But, of course, lately it's felt like I should keep them here because it says so much about him and liberals that it's worth reading. Still, I made him a promise and I stick to my promises.

Ducky; oh, so the insults of his kneeling by himself in prayer were because he's not a good player? :-)
"LAST BASTION"? Other athletes live openly gay lives. This Collins thing is silly.

Silverfiddle; that's all I'm trying to say. As if I give a darn about who's gay? Let him be gay! COOOOL!
To CONGRATULATE someone for his sexuality is amazing.

Sue...why couldn't he just be gay? Did he really need a coming-out party press conference?

If more gays just lived their lives without, as SF suggests, the halleluja choristers, maybe they'd get the respect all people deserve. Do they deserve more respect than straights?
of course not

Sam...I don't think Collins is to be admired for anything but what all people are admired for; his talents, his character, whatever he's got going for him.
His sexuality? WHO CARES?

And he gets a congratulatory phone call that the media is made aware of (SURPRISE!)? WOW

FreeThinke said...

I hate the double-standard employed by the enemedia as much as anyone, but that's a GIVEN. We can't change it.

It's hardly "news" if someone identifies himself as a Christian -- we are still the vast majority, even if few of us are able to agree amongst ourselves what being Christian really means. It is STILL "news," however, if a public figure has the courage to identify himself as a practicing homosexual.

Unless you, yourself, or one of your children or wards is contemplating either dating or going so far as to marry an individual, WHY would his, her or its sexual orientation be of any concern to you?

In nine out of ten cases none can tell who is and who ain't. The stereotypical images I described earlier do exist, since some people enjoy making caricatures of themselves, but they're only the tip of the iceberg.

Sam, please don't take this as a personal insult, but it IS possible that even your very own FATHER might have had a part-time career as a practicing homosexual.

IF that proved to be true, Sam, would you feel compelled to repudiate all the good your father ever did for you, and publicly DENOUNCE and REVILE him?

I hope not.

Reality is just NOT what we'd LIKE it to be, and it's high time we accepted that and MOVED ON to more productive preoccupations.

FreeThinke said...

If you think I have INSULTED you, Z, I'm sorry. I have not.

I'm just asserting my right to say what I honestly believe. If you can't tolerate it, I shall leave quietly without further ado.

Z said...

Actually, FT, I think that, these days, it takes far, far more courage to identify as a Christian than a gay celebrity. Which is championed in the media more, the Christian? :)

Did it ever occur to you that if Sam's father had homosexual encounters that Sam might respect him more if he kept it to himself and didn't make a public announcement of it?

Gad, once again...WHO CARES WHO'S GAY? Be gay..it's YOUR CHOICE, not everybody's choice, and nobody cares. And yes, I've said that here a hundred times: Gays don't normally wear fishnet stockings and false eyelashes and that sets them back in the public eye 100 years.

Z said...

Free Thinke. ...Okay!

And I'll just take my "unsophisticated, innate foolishness and frankly embarrassing" self to work now!

Anonymous said...

"so he was considered a type of hero."

Only to the rest of the sodomites...only to them that glorify deviance.

Anonymous said...

FT, Z and I live in Los Angeles so I think we know what truth and reality look like in that regard. We accept it fully. We have gay friends, acquaintances, coworkers, soccer teammates, etc... Likewise, I've had Muslim clients and friends. They're all individuals at the end and only their actions matter.

sue hanes said...

Z - Because it is so unusual for a gay guy to be on a sports team. That's why. There may be others that will speak out now.

Don't you think that this is an unusual situation. Really? What do you think the other members of the team will think now. I haven't heard of any remarks.

Z said...

Sue, who cares? Should someone be congratulated when Navratilova came out years ago, another woman volleyballer pro came out a few years back, etc etc.
Why does it matter?
The only thing I've heard from teams is what we hear from servicemen, some of whom aren't too hot to shower with gay men. Maybe it's silly, but do those guys deserve their feelings about it?

WHO CARES? And for the phone call from Obama to be made public? WHY?

I think we can just agree to disagree.
I'm happy the guy's thrilled to be known as a homosexual..good for him!

That Tebow was scorned and mocked for coming out in HIS way is a little sad, in my opinion.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Here's what I see is the difference:

There is no law in this country that prohibits the free expression of one's religion in his or her home, place of worship, on the street, or to him or herself. None.

Individual PRIVATE organizations (like sports organizations) have set up rules against openly professing one's religion in certain instances--I don't know why, ask the folks in charge who instituted the rules. (Personally it doesn't bother me if someone prays to any god after a home run, a goal, or a touchdown.)

There are laws, however, still extant in this country, AGAINST gay people, and until just a few months ago, gay people could be thrown out of the military for admitting to who they were. IOW, they had to lie about being gay.

A religious person would not be thrown out of the military if he or she admitted to being an adherent of a religious sect. No religious person had to lie about his or her beliefs. But they could not proselytize and impose their faith on others while being employed by the government. That is not allowed under our Constitution.

There is no prohibition in civil law against religious people marrying people from other religions, but a prohibition exists in civil law in individual states against gay people marrying each other.

I've never hear anyone tell a religious person to "keep it to yourself" when they claim to be part of a religious sect. Ever.

The cartoon seems to me to be enforcing the idea of victimization on the part of religious people, when, in fact, it is gay people who actually have had and still have the oppression and the weight of the law against them.

Z said...

Aaah, the troops arrived. Circle the wagons.

Shaw..fine. There's never any insult or mockery of Christians and gays are constantly insulted. And the media scoffs gays.

Another instance of "we see what we want to see".

Thanks for coming by.

Constitutional Insurgent said...

Z - "I think that, these days, it takes far, far more courage to identify as a Christian than a gay celebrity. Which is championed in the media more, the Christian?"

I think this is only true if you use pop culture exposure as the metric for courage. I do not.

"Does Collins merit HERO STATUS and a congratulatory call from the President? Congratulations?"

Nope. But POTUS is free to call who he wishes.

Rita said...

If you're looking for a sports hero, I pick Cameron Lyle.

I think it's absurd the news spent so much time covering this big announcement. When I first heard it I thought, "Who cares? I thought it was important for an athlete to play ball"

I could not care less what he does in his personal life. Last time I checked, being gay didn't necessarily make you better or worse at your job.

Funny how I heard nothing in the MSM about Cameron Lyle.

Ducky's here said...

The question is not mockery, z. Everyone gets mocked in this culture. If you want a culture that punishes mockery try Saudi Arabia.

The issue with Tebow is a little more complicated than just his faith. He received a huge build up in college and fell flat on his face as many predicted he would.

Gays in sports, on the other hand, face a good deal more than just ridicule and to deny that is just being contrary.

In the military you are quite free to be openly evangelical but, until recently, you couldn't admit to homosexuality.
When nearly half of the military chaplains are evangelical while a far far lower percentage of enlisted men are evangelicals it's difficult to see why you feel fundamentalists are facing any discrimination. Quite the opposite.

Z said...

Cons. Ins....why do you always go 'sour'....do you really think I use pop culture as any form of ANYTHING let along a 'metric for COURAGE'? It's they who are lauding Collins who do.
Whether you or I like it or not, it's there and I stand by my statement.

Rita..I've not heard of him...is Lyle a gay man, too?

Ducky, your whole comment is so untrue, I don't know where to begin. Perhaps I'll direct you to Mikey Weinstein at the Pentagon...then remind us how free chaplins are to mention Jesus, okay? Of course, he's only the latest and strongest example. Soldiers have had to keep quiet for quite some time, and I think you know it.
"punishes mockery?" Is that what I implied? :-) No...just equal treatment. Not too much to ask.

Rita said...

No Z. Lyle was a track and field athlete who gave up his career because he was a bone marrow match for a stranger.

THAT is a hero.

He and Pat Tillman are the only sports heroes I'm aware of.

Z said...

Rita, thanks..I don't know if I knew about that. I surely know about Tilman...
You're right; to consider Collins a hero is odd at best.
I guess I'd consider him more a hero if he just lived his life, gay or not, and let the chips fall where they may, like we all do.
Pronouncements beg questions.

He's denying interest in a book deal :-)
By the way, I'm sure he's a very nice, honorable man; I just don't see why he's a champion or hero now.
As Ben Shapiro asked Piers Morgan recently "Why do you think all of America is homophobic?" Piers denied he did, so Shapiro asked "Then why do you consider Collins a hero? What's the big deal? A guy who volunteers for service and fights for his country is A HERO".


Rita said...

And I found it interesting that every liberal I know on Facebook shared the story on Collins coming out and not ONE of my gay friends said a word about it. Not one.

I would imagine they were probably like me and said,"Who cares?"

Z said...

Rita, excellent point. They just don't look at that as heroic or anything else..it's FINE, it is what it is but I'll bet your gay friends found the insults to Tebow on his open faith was wrong, too.

My gay friends aren't for gay marriage, either...are yours? Mine tell me it's agenda...they can get all they need thru lawyers, they don't want to be saddled down anyway.. I remember when San Francisco approved gay marriage and, very shortly after, they wanted divorces and it was complicated and a mess.

Mustang said...

Yep. There is nothing on this planet that makes Ducky’s knees weaker than a professed Christian who fails at something. It’s like Christmas, Easter, and Halloween all wrapped into one. What a small toad you are, Ducky.

And of course, to Ducky, Collins is a hero. This is because Ducky doesn't really know what a hero is.

Average American said...

There are 3 human traits that remain a mystery until one opens his pie hole. They are sexual orientation, religious beliefs, and political leanings. I could become best friends with anyone when I don't know where they stand on these issues, BUT, I have the absolute right to not like that person when I gain insight into these 3 areas.

Politics: I can and do have friends that are polar opposites from me on the political scale IF they don't always try to force feed me their beliefs. If all we do is argue politics, I have no use for them. I can get all that crap I want on line and won't have to worry that I may shoot his ass eventually.

Religion: I can and do have friends that are polar opposites from me in their religious beliefs, as long as they don't try to convert me to their beliefs. I believe in God, a Supreme Being if you'd rather, but I do NOT believe in any particular religion and I do NOT want to be preached to. If I did, I'd start going to church again.

Sexual orientation: I can and do have friends that are queer. I would drop them in a heartbeat if they even think about changing my desires. I can't stand this constant bombardment from the queer community and their sympathizers, trying to make their alternative lifestyle "normal." As far as I am concerned, society in general, and even they themselves, were better off "in the closet" so to speak. Kind of a "don't ask, don't tell" for everywhere, not just the military. If you're old enough, you might just remember when that actually worked! Making waves with the push for marriage rights, having/adopting children, and all the other hoopla offends me and most people. Some are just to PC to say so.

Average American said...

I wonder if the presidential phone call would have gone out to a white player? I think I have the answer to that 1.

Z said...

Average...why do you use the term "QUEER"?

Mustang....you're right and Ducky's not alone.
They'll give muslims every out they can give them "My neighbors are muslim and they're nice.."...so ALL muslims are nice, of course :-)
But let someone who taught Sunday School forties years previous kidnap a young girl and the headline will be "Ex Sunday School teacher kidnaps child"...

you know that, I know that, Ducky knows that, but we're honest enough to acknowledge it.

Constitutional Insurgent said...

Z - How do you figure I'm 'sour'...then you go onto imply that Chaplains can't mention Jesus?

Thersites said...

Another faggot for a media fire.

Rita said...

One of the guys I'm friends with has called his partner his husband long before they could get married anywhere and he's worn a wedding ring. I do want them to have the same legal rights, I simply have an issue with the term marriage.

I have no doubt that the minute they make it legal everywhere the agenda will change to force all churches to provide gay marriage. No doubt. Don't think it will happen? I would have never guessed the government could force a Catholic organization like Hobby Lobby to pay for abortion pills.

Average: I enjoy a good conversation discussing politics, religion and sexual orientations what those of opposite opinions but I find that many cannot discuss differences without it turning to it name calling and insults. I weed those people out right away.

Z said...

CI....read the comment again...you are sour! in a nice way :-)

By the way, are you doubting that Chaplains are being dissed for mentioning Jesus in the service?

I wanted to link the articles on that, but there are too many.

I put in MILITARY CHAPLAINS CAN'T MENTION JESUS...take a look at the links. This is pretty well known.

Z said...

Rita, they can have all the rights they'd like if they see a lawyer.
Problem solved.

Shaw Kenawe said...

"Making waves with the push for marriage rights, having/adopting children, and all the other hoopla offends me and most people."

First, it does NOT "offend" most people.

Second, if it offends thee, deal with it NOT.

Third, homosexuality is normal, since human beings have been homosexual since we lived in trees. Homsexuality is a minority sexual orientation, but because human beings have engaged in it for millennia, then it is quite normal.

It is only religion that has made it an abomination. Those who do not adhere to any religion understand that homosexuality is just one part of being human.

Kid said...

As stated here on another post recently, this is a loser feeding frenzy.

Unless a person is a 'victim' as defined by evil children with a mental disease and getting no treatment for it their entire life, it is not news worthy.

If one is honestly physically or mentally(excluding democrats) handicapped, then they should receive a reasonable and acceptable level of support from the community at large, else they can deal with the life they find themselves in, looking to family, friends and clergy if they're religious, for support and shut up. I will give them none if I had my choice which unfortunately I don't.

When do we get to the point everyone demands a Bentley to drive? Seriously, does anyone know how Disgusting it is to have to drive one of these off the rack cars? Good God folks, have some compassion.

PS - I hereby declare myself as solidly Hetero-sexual. I ask for no special treatment as a result of this affliction. You're welcome.

JonBerg said...

SK said....

"homosexuality is normal, since human beings have been homosexual since we lived in trees"

OK, so by that logic [sic] it would make Necrophilia "normal", as well; RIGHT!

BTW,regarding your previous comment about gays in the military; what branch did you serve in?

Robert Sinclair said...

It is only religion that has made it an abomination.

Such is your opinion, Shaw; it has no more value or credibility than anyone else's. My view is that while everyone should be free to choose his or her own lifestyle, homosexual behavior is an abomination. It is decadent. It is disgusting. It is mentally and physically unhealthful.

The leftist arguing that homosexuality is natural because people do it is absurd on its face. People do all sorts of things that decent society rejects. But go ahead Shaw and feed your hedonism. You have every right to destroy yourself; you do not have the right to destroy me, or mine.

Z said...

au contraire, Shaw...it's Christians who understand that homosexuality is part of the human condition.

Is everything that's been around since the advent of time good just because of its age?

Anonymous said...


It is only religion that has made it an abomination..."

That and STD's, HIV, AIDs and the CDC. Religion was right.

Anonymous said...


" I hereby declare myself as solidly Hetero-sexual"

You expecting a parade like they do?

Constitutional Insurgent said...

Z - Since I tend to shy away from blanket statements, I didnt recognize yours for such, at first.

You're referring to DoD regulations that call for generic and non-sectarian prayers when appearing before an assembled group of servicemen and women - where the event is secular - and where proselytizing is unsolicited.

That's not exactly what I would call "military Chaplains CAN'T mention Jesus". Not as I would define the words strung together anyway.

Anonymous said...


"A religious person would not be thrown out of the military ..."

Some should and it's about time we be honest and admit it.

"But they could not proselytize and impose their faith on others while being employed by the government."

Nor should they be protected or immune from the death penalty when they go way beyond "proselytizing"...like murder.

Anonymous said...

@Robert Sinclair

"homosexual behavior is an abomination. It is decadent. It is disgusting. It is mentally and physically unhealthful."

I'm in total agreement with you. I think half of them have mental issues and just have to get "approval" from the rest of us to justify their decadence.

Pris said...

My idea of heroism, are people like the first responders of 9-11, soldiers who risk their lives every day to fight for their country, or someone who risks his or her life to save a stranger!

People are born homosexual, and for all we know, if they had a choice, they'd probably not choose that.

Live and let live is my motto, just don't try to convince me that being gay and announcing it to the world is heroism. It is not!

WomanHonorThyself said...

Z!!! This PC Godless, souless world is killing us all!! you are amazing and still fighting the good fight!! xoxox

WomanHonorThyself said...

p.s. I'm back!,,heh :-)

Z said...

CI...Blanket statements are just easier when one has so little space to write, etc.
Also, many of us are more 'centrist' on various issues, depending on who it is, than we can let on here because the liberals take any centrist talk as if "AHA! NOW YOU GET IT!" and PILE it on instead of realizing how fair most of us are... ridiculous, because there's no discussing allowed, apparently.

And no, this advice to chaplains (and I think it's more than advice) isn't just for secular occasions; why would anybody mention Jesus at a secular event, anyway? There have been occasions where chaplains have been told not to mention Jesus during Christian funerals.

Google this:

can't mention Jesus at christian military funeral

there are MANY articles on it.

Ed Bonderenka said...

There are those who create their own rules and call it good.
There are others who recognize that the Creator has a set of rules that He gave us.
I'm of the latter.
I was of the former.
It makes me no better.
But it indicates wisdom.
I gave a "gay" stepbrother.
I have "gay" friends.
We get along.
Rita said it well.
But even if I don't understand why it's wrong, I'll accept my Creators wisdom.

Z said...

Ed, you said it so well. Thank you for that. Your last phrase there says it all for people of Christian faith.

We don't HATE, we discern, and we have every right to use God and His Word .... as much right as the secularist who mocks and belittles us for our faith.

This is Biblical, as you know...things are going to get tougher and tougher for us.
Meanwhile, 100,000 Chinese are said to becoming believers A DAY. And muslims are reporting dreaming of Jesus.
Wild stuff.

I was never an atheist but I sure did question all of this for many, many years, as you did.
This life is better, isn't it. With all the sorrows and pain ...it's so much better. The joys are mountains high.

Constitutional Insurgent said...

Z - Google hits don't equal accuracy. Your Google search refers to the Houston National Cemetery, to which the VA responded. Are you including that in your Google search of the one incident in question.

Is it really still logical to even spend the time writing a blanket statement, if military Chaplains may INDEED mention Jesus at a veteran funeral?

The earlier issue stems from Navy LT Klingenschmitt, who claimed that when he violated the guidance to not use "In Jesus Name WE Pray" at secular events....that he was dismissed from the Service for doing so. The facts of the matter state otherwise.

Z said...

Google hits don't equal accuracy?

The articles are true

I don't care, CI...think what you want.
I stand by the statement/ that "WE" can't be said, that people are offended (most are not), that chaplains have to watch their verbage, and chaplains on the battlefield are restricted is true. Whatever you'd like to think.

I won't be revisiting this subject; fire away. I don't really care what you think about it.

Constitutional Insurgent said...

I can't say that I blame you.

beamish said...

A big wide door has swung open, and we're going to hear from professional bullriders who love peanut butter, I mean really love it.

Law and Order Teacher said...

I said in my post I could care less that gays come out. I think that's a minor part of this equation. What bothers me is the description of Collins as courageous and brave.

I reserve that for people who put their lives on the line for others. Collins made about 33 million over his career. Not bad for a very mediocre player. Now he's set up for the media to question the NBA if he doesn't get a contract next year.

Rather an opportune "coming out" eh?

Bob said...

Back to the original question: "Does Collins merit HERO STATUS and a congratulatory call from the President? Congratulations? "

Yes to the first question, and NO to the second. The athletes are probably the most discriminating, biased group of people in our society. My gay son was pushed around, kicked around, socked, and threatened by jocks in high school because he was gay. Jocks were that way when I was in school, and they have never changed. Jocks are jocks, and to announce one's homosexuality is to invite some rough treatment. The PC folks are out in force, so we may not see some jocks speaking their minds.

All Obama was doing was taking advantage of a publicity opportunity, and I believe any decent President should have done the same thing.

Tim Tebow was criticized for his outward showing (some say flaunting) of his religion in college, and in professional football. Ducky is right when he says that Tebow is getting the boot because of his lackluster passing skills, but Ducky is mistaken about the religion thing. I would personally not bow down at the end zone if I scored a touch down, but I don't see a huge fault in someone who does. I think we can do without that during a game. Many athletes have been very effective in expressing their faith in their off-the-field lives without creating a spectacle on the field.

Z said...

Bob, I'm lukewarm on Tebow's overt religiosity so I'm rather with you on that, but I disagree on the rest.

"HERO" is a word I'd never use for that; I use HERO for really heroic, life-altering, monumental actions.

I also don't agree with you about Collins potentially getting knocked around, physically or emotionally, by his fellow teammates. People are past that now and, if anything, it's more cool to be gay than straight.

I can't tell you how sorry I am that your son, or any gay boy or man, is hurt like that. I'm sure everyone agrees that STINKS.

Z said...

Law and Order....he's still denying he wants a book deal, too. :-)$$$$$

Z said...

I'm thinking tonight about the young woman who was abducted 10 years ago and kept in that house in Ohio with the two other girls...
She probably spent about 10 years wishing she could see her mother and she finally gets out and learns her mother died 3 years after she disappeared....how awful.

I had to laugh at the Black guy on TV interviewed about saving her.."I knew something was really wrong when a real pretty white girl runs into a black man's arms!" I'm not sure that's true, but he is funny!

Joe said...

Liberals on this post have revealed themselves perfectly stereotypical. They can't read, don't understand even the simplest cartoon, cannot see their own hypocrisy, do not care about the truth (bending it any way they like), hate Christians, are intolerant in the extreme and accuse everybody else of shortcomings that are their own.

Gotta love 'em.

Shaw Kenawe said...

"JonBerg said...
SK said....

"homosexuality is normal, since human beings have been homosexual since we lived in trees"

OK, so by that logic [sic] it would make Necrophilia "normal", as well; RIGHT!"

Uh, no, JohBerg, WRONG! A corpse cannot give any consent to sexual relations. Perhaps our tree dwelling ancestors didn't understand that, but some of us in the 21st century do. It's called enlightenment. I hardly thought it was necessary to emphasize that this discussion was about "consenting adults."

JonBerg said...

"A corpse cannot give any consent to sexual relations."

And neither can the "corpse" object!

beamish said...

"If everything is relative, cannibalism is just a matter of tastes." - Leo Strauss

JonBerg said...


I have no doubt that your aboreal ancestors had their problems with deviance; " the apple doesn't fall far from the tree"! I simply am at odds with your corrupted use of the word "NORMAL". If simply adding the words:
"consenting" and "adult" to acts of perversion somehow equates to normality please explain the following. Let's take a 78 year old grandfather who has intercourse with his 20 year old granddaughter who [consents] does that make it, in your mind, NORMAL? I'm looking forward to your: snooty, condescending and worthless respone!

Rita said...

And those responses by the newbies here are exactly why I quit commenting at other places they frequent. They cannot logical argue their position so they resort to nasty comments.

I'm hoping they don't stick around here long.