Sunday, September 8, 2013

Sunday Faith Post

I went to a memorial service yesterday.  A 57 year old woman, who's lived for 26 years in a wheel chair
after having been hit head-on in a car accident, recently passed away.  She died of pancreatic cancer.
Before she died, she wrote a letter and gave it to the pastor to read today.  It was very moving to hear him read her words, let me tell you.
She said in her letter that she got closer to God after the accident.  I know she'd grown still stronger in her faith the last couple of years, even remaining cheerful during the pancreatic cancer fight.  I'm not saying she didn't have tough days, but, mostly, she was so accepting and so strong.  Her letter talked about how much God meant to her and how she couldn't wait to be with Him.  She even suggested in her letter that God might as well have planned that accident because He sure got her attention and she got so close to Him because of it.

One young man who got up to talk at the service read a letter from his mother, Mary, who'd been a friend of Linda's but couldn't attend.   Here's the neat thing:  After the service, I spoke to the young man, Cody, and he said his mother and Linda had been very good friends but had lost contact over the years because Linda had moved.   In 2002, Cody was listening to a song called "Girlfriend in a Coma" by The Smiths and when Mary heard what her son was playing, she remembered that had been a hit just at the time in 1987 when her old friend Linda had spent time in a coma after her car accident.  She decided to try to find Linda again and she did.  They became fast friends again until 3 weeks ago when Linda died.  Mary and Linda's renewed relationship was a huge blessing to them both, giving Linda particular joy at such a crucial time.  Seems like that reunion had some supernatural help.

I don't much believe in coincidences.   Do you?



sue hanes said...

Z - So sorry about your friend. No - I don't believe in consequences. There are too many happenings that have to be planned.

Have a great Sunday.

Ed Bonderenka said...

I used to pray that God would bless my kids and draw him to them and keep harm from befalling them.
Who am I to tell God how to answer my prayers or bless them?
is it better to live your life in comfort and miss an afterlife (eternity) with God?
If it takes hardship to turn your head to God, it will be a short affliction, relatively speaking.
Was the homegoing joyous, Z?

Always On Watch said...

There is nothing like knowing that someone you care about has come to the Lord before dying.

Linda said...

This is so eye-opening. I'm glad the friends got together, again. It is bitter-sweet!

I don't believe in consequences either.

Ed Bonderenka said...

AOW +1

Pris said...

As you know, I don't believe in coincidences either. If we remain open to the possibility of miracles, or meaningful incidents, in my heart, and my mind, divine intervention is real. All we have to do, is be willing to accept it. To me, this brings a whole different meaning to our lives, and helps us to carry on.

Pris said...
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Z said...

Sue, thanks....I didn't know her very well, but did learn so much from watching her grace as she accepted and even embraced her situation.

Ed...she died very peacefully..and joyful that she was going home.
It will be a short affliction, relatively speaking; good point, Ed.


Linda, isn't that wonderful? What were the chances!?

Pris, I agree. And, I've noticed that the more I notice, the more they happen. nice! XX

Z said...

I have to add that there's also nothing like knowing that someone you care about who has faith REALLY depended on that faith in THE hardest, most painful times and it got her through SO BEAUTIFULLY....

Pris said...

Yes Z,
I agree with you too. I know what you mean, because I've experienced the same thing.

Bob said...

In the world of politics, I don't think coincidences exist. In the spiritual world, I don't think they exist. In the natural world, they exist, but there is always a cause for something whether the events are coincidental or not.

For example, Hurricane Sandy was a category 1 storm, and by itself would have done little damage. However, other meteorological conditions combined to make Sandy a "perfect storm". Were the other conditions coincidental, or were they the will of God? I believe that they just happened, and even global warming had nothing to do with the events.

How should I interpret these things?

FreeThinke said...

Every single thing in the Universe -- including each one of us and everyone an/d everything we know, love or hate -- is just a tiny fragment of a great cosmic mosaic God has been putting together since Divine Mind first brought the Cosmos into tangible existence. Only He knows what the whole picture looks like, and what it means.

We won't know until we live in the HERE ------ AFTER.

Meanwhile, if we are wise, we simply must trust that God knows what He is doing and that His Purpose is good -- no matter HOW it may look to us individually.

Z said...

Bob, I don't think ALL coincidences aren't coincidences.
But, I'm also not so rigid that I can't think God had anything to do with those things.

FT...another good way to say it.
Except that it's so extremely important how we look at it. To show our faith and love to Him.

FreeThinke said...


A rather chilling-but-plausible way to look at it is that all of history is nothing but one big CHAIN REACTION.

Nevertheless, I much prefer to cultivate faith in a loving, all-powerful God who knows better than I what's good for me -- and the rest of the world.

Surely you've noticed the tension, aggravation, frustration and sheer misery generated by those who always want to give you an argument?

These fractious elements, who fight the very idea of submitting themselves to any power higher than their own intellect and selfish willpower, are the primary source of most of the misery in the world.

Attaining the blessing of God's Peace has NOTHING WHATSOEVER to do with conquering and subduing belligerent nations or "correcting" the behavior of OTHER people. It's entirely an INNER thing.

The more bring our OWN nature in tune with Almighty God, the more peace, joy and fulfillment we experience. It can happen, even if we're on our way to The Scaffold.

The example of Dietrich Bonnhoeffer alone should prove that.

Anonymous said...

I don't believe in coincidences.

I do believe in an IPhone's GPS ability to find another IPhone though.

Maybe thats how they got together?

Bob said...

FreeThinke: You have given me a lot to think about. I appreciate your viewpoint, although I may not totally agree with you. I feel that God can guide one's life if you allow it. It is an optional thing with Him.

I do believe there are natural coincidences like random stuff in the weather. I don't believe God generates tornadoes to kill people. They just happen to be in the way of a natural occurrence. That would be the chain reaction you mentioned.

There's a lot to think and pray about.

Bob said...

George Beverly Shea sang it beautifully, and this expresses the basic idea.

His Eye Is On The Sparrow

Matthew 10-29-31
"Are not two sparrows sold for a penny? Yet not one of them will fall to the ground outside your Father’s care.[a] 30 And even the very hairs of your head are all numbered. 31 So don’t be afraid; you are worth more than many sparrows."

I guess that answers my question.