Thursday, May 9, 2013

Term Limits..............


Would it encourage less "legacy building" and attract more people who just want to help our country?
Would it negate expertise that comes with time in the position?

What is your biggest reason FOR term limits, and what makes you feel AGAINST?

Let's talk about it.



Silverfiddle said...

I hate to sound so jaded, but no, term limits would not help. Greedy pols would simply learn how to cash in faster, hastening our demise.

Also, Congress is staffed by a permanent cohort of staffers and managers. Rotating politicians would be beholden to them for their knowledge and experience, making these unelected mandarins the de-facto rulers.

Thersites said...

Congress will NEVER pass a Constitutional Amendment authorizing term limits. NEVER.

Z said...

SF, good point about the staffers and managers. I thought they came with the politician. If they don't, they would be the only ones with experience and possibly run the joint!

Z said...

That was a long time ago, Thersites, but looks pretty definite.

There should be some way to make these people actually beholden to US and not their legacies, though I know some are. I think some are?

Sam Huntington said...

I agree with SF ... our government has grown corrupt and there is no saving us from that.

FreeThinke said...

Excellent questions, Z. Too bad I must go to to see the ophthalmologist today (Big Deal I'm sorry to say). I'd have to give this some real thought before I could give an (hopefully) intelligent answer.

See ya later.

I'm not quite ready to succumb to total cynicism -- yet. SF. Please keep on fighting the good fight -- however you define it. I believe that's what we've all been put on earth to do.

As an old friend and mentor told me years ago, when I got discouraged that nobody seemed to know or care when I was doing my best work:


It's always good advice come what may.

Mustang said...

Politicians can NEVER be trusted to do the right thing, particularly when it comes to them. First of all, I believe politicians depend on the fact that most voters have the memory of a gnat. It allows them to get away with all sorts of things that would land the rest of us in court. They would never agree to term limits, and as SF suggested, they’d find a way around those. Naturally, it helps to pack the Supreme Court with closet progressives, right Justice Roberts?

Ducky's here said...

As long as K St. has unlimited funds for legal bribery (or speech as the right calls it) you can forget it.

Bribe the key committee chairmen whether they've been there 40 years or 40 days and it's in the bag.

Get rid of the money and modify the committee system and you might have something but don't waste time with this term limit stuff.

Sam Huntington said...

Ah, more examples of Ducky's version of honesty. Now when it comes to burning the American flag, he likes his free speech. When it comes to supporting decadent artists, or supporting State Radio (NPR) with public money, those are simply examples of our "collective" obligation to support the "other view."

Ducky, you're eating too many veggies. Try some red meat for a change.

Ducky's here said...

Stunning that you know which artists I support, Sam.

Not sure how you got privy to that info.

Actually, right now I'm looking into films for next semesters calss. I'm wondering if Theo Angelopoulos' "The Traveling Players" is a possibility.
It's a tough slog and requires both a knowledge of 20th century Greek history and Aeschylus which I've decided is too much on top of the 3½ hour duration and very long MSL.

But you're right, it's production was subsidized and he was a leftist. But that's who I'm looking at right now. Don't pretend you ever heard of him.

Jack Whyte said...

If Ducky blows his nose as often as he blows his own horn, he will never suffer from stuffed up sinuses.

Ducky's here said...

Jack, Sammy was the one who threw this completely off line by coming out of the blue with an idiotic statement.

He often needs correction like any other wayward child.

Sam Huntington said...

So Ducky, are you now saying that you DO NOT support Andres Serrano? Should he refund that money to the American taxpayer, then? That’s quite a change from your previous position. Are you moving, even very slowly, to the right?

OMG … the end is near!

Of course, you are right about the fact I didn’t know who Angelopoulos was. How could I not know he was regarded as Greece’s foremost film director? Greece, a country smaller than Texas—you’re right. I should have known this.

Z said...

oh, yes,'re just not a sophisticate for not knowing that director. SHAME on you! :-)

Ducky, I do agree about lobbyists; Mr Z was huge on that; they don't allow legal lobbying in Germany...obviously, there might be deals behind scenes, but it's just not done there. And, of course, they have farmers in Congress and plumbers, not just white color guys.

And, by the way, Ducky, I think Sam doesn't have to give a litany of your favorite artists to mention the types you enjoy.

Z said...

I just got off the phone with a very well known fast-food pizza outfit. The manager is a Hispanic Republican.

he was just telling me that he can't afford to pay for the huge insurance rates and is now needing to drop his employee hours to 30 hours a week, necessitating his hiring 35 more employees, of course.

Also, an excellent driver of 3 years just quit because he can't get enough hours.

His people, on avg, stayed for years...he now has a 60% turnover, with people leaving after 3 weeks.."not enough hours"

I asked why companies like his don't complain and he said "we'll lose business from the Obama lovers" They're scared.

I couldn't agree with him more on how awful "AFFORDABLE" Care will be and how it's already hurting business.

I got a free pizza:-)

JonBerg said...
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JonBerg said...

While we are dreaming, how about a Legislature that only meets every other year? And/or how about sessions totally devoted to repealing bad laws like Obamacare?

Ed Bonderenka said...

We have term limits,.
Every four or two years.
There are some pols I'd like to reward with longevity and others with a warrant.
In states with term limits, they just run for a different office or take an appointment.
We need to disenfranchise some people for ignorance before restrictng the choice of the informed, even Ducky.

Z said...

JB...well put!

Ed......excellent observations..

You guys rock :-)

Law and Order Teacher said...

I am sorry to have to add my voice to those who doubt that term limits are what troubles our politics. What troubles our politics is politicians. Once you enter the rarified air of DC you are quickly spoiled. I think it would be better to take away the many perks they have.

They contribute to their false sense of superiority. If they went and were made to labor like the rest of us with the bare minimum it would chase out all but the most dedicated.

Also we should pass a 28th Amendment that requires all laws passed by Congress apply equally to them as well as we the people.

Z said...

Law and Order; I think getting rid of perks is a good idea but I hesitate .. if you mean making them suffer Obama care, I'm 100% with you.
What other perks do you mean?

Jack Whyte said...

Let the stats pay the salaries and “benefits” of House representatives. It will be a clear reminder that they work for the people of their states … and are accountable to them. Presently, no one in Washington is accountable except on the off chance that any one is paying attention during an election year. Next, repeal the 17th Amendment. Return senators to the control of state legislatures; they are there to represent the interests of states at the federal level, and must be accountable too. Before any member of congress can travel overseas, he must obtain the permission of the district he represents. That should cut down on the junkets. But if congressional approval is needed for any of these … forget it.

Anonymous said...

1 term and you're done. No time to get corrupted by power. That's what matters. I couldn't care less about experience. Maybe they won't do as much this way.

Anonymous said...

Greedy pols would simply learn how to cash in faster, hastening our demise.

That is why I wonder if drawing citizens like the Greeks did wouldn't be a bad idea. This way you don't know who will be chosen. No time to give them cash beforehand. And no campaigning.

Once on the job, it is a different story. But they won't likely be reelected since they're drawn.

Robert Sinclair said...

Not sure direct democracy would work very well in a nation this size. There are often millions of people living within a single congressional district.

Kid said...

I'm against term limits.

If you were a stockholder of IBM, would you want the management turned over every 6 years say? I wouldn't.

Instead of term limits, how about an educated populus that understands how much politicians don't give a *&T*^& about them while they spend their time stealing as much money as they can while removing our ability to defend against them/protect ourselves/our assets at now light speed with the truly evil in majority.

Yea, never happen. That's where we're at.

It is truly comical anymore to see people actually pay any attention to what any of these political vermin have to say about anything, let alone believe any of them are the slightest bit interested in improving anything for 'the people'.

It is split my sides comical. I'd even laugh if it was funny.

Law and Order Teacher said...

Office space that is out of all proportion. Staff that is outsized. After all, many MOCs didn't read much of the legislation they voted on, so the staff appears to do little.

Haircuts and a gym? Really. Pack a lunch like I do everyday. MOCs shouldn't be paid beyond what the highest paid military member is. Additionally, They should be given accommodations commensurate to military officers. Anything else is a their expense.

I buy pencils, tissues, and other necessities out of my own money. I make a lot less than a MOC.

I don't think they should do all that but they are surely pampered beyond what the citizens they serve are at their employment.

Military members risk their lives. MOCs risk a paper cut.

Kid said...

JonBerg, I like your concept of meeting to remove legislation.

Especially federal. My personal view is that the federal government should only be involved with national security. It is their number one mandate in fact and it is that which they have been Stunning failures at, since the evil dems have taken over.

Can't even defend Boston against a couple punks using a tactic that's been used and known about by anyone calling themselves a security person for DECADES. (abandoned luggage/backpacks/any item that could contain a bomb in a heavily populated area, like the finish line of the Boston Marathon)

Then today I read where Gee the FBI never informed the Boston Police about the communication they got from Russia about the two jihadists they had living there, that we taxpayers have given 100,000 worth of welfare to in the last freakin year alone.

Wasn't the #1 MANDATE FOR DHS to pull all of these agencies together?

So what has the lesbian water buffalo, janet been doing as head of DHS for the last 5 years beside hiring 100% unqualified girlfriends and harrassing the male staff at DHS?

This country is so broken, it is hard to verbalize. Can you imagine what the media would be SCREAMING about since the bombing if a non-democrat was in the WH? Please at least folks tell me you know they'd be SCREAMING Daily about the Ultra-PATHETIC level of security in Boston at the hands of say Romney if he'd been elected. At least tell me that.

Kid said...

Congress should not be allowed to pass any law for which they are Exempt. That would cure a whole of what we're complaining about.

Kid said...

and Damn you Constitution Framers for not putting that in the Constitution.

Anonymous said...

MOC should be paid with an average salary and bonuses based on how the country is run. Budget not voted, no bonus. Budget in deficit, reduced bonus. Then maybe only motivated people will want to do it.

beamish said...

Repeal the 17th Amendment. Get up your state legislatures' asses to propose an amendment to the US Constitution to repeal it. Tell your state legislature you want them to appoint Senators so that the state government has a voice in federal matters. Again. As the Founding Fathers intended.

beamish said...
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Scotty said...

" beamish said...
Repeal the 17th Amendment."

Absolutely!! I think it more important than term limits.

They Say/We Say said...

Cadillac Pensions and Cadillac Health Care, now that is something the Politicians will fight for.
Oh, and the Debate Clause - that gives them cover to LIE!

Leticia said...

I absolutely agree that term limits would be wonderful down to the Supreme Court that is too much power and if someone is corrupt at least we knew they would be gone at a certain time and maybe, just maybe, someone can replace them and do some damage control.

My two cents.

Anonymous said...


"and Damn you Constitution Framers for not putting that in the Constitution."

I agree...but I'm thinking that these wily, smart guys...maybe had a bit of the monarchy still left in them? Even though they rebelled against it...they were still brought up on it and made their bones with the Kings too. Don't you believe that Jefferson, Adams, Madison and Monroe....knew they are a bit better than the average peasants of their time?

And they were peasants too. But...not that much different than it?

Anonymous said...

I actually would like to have term limits with a harsh penalty for corruption of officials. Something similar to treason. This way they'll behave.

Anonymous said...


"Something similar to treason. This way they'll behave..."

Goddamn never let me're 1000% correct. When these arrogant asswipes realize that they're not above the laws...they make...and are subject to the laws they make...there cannot be equality or justice under the law.

I'd start with the CBC, RNC and...the Dems....Our corrupt Gang of wealthy corrupt dirtbags.

JonBerg said...


I certainly share your view on the Surpreme Court!

Leticia said...

Thanks, Jon Berg!

Leticia said...

Thanks, Jon Berg!

Kid said...

IMP, I suspect you're right.

Letica, As far as term limits on the SC, I don't think it would do any good.

Watch and see if the SC goes lib under obama or his replacement, they don't bring every libtard item on the wish list through there knowing it will likely pass then. They could do it all in a couple years.

Not poo-pooing, just defining the problem. Investments in hope will never bring back a return on investment at this point.

beakerkin said...

Term Limits for all levels of government. Two terms and out for all

Beamish in 2016

FreeThinke said...

Leticia, I just had to tell you, I LOVE your new avatar. My eyesight is not so bad that I can't appreciate something as attractive as that.



JonBerg said...

"Leticia, I just had to tell you, I LOVE your new avatar."