Wednesday, May 8, 2013

From the boat...wait till you see these pictures

This is from Ms Z on her sailing around the world trip....She is German and speaks quite excellent English, doesn't she? This is a more personal email from the trip, normally it's about people/places/situations, etc., but I thought this was a lovely Wednesday respite from politics and arguing.  I hope you all enjoy it:
We're softly gliding through the deep blue Pacific Ocean. Wind of 10-15 knots from behind, small waves from 170degrees to the left, Spinnaker up, Alita at her best discipline. We hardly feel we're moving, yet we're sailing at about 7 knots most of the time. The Pacific Ocean shows itself as we got to know it on the long distance: with nothing to see but this beautiful clear blue water with great visibility - only that there is nothing to see. No birds, no fish, no mammals, no boats.

So this morning in my shift I decided it would be great if God could let us know we're not alone, to cheer us up. I asked for a whale to pass by Alita close enough to see him good but in a distance that he does not hit us. Gyuri (
Hungarian guest on the boat) liked the idea and agreed. Then I said "now only God needs to agree and send us one. We'll see."

What can I say? In my next shift, a good 9 hours later, I had already forgotten what I had wished for and looked out over the ocean still amazed that there is no life to see when I suddenly heard a loud "puhhhh", as if someone with a lot of breath blew through a huge plastic hose. Automatically I turned my head, not thinking I would see anything, as this tremendously huge whale appeared right next to our boat, maybe 10-156m (33-50ft) away, and softly glided through the water. I was so amazed and surprised, it took me a while to be able to yell "whale". My exes were focused on this elegant, long grey back of the whale, swimming side by side with Alita. I did not see his head or tail, but from the back I am sure it was at least Alita's size (59' long) and we think it must have been a "Pottwal" (don't know the english expression, it's Moby Dick in grey). Gyuri got a glance of it, but by immediately going down to get his camera he missed a good part and Marcus, who came up from his bed, did not see him at all. I am still stunned, can't believe this has happened and how God reacted to my wish. Isn't it amazing? This cannot be a coincidence. I have experienced this before. It's only if you wish from deep inside and you're really in need of a sign that your wish will be granted for. Gyuri asked if I had another one and I said, I can't overdo it, it won't work. You feel it inside when the time has come. That might sound strange to you, but that's what I feel and experienced on this trip and in my life before. Last time was in Chiloe, when I really needed support from the dolphins in a tough situation, they were right there. Or Robinson Crusoe island: the dogs who walked with me to protect me. Dogs who were not even wild ones but belonged to families. But I had wished for them to join me. Anyways, we're well up and travel at good speed. ETA at Lucie island is in 3,5 days. Let's see if we can anchor there. Our current position: 25deg 59,2S an d 115deg 48,1W.

Z; Most of you know my stepdaughter is on an around-the-world trip on a sailboat called Alita.   I thought it was lovely that she's having these experiences with hoping for things and having them happen.  She's been on since June of last year...they've come into French Polynesia now and will be visiting islands there for a couple of months, on their way to New Zealand...with many more stops on the way.   The stops involve looking at the scenery, buying food, checking in with customs, fixing things on the boat, etc.   She's quite a woman and I'm proud to share her sailing emails...will do more soon.  Please keep her in your prayers for safety, calm and happiness. Thanks!

Mangareva.....quite a shot, huh?



Rita said...

What a lucky lady. The experience must be amazing.

sue hanes said...

Z - What a story from Ms.Z. She must be a woman of strong faith.
What an experience to be able to sail like that. And what a thrill to see that whale so close up.

I'll put her on my prayer list.

Anonymous said...

I'm so envious. And I admire the courage. I think those waves would make me chicken out.

Sam Huntington said...

I remember that line from the movie Jaws: "You're going to need a bigger boat." Truly a woman of courage.

FreeThinke said...

I'm so glad you shared part of your stepdaughter's diary with us, Z. You mentioned it the other day, and I thought, "WOW! That would make a wonderful series of blog posts." I think I even told you that at the time.

I agree the young woman is very brave -- and must have a strong stomach too, because I can't even take a ferryride without feeling queasy. Never did find my "sea legs," Alas!

Her experience of wishing to see a whale in barren waters, and having her wish come true is uncanny. Maybe most of us have had experiences like that every so often, I know I have, but in the context described it's really thrilling.

Does anyne remember reading Thor Heyerdah's book Kon Tiki -- or seeing the movie? It came out in 1951. My father was so fascinated by it he sat with me and read it again, so we could enjoy it together. One of the great experiences of my ten-year-old life that's treasured to this day.

Anyway, your stepdaughter's diary reminds me of Kon Tiki. I'll bet she could have her findings published in National Geographic, if she wanted to.

She is very brave, that's for sure, but those who have the necessary courage to live "on the edge" like that usually experience life more richly and fully than others.

May God bless her and keep her safe throughout the voyage!

I hope you will share more with us. This makes a wonderful change of pace.

Thanks so much, Z.

Z said...

Rita....she does feel lucky to get this experience.

Sue, she does believe in a God. She's told me about that sound she mentions in the post, of the whale's water spout, and it's so interesting...she's had many dolphins around the boat several times and some even lie down behind and allow the boat's wake to pull them along!

FrogBurger, Sam and FT...she's really enjoying it all, though at times it's very rough stuff.
Also, she does get sea sickness, less these days, because she knows what she can eat and not eat when they first set off again.....yes, she's been quite sick.

I've had some of her emails ready to post for a long while and decided we need a break at our blogs. The fighting and ugliness is wearing us all down.
But, there have been such important stories lately, I've put most of her stuff on the back burner.

I'm glad you're all enjoying the respite and I do have plans to do more.

Please, everyone, keep up your prayers for her, her companion (and guests who come and go) and Alita.

Sam, it's 59' feet, but I think there is no boat large enough to convince ME to sail around like this :-)

Aren't those photos amazing? There are hundreds and hundreds more. I'll share more at another time.

Z said...

OBVIOUSLY OFF TOPIC, but I have to mention this:

It's amazing how lucky this White House is!
Just when Benghazi is so importantly being truthfully looked at in hearings starting today, the 3 girls are released! The news is FULL of it...Who cares about Benghazi, right? :-0)

Then, I figured, just when something huge is said today that's really damning and the public's finally getting what we should know, the Arias trial verdict will break in.

Oh, man :-)

Z said...

By the way, I heard CNN's Carole Costello this morning say "And Marc Sanford calls himself a SAINT?" (smirk smirk..and break for commercial)

I decided to stay till after the commercial to see what he'd said and they showed a clip of him saying,in response to a reporter's question about redemption in this latest win, "A guy walked up the other day and said 'you're like Lazarus'"

I thought "Wait, HE called himself A SAINT? No, he decidedly did NOT."

First, what saint? LAzarus? And, second, HE didn't call himself any such thing.
THIS is such a good example of leading with bias.

beamish said...

Does anyne remember reading Thor Heyerdah's book Kon Tiki -- or seeing the movie? It came out in 1951. My father was so fascinated by it he sat with me and read it again, so we could enjoy it together. One of the great experiences of my ten-year-old life that's treasured to this day.

Wow. My father and I share an interest in Thor Heyerdahl as well. When I was around 7 or so I helped him build a scale model of Kon Tiki out of straw and twine for a temporary display at the local library. It wasn't seaworthy, but looked cool atop a mantle for a while, until years of four children in the house took its toll. Since we were likely never going to vacation in Norway and see the real one.

beamish said...
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JonBerg said...


"the Arias trial verdict will break in."

Yes, it clearly defines the term "Ad Nauseam"!

Z said...

Jon, and the media will allow the Arias verdict to FAR OUTSCREAM any amazing truth in the Benghazi hearings.

Anybody watching them, by the way?

Rita said...

Working from home today. I forgot all about it until 1:30 or so.

If this were a Republican administration I can tell you Greg Hicks testimony would bring it down. Since the media won't be happy with the details, they'll do their best to sweep in under the rug.

Right now we have a Democrat (Horsman) in the hearing complaining about spending the money for this hearing. He's going through the budget numbers.

Divert. Divert. Divert. Divert.

Z said...

Rita! Let Americans hear that we lost an Ambassador and 3 other American heroes and the Dems think this is too expensive to, what a SWINE that jerk is.

that ticks me off SO much.

Z said...

Rita..I've been thinking about that and, the more I think about it, the more SHAMEFUL I THINK THAT IS.
How DARE the Leftwingers? They'll do ANYTHING to divert from THE POINT OF THE HEARINGS.
I WISH just ONE of the families/friends who are appearing there today to represent their dead would say "are you kidding me? the life of MY SON is not worth investigating?"

JonBerg said...

"Dems think this is too expensive to pursue..." or, perhaps, it's just too close to home! I recall Hillary's slough-off comment "what difference does it make", as if to mask any dereliction by the Department of State.

Mustang said...

The manner of questioning by Democrats was shameful. They should be asking questions as Americans, congressional members dedicated to ensure that nothing like this ever happens again. But the memo went out to all Democrats: whatever you do, don’t embarrass Nancy Pelosi or Hillary Clinton, or suggest in any way that 3 AM phone call epic fail. She’s our next presidential candidate.

Anonymous said...

I'm jealous...and there's those PhotoShopped Cobalt & Azure RGB, blues again..LOL

Anonymous said... may already Know...cause they had to tell us...

GUILTY...1st Degree Murder.

Now will the judge do what the Prosecutors demand? But...we'll's a woman judge. And she ain't Judge Jeannie either!

Jack Whyte said...

Truth of the matter be damned ... Jodi Arias is Hispanic, so obviously this is another example of the white man trying to keep the brown girl down.

Rita said...

They actually played that part of Hilary's video about "What difference does it make?" During the hearing and Hick's testimony. It looked like a campaign video for the Republicans in 2016 in the making.

Ducky's here said...

Imp, I thought the blue might be over saturated but there's too much detail.

Gives new meaning to "deep blue sea".

Ducky's here said...

Well mustang, the testimony I heard from the station chief in Tripoli absolutely failed to establish there was any way to get a team there in time to do any good.

It would also have put Tripoli at risk.

Nothing epic fail about this. Just Teabags whining at this point.

Kid said...

That's beautiful and inspiring Z. All the best to Ms Z. Maybe give her the link I sent earlier with the playful killer whales. Well, Here it is actually.

I remember reading the Kon Tiki. I don't remember many details other than the trip across the ocean was full of great surprises and beauty. What a trip to be able to make.

Kid said...

IMP. I think the arias judge to be a good one. I believe she gave a lot of leeway to avoid providing much ammo to the appeals which will surely come.

The next phase of argument, aggravating circumstances and then the civil trial are going to provide a lot more detail.

And there there is THIS

Mustang said...

That’s the problem with you, Ducky. You are either a party hack (reference to whining teabags), or you are obtuse. Personally, I suspect a little of both. Hicks’ testimony offered a limited perspective: that being from his position in Tripoli. How could he possibly offer testimony about something taking place at another location? Answer: he could not. Likewise, Thompson testified that he could implement a FEST insert, but he was told to stand down —not needed.

Numbskull that you are, you dismiss out of hand this testimony without ever considering the other pieces of the puzzle, which is nothing if not bizarre. This administration is covering up information. I know, I know … this is what your kind of soviet government likes to do.

I noticed that you intentionally ignored the fact that General Hamm (USAFCOM) told his boss (Obama) that he could have a SOC team on the ground in Benghazi within four hours. Obama ordered Hamm stand down. When Hamm bristled, Obama relieved him of his command and placed him under house arrest. Hamm is now retired. So yeah, go ahead and spin. Don’t worry … your reputation is intact with me.

Ducky's here said...

Thompson testified that he could implement a FEST insert, but he was told to stand down —not needed.

Was it needed? You're begging the question.

Robert Sinclair said...

Cripes Ducky, are you that retarded?

Law and Order Teacher said...

First of all, I don't speak English as well as she writes it. Secondly, I would never have guts to set out on a trip like that. Something about being an insignificant speck in the ocean. Great photos.

Anonymous said...


"Imp, I thought the blue might be over saturated but there's too much detail.

Gives new meaning to "deep blue sea".

Sure as hell does....I used my digital probe on it...I couldn't believe how deep and clean it was. Nicer than the Grey off the North Atlantic anyday!

Z said...

Imp, I trust Ms Z 1000% but I swear it's difficult to imagine water THAT COLOR, isn't it.

Mustang...not worth it.
They'll believe what they want to believe. Got to protect Hillary at all costs.

L&O...amazing, isn't it?

Robert: :-)

Z said...

Kid, I'd send ms Z the link but they get ENORMOUS whales in the high seas and can literally knock a boat over, so she'd not get quite the delight those people in the motorboat were getting :-)

By the way, isn't it wild that she's experienced dolphins that lie in the wake of their sailboat and let it pull them along? They make no motions, just smile and enjoy the ride...she says it's amazing!

JonBerg said...

"Cripes Ducky, are you that retarded?"

No,probably just 'stoned' on weed as Liberals usually are! I can't wait to see Colorado plunge further as it's now legal here! Colorado, once the most desireable state in the Union, now it's down to 38th! Liberal dope smokers ,queers and welfare bums are the [bane] of our existence! But the Hell of it is, they consider themselves-NORMAL and even somehow superior !!! The BIG problem is that they are just the symptom of a society going, straight to Hell!! I look forward to hear from the pseudo intellectual Left in rebuttal.

Anonymous said...


"Imp, I trust Ms Z 1000% but I swear it's difficult to imagine water THAT COLOR, isn't it."

Oh..I have no doubt at all now Z....I know it exists. Your / her second photo is what I see just about every day though down here!

Anonymous said...


Every failed POS that couldn't turn California into the "paradise" they wanted... is now practicing the same shit..the same failed "utopian" excrement on a ONCE...great place.

They need to be.....gassed on the outflow of their bongs.

JonBerg said...


You couldn't be more right! We are done here. I don't know where you live but wherever it is, if it's the least bit attractive for those pukes; KEEP THEM OUT!!!!! But, my friend, I know that you already know that.

Thersites said...

I am soooo jealous of Ms. Z!

You GO, girl! :)

Unknown said...

Some reading for Sinclair

Ducky's here said...

Berg, here's one for you.