Thursday, May 23, 2013

Jay Carney....DOES he know?

Could you handle his job??  I sure couldn't.   What I hope, for his sake, is that they only tell him so much in the White House because I'd have thought it's scary to know much more and feel afraid you might be pushed into revealing things the WH doesn't want people to know.  It appears to me he knows more than he's saying.  Or, he goes back after press conferences and says "Barack, Axelrod, Jarrett.....This is NUTS....I can't look like a DOPE any longer!!"  Ya think?    

Could you do his job?



Always On Watch said...

It is interesting that Carney still has his White House job.

I wonder how much longer he'll have his job.

The Political Chic said...

Lets face it, the chance Obama didn´t know about this is exactly ZERO. Since he did nothing to stop it before the November election, cannot we reasonably assume his complicity? And therefor Criminal!.

Obama may not be much at running a government but you can bet he is involved in all political shenanigans.
The Liberals/Progressives who don't see it that way, aren't stupid, they are just Kool-aide drinkers.
This isn't your Daddy's Democratic Party anymore, the progressives have taken over the circus.
Sometimes politics is very, very easy to understand.

Always On Watch said...

The Obama administration is using the strategy of plausible deniability. Therefore, those who support Obama will latch onto deniability so as to continue their cult worship.

The Political Chic said...

And on another note:

The Muslims barbarians are among us, yesterday they hacked a British soldier to death, and beheaded him yards from his Barracks. How long are we going to put up with this and continue to allow immigration from these countries?

These were his words before the horrific act.
"We swear by Almighty Allah we will never stop fighting you," the attacker said. "The only reasons we have done this is because Muslims are dying every day. This British soldier is an eye for an eye a tooth for tooth.

So will they blame the sequester on this? Britian's are gonna be pissed !!! Where Are The Bloody Policemen When We Need Them to Take our Machete's away. !

sue hanes said...

Z - He certainly has a tough job - trying to be honest with the media yet not being able to tell everything he knows. I couldn't do it.

Jack Whyte said...

His "career" is doing fine. He'll make a fine talking head on MSNBC some day, or have a lucrative position with Move-on or some other George Soros enterprise. But he's no American ...

Anonymous said...

He is the Court Jester. It's his job to play the fool. He is well suited for his job.

Waylon said...

I don't think any self-respecting individual who holds integrity and understanding the truth could or even would want this type of job. All I see is a deluded hack attempting to lead inquiring minds down another rat hole, away from those who sit farther up the chain of command, especially Axelrod, Obama and Rahm Emmanual. There are likely others sitting above those as well. It's their mission to pump smoke up the ass of anyone who has the temerity to ask" 'What the hell is going on here anyway?'

Z said...

I'd be fearful that I'd divulge something I knew but that the world couldn't. That's why I wonder if they tell Carney everything.

I know Dana Perino adores Bush and she took it REALLY badly from the press; remember, she took over after Tony Snow died and his death was so celebrated by leftwingers at Huff Post that the site crashed from the amount of horrible gleeful comments about his untimely and painful death?
I'll never forget that.

Z said...

by the way...Looks like James Rosen's parents, too, are thought to be threats to America.
Who knew?

Z said...

Did you all hear David Cameron.. how awful this attack on a British soldier was and how everyone feels awful about it "and that INCLUDES EVERY COMMUNITY IN LONDON" (i PARAPHRASE but that was close)..

you understand what "every community" means, right?

highboy said...

I'm not sure why he would WANT to still be there. Those guys have done their best to make him look like a tool. It'd be hilarious if he just resigned himself and than went on a media campaign to completely expose the white house. Dare to dream?

cube said...

No. It's a thankless job especially for an administration like this one. So much for transparency.

Z said...

TRANSPARENCY...that's hilarious.

But, hey, Obama's released his high school prom picture, saying what a happy time that all's well in the world.

FreeThinke said...

The best thing that could happen to the USA would be for terrorists to NEUTRALIZE Washington, DC -- while both houses of congress are in session.

The only thing I'd miss would the monuments, the Cathedral, the Mellon, and the Smithsonian. The rest of it is trash anyway.

JonBerg said...

I'd love to see Carney lose it and spill the truth. Now, that would be an instant classic!

Off Topic:

For those who love the "peaceful Moslems" remember this: It's impossible to predict what any of these dirt bags are going to do from one minute to the next or which, so called, "peaceful" one(s) is going to turn (think spooky/zombie). If there are [really] any peaceful ones they still provide a sort of camouflage for the others. Is there any movement in their community to control/stop the murdering elements? Is there any sense of opprobrium in their community for the acts committed by their own? I would say NO to the last two questions; anything else would just be cosmetic. There, I just "painted with a broad brush" !

JonBerg said...

"But, hey, Obama's released his high school prom picture"

Was his date a female?

Mustang said...

I have nothing good to say about Carney.

Z said...

FT..I would certainly hesitate in wishing all of DC's politicos to die. Not sure how else they could "neutralize"...they've been neutered, however, that's for sure :-)

Jon, now :)
Are you also Jon Berger who comments at other blogs? just curious.

Mustang...hard to, isn't it. I'd be so embarrassed covering for the WH at this point..SO embarrassed.
But then, I'd be embarrassed for having voted for this White House, anyway.

JonBerg said...
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JonBerg said...
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JonBerg said...


"Are you also Jon Berger who comments at other blogs? just curious."

Sort of, on "A Montpelier View" it's John M. Berger. Elsewhere it's JonBerg as you see here.

Anonymous said...


"Did you all hear David Cameron.. "

Yea...I did. And he's crapped himself by ordering soldiers not to go out in public wearing their uniforms!! #$%@!&^% WTF?

Flood the muslim ghetto with soldiers to beat the snot out of every one that dare approach them...I say.

Darth Bacon said...

Amen to that Bro.

Average American said...

Question, who is/was the biggest tool, Jay Carney or Baghdad Bob? Which one lied the best? Who told the biggest whopper?

Average American said...

Question, who is/was the biggest tool, Jay Carney or Baghdad Bob? Which one lied the best? Who told the biggest whopper?

Law and Order Teacher said...

America is on the downslide as we speak. BO is the worst excuse for a leader I've ever seen. He is above all else gutless because he won't accept responsibility for anything that happens. He is surrounded by brain dead sycophants who spout nonsense that they expect us to believe. The shameful part is that enough people do and he was elected.

I posted a video that you need to watch. Please take three minutes to watch it. It's painful because it's true.

JonBerg said...


Is there a link to the video?

Z said... on Law and Order's site and you'll see the video.

please check out his site; it's always a thoughtful, well written post.

Anonymous said...


"BO is the worst excuse for a leader I've ever seen..."

Ever wonder why these combination of letters make you wince cause they stink?

BO...HBO and BHO? A coincidence?

Kid said...

It's late, I'll keep it short. carney is a paid stooge, just like the vast majority of the media who are 101% propaganda tools for the democrat party and have been for decades. Some know they are tools, some are useful idiots. All are propaganda whores.
No real news comes from 'the media'.

I wouldn't waste my time listening to the BS stories carney spews 24/7 if you paid me.

Kid said...

IMP, Yea, you're right. backing down from these vermin only empowers them.
Give the military weapons to carry. At the least. I like your idea of open season though. They.don't.understand.anything.else.

How many know the muslim vermin burn 100 cars a Night in France. Every night. 365. Not just the couple days the media reported it a couple years ago.

And any morons with the coexist bumper sticker? You want to coexist, move to the ME and get your clitorectomy. I don't want to coexist with sadistic vermin, and they don't want to coexist with you. Get a clue you morons.

Kid said...

Z, to the main point of your post...

the democrats declared and executed total war on America. Starting shortly after j.f.kerry lost in 2004. total war. there is no normal with anything democrat. From carney to the head clown biden to the total moron pelosi to the sex maniacs - many homosexual - most of the rest of them.

There is Nothing there you would recognize. Nothing.

Anonymous said...


"carney is a paid stooge"...

This has got to stop....reading my mind and beating me to the punch line all the time...I've had you hear me? LMAO bud.

Even if he knows deep down that for 172K a year..he's an ass clown...a stooge...a sycophant...a liar...a shill...without honor...without integrity...without morality ( he can't be a Christian man, can he? ) without a conscience...the Jag OFF knows...he'll be hired by a starter of 1 mill a year to continue to spout bullshit and lies for the rest of his useless life...FU...Carney.

I rest my case..he's a lying whore...a lying sick little POS....and he knows it...he really does.

And so does Jake Tapper, Rosen and now...Andrea Mitchell...Jesus Christ...can you imagine that?

FreeThinke said...

Why are you all being so terribly unkind to poor bespectacled Mr. Claire Shipman?

He's still young, and largely untried. We must give him time to grow, mature and develop a better sense of perspective.

After all, he's JUST had his FORTY-EIGHTH BIRTHDAY.

Surely you can't expect too much of a man of such tender years.

BE REASONABLE. The poor fellow is JUST TRYING to MAKE A LIVING -- like all the rest of us poor slobs.

Wouldn't YOU lie, cheat, steal, or kill to keep YOUR job?

SURE YOU WOULD! Ya can't kid ME.

After all, the kids have to be put through college, the mortgage has to be paid, and you've gotta keep up the premiums on your life insurance so the wife and kids will have SOMETHING if you meet an untimely end, RIGHT?


Give the poor kid a break. Besides, don't you know it just ain't right to hit a guy wearing glasses.

Anonymous said...


Bootiful....and yes..I'd smack the snot out of him if I had the chance.

He's a typical twerp...a dweeb...and would make a perfect prison bitch.

So..I say...let's SCOOTER his ass.

Anonymous said...

This was the night when we lost our first ambassador in 30 years, and when three other Americans were killed in an attack that lasted all night long at multiple locations within the eastern Libyan city. Since the president is commander in chief, one would think where he was and what he did during such an event would be of obvious public concern.

Obama’s actions and nonactions on that terrible night are a blank spot in his presidency. We simply don’t know much about them, and the White House has always been perfectly content to leave it that way.

The Osama bin Laden raid will be one of the most documented episodes of his presidency. Immediately after killing bin Laden, Obama gave a long, detailed interview to “60 Minutes.”
He talked about what information the CIA first brought him about bin Laden’s location and what orders he gave in response. When the planning began and how it proceeded. How involved he was in multiple meetings in the Situation Room. Every nuance of his thinking. The dynamic of the debate among his advisers. The mood in the Situation Room during the operation. And on and on.
In the case of Benghazi, the military maintains that nothing could have been done to save the lives lost that night, and it may well be right. But no one could say how long the attack in Benghazi would last or if there would be follow-on attacks in Tripoli. An engaged commander in chief would have been coordinating with his military and prodding it to see if it could do more, faster to respond to an attack that resulted in a national humiliation.
The day after his mystery night, Obama publicly emerged. He gave a statement at 10:35 a.m. condemning the Benghazi attack — and left Washington at 2:20 p.m. for a fundraiser in Las Vegas.

In other words...the coward in chief....thought a fund raiser was more important that the security of an embassy / consulate...and as usual the glitter of all that bling bling...dazzled him..and his psychotic acolytes?

TheRealTrollStomper said...

Radio Talk-show host Mark Levin is very skeptical of the idea that Obama had absolutely no idea about the IRS targeting the Tea party before the story broke in the news mere weeks ago. Levin declared adamantly that it is a “FLAT-OUT, BALD-FACED LIE” that Obama didn’t know beforehand, saying prior reports by a few conservative news outlets picking up on the news well before the 2012 presidential election. Levin said, “I don’t believe for two seconds that Obama wasn’t aware of this.”
And I agree!! Ím just sick and tired of hearing people saying crap like we have to give 0bama the benefit of the doubt. Are you kidding me, how many times have things like this happened before? Are we going to give him the “benefit of the doubt” forever? Are we NOT going to “Jump to conclusions” on everything that he does that’s ILLEGAL? 0bama is a Chicago thug and it’s high time that EVERYONE including those Deaf and Dumb Progressives opens their blind eyes to it. But then again of course it is possible that the Liar in Chief was so busy not knowing anything about, throwing Hop Hop parties, and going on vacations, and playing Golf with is buddy Tiger Woods or giving another award to his biggest campaign donor Beyonce, and so occupied with worrying about Benghazi and so occupied with worrying about the need to know nothing about the FBI trying to frame FOX News that the poor guy just didn't have time to bother with not knowing about the IRS targeting conservatives!
So lets put it this way, the only way that Obama could be innocent is if he was SO utterly incompetent. You decide, he’s either a Liar or an Incompetent poor excuse for a President, you make the call.

JonBerg said...

"You decide, he’s either a Liar or an Incompetent poor excuse for a President, you make the call."

I would say that it's a combination of both. He will continue with his charade as long as his minions outnumber rational patriots! The fact that this extreme fraud is there for a 2nd term is unequivocal proof of a Nation that has lost its compass.

Kid said...

IMP "This has got to stop....reading my mind and beating me to the punch line all the time...I've had you hear me? "

If you weren't so honest, I wouldn't be able to read your mind.

But this whole thing with the propaganda media has created a really odd image in my mind. Almost Matrix-like. obama and crew REALLY F something up and the propaganda whores go into Full Damage Control mode. Like an ant colony defending their perimeter. I mean Full On All The Player Up At 3 AM Brainstorming Best Way To Spin, or Simply Hide The Story.

By Morning the plans are laid, and their zombie followers all tune to CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, ETC and find out what they going to be thinking today and what talking points and lies they will use to attack anyone spouting Reality In the Public Square.

Lather Rinse Repeat.

I'm Serious as a Heart Attack. I mean this as Literally as I possibly could. It's a War.

The First reaction of any liberal or democrat supporter is to Disbelieve the opposition, then to berate the opposition without the slightest thought given to content or if the other side might be right. I believe this to be a product of mind control and brainwashing techniques employed throughout the 'news', entertainment and schooling venues.

Kid said...

PS - and social media

beamish said...


To paint such a sinister picture, you have to premise that otherwise intelligent people were deceived into their leftism.

Which is nonsense. One of the readily identifiable characteristics of leftists is that they're all imbeciles. They practically monopolize the stupid end of the IQ spectrum.

Kid said...

Beam, I'm talking about 3 generations of kids who came through the libtard run public school system. Unless they had excellent parents, they never had a chance to get intelligent in the first place.

Average American said...

"One of the readily identifiable characteristics of leftists is that they're all imbeciles. They practically monopolize the stupid end of the IQ spectrum."

Son-of-a-Bitch!! I just pissed myself because I was laughing so hard! Thanks a lot Beamish!