Monday, September 16, 2013

Black Republicans talk......hear it here first

Some of you might remember a commenter here at geeeeZ, 'net observer'...He's a film maker and this is a rough cut of footage he's taken of friends who are Black and Conservative.
He sent this to me (and more) and I'm starting with Video I..........maybe II will come soon;  I've got it saved in my email.
You'll be fascinated...these are GOOD people......take a look.  I'm honored to be able to 'debut' it here.

Please, 'net' would like to know what you think.  So would I.  Would you watch anything on TV that featured these folks and opposing viewpoints?



beakerkin said...

I go back with Net Observer to FPM.
Like myself he tended to get unusual attention from Uptown. There was another person like Uptown with better social skills.

There was some nasty reaction to Obama. Most of the criticism of the policies is spot on.

Black conservatives go through much of the same situations I went through as a rare Jewish Republican.

Anonymous said...
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JonBerg said...

There are two philosophies at play here; creation of wealth and re-distribution of wealth. Moreover, the Republicans represent former and the Democrats represent the latter. An economy skewed toward re-distribution will shrink. The very rich will always remain rich, no matter what. All others will suffer in a shrinking economy. Some people understand this and all too many seem not to. The people featured in this video, obviously, do understand this. It's too bad that there aren't more of that ilk!

Krabby said...

One word...Superb. The 6 minute mark on, of this masterpiece nailed it for me.

Well done!

The Debonair Dudes World said...

And while Kerry so firmly warned the Syrians that we will strike, BUT! It will be “limited, unbelievably short and small, and for a very short time, there will be no American ground troops in Syria!

Obama said "No Boots on the Ground" What a freaken joke, this sounded more like a comedy act then the President of the United States and his Secretary of State.
And tell me Mr. President, Did the Japanese have “Boots on the Ground” when they bombed Pearl Harbor? Did the Muslims have “Boots on the Ground” when they destroyed the World Trade Center and murdered 3,000 of of our innocent civilians?
Did we run to Russia when the Muslims bombed the World Trade Center and murdered 3,000 of our innocent civilians? We didn’t trust them then and I don’t trust them now.

Duckys here said...
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FreeThinke said...

I loved it. All were credible, solid citizens, but the white haired lady in pale lavender silk and the gentleman with the white silk tie were particularly impressive. The lady for her amiable, no nonsense personality and passionate sincerity -- the gentleman for his high intelligence, keen insight and extraordinary ability to communicate his thoughts quietly but compellingly and with good humor.

One thing we must ALWAYS bear in mind about LEFTISTS: Their aim is NEVER to improve the plight of those they designate as "victims," but ONLY to gain ever-increasing amounts of DICTATORIAL POWER and CONTROL.

One idea that emerged struck me as particularly important. If Conservatives really WANT to win elections and win the votes of minorities -- the vast majority of whom are nowhere near as informed and enlightened as these interviewees -- Conservatives MUST stop harping on negatives, and champion, instead, the POSITIVE VIRTUES of the policies Conservatives are SUPPOSED to espouse.

If we were wise, we would leave Abortion, Homosexuality, Fear of Islam, and the nakedly hateful rhetorical approach to Democratic opponents -- as exemplified by the bitter, hateful, absolutely idiotic BOILERPLATE generated by Intellectual Chauvinists and Chronic Mischief Makers that appears in our midst constantly -- ALONE.

And please let us try to avoid insulting, inflammatory language tempting those its use may be. We can never make friends or allies out of our enemies if we persist in using abusive terms like morons, libtards, commies and the like.

The message in this film was entirely POSITIVE. We have much to learn from it.

Hurrah for NetO!

Z said...

Anonymous, I'm deleting mentions of that blogger. She's been here maybe twice and I don't remember going to hers ever, so please...I don't know quite the attraction , suddenly, of posting here about her, but it's not happening here. Sorry I had to delete you. I'm wearying of mentions of someone I honestly have not the slightest interest in or communication with.

Ducky, I'm afraid "net's" been in the business for years and I particularly am asking for content comments. Thanks.

Z said...

Deb Dude...what do you think of the video? We're trying to stick to topics here at geeeZ from now on. Thanks.

Ducky, on second thought.....tell 'net' your opinion. Maybe he's not seeing something you see, but he did email me this is done quickly and for content information more than filming details. is a good video, isn't it.

I'm surprised you comment on negative terms to libs here that some of my commenters use considering the kind of filth we get here from the left.

Anonymous said...

Late Breaking News!

An active Shooter at Washington Navy Yard, Reports of Multiple People Shot
Details to follow (CNN)
Latest: Shooter described as 6 ft male, African American surprise, surprise,, bald with assault rifle. At least several confirmed injured, some fatally, including security personnel. Swat team now on premises but suspect still at large, believed holed up in room. President has been notified.
Update: Shooter contained and wounded but not in custody; several killed, at least 10 wounded

The Debonair Dudes World said...

Z said...
Deb Dude...what do you think of the video? We're trying to stick to topics here at geeeZ from now on. Thanks.

What did I think?

Well for one thing I thought it was very good, HOWEVER, how many times have we heard that before? We know that there are many, many Blacks, be they Republicans or whatever who mean well and who are very compassionate about doing the right thing.
The problem is, and it's a VERY BIG problem, there are much to many Blacks who think the other way, to many Black Rappers, Comics, Singers, Basketball plays, Foot ball players Actors, etc, that are that rather than Role Models,with the wrong attitude. People who are bad influences with unprincipled,deceitful, and unreliable. Be they celebrities or even bad parents.
So although I DO think that video was very good, I don't have to much faith is her influence.
I think that people like Al Sharpton and his filthy ilk are more influential. Sorry to say it but that's how I really feel.
When some one like Paula Deen was treated the way she was and the Black Hoods and Rappers are looked upon as heroes, something is wrong there.

Anonymous said...

Right on the Dude is right I concur, we can't hold Paula Deen accountable for something she said 30 years ago when almost every black comedian and, rapper uses the N.word regularly...its hypocritical to be offended what Paula said years ago.. The majority of blacks use the N word everyday. From from Chris Rock, to President Obama to Jay-Z,Whoopi Goldberg, Boyce, and just look at what Oprah did to that sales lady in Switzerland! We should be offended by rappers glorifying addiction, drug use, promiscuity, and Cop killing..THESE ARE ALL Stupid people, who are out of touch with reality. We hear them using that word on the streets in the stores, whatever!!
Truth be told. It's INSANE! I'm offended by what they did to that women.

net observer said...

Well, Z, if I can clone FT's and Krabby's sentiments about 50 times, I will have accomplished goal #1 =)

And indeed, honest criticism of all kinds is welcome big-time, although you are correct when you say that the technicals aren't nearly as important as the substance at this stage.

For example, Debonair's perspective is actually helpful in one respect. In fact, I was sorta looking for a response like that.

Ultimately, I am hoping that one of the more attractive features of this prospective show will be its openness to very honest and thoughtful (but still very civil) Q&A, that happens to center around, mostly, African-American conservatives. Ergo, if the show becomes can be the place where views like Debonair's are not only welcome, but taken very seriously and answered very seriously, regardless of where the chips fall, that will help get this show greenlit in my opinion.

Bumper Freid said...

Does the president look incompetent on Syria? Maybe it’s because he is!

Remember when Obama said he would wage the war in Afghanistan and win it? Yeah, the rest of the world does too.
Remember when he sold the Poles down the river to the Russians? They havent forgotten. Neither one.
Remember when he tried to humiliate Netanyahu? Not forgotten either.
Remember when he went to Copenhagen and you declared it was a great victory? Yeah, I didnt forget that one.
Remember when Obama said if Assad used chem weapons it would be a red line? Yeah, Obama doesn't remember it either.
Remember when Obama berated the Bush Administration for acting unilaterally? No, Obama doesn’t remember that either.
Remember when Obama said he would ask Congress for authrority to act?

Obama's foreign policy record is a pathetic series of mis-steps, miscalculations, bad information, and bad decisions. We are the laughingstock of the world. The Commander in Chief of the strongest nation on Earth gets his lunch eaten by Vladimir Putin.
The worst president ever.

Conrad Black, The former head of the Argus and of London's Telegraph newspaper,once said:
"Not since the disintegration of the Soviet Union in 1991, and before that the fall of France in 1940, has there been so swift an erosion of the world influence of a Great Power as we are witnessing with the United States."

Pris said...

Z, this video is a breath of fresh air!
Thank you, and thank you Net. I too go way back to FPM, and remember Net well! I hope he'll come on here.

If we share similar values and love freedom, that's what matters to me. We're all American individuals, and I couldn't care less what skin color someone is.

beamish said...

When do we get to the day when the color of the skin of the speaker does not get top billing? Is there really a difference between "black conservatism" and "white conservatism?"

Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed the video, I just wonder what the hurdle is that makes it where we "need" the conservative to be black in order to reach out to and gain acceptance from other black people and vice versa, though I'm not sure there's many white conservatives out there who wouldn't listen to these people because of the color of their skin.

Maybe I'm still dreaming with Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Pris said...

Hi Net, I was typing while you came on here. So good to see you. It's been a long time, huh?

Bumper Freid said...

I also concur what the Dude said...Young Blacks need new role models, perhaps from the profession world or the world of education, not the role models of celebrities,comedians,reality shows, the sports world of today, and the rappers who glamorize crime, narcotics guns or gangs. At the rate they are going now, the prisons will be full of these kids who have gone astray because of the lack of leadership. And yes, Paula Deen was railroaded, make no mistake about that. The world of Hip Hop etc is a hypocritical world. As an old white guy, I have said the “N” word, many times in my 70 years of life in a great many contexts. As many others have. But never once did I use it to disparage a particular black person. Never. But to vilify someone who has contributed so much to this world only because she used a word 30 years ago is simply crazy. I personally do not think that Paula Deen is a racist, not a all.

net observer said...

yes, pris. it has been. appreciate the kind words.

Anonymous said...

Well my fellow bloggers read your history, it’s not the whit people that are filling the prisons by the 10's of thousands. .
I don’t give a Rats Ass what the PROGRESSIVES - SOCIALISTS - COMMUNISTS - LEFT-WING RADICALS , say! They want people to be offended, stir up a bunch of race talk all over the radio dials, the TV, and the News papers, and take everyone's attention away from the biggest presidential scandals in modern history. Plus, they wouldn’t know a fact if it hit them in the face.
Political correctness has gone mad in this country. It wasn't too many years ago that every other word out of Richard Pryor's mouth was a vulgarity about race. No one really cared. Well, except for the morons who wanted to personalize it rather than accept it as humor. I don't know Paula Deen from a hole in the wall but I know that she is being treating unfairly, and if the shoe was on the other foot things would be very different.

It would be interesting to hear what Food Network executives have uttered in their lifetimes. You know, the ones who fired her. Or, the person who worked there for five years and then decided to file a lawsuit after being "abused" for so long. Ahem. How often has that person used racial slurs? Has she been deposed of this question? People should be forgiven for their small-minded words and encouraged to grow from those perceptions. I'm not taking Paul Deen's side, but I have never seen her as anything other than a heartfelt, caring person.
Far more damage has been done by black rappers and entertainers who used the infamous "n-word" to create a "racial" identity for too many of their foolish young people to follow. Ten million Paula Deens could not do nearly as much damage to that "race" as they did.
Oh and one more thing, Al and Jesse, just love this type of shit, they want a race war. Couple of false prophets and puppets to Satan.

FYI-I'm a Veteran, Red, White, and Blue. I have paid my dues and I believe in calling it like it is. And I don’t need any of this crap in my life!

Duckys here said...

I'm trying to figure out why an "experienced" videographer would use a Dutch tilt.
Distracts from the message.
Form is content.

Impertinent said...

Well Net...I thought I'd have to pop in here and give my 2 cents ...and you know I couldn't resist a chance to chat with I always have!

This was an exceptional production Net. From, it's editing, to camera work and the sound quality. There was nothing amateur about this video. The speakers were brilliant, honest and quite impressive Net.

And I have not missed the content and message of this video / message either. I was impressed from beginning to end. And as someone else noted...I really got hooked at around that 6 minute mark with the passion and energy expressed.

Well done Net...and kudos to your team that produced this much needed openness and message....and I hope this represents the beginning of a new dialogue and draws upon more people of like mind for their input.

BTW...where's that beer you promised me long ago?

net observer said...


"I'm trying to figure out why an "experienced" videographer would use a Dutch tilt."

Because he wants to =)

But nevertheless, as I said, I appreciate your opinions as I do everyone else's. As long as the opinions are honest, they are ultimately helpful, and I'm not just saying that.

Beer's coming, Imp. Believe it or not, I'm making another retreat to the St Pete Boat Show in December. Maybe, maybe? Who knows? =)

Thx for the compliments.

Anonymous said...

Beer, Schmeer, this Just In: At least 12 dead in Washington Navy Yard shootings....but General Motors is Alive! Yipee

Hillary Clinton said...

This FACT is just in....: At least 12 dead in Washington Navy Yard shootings..
This is exactly why we need to ban Guns, and not only do we need to ban all guns,we need to ban knives, sticks, and stones and drugs that will stop them.. Next make sure no lawful Americans can be protected by the bill of Rights. Then we need to ban cars since more people are killed and hurt in them then by firearms.And after than we'll work on banning Airplanes. Also lets not forget that there are many children die by drowning every year in backyard pools. And there can be no argument that NO one REALLY NEEDS a backyard pool.

And since there was 1 failed shoe bombing we aALL have to take off our shoes at the airport.
Great liberal idea.

Creepy-Dumb-Ass-Cracker said...

Good comment Hillary, perfect example of the liberal imbeciles with this kind of thinking in our country.

Are your folks aware that Black children die by guns 11 times as often as White children in New York City. And that's Black on Black. I can only imagine what the rate is in Chicago.

Maybe Putin can do something about that!

Food4Thought said...

Vladimir Putin, my newly found and more-admired-as-each-day-goes-by hero, has struck again. He offered Obama a way out of being confronted with his Syrian “red line” threat that he subsequently denied saying, when he did, and on TV, by saying that Syrian President Bashar Assad had agreed to having an international consortium take charge of his stockpile of chemical weapons.

Obama, standing there with all that egg on his face, jumped at Putin’s offer of a wet towel to clean his image up with. Of course, the offer does come with a few little caveats…… Like for instance agreeing to never ever attack Syria for any reason, along with a variety of other requirements.

So our noble and highly esteemed president made the speech to Congress today that had been previously scheduled, and originally was intended to push for an attack on Syria, but was changed to push for no attack, to hit the “pause” button instead, and maybe to attack later. It was the No Content presidential speech of the century.

Considering that our entire Congress was assembled to hear a speech about doing nothing about something that fully 80% of the American public wanted nothing done about ANYWAY, his speech was genuinely historic. Never before has a president of the United States addressed Congress to appeal to them to do nothing about something that he really wanted them to do something about. Obama did not walk, he RAN straight into Vlad Putin’s trap, to keep from looking like an incompetent fool, and proved he is one by doing so.

Putin has good reason to be contemptuous of Obama. What’s going on in Syria is just another battle in the 1300+ years religious war between the Shiite and Sunni Muslims, and right now, it’s the Sunnites that are the biggest threat to the rest of us. Obama has sided with the Sunnites while Putin has sided with Russia. Huge difference.

Russia will support Syria and Iran against the assault of the Sunnites for as long as it takes, and when the roles of the two Muslim sects eventually reverse and it’s the Shiites trying to take over the world, Russia will side with the Sunnites. As long as those two sects of Islam are battling each other, they’ll leave the rest of us the hell alone.

Bob said...

I was not able to watch the whole video, but I thought all participants were supposed to be black. Early in the video, Bob Barr, former Congressional Representative from Georgia speaks.

Bob Barr was one of the Congressional Reps to push for the impeachment of Bill Clinton. Barr took a lead role.

It was always a joke on radio shows the Bob Barr looked like a black man. He is rabidly conservative, and is a former Federal Prosecutor.

Bob Barr -

Bob said...


Did I say that Bob Barr is a white man in a video about black conservatives?

Leticia said...

Awesome!! This should go viral, but doubt it will happen.

Kid said...

First a story that I'd bet few are familiar with - Black Wall Street, Tulsa Okla, 1921 Massacre

Not just the massacre, but the fact that Black Wall Street Existed in the First Place. How many knew about that. That information has been scuttled hasn't it.

Then my honest thought that it is too late for the black person or anyone else who knows the democrats to be the to lying evil racist plantation owners today and always and now sincere communists, to rally around the republicans.

The republicans won't do anything for anyone at this point. They're not only useless, they've gone total dysfunctional to the point, I can't see how they'd ever win a white house election again. And as stated, what good would come of it if they did.

It IS time for 3rd party who will respect America and Americans. I'll never vote for a repub again, and you know I'll never vote racist libtard dem.

Or chuck this country.

Kid said...

PS - Net, Nice to see you around again, I agree with Imp's comment of course, and hope you'll pop in, or somewhere, from time to time.

We're going backwards on the race relations front now at full speed. Not good.

Kid said...

PPS, Z - Maybe you'd like to do a post on Black Wall Street. You have a larger audience than I, and it is a story that needs told. You wouldn't have to say much, let the article I linked do the talking.

Kid said...

Quick explanation of why I said we're going backwards on race relations.
1.) obama's son would be Trayvon, but the 22 yr old Australian baseball player was only mentioned because it was an international incident and no question on why HE was killed. And later others Strictly, admittedly by the shooters becuase they were white, and No Comment from obama, or anyone in secondary 'leadership' positions like Sharpton. Or maybe I missed it.
2) Kind of from the other direction - Remember the college kids who happened to be black that walked into an open store to find no one there, pick out what they needed and pay for it - flashing the money to the sec cameras?
Why did CNN call them Honest Burglars. What made them burglars? being black? Then later, on TV, CNN presenter repeats all this nonsense, hours later when they could have gotten their heads straight, and adds insult to injury by saying "AND THEN SOMETHING *SHOCKING* HAPPENED, THEY TOOK OUT MONEY AND PAID FOR.."
Why was it shocking? Because they were black? Why would CNN, supposedly fighting every day for the elimination of Racism, rachet it up themselves about as hard as I think anyone could have?

None of this is good. Where are we going to be, 3 years form now when obama and holder are gone? who is going to replace them? probably the hildebeast, will it get better? I'd bet no.

beakerkin said...

Only Lefties like Duncy demand certain groups should all think alike
to be authentic. The notion of intellectual freedom goes over the head of leftists.

net observer said...


Kid, this is a "reluctant" response =) But I just couldn't hold it in.

I honestly don't think race relations between the vast, vast majority of blacks and whites are bad. Frankly, I think things are better than ever, period, no question about it; esp. if we include the so-called millennial generation.

The perceived problem, I think, is borne of a perfect storm of sorts. Part of that storm is the power, ubiquity and anonymity of an essentially unfiltered social media environment; one that unfortunately has surfaced at a time when our loudest and most enthusiastic political voices have become not just polarized, but flat-out antagonistic toward one another.

Today's politically oriented social media culture encourages people to say whatever is on their minds (even if there's not a lot on their minds), whenever they want to, however they want to, with very little concern as to how others perceive them.

It even encourages people who DO have a lot more on their minds to speak like people who DON'T!

While I can fully empathize with anyone who refuses to filter his/her words just because someone else might get offended, that natural response can't ignore the truth: At the end of the day, on issues as potentially incendiary as race, those of us who see ourselves as "civilized" should exercise more care with our words, esp. when, quite frankly, we can express the exact same thoughts, just as candidly, with more civil language.

I don't think this is a problem at the dinner table among friends or like-minded people. But in a world where unfiltered language with no context is constantly being disseminated instantaneously throughout the entire world via the Internet; then yes, I think it's potentially a problem.

net observer said...


Remember that old adage? "How one acts when no one is around is the best indication of his/her character"? (paraphrased)

I think that's probably true. But I don't know anybody, myself included, who wants to be judged by such a high standard. Case in point, I certainly do not want the next 20-something modelicious female I pass by to hear the first/initial thoughts in my head, and then draw her conclusions about me based on those thoughts. That is why I, along with a billion other decent men on this planet, automatically filter my thoughts in those situations.

But getting back on track: Kid, this is my personal "simplistic-but-fair" view of "how we got here" with respect to race relations:

(a) America experienced a 60's Civil Rights Movement that, generally speaking, to this day, commands the respect of any modern, reputable, civilized person;

(b) America also experienced a kind of 70's "White Man's Burden" era which urged the larger society to somehow make up for its past wrongdoings, oftentimes with little or no care about the long-term effects to the society.

(c) This admirable gesture from the larger society unintentionally helped to spur a culture of misguided ethnocentrism among African-Americans in the 80s/90s, which was rampant with excuse-making, and some very "nutty professor" solutions to some very serious social problems (e.g., "racial bias" on standardized tests, "ebonics", "keepin' it real", the youth ditching Civil Rights heroes for Louis Farrakhan et al, an apparent newfound "respect" for criminality, despite the advent of "crack", "gangsta rap culture", etc)

(d) This new "turn" in black culture not only sent a lot of African-Americans down a destructive path, but also simultaneously p!ssed off a lot of decent and well-meaning whites in the process (along with a few not-so-decent and not-so-well-meaning ones). And many of them began to feel less and less responsible for the so-called plight of the so-called black community.

But they couldn't say that publicly for fear of being labelled "racist".

(e) I think (d) largely contributed to the proliferation of the modern-day conservative movement, which became a kind of a forum for people (particularly whites) to counter the liberal madness around them, esp. on the issue of race.

And if you were a 20-something black person in the mid-to-late 80s (like moi), whites who spoke "conservative" sounded "racist". Not because they were, necessarily, but because "we" (me and my peers) had grown up in a world where decent white people never publicly expressed any honest criticisms about black culture. So it was a little shocking when we first heard it. And, since the 60s were only a generation prior, it was very easy for "me and my peers" to believe our liberal elders who insisted that this new conservative movement was nothing more than a bunch of reactionary white racists attempting to stop "progress".

net observer said...


Kid, I suspect that you more or less agree with what I have said heretofore. But this is where we probably part ways:

Over the last 15 or so years, I have absolutely seen an enormous positive evolution among African-Americans, in terms of how we as a people view America, the world, free-market economics...or let's just say, "all the things that matter". I think that we as people are more diverse in our views than ever before, more thoughtful in our views than ever before, more tolerant of other views than ever before, etc.

Am I talking about gangbangers? Obviously not. Am I talking about the multitudinous numbskulls on Twitter? Obviously not. I am talking about the majority of normal, working African-American people, including those I would criticize for ceding too much ground to the numbskulls. I am talking about "today" versus 1996 when Farrakhan organized a Million Man March on a weekday/work-day and still hundreds of thousands of black men to attend. That could not happen today. We are different. A hell of a lot different.

I don't have to search for examples of decent, respectable, intelligent black people. I don't even have to search for blacks with varying conservative principles. They are everywhere, at every economic level; and frankly, I think they are firmly in the majority.

But, almost none of them will ever identify with the GOP, or, what is commonly referred to as "conservativism".

Now, I don't think that's necessarily fair, but to some extent, I understand their logic.

Having said that, let me also add very quickly, that if I were a white conservative reading this, I would have a hard time believing my assessment of African-Americans.

Kid, I am quite aware that a whole lot of black people have issues with self-described conservatives, and generally speaking, they don't feel any obligation to defend or even understand self-described conservatives. I repeat, I don't think it's fair. But let us first define the problem.

Bottom line, I have absolutely come to the conclusion that both "sides" (and I hate putting it that way; it's not really accurate) are suffering from a colossal oversimplification of what's happening. I would argue that this entire mess is the result of a major impasse in communication, and interestingly, it is not really about "blacks" versus "whites". It's more about "self-described conservatives" versus "self-described non-conservatives".

net observer said...


I specifically use the term "self-described" because I think the term "conservative" has changed connotatively over the last 15-plus years. Furthermore, I have witnessed far too many blacks who believe STRONGLY in CERTAIN conservative principles (more than even *I* realized), who, fwiw, have plenty of white friends (more than even I realized), and they are still highly unlikely to identify with the current GOP based on their understanding of the it.

I believe that we as a nation can absolutely get pass this; IF, and ONLY IF; we would just calm down, trust each other long enough to have a real conversation; stay honest but be empathetic when/if possible; and also understand that we are probably not nearly as far apart as it may seem because we are not.

But our current political climate provides very few incentives for more reasoned discourse, esp. when it comes to race.

Quick anecdote, Kid: I once did a taping in a black barbershop, very recently, to field some opinions regarding gun control. As it turned out, three of the six barbers were members of the NRA, and two of the remaining three were remarkably sympathetic to NRA-like views.

But only one of those barbers was GOP. And I will bet you anything that if you asked any of those guys, "Why aren't the rest of you in the GOP?" they will hop onto Google and search for some of that "honest-but-unfiltered" conservative commentary, and then they would turn to you and say, "Why would I want to be a part of that?"

Could you do the exact same thing back to them? Absolutely. But we gotta rise above that in my opinion.

In other words, I think FreeThink has it right.

Kid said...

Net, I appreciate your reply.

First quickly, I get a lot of my impressions from media based sources, the outside world, and while I know that source is defective, I still see it as one that continues to create the mindset that: )most criminals are Black, Most welfare and WIC recipients are black, and Most uneducated people are black. The correct answer on all three is white.

But a lot of people get the opinions from the media. That’s why I said we’re headed in the wrong direction.Not compared to 1950, but compared to 1970. So, I could see a typical Twilight Zone type episode occurring in real life, where quite reasonable people are herded into mob mentalities and things go south as a result.

So, I’m encouraged by your remarks. I hope many more people are like us, looking at the situation, the daily din and realizing it’s very skewed BS.

In response to you:
-Yes civilized people should not be PC but they should show common courtesy. The honesty on the net has some value though.
-I look around and don’t see many Conservatives. Too many want to have too much control over others. That’s not conservatism at all. Yes, the term has been Fubar’d along with the term liberal to the point that they really aren’t acceptable for honest communication anymore.
-From part 3, communication breakdown. Agree. Re: conservatives, see above. There are far too few of us. Sad.
-Part 4 – I’m happy to see they won’t hop on the GOP train because that train is no longer what it claims to be. I regard the last real American presidents as JFK and Reagan. We are in the muck now and the 2 party system is nothing more than a game of sabotaging the other party, lip service extraordinaire, and both holding hands at the end of the day, skipping down the road enriching themselves and friends and those they Owe their political life to.
-If most are like you and I, then I’ll say just because a black kid goes off into the street, kills a white guy and says “I’ve killed 4-5 more since the Zimmerman trial”, I’m not going to grab my gun and run into the street looking for trouble. So that’s a good thing, and I don’t see white people running into the street either.

So I may be over-reacting by not having enough trust in the rest of the folks out there. It warrants observation though. We still have the problem of younger folks and some older die hard old school media people being not informed and misinformed. When exactly will they realize that: )most criminals are AREN’T Black, Most welfare and WIC recipients are NOT black, and Most uneducated people are NOT black.

Thanks for the encouragement.