Monday, May 13, 2013

IRS or Benghazi? Must we pick?

Sooooooo.. you think THIS story was deemed by the White House to be big enough to get Conservatives' minds off Benghazi and that's why it's made the news now?    Personally, I think it's even worse than Benghazi's cover-up.

White Houses do sometimes make mistakes in international situations such as Benghazi (of course, Z just invited at least 5 leftwing-commenter red herrings by saying that;  they'll do anything to obfuscate from the truth in my post, right?), but the IRS coming down on "Patriots" and "Tea Party members"?  That is not something White Houses normally do. That's so unAmerican and HUGE, that this really needs looking into. Also, to think of "Patriots" as an enemy is quite something.

Then, there's Jay Carney saying that the IRS isn't part of the Government?  He said it's "an independent enforcement agency."  Hey, isn't the Treasury part of our government?  And isn't the IRS part of the Treasury..a big part?  Sure it is.   Carney's either stupid, uninformed, or he thinks you're either or both of those things.

This IRS story is, in and of itself, quite a story.  Benghazi is quite a story...and it's finally becoming even more a story, with honest leftwingers even realizing something crooked's going on at the White House. the Benghazi story SO BIG that the WH would risk the IRS story coming out NOW?   The IRS bigwigs have known about this since at least 2011.  THIS is probably the best article on the fiasco.  By the way, Schulman, one of those denying this was going on when it first came up, was a Bush appointee, so let's just get that out there before a geeeeZ-leftwing commenter uses that as another red herring.  We get it, we don't CARE.  What happened is WRONG.  And those at his high position level weren't apparently involved and might not have known; this was all done by agents who needed a way to categorize tax exemptions (Karl Rove's bunch and were two groups requesting exemption.  It's pertinent to mention liberal whackos like were not singled out by IRS agents.   That it got to "Patriots" is quite another story.)  By the way, CBS is very unhappy with excellent reporter, Sharyl Attkison, asking questions about Benghazi and not obfuscating for the White House...very unhappy INDEED.  The leftwingers just can't stand a writer who explores all sides, can it.

SO...the IRS story is a story on its own, no doubt about it.
Let's not let this overtake Benghazi in its huge importance. People DIED.  This isn't Watergate and this isn't the IRS's unbelievable and highly illegal bias.  Benghazi is about PEOPLE DYING.  It needs to be investigated more.

But, so does the IRS story.  Gee, the Obama folks are on the defense now, huh?  Finally?

God save this country, because most of us aren't recognizing it anymore.



beakerkin said...

The IRS is much worse. This reeks of Diet Chavez antics.

Joe said...

The prez reminded us that IRS is an "independent" agency.

Wanna bet?

Always On Watch said...

This morning's television news on the Benghazi story SO BIG that the WH would risk the IRS story coming out NOW?


In addition, the IRS matter is a domestic one and not something that happened in a foreign land. Americans are often not much concerned about what happens "far away."

This Maddening World said...

I also just blogged on this outrageous subject. Also we can't forget about the outrageous IRS probe into conservative's! We must hold these socialist thugs a accountable and not just write it off, or sweep it under the rug. .

This Maddening World said...

But lets give Hillary a break she couldn't testify because she had a "concussion"

This Maddening World said...

Hillary screamed during her Congressional hearings, "what difference does it make at this point" about responsibility and what went wrong. She then followed that up with "our job is to fix what went wrong".
That was my HUH? moment.

FreeThinke said...

The most disturbing and disappointing development in the Benghazi Business was yesterday's headline at the Drudge Report declaring that Darry Issa has no plans to make Hillary a target in the Benghazi hearings.

"Et tu, Darryl?"

After that how could any serious person doubt that all the "events" and "crises" brought to our attention via the enemedia are "stage-managed" and "choreographed" by super-powerful unseen, largely-unknown forces behind the scenes who set the REAL agenda for the country and secure its outcome in THEIR favor always contrary to The Will of the People?

"They" have decided -- long ago -- that Hillary SHALL be our president, and I'm willing to bet the farm in 2016 we will be subjected to yet-another SHAM election whose outcome has been pre-determined.

"Wherever the people fear government there is tyranny. Where government fears the people there is liberty." ~ Jefferson

Could sicking the IRS on organizations professing patriotism and advocating close study the Constitution possibly mean the present administration is beginning to FEAR the PEOPLE?

One can always hope.

Silverfiddle said...

Excellent analysis, Z.

Obama is looking more like Nixon every day...

Thersites said...

Panem et circenses

Mustang said...

I certainly do agree that we have to know the full story of Benghazi, but my concern is that this is morphing into yet another episode of gamesmanship, with R’s on one side of the board, and D’s on the other. And I think if the R’s allow themselves to get side tracked (e.g., impeachment proceedings), they’ll lose the House in 2014. Remember, “what does it really matter…” For the D’s, what matters is the House in 2014 so that Obama can complete his programs … not four dead Americans.

And if the D’s do get the House in 2014, then I assure you the IRS debacle won’t matter, either.

CnC said...

Shoot I was going to cover this subject Z, but you have rung all of the common sense out of this topic.
Why sing someone else's song if you can't do a better job?
Guess I will just go with my traveling abroad advise :-)
And yes I am allowing my bratty little sister to tag along. Lol

Jack Whyte said...

It must be clear to anyone who is not Hillary Clinton that anyone who is not Hillary Clinton doesn’t know what they’re talking about. Including Greg Hicks, who at the time of the attack was in Tripoli. Still, we have to credit progressives for their amazing consistency: the IRS is investigating “patriots” and members of the Tea Party,” and the DHS is keeping an eye on military veterans and retirees because they are right-wing extremists. And don’t forget, no body likes bible thumpers, either. In fact, any one who reads this blog could be targeted for government surveillance. I mean, what is the point of all those drones if no one is going to use them?

The Debonair Dudes World said...

"What difference does it make"? She said!
You got that right you ugly arrogant lying elitist pig, it makes plenty of difference to real Americans.
We have four dead Americans, it makes plenty of difference to the four families who lost these poor people. No matter what YOU and the rest of the Obama Administration may think!
“What difference does it make”? What Difference Does it Make? It may not make any difference to you, but it does to 99 percent of us REAL AMERICANS!
What we saw at the last hearing was the typical narcissist Hillary Clinton’s arrogance. I'm sure it matters to the families of those 4 Americans who were killed
I'll tell you what difference it makes to us Hillary, we all know the real truth about what happened, no matter how you and the rest of the other slime-bags in Washington try to spin it or lie about it. We all knew that you and your scrawny Socialist Boss knew, and we all knew that lying stooge Susan Rice knew about it also, no matter what you all say to us or to the bunch of dead brains who participated in that phoney hearing. We all know that YOU and your Boss Obozo refused to send help and you all lied about it as you each stood in front of the American public. Their blood is on all of your hands, and that includes Susan Rice and your Boss....Mister Barrack Hussain Obama!.
You were allowed to walk away without being asked the real questions, such as where was Obama when was he told and why didn’t anyone do anything about this attack? We know that you all sat around and watched the whole attack take place in Real Time!
"What difference does it make" ? Why didn't you receive those e-mails and letters that were sent begging for more security in this terrorist outpost, you all knew how dangerous this place was. This was not some beach in Hawaii , this is one of the most dangerous places in the entire world. What difference does it make? I want to know why the whole bunch of you aren’t being held accountable!
"What difference does it make?" I wonder if that what you said when you found out that Bubba was lying about Monica? "What difference does it make?" It makes all the difference in the world to us you arrogant elitist pig!
Why don’t you ask that question to the four families of the four dead Americans. Then we will know all know what difference it makes!
Would you ask that DUMB question What difference does it make" ? if it were YOU child that was MURDERED?
I wonder what that bunch of Progressives would be saying if Sarah Palin were sitting in that seat shouting "What difference does it make" to a Democratic Senator and giving the same wise ass answers. The media would have a field day, the bloggers on the left wouldn’t stop their bitching about it for the rest of the 4 years that the president would have left in office.
I’ll tell you “What difference it makes” The difference is that, as an American I would expect some truthful answers from the United States Secretary of State.

Always On Watch said...

Something to consider, asked by Reliapundit: HAS THE IRS EVER TARGETED AN ALLY OF OBAMA'S?

Washington Gestapo said...

The Democrats were too busy "Spiking the football", “Dancing in the End Zone", and doing a "Gangnam Style" dance. after Bin Laden was killed, to even consider the DANGER their backslapping would cause the Navy Seals and their families back home.

JonBerg said...

With an informed, concerned citizenery these issues should fulminate in public outrage! I fear that the last two General Elections have proven that ours is neither "informed" or "concerned". For many the focus is on mindless entertainment and avoidance of serious problems which impact us all. Why worry about such events as Benghazi when you can enjoy the gleefulness provided by a sitcom and its accompanying "laugh track"? Since so many don't pay Federal Income Tax, how many understand or even care about the IRS and/or its abuses? For others, on the Left, there are numerous "news" outlets such as MSNBC which will disregard or obfuscate any: non, mis or malfeasance on the part of Democrats. While these issues need to be throughly addressed and responsibilities defined and dealt with, color me apprehensive!

The Debonair Dudes World said...

This hopefully is not going to go away. This is NOT “Bush's fault” This has to be one of the biggest scandals in American Presidential history: It seems as it Every One knew it was a terrorist attack except our Dear Leader and his stooges.
Our Dear Leader’s stooges were sitting on their hands and making up political cover stories while watching Americans being murdered on live video. Ironically, our profoundly ignorant "Marine CORPSE" President probably wasn't aware of what was going on (although he would have been frozen with indecision even if he was). But one way or another Hillary Clinton has blood on her hands.

Ducky's here said...

I certainly don't want to see Benghazi out of the headlines. Republicans making fools of themselves is a winner, as we saw in 2012.

Just went on at the IRS does not seem new. The IRS has certainly been used against radical left groups in the past. I doubt we've heard the last of them being used politically.

Back to Benghazi. nothing like Baggers making fools of themselves.

Anonymous said...

Both stories may have some Democrats on the fence, as you say. But, I doubt Obama cares much about the Benghazi issue.He got his reelection and that was all that mattered to him. If Hillary has to go under the bus and if a General or two has to fall on his rubber sword, Obama could care less!

If the MSM can be intised to report on the IRS scandal, Obama's second term is not going tbe much fun for him.

Sam Huntington said...

Why are there no advocacy groups suing the Obama administration, forcing these issues into court? I suspect most PAGs are afraid of Holder, easily the most powerful man in America.

But this is okay with the American people, right? They voted for Obama twice --or stayed home.

Z said...

Check out Mustang's MONTPELIER BLOG (it's on his profile under MY WEB PAGE)...great piece there; lots to think about.

Z said...

SAM...I've got to run to work, but your comment "or stayed home" resonates.
I blame the conservatives who stayed home FAR more than I do the ridiculously indoctrinated dopes who could vote for Obama.
This is all OUR fault at this point. We could have won.
The left would have been dreaming up awful things about Romney by now, but not provable things like Benghazi and the IRS and Planned Parenthood and calling gay men to congratulate them for their courage, and not buying up 6 billion rounds and not explaining what they're going to do with it, and...and...........and...and...and

I blame US

Z said...

Obama will be speaking soon on both of these subjects, supposedly (Surprise!):

On Benghazi, first, we're so sorry four patriotic Americans had to die like that; we did everything we could have done and it's only politics that is trying to convince Americans differently. And experts agree with them. It's not fair to blame Hillary and we will get to the bottom of this.
And special committees aren't necessary.

On the IRS...this is nothing new but it shouldn't have happened under our watch. It's only a few over zealous and tired agents who didn't know how to deal with so many tax exemption requests and they should not have done this.
What they did was wrong and we will get to the bottom of this. And special committees aren't necessary.

Let me know how close I came if you're going to watch, folks :-)

Z said...

OH! Just hearing that it's "more than just Conservatives" getting singled out by the IRS.

GOOOOOD one...very good, White House.
Eager to hear who else.
That will take some of the heat off, excellent defense.

Let's see if they name WHO ELSE.

Z said...

Here's the odd thing; they're getting on NIXON now, too "HE DID IT, HE DID IT, TOO!"

Wait...."HE DID IT TOO" Obama DID do it, or?
And did Nixon's spokesman at least know that the IRS was part of our government?

And, suddenly, does what Nixon did make it right, or can we just damn MOVE ON and fix things NOW? "Nixon did it" "Bush did it"...gad

Washington Gestapo said...

Late Breaking News!

British Prime Minister David Cameron and Obama will give a joint press conference in the east Room within the hour.
The president is expected to answer questions about Benghazi and IRS illegalities.

My question is..
What does British Prime Minister David Cameron have to do with either one of these "illegalities"?

Z said...

I forgot to add Obama's biggest point on both subjects:
It'll be said that "it's all about politics, and we can't run a country like this."

Of course, it's also "all politics" to hide the truth, but who cares, right?

Z said...

W Gestapo: Didn't know Cameron was in town, but that often happens.
it's HIGHLY embarrassing because I've seen other world leaders who had ZILCH to do with ANY of the questions the press is going to ask and it's silly and humiliating to us all.
In this case, it's ostensibly a Cameron/Obama presser about what they discussed and then the media, rightfully so, will want to know about Benghazi and the IRS because they can't get their hands on Obama often enough to get any answers; Carney doesn't even know the IRS is part of our gov't, so he's useless to ask anything of.

Pris said...

The IRS story just piles on one more bit of evidence, that the corruption in this administration has no limits.

Lies, lies, and more lies! Of course that is called political spin, which evidently excuses lies, even when four people have been killed by our enemies, and left to die for political reasons!

When will enough be enough? The mother of one of the men who was murdered in Benghazi said, "they don't care", meaning the President and Hillary. She was right.

JonBerg said...


"It'll be said that "it's all about politics"

And that's a concept, foreign to our Fraud-in-Chief? HA, HA, HA, gag, puke!

Dave Miller said...

That the IRS is part of the US government will certainly come as a surprise to many people who for years have argued against taxation and IRS legitimacy on exactly those grounds.

It should be noted that the head of the IRS when this happened was a political appointee of the Bush Admin.

Pres. Obama should have been out in front of this and IMHO, this is further evidence of his political inabilities.

On Benghazi, like all Americans, I was saddened by the loss of life. But I am struggling to see a cover up.

What exactly is being covered up?

It looks as if there was nothing we could have done to save lives once the attacks began. Does anyone have evidence that will contradict the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, Adm Mullen and Former Sec Def Gates?

Certainly the Obama played politics with the labeling of the event, and calling the cause essentially "a movie", but this is Washington and all things, from all parties are political...

The Debonair Dudes World said...

Dave Miller say
“It should be noted that the head of the IRS when this happened was a political appointee of the Bush Admin.”
When will these Liberal Bush Blamers, these Obama apologist’s, these Obama excuse makers realize that the majority of the American voters are sick and tired of the constant excuses for the FAILURES by this president? The president that THEY voted for?
David, if you are so hung up on denying that there was a “Cover Up” let me try to explain it slowly to you. Hillary Clinton and Susan Rice blamed the video and called the Attack a spontaneous outburst by Libyans] knowing full well that the video had NOTHING at all to do with it. And by the way that guy who made the “Video” is still rotting away in jail.
This administration has failed to supply us with the truth.. NO ONE was home when the 3AM call came… not Obama. Not Clinton
Americans want the truth not some stupid video excuse that makes us seem as stupid as you liberals think we are. You are just like Obama blame everyone but the bad guys.

JonBerg said...

Dave Miller said.......

"On Benghazi, like all Americans, I was saddened by the loss of life. But I am struggling to see a cover up."

Right Dave:

"At this point, does it matter?" PLEEEEEZ!

What is your stake in this completely fraudulent Administration, anyway?

FreeThinke said...

Dave, the very fact that, apparently, we were not properly EQUIPPED to defend one of our embassies in a country as volatile, primitive and inherently violent as LIBYA should be considered a scandal in and of itself, don't you think?

I got hell for stating that Chris Stevens was a naive, starry-eyed, peacenik leftist type nurtured at Berkeley and in the Peace Corps who thought talking Arabic, dressing like a native, and eschewing formality and "security" would be enough to earn him the love, trust and undying loyalty of the "natives." Well, we've seen just how far THAT got him, poor fellow!

But the fact remains our GOVERNMENT did NOT have enough equipment and boots on the ground to defend the poor bastard when he finally saw what he was up against, and called for help. To me that is a CRIME.

I am NOT a fan or an apologist for George W. Bush -- and never have been since the day he mouthed the words, "Islam is a religion of peace" in front of the cameras soon after 911.

The scandal -- the true reprehensibility -- in my never humble opinion is that NEITHER party nor any official arm of the U.S. Government appears to be solidly behind the best interests of the American People either at home or abroad.

It seems fairly obvious that this deadly game playing in which we indulge is not a matter of PARTY but of some long-term GLOBALIST strategy devised by shadowy MOGULS behind the scenes -- the owners and suppliers of raw materials, the international bankers and the Captains of Global Industries.

Now you can doubt or deny that till Hell freezes over, but as Chaucer said, "Murder will out," someday, but probably not soon enough to prevent or circumvent the hideous damage obviously set in store for us.

Z said...

Dave, reading my whole post before commenting is usually helpful.I specifically mentioned that my leftist commenters would mention the Bush connection. Of course, that man apparently had nothing to do with this because it's being revealed, more and more, that it was worker-ants making these destructive, Anti-American rules against patriots.
Can you tell us how long we'll be blaming or mentioning Bush on everything the Obama people have failed on?

As for what's sinister about Benghazi, one must watch not only left-leaning news but all the news.
As a matter of fact, several leftist journalists are now seeing big problems. I mention Sharyl Atikisson; it would be worth your time to look into what she's saying.

People died. Their families want answers. I applaud our Congress for seeing to it that that happens.

Dude and JB..thanks.

Z said...

FT..the scary thing is that if we criticize Obama, we're all racists.
If we bring up anything his administration has done, we're "political".

I'm guessing they don't think the horrible attacks on Bush after 9/11, or his having cured himself from alcohol, or his military duty attacks, or any of the other "Bush scandals" must not have been political, right? (smile)

Robert Sinclair said...

Where is the cover up?

Gee … maybe we should ask General Ham or Admiral Gaouette, both of whom were relieved of their commands by Barack Obama subsequent to the 11 September attack by terrorist insurgents in Benghazi. General Ham could have had a military insertion in Benghazi within four hours. Obama ordered him to “stand down.” When he bristled, he was relieved of his command.

Nothing to see here? That is the leftist line … and we get it.

Louis H. said...

IRS timeline from this source.

Z said... know, we're all driven by our politics, but when people DIE and families want to know how/why..and when experts are fired over giving proof of problems...we have BIG PROBLEMS.
Obama doesn't know SQUAT about the military except that we've got gays proud to announce who they're having sex with...and he's firing experts for telling the truth and not liking his reactions?
We're pushing good Americans out of ever WANTING to serve. Is this the GOAL?
Your comment is so true...thanks ...

Hi, Louis! Thank you for the timeline. I think CNN and the networks are FINALLY paying attention. Except Don Lemon of CNN, after hearing a Republican give him the facts, went back to "gee, it really sounds like politics". :-) It's absolutely astonishing that they just WILL NOT ALLOW THEMSELVES TO GET PAST THAT.

Remember, they called Bush an APE (frequently, with pictures, too!) but we are "racists" if we say Obama Care is bad for us. The fun never quits, does it.

Pris, "they don't care" has to stop, doesn't it.

And we have military and diplomats around the world wondering "Will he have MY BACK if WE have that kind of problem here?"

Another thing America has to worry about: We'll have diplomats quitting and who'd go into the diplomatic service if our gov't doesn't at LEAST investigate this correctly and thoroughly?? And come up with how they could have done better!?

But, to "DO BETTER" means they "SCREWED UP", and THAT admission will NEVER cross Obama's lips. The best he can do of any of HIS screw-ups is say it might have been "inartful" !!!!

Z said...

So...anybody watch the presser, and was I close in how Obama addressed Benghazi and IRS questions with Cameron? Or did the journalists go soft and didn't bring them up out of respect for his/their agenda?

My Conservative Values said...

So, Dave "was saddened by the loss of life"
Well, isn't that enlightening! It's nice to know that a Progressive had feeling.

Well Dave, I've got news for you and your fellow pinko's, so were the families of the Brave American's that were deserted by their President "SADDENED"!
And we all are saddened and embarrassed by the explanations given by Susan Rice, Hillary Clinton, and Barack Hussein Obama.

Bottom line is that four Brave Americans were Slaughtered w and our government allowed it to happen because they didn´t want Benghazi to effect Obama's re-election.

The Screaming Eagle said...

The entire OBAMA Administration sinks to high Heaven over this “Cover-UP” Yes Dave Miller, I said “COVER-UP”!
I hope that Hillary Clinton had a happy Mother’s day, I know that 4 American Mom’s that lost their Sons in Benghazi didn’t!
And I still cańt understand why the “Smartest Women in the World” couldn’t get her story straight.
And if there is any justice, both the Benghazi and the IRS scandal will bring down Our Dear Leader and his Stooges. But I have a strong feeling that this will get swept under the rug like so many others scandals did.

The Political Chic said...

Why are these liberal finks still talking about talking what “Bush did” Who the hell cares when may or may not have happened over 8 years ago! . What matters is what happened in Benghazi, why it happened, and what we are going to do about it.
I watched Obama’s press conference this morning where he once again shot back at Republicans trying to create a scandal out of HIS administration’s handling of the Benghazi terror attack. So not only do we have the Lefty bloggers blaming Bush and the Republicans but our President is doing it as well. This shameful excuse for a president has been blaming Bush for everything under the Sun since the day he was elected, and still has refused to take on any responsibility of his own and his administration. When this thing first broke, Madam Hillary told us that she was taking all responsibility for it. What exactly did she mean by that and what responsibility did she take? Exactly NONE!
And Obama said today that the Republicans have tried and failed to turn up any new evidence of a “cover-up”and that the Republicans are “fanning the flames” . When if ever will this incompetent imitation of a president ever cease his lies and coverups?

Anonymous said...


"Obama doesn't know SQUAT about the military except that we've got gays proud to announce who they're having sex with..."

Beautiful...yea his primary concerns are basketball and golf.....especially those with black players.

FT...You nailed it. The military was chomping at the bit in Tripoli to get in there and kick some ass...the USS Stennis was in the Med at the time...F16's anyone that go boom at 1200mph?

Obutthead chickened I know that the bin Laden thing was a fraud too...or purely political move...but killing 4 Americans didn't concern him at all? And this creep calls himself the CIC?

The COWARD IN CHIEF is what it stands for now. And I damn sure know that he's reviled by the military. More than Billary or Bubba ever were.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

@Political Chic:

"What exactly did she mean by that and what responsibility did she take? Exactly NONE!"

I think her "concussion" time down... was a coverup for her to get time to get her story straight before she went before Congress ( I'd like to see those emails that flew back and forth between her, Obama and Rice too )
...and that her unexpected "retirement" as S of S was to get the heat off her cause she and Bubba knew it was going to blow up in their faces....and she wanted to get far away from it as a civilian. It certainly wasn't for the benefit of the country....Hillary doesn't do anything if it's not for hillary. What Alinsky POS acolyte does?

She's as malevolent as they come and then some.

We all know that Hillary has years of experience at obfuscation, lying and smarmy legal tactics to extricate herself when it's convenient. She's not the most venal corrupt politician now...Obama has that crown.

JonBerg said...

If Hillary is the “Smartest Women in the World” that must make THE VIEW a "brain trust"!

If a vile, calculating, screeching, self-absorbed, untruthful politician is the new standard for SMART, WE are in deep $#!t !

Dave Miller said...

Again folks, no one has defined anything that has been covered up.

We all knew the day after the attack, if not sooner, that this was an act of terror. President Obama said so on the 12th in his statement, albeit not as forcefully as most of us would have preferred.

Was it horrible? Yes. Was it preventable? Maybe if we had more troops on location in Benghazi when it started, but several high ranking military officers, the folks conservatives usually like to trust, said we had no assets that could have reached the location in time.

Former Sec Def Gates says people who believe the military could have prevented this, once it began, is cartoonish.

Now we can debate whether or not we should have had troops there, and that's a legitimate argument, but the fact that we did not have those troops there has not been covered up.

I guess you could argue that the admin did not release the memos publicly that Rep Issa is now touting, but his committee had those memos months ago and only now decided to go public.

We live in a dangerous world and as much as we might want to guarantee safety across the globe, no president can do that.

Reagan lost hundreds of soldiers on his watch to terrorism. Carter too. Clinton lost soldiers to terrorism. Thousand of Americans died to terrorism around the globe on Bush's watch and Americans have died on Obama's watch.

The challenge is to figure out what happened and work to make sure it does not happen again.

One thing is sure, if we are to change the agreements we have around the world in respect to guarding our diplomatic compounds, we will have to put a lot more troops on foreign soil on a permanent basis.

Maybe it is time to do that for a stronger deterrent.

Z... I posited no blame at all in my post on Bush. I simply stated that the head of the IRS was a Bush appointee.

I don't blame Schulman any more than I blame Obama. This happened on their watch and both, rightly will be tainted by it.

I doubt either one of them was personally involved, but those are the responsibilities of leadership. When those under you in the chain of command screw up, you take the hit.

Again, Obama weaseled out today in his response today, taking his usual too cautious approach. he said, "If this did happen." Newsflash Prez... the IRS admitted it... it did happen.

Timothy Reids Thoughts said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Voice Of Reason said...

Dave the Lib acknowledged
"Again, Obama weaseled out today in his response today,"

No Shit!

Always On Watch said...

Duck said: Just went on at the IRS does not seem new. The IRS has certainly been used against radical left groups in the past.

I say: Previous wrongs do not make right a similar wrong being perpetrated again.

Mustang said...

Impertinent makes a good point. Hillary Clinton can say the words, “I accept responsibility” until she’s blue in the face. The fact is, from a practical standpoint, no cabinet officer is ever held accountable. If there were any accountability, then Madeline Albright would be in prison, along with Condi Rice and that vile monster, Hillary Clinton.

It is all a sham, these scabs have not served their country honorably, and neither has the presidents who appointed them. Why are we stuck on stupid about this?

@AOW ... you are right, of course. Unless you are a communist POS.

Z said...

Dave...why mention Bush at all? It absolutely has no consequence unless you're reporting that (which I had in my post) as a "See? YOUR guy did it".

Why mention it otherwise?

And, of course, thousands have been lost on watches, Reagan's included...the questions were examined, people were instructed how to try to avoid future problems; Benghazi deaths deserve the same.
By the way, we're not making this whole thing up...journalists from both sides are concerned and investigating.

I've got to run....will read more comments and all of yours later and respond.

Always On Watch said...

IRS Mess by Joe Klein.

Sam Huntington said...

It’s true! There’s no such thing as too much government. How's that covering for Barack Obama working out for you, AP?

Jack Whyte said...

Are there times when television news rooms should issue a spew alert? I think so. Here’s an example: when Obama looked into the camera and said he was outraged by revelations of the abuse of power by the IRS. This from a Chicago politician —LOL.

And you know, the Obama press must be having fits trying to figure out which of these stories to ignore first.

Bob said...

Dave Miller: Dude, you are drinking some serious KoolAide. Let me advise you on some facts regarding the Benghazi cover up.
1. Susan Rice lied. That's documented.
2. Hillary Clinton lies. That's documented.
3. Obama continued the lie, and that's called lying, too.

For your further consideration, people lie to hide (cover-up) the truth.

There is a COVER-UP in progress right now, even as we comment on this blog.

I have always respected your comments as being thoughtful, even though a bit biased. I don't think you have made the grade on this subject.

Robert Sinclair said...

WASHINGTON — President Obama on Monday dismissed Republican criticism of his administration’s handling of the attack on a U.S. diplomatic post in Libya, calling the criticism a political sideshow —AP.

Well, Mr. President, who created this side-show?

Darth Bacon said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Darth Bacon said...

Your right Dave Miller, it was George Bush's fault, blame him!
How can anyone even think of blaming Zippo, Susan Rice, Hildabeast or any other of those incompetents for that sloppy cover-up job?

Z said...

Jack...the man isn't decent.

Bob...all have been proven, you're right. And still the Left doubts.
I must add that I'm glad there are still some leftwing journalists, like Atkisson, who are investigating because she's putting her integrity before her party.
There's a hilarious interview with Bob Schieffer with her...he actually applauds her investigating Benghazi and says something like "keep going!" if he won't DIE if/when Obama and Hillary finally have some truth stick to them.

Anonymous said...

Threee scandals brewing simultaneously...and this guy gets to continue to lie, obfuscate, smirk and blame "politics"?

Words like Patriot and Constitution are now viewed as seditious or treasonous?

Carney...a liar and a stupid little geeky tool...formerly of Newsweek?

Benghazi? Murder of Americans is shoved under a rug by the top elected leaders ion the country?

The explanations given by Susan Rice, Hillary Clinton, and Barack Hussein Obama...should put them in the crowbar motel.

beamish said...

And I think if the R’s allow themselves to get side tracked (e.g., impeachment proceedings), they’ll lose the House in 2014.

Not necessarily a bad thing, as federal spending was increasing at a much lower rate when Democrats controlled the purse strings, if you can believe that.

The only downside of impeachment is if it does dislodge Obama from the White House, we're stuck with Joe Biden. But, I don't think the Harry Reid Senate would even convene the Senate part of an impeachment hearing. We did just have an election where some 20 incumbent Democrats demonstrated the impotence of the Tea Party "movement" by somehow getting themselves soundly re-elected.

Maybe we should bomb Serbia for something. Take our minds off the important things for a while.

Anonymous said...

Today is a good day for people like me who despises gov and power hungry politicians.

Law and Order Teacher said...

The BO administration is the gift that keeps on giving. This isn't about politics, it's about the truth. Follow the facts and it will all come out.

The Rs should not back off. Keep hammering these people with the facts and eventually they'll be seen for what they are. The media, despite themselves, is now in the crosshairs. The AP, the best Obama lover, has been jilted. BO and his crew grabbed their phone records.

Has he finally cheated on them to the point they give him up? It's tough for them because he's everything they've always loved. He's black, he's crazy liberal, and he's really cool.

It'll be hard for them but they may throw his stuff out and set it on the curb. Maybe even set it on fire.

We can only hope.

Anonymous said...

@Dave Miller:

"We all knew the day after the attack, if not sooner, that this was an act of terror".

Maybe WE...the people did...but Rice, Nuland and Obama didn't admit it.

And that's why they fluffed up the talking points 12 times, scrubbed of terror references...that gave Rice her idiotic, lying, Obama / Hillary approved..."talking points"..lies.

They lied Miller...they all lied...and you ignore all dems do and roll their eyes.

And that toady fool Pickering giving Shillary a pass....ain't going to do it either.

Shes toast. She's the third female S of S that've been in over their heads.. for the sake of AA and "diversity". And J Kerry...isn't an improvement. He should be wearing a skirt since his Winter Soldier days. A man reviled and hated by all honorable vets.

Z said...

Imp; Hillary isn't dead by a LONG shot. I guarantee she'll run for president and either win or it'll be close. Most people aren't paying attention to this stuff and she very , very well knows that. If ANYBODY knows that, SHE DOES.

There just aren't enough honest journalists or TV venues which will tell the whole truth.
Atkisson is a lib, apparently, but she's done a fantastic job.
I almost choked laughing at Schieffer when he encouraged her to keep digging. These guys are absolute whores, you should pardon the expression.
As if Schieffer wants Obama to look bad :-)
Atkisson even looks a little sheepish when he says that to her, like "you're kidding, right?" :-)

Jake Tapper at CNN is pretty centrist,'s good they hired him; let's see how long he lasts.

Dave Miller.."we knew it was an act of terror". Well, when buildings are burning and four people are dead, that's pretty much an act of terror; but that isn't the question, is it.
The question is what caused it and the answer is muslim extremism...why they pawned it off on the video is easy; Obama'd told America Al-Qaeda was on the slide.

What really interests me, and what hasn't been talked about much, is how at least two of the supposed perps of this act of terror were killed so quickly in Egypt and another in Afghanistan, I believe. Interesting as hell, in my opinion.
Come to think of it..was there a little beige car like the one seen every time a Clinton associate met an untimely death?


Robert Sinclair said...

News Alert: Washington Post

Internal Revenue Service officials in Washington and at least two other offices were involved in the targeting of conservative groups seeking tax-exempt status, making clear the effort reached well beyond the branch in Cincinnati that was initially blamed, according to documents obtained by The Washington Post.

IRS officials at the agency’s Washington headquarters sent queries to conservative groups asking about their donors and other aspects of their operations, while officials in the El Monte and Laguna Niguel offices in California sent similar questionnaires to tea party-affiliated groups.

Nope ... no cover up and no corruption by the Obama administration.

Robert Sinclair said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...


She won't shake this off...we'll just Swift Boat her like her bud and "successor" J F'in Kerry.

This won't be forgotten.

Anonymous said...

Man o Man...the shit is really reaching the top now!! AP? IRS? Benghazi? Seizing phone records of "journalists"?

Good grief...even WaPO...the left wing rag that it's become is pissed off....and will wonders never cease..MO Dowd is out of the closet too. She's even down on the slick master BB player in the WH.

Maybe he can plead leniency and come out and say he's gay...? Then the NBA and the DADT kids will back him up?

Z said...

Robert, Laguna Niguel's very conservative...I'm surprised at that one.

By the way, I just heard Obama actually had the nerve to mention the VIDEO again.

Here's the deal, folks; I'm convinced of this...


I was listening to a Talk Radio host about 15 years ago and he was outraged at the LIES some lefty was spewing that day all over the media; "But he KNOWS that's not TRUE! WHY is he persisting?"

Nobody's listening, that's why they persist! There are talking points and they stick to it.
"Video" is the talking point and always has been for Benghazi, right?

Another talking point is "All POLITICS" The lefties hear that about the Right, agree, and turn off.."Damn them, it's all politics with them."

That is being used for Benghazi and the IRS thing...

Oddly, the IRS thing actually might have legs and the truth just MIGHT out-scream "all politics".

God bless Sharyl Atkisson...we need a thousand more like her.

Z said... way.
Hillary's a goddess to the left.
Sure, WE won't vote for her, but she'll do very well.

Z said...

A year or so ago, I wrote here that "It'll take Democrats to discover the reality of Obama and nothing else will do to reveal him and get people to listen."

It just might be happening, Imp...
Wash Post is getting wise...very interesting times.
I wonder what the WH will use to get them to shut up.
Because they will...and it will be effective.

Z said...

You know, I'm listening to Rand Paul and I don't agree with him on everything, but I think he just might be the one guy with an agenda of just FIXING THINGS.
He was raised wealthy, he's become wealthy on his own; well educated.

I seriously think this is a game to him not for his legacy (like most guys) but for STOP the horrible far left who are so bent on destroying our country's values. A game like "who's going to win?" and I like the rules of his game:

1. be smart
2. be active
3. don't give up
4. find the truth
5. tell that truth
6. be logical
7. be convincing
8. love America
9. show it

Z said...

WOW! I just found an article I'm publishing tomorrow because it is SO WRONG that I'm laughing...a leftwinger's take on Benghazi...UNBELIEVABLE. You'll enjoy editing it.

My gosh, I hear so many experts really upset about Benghazi, but Obama knows better; no story here :-)

By the way, why do you think it took 23 days before the FBI showed up to Benghazi to go through the site? I think it was 23 days, yes? Unbelievable.

Ducky's here said...

Also, to think of "Patriots" as an enemy is quite something.


A Mossad front group and some Koch Bros. organizations?
Strange idea of "patriots".

This would be a bigger concern if there were damages. Did any of these fine Teabag patriot groups lose their nonprofit(LMAO) status?

Kid said...

Here's what I wrote on another blog:
This is so out of bounds that it forces me to think there was something more dangerous about leaving these people alive and the Embassy unburnt than letting them be murdered and hilrod and the obama administration take their chances. I have No Idea what that might be. Or it could be they figured they can just do anything they want because they're teflon. The latter case being my preference because no one is that teflon.

Choice 1 - secure the embassy, simple and cheap.
Choice 2 - allow them to be murdered

Seems like a simple choice. But just because the absurd choice was made doesn't mean it wasn't just extreme stupidity.

I certainly don't forget this is just 2 of events that have occurred almost Daily with this crew. From timmy giether not paying taxes to the entire WH staff not paying taxes, to billion dollar giveaways to vaporware companies like Solyndra and MANY more that you'll never hear about. How about Trillion $ giveaways to 'the banks'. 43 Trillion of YOUR money given to the banks in exchange for their worthless mortgage paper called Mortgage Backed Securities (MBS) That's what uncle ben has been spending All of this stimulus money on that has had Zero effect on employment, and very little effect on what they are really afraid of - Deflation. Deflation is what has put Japan in the tank the last 30 years. Deflation is what causes people to believe the dollar in their pocket will be worth more tomorrow than is is today so they don't spend it. That would Kill the economy ion this country just as it has Japan the last 30 years.
If you noticed, Japan has just started printing money ala bearded Ben and they're outdoing them, sending the Yen down and the US$ up. The world is not in a competition to see who can devalue their currency the most and the fastest. Guess what they does to the $ in your pocket.

Anyway, as stated early, I don't believe Anyone is That Teflon. There is a possibility this administration of incompetent clowns screws up big time over the next 3 years if they haven't already. (If we had a real checks and balances system obama would have been impeached long ago) but as stupid people are prone to do, obama and crew have gotten over-confident and if we're lucky it will bite them in the ass.

Anonymous said...


"I wonder what the WH will use to get them to shut up. "

Maybe threaten to audit, interrogate all the WH personnel who have relatives working at Newsweek, CBS, NBC, ABC? You want to know why they fawn all over this POS? Cause he's got half of their relatives on our payroll!

Carney is a former hack from Newsweek for gawds sake. I think he's on the verge of puking or a heart attack.

Ben Rhodes and his brother? One wrote the fictional talking points with Nuland. Man...the women in this mans admin are more corrupt than Putin and the KGB...they won't let nuttin get dere man.

Does anyone know if Obutthead smokes cigars by any chance....or has a box of them around?

Ducky's here said...

@Z -- Sure, WE won't vote for her, but she'll do very well.

Cheer up, z, maybe Michele Bachmann will give it another go.

Liberalmann said...

If the IRS didn't target them, they wouldn't be doing their job.
The real scandal here is that we allow these organizations to be tax exempt to begin with.
501(c)(4)s are not supposed to intervene in elections for or against any candidates. 501(c)(3)s are not supposed to do that OR to lobby for or against any legislation.
There Heritage Foundation is a 501(c)(3). So is the Center for American Progress. Neither of them should be tax exempt.
Why should some entity be able to make a profit off these activities and not pay any tax?

Kid said...

Hey Libtard, and how many leftist 501 organizations did the IRS go after the last 5 years? Provide links.

Sam Huntington said...

How many Moslem organizations were granted 501 status?

Kid said...

Z, I meant to so first off - Excellent Post. Excellent points. Right on it, current events-wise.


Anonymous said...


"Hey Libtard..." stoopid yap and get a response? that's not supposed to happen is it his world.

How come the SPLC gets a 501? Or all these left wing "churches" and mosques that preach politics?
Or moveon? Or Kos...

I remember the threats against some priests awhile ago that were warned they might lose their tax exempt if they preached to their flocks about bammycare or abortion.

Oh and Ducky...I'd take Bachman over this lying wreck of a sad excuse for a supposed "woman" with the honor of a sewer rat anyday.

I'm amazed that she even had one must have ruined her schedule and plans for a day or two.

Compare that to Bachmans...23 kids?

Anonymous said...

Perhaps symbolically, this week, Republican senators Bob Corker (Tenn.) and Saxby Chambliss (Ga.) defeated Obama and Sen. Mark Udall (D-Colo.) in a game of golf.

Likewise, reporters have been suggesting that the defeat of Obama's gun control agenda in the Senate puts his political clout in as much doubt as his golf prowess.

Z said...

The left's reaction will be "well, gee, I'm sure ABC and CBS had Republican siblings working at the WH, too!" (ya, right)

Ducky, not a huge Bachman fan here...
and what's that have to do with Hillary?
You sound VERY testy tonight; is the truth starting to gnaw at you?

Libjerk...I'm leaving your comment because it's fun to have my readers smack you around.
By the way...You can't have known, but MOVEON.ORG also was on the "tax exemption list" :-)
Oh, but...maybe I forgot to mention they weren't targeted by the IRS? :-)
Oh, and you can't have known because the leftwinger news venues are freaking out.

Kid, thanks...I was pleased with my piece because I do think there is something to Benghazi being out-screamed by the IRS thing. It had to be something BIG and, BAMMO! Suddenly, there it was, after having been known about since 2011 :-)

Heck, even Maureen Dowd's getting even madder at her erstwhile hero. we have Eric Holder getting AP phone numbers...not telling them they had phone records of their home phones, their work phones, their cells...Wow.

Picture this, everybody:
A rightwing president has these things on his back. Think the media might cover any of them a little harder than CNN is this stuff?

By the way...put CNN on any time of the day, and they're doing in depth coverage of the Ariel Castro/3 kidnap victim cases.
They're finding everybody under a ROCK to interview .. they need to fill space any reputable company'd be filling with Benghazi, AP, and the IRS now.

Anonymous said...


"in depth coverage of the Ariel Castro/3 kidnap victim cases. "

Yep...they're even suggesting that the guy who found the first girl that ran into his arms be drafted as Moocheles or Shilldebeast's running mate in 2016....or he can be appointed to the board of McDonalds.

They Say/We Say said...

We will see more of this until we are disarmed or start Charging the Officials dishonoring their Oaths with Insurrection or, Subversive Activities or, Giving Aid And Comfort to our Enemies, or out right Treason.
I seem to remember mentioning something about the 14th Amendment Section 3--before the Election, and BEGGED all of YOU to POST About IT.
But nooooooo, everyone just did not know what that was.
I not very good at painting pictures.

Anonymous said...


This topic is on fire...leave it up til we see what kind of additional fiascos tomorrow brings???

They Say/We Say said...

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press, or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.
The Founders Chose Words for this very reason.
Shall... is a word for doing something Legally, or, Shall NOT (shall make NO law) do something Illegally.
Respecting... is a word that means-concerning/about.
Abridging... bridging one law to another law of different concerns (seemingly).
The Tax Code does ALL of this.
Senator Lyndon B. Johnson did just this with keeping the Churches out of the "right of the people to peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances".
Now political speech is also ABRIDGED with the Tax Code.
The right to peaceably assembly with a organization called The Tea Party was attacked with the Gov. demanding Donors list and Members list, and questions of - "who in your organization will be running for Office?" HOW CAN ANYONE answer that? Not being truthful will be a JAIL SENTENCE! Again WHO COULD ANSWER A QUESTION ABOUT THE FUTURE?
What is the first line in the 1st Amendment?
Congress SHALL Make No Law RESPECTING..., or ABRIDGING...
I know that this is to long for some to read, so there goes the idea of painting a picture.

EzzZee said...

Y'all seem to take a great deal of pleasure in making Dave Miller look silly for asking a good question, yet none of you have yet to answer his question.
The implication that there was some kind of a "coverup' has yet to be explained here. The Right-wing media has long demonstrated their ability to invent or imagine scandals so that they could embarrass the President. But never seem to give credit where credit is due, such as the Bin Laden raid.
So is anyone would please answer Dave Miller without your wise-ass cracks! What’s the scandal? Where's the cover-up?
And maybe you want Obama going on your made up “apology tour” on FOX news ? How Ridiculous!!.

Darth Bacon said...

Dave's answer is that " Bush did to also"

That's his default answer to everything

Sam Huntington said...

I learned two things from this post, Z. The first is that there is a difference between making a mistake in judgment, and a calculated lie. The second is that the left doesn't know the difference between the two. This probably explains leftist dishonesty, and it may even originate with shoddy upbringing.

Louis H. said...

If there is nothing to see in the Benghazi story, why was Greg Hicks harassed and demoted for his willingness to testify?

Always On Watch said...

And why was a "film maker" targeted and used as a scapegoat?

Always On Watch said...

there is a difference between making a mistake in judgment, and a calculated lie


Clearly, the Obama administration mobilized and sent out Susan Rice to the Sunday morning talk shows to disseminate the scripted narrative.

My Conservative Values said...

Comrade Hussein said that he was "SHOCKED" when he found out about the IRS Scandal!!

1. Who really believes Obama didn´t know about this? And that he found out about this the same way most of us did!
2. Who really believes the "progressive" response to the IRS targeting conservatives isn´t "cool, man"?
3. Who really believes Obama and the "progressives" are going to stop targeting conservative groups?
4. Who really believes the GOP has the stones to do anything about it?
5. Who really believes ANYTHING that this president says?

Three huge scandals all boiling over for Obama in the same week - and it́s only the beginning of the week.. This ptrsident has credibility left (if he ever had any to begin with) .
That́s why you saw the desperation, arrogance and the bitterness in his face at that press conference, and that’s why he need the British prime Minster there, so that he could be able to switch subject when it go to hot for him. .This man and Michelle were handed the opportunity of a lifetime, as being the first Black couple to lead the Free World and they BOTH blew it.

Liberalmann said...

Really? You support this moron?

Michele Bachmann: 'We Need To Focus' On 'Spiritual Warfare,' To Fight Gay Marriage, Satan


Scotty said...

We can't forget the first "scandal" either, that seems to have gone nowhere. "Fast and Furious".

We have to keep them all(4) in the faces to those who will listen and have the will to take the actions that need to be done to fruition.

Darth Bacon said...

Do you support Joe Biden?

Sam Huntington said...

I think liberal man overlooks the fact that there is a wide range of conservative ideologies, just as there is a wide range of leftist ideologies. For example, some conservatives view queer behavior as an abomination —both spiritually and naturally, while other conservatives of the libertarian bent don’t really give a hoot what adults do in the privacy of their own homes, even if they are tired of hearing about queer athletes.

Conversely, some leftists are a bunch of fascist pukes who want the government in every aspect of our lives, while other leftists simply want to kill black babies through aggressive Planned Parenthood Infanticide Centers. I think liberal man is in the middle of the two last examples.

Jack Whyte said...

For too long in this society, we have celebrated unrestrained individualism over common community. -Joe Biden (Vice Idiot of the United States)

Z said...

Libmann, thanks for the confirmation that you seem to have zero reading skills.

SAM, if my post taught you something, I'm flattered. thanks.

Jack Whyte; he said THAT?
Man, that says a lot, doesn't it. Maybe he just missed all his American history classes totally?

Ezzz...we don't have to answer Dave Miller's question any better than we already have (which we have); even the honest leftwinger journalists are questioning.
Get a grip..your guy's a liar.

JonBerg said...

The Question Man said.........

"Y'all seem to take a great deal of pleasure in making Dave Miller look silly"

No, he does that all by himself.

JB,AKA:The Answer Man

Liberalmann said...

When the IRS targeted liberals
Under George W. Bush, it went after the NAACP, Greenpeace and even a liberal church

They Say/We Say said...

Bush wasn't in Office (Not The President)

Obama The Indonesian Stepchild is

Kid said...

Libtard, Thanks for the link, but Salon? They're as whacked as you. And yes I saw the other links inside such as the Baltimore Sun.

Regardless this is all here say. NAACP believe they were targeted because they got audited?

What don't those whining racists believe every time a flea hops out of hilrod's head of hair or a drop of rain falls from the sky?

Kid said...

Hey Libtards, Here ya go. Very typical of all you hypocritical fascists

The Tea Party are the most Non-racist people on the face of the Earth. Also he most non-violent. Gee, THAT's why your masters attack them so hard, because they're scared to death of them exposing the libtards for what they really are.

What the hell is wrong with you people anyway? I can see you get off on the wrong foot with our current school system but at some point the brain has to recognize the disparity between what is being said and what is happening around them right? Are you all really that stupid, or do you do it for the money, or the prospect of free money? I'd honestly like to know. I just find it difficult to believe there are THAT many people who are THAT stupid.