Thursday, May 30, 2013

"Should I go or should I stay?"


The Obama/Holder Theme Song :-)

So, should Holder GO or should he STAY?   

My favorite line from the linked article: 
In a defense of Holder, White House spokesman Jay Carney said that Holder had testified truthfully. Carney told reporters at a briefing on Wednesday there was an "extremely large distinction" between describing a reporter as a co-conspirator and charging him with a crime.

Well, if you say so, Jay!  And ya....a HUGE distinction between CO-CONSPIRATOR and CRIME!!
Maybe he meant, by co-conspirator, two people who are planning a surprise party for a friend, right?  :-)




The Debonair Dudes World said...

Just GO, far, far away, and don't come back!

Always On Watch said...


Attorney General Eric Holder's plans to sit down with media representatives to discuss guidelines for handling investigations into leaks to the news media have run into trouble.

The Associated Press issued a statement Wednesday objecting to plans for the meetings to be off the record. "If it is not on the record, AP will not attend and instead will offer our views on how the regulations should be updated in an open letter," said Erin Madigan White, the AP's media relations manager.

The New York Times is taking the same position. "It isn't appropriate for us to attend an off-the-record meeting with the attorney general," executive editor Jill Abramson said in a statement.

Like the New York Times and the Associated Press, CNN will decline the invitation for an off-the-record meeting....

Scotty said...

Should have been gone after Fast and Furious came to light.

Ducky's here said...

Unindicted co-conspirator?

Ah, winds of the old days.

Ducky's here said...

In case you think anything will change

Bring back John Mitchell !!!!

Sam Huntington said...

We should all know by now that it doesn’t make any difference if Comrade Holder goes or stays. If he goes, he will be replaced by an ideologue that is every bit as bad as he is. I shudder to think of Jaime Gorelick in the AG’s seat, and this too is a real possibility. You remember that Comrade Gorelick was the functional idiot who set into motion the attacks of 9/11. She did a stint at Freddie Mac to make her $20 million in a single year, and has now returned to the Justice Department.

As a case in point, Obama is replacing Mueller at the FBI with James Comey, who as you may recall is an opponent of the Second Amendment. It was either he, or Lisa Monaco who currently serves as a presidential advisor on homeland security. How’s that working out, again? So I think it doesn’t matter. Eric is a thug, but so too is everyone associated with Barack Obama.

sue hanes said...

Z - If it is found that he has done soemthing wrong - then he should go.

Mustang said...

He should step down, I think. He won’t though. Anyone who could support the notion of pardoning Mark Rich would never step down from his high horse.

Anonymous said...

Holder is just the tip of the iceberg. The entire toilett needs to be flushed repeatedly.

Z said...

Always, that is fascinating...the big 3 won't meet with

SAM..Holder will become A Supreme Court Justice, watch for it.

EVERYBODY: Fascinating to see that the FBI could be in trouble for killing the 'unarmed' guy in the Boston case.
Sends an amazing image to the world that our people are being chastised for killing the terrorist's accomplice. Nobody will care that the FBI men are saying he'd lunged from his seat as if he was going for a weapon.
I hope this doesn't get the enormous coverage stories usually get when OUR GUYS seemingly screw up. Very demoralizing. And, of course, it sets a precedent for those wanting to go into the FBI. "be perfect or you're out".
Not good.

Ducky's here said...

First of all, z, the investigation concerned a dope deal gone bad, not the bombings.

Second, it doesn't surprise me that you support shooting an unarmed suspect. You really aren't much better than Holder, if at all.

Z said...

No, Ducky, I'm just way more on our side than a suspected terrorist's, no matter what the charge of the moment was.

If the guy was lunging, I'd rather our guys with American families to support did what they had to do to protect each other.

Mustang said...

@ Ducky

No where in what Z said did she indicate support for shooting an unarmed suspect. That you would make such a statement demonstrates what a complete an utter asshole you are.

JonBerg said...

I keep hearing about the (3) scandals as if "Fast & Furious" has been resovled; has it?

I know that it's different but out of everything that this rogue administration is ultimately responsible for, OAMACARE will prove a bigger disaster than all of Holder scandals combined. The more I hear about it the more I don't understand why we aren't seeing mass rioting in the streets.

Z said...

Poor Ducky has to grasp for straws when he's flustered with the truth of the moment.

JonBerg..I think F&F went away. The AP scandal's pretty much gone, too, isn't it?
We'll hear nothing of these soon.
And they said Reagan was "Teflon"?

Robert Sinclair said...

He should go. Today would be nice. Somewhere around 4 p.m. He can take his thugs with him.

Ducky's here said...

No mustang, that's why she put "unarmed" in quotes.

"Sends an amazing image to the world that our people are being chastised for killing the terrorist's accomplice."

How do you read that, Mustang?

Z said...'re wrong yet again; I put it in quotes precisely because nobody's 100% sure that he was least not at the writing of that piece. So, sorry.

Mustang probably reads that sentence exactly as I meant it:

Weak Americans who think "If we're nice, Moslems will back off" would look at that and say "but, it shows the world we're able to criticize our own!"

Anybody who's heard enough about islamist extremists understands that this gives a weak and conquerable message to those lining up in the future to hurt you and everyone else.

I don't know what joy it gives the anti Americans to see our own insulted for doing their job the best they can; odd.

Jack Whyte said...

You’re wrong, Mustang. Ducky isn’t an asshole. He’s just illiterate. Or, maybe even an illiterate asshole. Let me think about this …

Anonymous said...


"Anybody who's heard enough about islamist extremists.."

Ya really pisses me off when ducky and Miller call us "Islamophobes and racists". Yea I have a phobia ( fear ) of being killed by one of these GD animals in the name of their gutter cult. And then the racist part. Muslims aren't a race first and that tag is meant to intimidate and it's bullshit.

Who are the real racists when they believe in the death and murder of anyone...who's not like them or all non muslims? Who preaches conquest and superiority of all others on the planet and calls for their brand of 'Jim Crow"?

Who preaches that Jews are monkeys and pigs? Who preaches and commands their flock to wage war against the "infidels"?

Who persecutes the Copts, all Christians and Jews? Egypt and the fascist Arab Spring haven't rocked your sensibilities?

News's not some old redneck in Alabama...or anywhere in this country. It's MUSLIMS...WHO ARE THE RACISTS.

I'LL NOT ever apologize for my real distrust and hate of them. We all have reason enough to fear them...and to rid ourselves of them.

They contribute NOTHING to Western civilization....they take...they bleed us dry and take us for timid suckers.

So Ducky...kiss my ass...for refusing to be PC for you morons...and quite that your dear, beloved city has taken a direct hit...I think you need a GD reality check. I guess 3 dead and 260 maimed and injured wasn't proof enough for you.."civilized" Bostonians.

Anonymous said...

I'm boggled by the fact this guy still is in place. Fast and furious didn't do anything to him so I don't think much is going to stick.

beamish said...

He should stay.

He makes the conservative case for smaller government SO much easier to present.

beamish said...

(Conservatives prefer reality to ideology, to summarize Sir Edmund Burke)

beamish said...

great song btw, Z. Love love love the Clash :)

Z said...

Imp...let's not forget; Ducky has "really nice Muslim neighbors" which apparently means those brothers who are killers are probably really nice, too. ??

As if all of us don't know there are really nice muslims all around the world. It only takes a few to REALLY ruin your day, huh?

FrogBurger, I agree with you. I got excited when I heard of the AP scandal ; the dream was for Obama to tick off his media, but they've seemingly forgotten already....thought Always's comment above is hopeful.

Beamish...excellent point about Holder's staying around; except that he can do so much damage...or continue to, I should say.

beamish said...

You can point to damage done, and people can see it.

Or in the conservative case, you can point to damage done, and say "see, I told you so."

Kid said...

Holder's got a huge Racist axe to grind along with his imbecilic president. Should be obvious what needs to happen, but 2012 proves that Nothing gonna happen for America or Americans.

Hey Duck, what do you think about Black Wall Street. Know about it? Interesting story. Keep in mind I, nor anyone I know had anything to do with it.

In any case, Attack Attack Attack !

BTW, I'd be keeping my FSLR profits close to the vest if I still haven't sold, keeping in mind no one knows where stock price is going to go except the people who move them around.

Z said...

Ya, beamish, but with leftwingers, they do horrible damage, lie, obfuscate, cheat.....and it's "it was just inartful"

Let a conservative err...

Even LEFTWING Journalists are saying "Can you imagine if the AP thing or Benghazi OR the IRS particularly had happened under a REPUBLICAN?"

I hope they're starting to get with it.

KID: What's Black Wall Street?

I have to laugh at how Obama owns Wall St even while the left wants to blame any slightest impropriety of ANY corporations on REPUBLICAN MONEY, when the FACT is that Democrats have more $$ than REPUBLICANS! AND Republicans give more in charity, too.

Kid said...

Z - email, Plus:

Yea, joe biden 200 clams for a year ! I donate more shirts that that in value. And $ go to the military regularly. My personal choice is SoldiersAngels. Grass roots programs but Extensive reach with volunteers and programs for those really in need. Example, the Valor IT programs that provided voice operated laptops to military in Germany, in hospital, without the use of their hands, so they could communicate with family.
They have other programs or you can just donate and let them decide.

biden $200. Good Lord. And yes, many more millionaire dems in congress than repubs.

Z said...

Kid..okay, later.
And that sounds like a VERY worthwhile group.
Thanks for that information; I hope most of my readers take advantage of that and GIVE GIVE GIVE

Law and Order Teacher said...

Please I pray that Holder stays. Once he goes the MSM will declare the scandals he's created ended and in reality he will be replaced by someone just as bad. Obama is a Chicago thug and his people are all about damage control. The longer Holder stays the less the media can sweep this under the rug. They are looking for a reason the kiss and make up. Holder leaves and the crisis goes away.

Louis H. said...

I think M. Holder should go away as soon as possible. He is a coward because he does not want to have a conversation about honesty in government.

Z said...

the dope Lincoln Chafee has officially joined the Dems. THAT's no big surprise, huh?
Imagine joining with Democrats? being THAT uninformed, THAT limited, THAT hooked into the media and being 'cool'? WOW. They can have him.

Dave Miller said...

Imp, you'd be hard pressed to ever be able to cite a time I've called you or anyone else a racist and/or islamphobe.

Can you point to a specific time I have done that?

Dave Miller said...

BTW Z... Holder should go... he's made himself a distraction and a liability to his boss. When an AG does that, no matter the pres, it's time to go...

Z said...

Dave, what about not just 'distraction and liability' to Obama but bad character, broke laws, etc?
This is more than about Obama, Dave.

And I have to agree with you; was going to comment myself to Imp that it's been inferred but never directly said that anybody here is an Islamaphobe...
We've been called racist plenty of times (by others) but not by you.
My particular kick is when we're having a conversation about how much some here like Allen West, for example, and we get called racist. Or I mention how much I love a black relative and I'm called racist.

JonBerg said...

"he's made himself a distraction and a liability to his boss"

Well Dave, "his boss" is a "liability" in-and-of himself! Think of it this way: Holder is the tumor while B.O. is the underlying malignancy.

Impertinent said...


"Imp, you'd be hard pressed.."

Then you have my apology....I may have just lumped you in with some others on the left side of the wall?

Z said...

Imp, thanks for your normal graceful apology. You're a stand-up guy.