Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Gitmo........your thoughts?

Obama wants to close Gitmo.  Obama had restricted Yemeni detainees from going back. Remember?  Now he wants to lift that ban.  What happened that he'd change his mind like that?  Are the Yemen detainees promising to behave?  Did Yemen give us a guarantee?  Of course not;  both are ridiculous guesses.  So...........why now?

Then, when CNN showed 70% of Americans polled don't want Gitmo closed, Candy Crowley throws in "Don't forget, Bush wanted to close Gitmo, too" as if suddenly she thinks his wanting to do anything should carry any water?  She suddenly thinks Bush's recommendation is the right one...because it's her viewpoint? 

What do YOU want to see happen at Gitmo?

1. Completely shut it down and return everyone to their countries?
2. Have hearings for them all?
    -in civil courts or military tribunals?
3. Move Gitmo onto mainland USA?

Your thoughts?

By the way, I always get a feeling that far leftwingers would be angrier about supposed torture at Gitmo than, for example, the British soldier being murdered in cold blood. Do you?  Sad, isn't it.



Waylon said...

Gitmo is can be considered a long standing tradition by now since it's been a piece of land in American possession since way back in 1903. Not sure why it's withstood the Castro catastrophe, especially since it's verboten for normal American citizens to visit there, but it has, and remains home for less than 200 guests of American hospitality in the Caribbean.

Is the MacDonald's franchise still operating there? Maybe that's why it's still open.

Thersites said...

I think we should build an Obama wing at Gitmo and use it to house all of the killer drone surveillance program recordings of killings. We can then make the detainee's become the file librarians.

sue hanes said...

Z - I am for Gitmo being closed.
The prisoners should be moved to prisons in the States.

I am not outraged about torture being worse than the British soldier being hacked to death.
But they are the animals who do these things and we should not respond in kind.

Z said...

Sue, I wasn't drawing any distinction between 'tit for tat' on the killing in England and possible torture at Gitmo at all. It hadn't occurred to me.
If anybody'd been responded to 'in kind', the two monsters who had hacked to death the innocent soldier would have been hacked to death in broad daylight, too.
I wonder if this kind of retribution might have kept others from following suit as the two moslems had, come to think of it.

I believe jihadists are counting on our kindness. They know there are Americans who'll never let us fight back as we probably should. Sadly, our grandchildren will suffer for the 'goodness' we're being PC'd into now. And I still do believe that there are people in America who'd be much more upset (maybe I should use the word 'surprised' instead?) at Gitmo torture than moslems hacking innocents to death.

Waylon, is there a MacDo's franchise on Gitmo??

Thersites...very clever.

Anonymous said...

Prisoners of war are prisoners unti the war is over. Does Obama want to declare the "War on Terror" over?

FreeThinke said...

EVACUATE OUR PERSONNEL, then FIREBOMB the place. Use NAPALM first, then turn the place into DUST.

JonBerg said...

"What do YOU want to see happen at Gitmo?"

If there are reasons (presumably there are) that these filthy Rag Heads are being held; why not Gitmo?

It sounds like FT is on to something!

George Zimmerman said...

Let him spend the rest of his life reading Shaw's blog!

Z said...

FT and JonBerg...let's say we did do that....got our personnel out and firebombed with the inmates inside.

Tell me what you think would happen...
truly, I'm not challenging you in an insulting way, I HONESTLY want you to tell me what you think would happen.
I guess Obama COULD blame the next dead Ambassador's death on that, right? :-)

I had a mtg this morning off campus and got to hear some of Prager; that Obama actually thinks this war is nearly over, or that it's SECTARIAN, is so CRAZY it's absolutely frightening.
Obama suggests that if they weren't poor and if we built schools in Afghanistan, etc., those countries would like us again and the war on terror would be over. Forget the FACT that they throw acid in girl students' faces.
Can we survive his mentality?

JonBerg said...


My comment was rhetorical.

Sam Huntington said...

Sue is an interesting study. She presumes that in treating filth for what it is, we somehow become more like them. I disagree … the kinder, gentler approach merely encourages the filth to take advantage of our “refined” nature. Would Sue prefer to close GITMO if they housed those louse across the street from where she lives? Would she rather have them transferred to the United States if someone she loved had their head cut off by one of these barbarians?

JonBerg said...

"Obama suggests that if they weren't poor and if we built schools in Afghanistan, etc., those countries would like us again and the war on terror would be over. Forget the FACT that they throw acid in girl students' faces."

I'm not sure that I follow B.O.'s logic here. If we pull our troops out of that hole who then will protect the "Nation Builders" from the indigenous sub-humans that wish to live in some antediluvian era? Afganistan:

1) 15th least developed country in the World

2) Life Expectancy 42.7 years

3) Literacy Rate 28%

These people [sic] are throw-backs, even for the Middle East and are not worth one American life or dollar!

B.O. should be exiled to that $#!t #0le for life !

JonBerg said...


I guess that there are some very well meaning people who have somehow avoided any exposure, whatsoever,to reality and thus repose in their own little fanrasy land. I can sympathize with them to the point where they vote; it stops before that point!

Robert Sinclair said...

The road to perdition is paved with good intention. I surmise that Sue would be unable to pass a citizenship test, and if we used that criteria as a condition for voting, Obama could never have been elected.

FreeThinke said...

What would happen if we firebombed Gitmo and incinerated all the prisoners simulateneously Z?

The UN -- that hissing VIPER we nursed in our bosom since 1952 -- would condemn us and try to put SANCTIONS on us, of course.

All the European Eunuchs would be horrorstricken and would claim they "always knew" we Americans were nothing but a bunch of barbarians.

But our ENEMIES -- The Nations of the Middle East, North Korea, and CHINA -- MIGHT just being to RESPECT us once again, because in their worldview only those who have the courage and the will to DESTROY are worthy.

In gutter English it would shock the shit out of our enemies, and make them think twice before attacking us any time soon.

As for our so-called "friends," who CARES what THEY think? They are nutless and gutless and bent on committing SUICIDE from the look of them.

That's what "Marxian-Progressivism" does -- it ROTS the HEART and SOUL out of each locality that embraces it.

I am JUST old enough to remember what this country was like when we still believed in ourselves, still had firm convictions. and had sense enough to know who our enemies were, and who they weren't.

Ed Bonderenka said...

Guantanamo should be moved, via bulldozer, about 5 miles southeast of it's current position.
Or left right where it is.

Law and Order Teacher said...

It would be nice to not have to have a Gitmo. But reality being what it is it's necessary to separate these sub-humans from the rest of their sub-human soul mates. When they're released they just return to their stated aim of destroying other civilizations that actually have flush toilets.

Besides, it's clear no one wants them. Even the people in the Middle East don't want them in their countries. That speaks volumes. It's interesting that these people get it, while BO apparently doesn't.

beamish said...

The tragedy of the tortures of terrorists at Gitmo can only be erased by streaming them live on the internet for us to enjoy with popcorn.

Liberalmann said...

Too bad the GOP denied the funds to allow Obama to close Gitmo.

Mustang said...

What Beamish said ...

Anonymous said...


"I am JUST old enough to remember what this country was like when we still believed in ourselves, still had firm convictions. and had sense enough to know who our enemies were, and who they weren't."

And I'm old enough to remember that we never invited our enemies to set up PAC's and anti US organizations masquerading as either social groups or a cult, posing as a "religion".

If in 1929, if Hitler had declared Nazism as a "religion" of the state..and his genocide and conquests ( which were well known ), would we have stopped attacking Germany and pushing back against his "religious" desires?

During WW2 we interned Japanese and Germans...who committed no crimes like those that have occurred on OUR soil since 911. When German threats came too close to our shores...we detected most of them and sent them to the bottom of the LI sound. When they landed saboteurs on Long Island...we found them all, tried them and executed a few of them...immediately.

Now...we are in the most dangerous of predicaments...there are those that think...that being nice and accommodating to these wretched, traitorous enemies, will assimilate and become less of a threat or less dangerous. Who in God's name except the mentally challenged latte Lapping loon liberal losers believes this lie?

One would have thought that in the snuggy, warm and comfy confines of the Peoples Republic of Massachusetts this would have ended on April 15th. And that there was enough proof...that no matter how kind, generous, welcoming and PC we've become...they cannot be trusted...nor allowed to challenge, change and stay here...as they have through the likes of the MB and or CAIR and their ilk have.

Anonymous said...

Maybe the silly dork Brits have wizened up too?

"The former head of MI5 Dame Stella Rimington has called for British people to inform security services if they suspect their neighbours maybe extremists.

Dame Stella, who supports the Government’s controversial ‘snoopers’ charter’, said people need to be more alert because it is impossible for security services to spot every threat.

She called for a wartime vigilance and for people to be the Government’s ‘eyes and ears’ following the killing of Lee Rigby.

The 78-year-old, who was MI5’s first female Director General, said: ‘The community has the responsibility to act as the eyes and ears, as they did during the war … where there were all these posters up saying the walls have ears and the enemy is everywhere.

‘There have often been indications in the community, whether it’s Muslim or anywhere else, that people are becoming extremists and spouting hate phrases.’
Dame Stella said security services had to prioritise the most dangerous threats because ‘thousands’ of people were being radicalised in Britain.

She said further terror attacks on the UK were inevitable unless the country became a ‘police state’."

Of course the last sentence spoke of her ignorance....of course they have to...they have to put a set of eyes and ears in every shitty mosque in the country...then let the EDL loose.

Kid said...

IMP, you could turn that into a book. The president of CAIR has stated that America needs to become a sharia state. That they have no intention of adopting our culture.
And he's got an open invitation to the White House.

I feel like I'm on another planet. Al queerda attacks us and kills 2973 immediately in NYC and now we send 1.2 Bln to the muslim brotherhood who has the same stated goal of killing us. now we're sending all sorts of aid to the al queerda people who are the 'syrian rebels'. We want to send 4 Freakin BILLION of OUR money to the vile disgusting palestinians, a less than human species whose women get pregnant to grow suicide bombers, dressing them up as such form the age of 2 months.
a people who will kill fellow palestinians who do not chant death to Israel every 15 minutes.

You're exactly right. islam is no religion it is a cult. its middle name is deception. its handbook a mandate for sadistic conquest. it is literally like any plague that has infested the Earth and destroyed millions of people.

it declares that goats and dogs are worth more than women. hundreds of thousands of clitorectimies are performed in a crude environment on young teenage girls every year who are then sold to some 70 year old POS for a new sofa.

To any MORON who has a coexist sticker on their care, I say &^&^%$$$ *&^*^%&. I don't want to coexist with this ! If you do move over there and grow your beard or get your clitoris removed.

That we recognize this as a religion shows you just how much the American political society respects you. They DON'T. They don't give a * if you get your legs blown off in Boston by some pathetic punk vermin using decades old terrorist 'technology' that somehow under obama, we're not able to neutralize them and save some Americans.

ALl the shile the republican POSs and the Democrat POS spend 100% of their time trying to figure out how to get their vote. That's all this entire POS political body does anymore. That and steal trillions of dollars while they have you playing some child's game called dem vs repub, black vs white, them vs homosexuals, atheists vs religious... or hell, most of the idiots spend 23 hours a day consumed with hoops or baseball or football. Good Lord. pick a friggin color and go entertain yourself while the politicians rape you, steal your money and laugh so hard it's a wonder they don't end up in the hospital.

It's like living on the planet of the apes. And no that's not an African American reference, one that I'll not use again, until you folks start calling me European-American Dig?

I could go on and on an on.

You libtard pukes are in for a Real Shock and it's not going to take long for you to get it.

Mustang said...

There is a tower in London; Stella Rimington belongs inside it. Indefinitely. How long will it be before "informers" are arrested for "hate informing?"

Great Britain isn't so great any more.

Kid said...

IMP, The Brits? Even if they do wise up, they're unarmed and there aren't enough cops to deal with muslim vermin mayhem on any scale anyway.
They're screwed.

My advice to them is to form community groups armed with household items and overwhelming numbers that will defend their own when the next muslim punks decide to get their 15 minutes of fame.

Anonymous said...


I don't get that.

Mustang said...

Future terrorist attacks are inevitable in the UK because the government has taken away the people’s right of self defense. Ergo, Dame Rimington is an idiot and should be locked up in the Tower of London.

Anonymous said...


I'l go a bit further and risk some blowback here...cause this ain't PC.

I believe we've become weak cause we've become...feminized. To the point where we once had bad assess running the military and we could count on the military chiefs doing what they do best...advise on war and plan military strikes that get the enemy KIA'd.

And that the enemy would, whomever of them survive...would never phook with us again. There should be no mea culpas, breast beating or second thoughts about "collateral" damage....civilians...kids....none. In the case of the koran-derthals....they love death and I say let's provide it for them.

Now...I do not believe that any female can ever be an effective sec of state...head of DHS....or in any position to dictate military readiness or response to any attacks on Americans anywhere in the world.

And the last place we should have women represent us...is anywhere in the ME..anywhere. They despise women...they don't respect them..and they are and have been totally ineffective against the islamist shits.

Even those in Congress...are generally weak, indecisive and wishy washy. it's in their DNA to avoid violence and really put their hands into the mud and subsequent blood letting.

And that's it.

Have at it.

Mustang said...

You won't get any blow back from me.

Anonymous said...


I didn't think it would be you...

Anonymous said...

This is truly the best advice we've ever been given...and the Brits and we...now need to realize it.




Credit to Free Thinke

Anonymous said...


I should have added that John F'in Kerry should have been included as ineffective too...he's a perfect example of what a sec of state...should not be. His history as a liar, a flip flopper and a traitor for his past anti war and prominent in the winter soldier renders him totally unqualified. And thats what we can expect from this loser, lying, lame POTUS that surrounds himself with kerry, Holder, Jarret and the other ...loser "sin eaters" that protect this weak insufferable man.

And since Kerry is a gigilo and survives by the graces of wealthy women alone... we can question his manhood as being suspect.

I'll take a John Bolton over a POS like Kerry or Clinton any day.

Wars need not...and aren't supposed to last 10 freakin years without a resolution...except for...our surrender again?

Law and Order Teacher said...

Dame Rimington and BO should have a beer summit. They both are quick to blame their own country because of the actions of radicalized killers.

A police state? We're well on the road to that already. Disarm the people is the first step.

Kid said...

FWIW, I agree with IMP's thoughts on women in positions of military or state representative power. Or men who actually are women like john kerry.

They Shouldn't Be. Not in command.

madeline notsobright went and gave kim puke il a Michael Jordan autographed basketball. Think that sends a message we're not happy with kimmies games? Well, the people playing with him, that being clinton's administration were quite happy since they were all getting quite rich off the money laundering commonly called 'aid'.
then madeline set the rules for the Sailors aboard that USS Cole, that they could not display weapons, and that weapons mounted aboard the ship (guns) were not to be loaded. Result = 17 Sailors killed and their family and friends lives to suck forever more. what did madeline call it? Unintended consequences. This is what every libtard POS calls their FAILURE to think themselves out of a paper fooking bag every stinking day of their lives.

clinton, anyone with 2 brain cells to rub together knows about Benghazi. and clinton's main assistant. wife of the fooking muslim brotherhood !

And unless a miracle, the libtards will Happily elect that old rude communist bitch into the WH after obama leaves - If He Does without declaring martial law or some other BS parlor trick to stay in office.

janet of DHS? Please. janet reno? baba boxer, nana we have to pass the bill so we can find out what's in it pelosi. Someone name a woman in congress who knows her elbow from anything else. Well, that's not fair I guess, someone name a male in congress what can do anything more or would care to.

This isn't kindergarten. This isn't group therapy. THIS is dealing with a ruthless killing machine known as muslims. I don't think even Margret Thatcher would have the right bead on it.

Someone tell me what wormhole I fell into when I was sleeping sometime prior to November 2008 !

And people want to close gitmo and bring the vermin here so they can obtain the same rights as American Citizens, with rights to see all the military secret and top secret and confidential information and trails that put them there ! Why not just give them nukes and turn them loose in DC or New York !

Chinese have hacked into our Top Secret Weapons Designs ! Tel me that ever happen when a democrat wasn't in the White House !!!!!!

Good God.

Kid said...

So it's said. I'm REALLY pissed off at GW Bush for DHS and TSA. Come On, anyone hould have seen the potential for Serious American Citizen Abuse with that nonsense.

I'm very upset about that. We're stuck with those storm troopers now. They're above the law, they don't even follow the constitution and have not even been dented over that. Now they can insert themselves where ever people Travel !
Roads, waterways, you name it.
Good God.

Mustang said...

@ Kid ... Amen, brother.

Kid said...

Mustang, geeez, why are there so few of us?
It's not like I'm some kind of genius.

Rhetorical unless you want to.

Anonymous said...

95% of the people I hear from..have the same opinions as me, Mustang and Kid do.

They...meaning the scum in Congress...with an 12% "approval rating" ( meaning the entire US Gov't workforce ) rather than a more meaningful 88% DISAPPROVAL which is the real truth...never listen to us.

Short of any other means right now...they need to be primaried and get the boot.

However...it won't happen...50% of the voting populace....are squatters, idiots, dropouts and...racists. There's your "democratic" party.

Anonymous said...

And it's now come true:

Malevolence often comes disguised as benevolence.

Totalitarianism often comes disguised as populism.

Leftism comes disguised as liberalism.

And tyranny...doesn't appear at your doorstep suddenly.

You invite it in with open arms, until one day you realize what you have done.

Mustang said...

There is no value to freedom unless the people exercise it. We are at that point in time now where the people have willingly given up their liberty, in exchange for a benevolent (malevolent) government. May God have mercy on their stupid souls.

Anonymous said...

Seems like the best of the women have stayed away for the past 5 hours or so.

Mustang said...

News Flash

After an extensive self-investigation, Eric Holder has arrested himself as part of a DOJ sting; and then releases self after forgetting to read self Miranda rights.

(Stolen from IowaHawk)

Z said...

FT..I think your surmisal is exactly right. How much more COULD they hate us, right?
And it sure would send a hell of a message!

All such good comments and so depressing, I have to admit.

Imp, I hope I'm one of the 'best of the women' :-)
I WORK, pal! And I had dinner with the Assist. Head of School and we had such a grand time.

I'm loving reading these comments and I just have to say how proud I am to have you great thinkers here... THANK YOU.

Mustang...your last comment on the thread is exquisite...."no value in freedom unless the people exercise it",, instead, we EXORCISE it. How terrible.

I once said to one of our brighter students at school "You don't even know how great America's been .. I feel so badly for you." He looked me dead in the eyes and said "Mrs Z, I agree with you."
Broke my heart. They just don't know.

Z said...

Mustang! Thanks for the IowaHawk headline :-)

Imagine a country who gets those in question to investigate themselves?
And Americans don't NOTICE?

Obviously, 99% of them don't even know. Ya, picture Eric Holder finding him and his department guilty?

Bob said...

Choosing the Guantanamo Bay facility to house captured foreign terrorist collected in foreign countries was a stroke of genius by the Bush Administration.

If you want to incarcerate these people for any length of time, you need a place to warehouse them. Bringing them into the USA would result in according terrorists the rights of US citizens.

It would really be dumb to give foreign terrorists the same rights as US citizens. That's why Guantanamo makes sense, and that's why the Military courts made sense.

Of course, it is well known that Barack Obama and Erik Holder aren't dumb. They really believed that the War on Terror was over-sold. Bush was right, and did the right thing.

Kid said...

Mustang, Holder, that';s funny, and Very Fall of Rome-ish as well. We are there. When will we elect a horse as a senator? Oh, we already have....

Z said...

Bob, I agree with you 100%. Thanks for that good input.

By the way, like Rumsfeld or not, his new book is really an excellent book...particularly for young men and women going into the work world.

Kid said...

liberalman -One last thought= gop denied obama funds to close gitmo? the gop can't deny obama anything. obama and his collection of zombie morons passed obamacare all by themselves with a single gop vote, to take over 1/6th (at the originalestimate which is about 10 times too low) of the nations economy AND destroy healthcare in America as well.

obama and the dems can do whatever the hell they want to do. This isn't for your benefit. This is for the benefit of any morons reading who though you were making a point.

If you're trying to be funny, you are Pathetic. You surely must understand that. If you're trying to make real point, you're a million levels below pathetic. I hope that's clear.

Kid said...

without a single gop vote.

Kid said...

Keep it open. Military tribunals resulting in Death, Leave them there, send them home - convictions on site for all who are there.

To anyone who wants them here. Know that they could then be paroled at some point and would you welcome them as a neighbor? dating your daughter? No?? Then have the same consideration for every other person in this country.

They're not criminals. They're battlefield combatants, spies, etc. who by pure chance are there instead of dead.

If you close Gitmo, guess how many of these people will be let alive. None. You're passing an automatic death sentence on anyone who would have Otherwise ended up in gitmo, living the life of luxury with specially prepared muslim meals.

Possibly something for you to consider.