Monday, September 30, 2013


Yahoo's replete with articles subtly and not-so-subtly blaming Republicans for everything bad with our economy and giving them the full blame for shutting down the government. No acknowledgment of the polling which shows most people really don't want Obama Care funded. (Anybody notice that Obama himself, previously angry at the term OBAMA CARE instead of AFFORDABLE CARE, called it OBAMA CARE the other day? the way, who's it 'affordable' to other than those of us taxes will go up to pay for?)

Some say EVERYBODY's going to suffer for this shut-down, many people say that's nuts, the last one hurt very little.

So, tell me................what's going to happen?   How worried are YOU?



Joe Conservative said...

Government subsidies of health care will reduce health care costs much as their subsidies of higher education reduced higher education costs....


Bodecea said...

It's in Reid and Obama's hands right now.

If they government shuts down, it's their fault.

A;though shutting down the government down is NOT such a bad idea.
Obama and Reid want the shut down. They see it as something to blame on the Republican House so they can use it in the elections next year. Their worse nightmare is that Republicans cave and send them a clean Continuing Resolution.

I think it will backfire on them. Only the left base will be listening to them, and they are not going to vote for Republicans next year anyway

Joe Conservative said...

the only way to curtail the inevitable health care cost explosion ignited by government subsidies, will be a single health care payer monopoly... the holy grail of socialists everywhere.

Locke, A Great American Patriot said...

Yeah, it's clear they should at least delay it. And they should eliminate the Mandate all-together. If it goes as is, it's gonna be a monumental disaster. Just wait till Thousands of loyal Obamabots get a visit from the IRS Gestapo. They're gonna be shocked at what their Dear Leader has done to them.
Unfortunately, most loyal Obamabots are low-information ding-bats. They're shockingly uninformed. When the IRS Gestapo comes calling, they will be completely shocked. They have no idea what they're in for.

Jarhead said...

Look, if Reid and obama do not agree with the sensible house bill and allow the govt to shut down, then its all on them. Their refusal to compromise would be the reason for the shutdown and the American people are smart enough to realize that, even though the MSM will lie about it. The dipstick dems know it’s a piece of crap, the unions hate it, the CEO’s hate it, and the people hate it.. Why are the dipstick dems so brain dead that they cannot admit that it needs fixing?

This president can only lead by disasters. school shootings, shutdowns, al-qaeda raids tragedies, and downgrades are the very breath of life for Obama and the Dems. Give hum a tragedy and a platform, and hie’s right at home, to preach his Gun Control BS or a chance for him to scold the republicans. Thats what he lives for scolding the republicans then going on vacation.And the ass-kissing Libs love it.

Duckys here said...

No acknowledgment of the polling which shows most people really don't want Obama Care funded.


he majority aren't happy with the Affordable Care Act but 15+ percent of those opposed want an act that is closer to single payer.

A minority want the status quo.

Mustang said...

We may wonder why the US Senate hasn’t passed a budget since 2009, forcing the government to operate on the basis of continuing resolutions. The theater is interesting, for every fifteen minutes therre is a leftist appearing on camera to proclaim that the GOP is trying to shut down the government. Actually, this is not altogether true, but we all know by now that if you tell a lie often enough … it becomes the truth. And we have to remembe who these people are talking to … individuals schooled in American public schools and teachers —dare I say it?— just like Ducky.

Does the impending shutdown affect me? No. Will it affect 320 million other Americans? Not unless there is a sudden surge to enter a federal park and while away our time gazing at mating brown bears.

sue hanes said...

Z - I'm not worried for myself and my family - but I wonder why there has to be a shutdown. Why can't the government get along and prevent this from happening.

Anonymous said...

This whole thing is a charade. I'm tired of American politics. I'm tired of American politicians. So they can shut it down hoping Congress will not get any salary. We're in an idiocracy.

Gunslinger said...

The Democrats will be 100% responsible for any Government shutdown.
And they are forcing it to happen in the hopes that the Republicans gets the blame, and Obammy can scald them once again.
But let’s not get so scared, the “Sky is not Falling” Big deal. If it is shut down tomorrow Let it! . Keep in ming that It doesn’t shut down Thanksgiving, or Christmas, or New Years. Most things will remain as it is. People are under the mistaken belief that the federal government makes our existence possible. The Fed does not provide for our police and fire, they do not pay for our kids to go to school, they do not provide sewer or water, they don't pick up the garbage either. If the Fed shuts down for a month, it will make no difference to 90 percent of people. The Federal government is like the junk you have in your attic, basement or storage locker. You think it is valuable, but when it gets destroyed or lost, you realized it was just a bunch of junk that you did not need and only burdened you. Remember, the federal government is not the state or local government which actually do provide services. Amd maybe, just maybe Obama won’t be abele to use his AirForce One as often as he has been, or for Moocheel to fly on separate planes when they Vacation.

Duckys here said...

The markets may freak. Look for a buying opportunity.

Anonymous said...

Look for a buying opportunity.

Oh boy. Ducky stock advisor. The phony commie.

Jim at Asylum Watch said...

I vote for shutting it down. Six months might be enough to get the politicians attention.

Z said...

Ya, I mostly agree with you all.

A president who won't negotiate is putting himself above the people.
If only Congress would have listened when Pelosi made that ridiculous comment about having to pass it to know what's in it. Wasn't that a red flag? Now there's some Dem saying it has to be implemented to know what's in it. The sad thing is implementation might very well cause a lot of good private insurance companies to go under and getting them back will be next to impossible.

All the Republicans want for the American people is the same thing Obama cronies and unions, etc. are getting; delays.

The Republicans are being accused of not wanting help for uninsured Americans, which Obama's playing on in his speeches, and it's working. But it's not true.

Republicans want to get a bill that will really work. Slowly implementing what should be and giving a chance for those Americans who don't want to do this a chance not to.

Nobody likes being shoved into something this big and this life-changing; the left can't understand that. They know they get more voters if they keep pandering and giving ... it's we who'll pay for that giving. It's redistribution again.

Single payer's threatened Germany's economy for years (and, by the way, my kids pay $1000 a month in "free medical insurance" in Germany, so don't kid yourselves, folks), Canada's a mess and the situation in the UK is worst than them all.
Anyone who wants single payer here isn't thinking.

Z said...

Also, I'd have expected a Congress in this situation to come in yesterday or earlier today to continue to hash things out.
What's with Reid not calling the SEnate into session until 2 pm EST today? They've got work to do, but I guess it looks better for the left to leave as little time as possible to let the Republicans do what they can to fix this terrible bill.

Z said...

I also think that implementation will be a disaster and the Republicans could win a lot of seats when that happens but if private insurance companies have been forced to shut down during that period of time, then what?

This is a HUGE BILL...and closer looks have proven that it should never have become "the law of the land"......even the Dems don't much like that part about medical devices, which will apparently shut down companies and lose us more jobs.

bad times, folks....
like my own young doc said "it'll work, if I can manage to juggle 40,000 more patients."

JonBerg said...


Huckabee came out with an interesting idea this weekend. It is, to the effect, that let it pass with NO exemptions whatsoever and with a "sunset clause" that it ends on 01-01-2015 whereupon it's evaluated for continuance. His premise was, apparently, that people will either like it and it will continue or they won't and Congress will have shut it down. OK, I know that once this sort of thing "takes root" it never goes away but, nevertheless, I think it's an interesting perspective.

George Zimmerman said...

So if the Republicans compromises the left will cry that they lost. If they don't compromise the left will still cry that they lost.
Sounds like time to ignore those leftist commies and just do the right thing.
If we do have a shutdown, it will be because Reid is holding the American people hostage! If Harry Reid forces a government shutdown, that will be a big mistake.

Z said...

thanks for the comments.

My dream is that the left would really pay attention to the bill and who it will hurt.....

And that this type of healthcare has never worked well in any other countries.

Sam Huntington said...

I’m guessing that those who profess conservative values and think that a government shutdown is a bad idea also think the GOP should cave in to the communist senate. Interesting take … with people like that, advocating selling out one’s principles, America doesn’t need any enemies. At least we understand now what a RINO is.

FreeThinke said...

I said this at PROGRESSIVE ERUPTIONS earlier today. naturally, it was met with the usual "Can you PROVE your unfounded assertions with FACTS?" nonsense.

The left will ALWAYS tell us that THEY are in possession of all the FACTS and that OUR position is based entirely on ignorance, illogical assumptions, conjecture and malice, etc. THEY are "RIGH,T" you see, and "WE" are WRONG," and that's all there is TO it.

What I said at PE certainly bears repetition here.


No one I know on "my" side wants to collapse the entire system. NO ONE! Thats nonsense –– a canard bruited about by Democrats and their RINO allies to justify their own power-mad intransigence.

I realize Senator Cruz's heroic gesture was an exercise in futility –– and so, of course, did he –– but those of us who vigorously oppose this unwieldy, ill-conceived, poorly-cobbled-together piece of legislation that more closely resembles a crazy quilt made from scraps of dirty dishcloths, worn out underwear, and old clothes not fit to be taken by The Salvation Army, do so, because we know full well that once a "law" is enacted no matter how bad it turns out to be it will NEVER, NEVER, NEVER be rescinded. We'll be stuck with it from here to Eternity.

The only exception I know to that rule was the revocation of The Volstead Act -- better known as Prohibition." And look at all the harm THAT did before we finally rid ourselves of it.

If the ACA is the wonderful, blessed, helpful thing Democrats aver, WHY have the president and the rest of that gang of miscreants on Capitol Hill EXEMPTED so very very MANY of their cronies from various pressure groups from its strangling provisions?

If Democrats and their RINO compatriots really have the best interests of The American People at heart, why are they shamelessly sticking it to Middle America while exempting the Ruling Class from this crippling legislation --why is the DEMOCRAT-RINO Alliance trying to BREAK the BACKBONE of America?

The Food Stamp Queen said...

The Democrats will be 100% responsible for any shutdown.
They are forcing it in the hopes that the republicans get the blame, and believe me thats whats going to happen.

FreeThinke said...


Would it?


Speramus Meliora; Resurget Cineribus said...

I personally would be happy with a government shut down. I will not be part of their Socialist vile despicable scheme to hold me hostage of the theft of my income to pay for their Pitiful. subsidized health insurance.

To HELL with them.

Duckys here said...

What’s happening here ain’t exactly clear. But I have a notion: The Republicans are finally having their ’60s. Half a century after the American left experienced its days of rage, its repudiation of the political establishment, conservatives are having their own political catharsis. Ted Cruz is their spotlight-seeking Abbie Hoffman. (The Texas senator’s faux filibuster last week reminded me of Hoffman’s vow to “levitate” the Pentagon using psychic energy.) The Tea Party is their manifesto-brandishing Students for a Democratic Society. Threatening to blow up America’s credit rating is their version of civil disobedience. And Obamacare is their Vietnam.

---- Bill Keller

KlemKiddleHopper said...

What is happening to OUR country?
We need clean house and remove all the PINKO'S, PROGRESSIVE'S, and RINOs. You Liberal's need to get your head out of whatever, or wherever it's stuck in
We need to STOP giving handouts and foreign aid all to the
Muslims countries that burn our flag. Stop that and all the Obama phone
handouts and welfare benefits with our the obligation of working to all
these illegal’s, To get assistance they must work a job for at least 16
hr's a week, unless completely disabled. as well as docking welfare and
foodstamp of clients for continuing to get pregnant just to increase
their checks (Dock instead of increase their monthly subsistence income
don't reward them). and you would see a significant drop in the budget.
do we put up with these illegal’s that DON’T pay taxes? Why? Because
of these Ignorant people on the left who support Obama

Duckys here said...

Who left the ward unlocked?

Anonymous said...

From GEEEZ at work:\ proud I am that Keller uses Ted Cruz and the Tea party to represent Republicans over your Abbie Hoffman and the SDS! :-)

I think he's wrong, mostly...but I will say that the lefties of the Sixties were so lucky to have the media on their side.
This is an enormous difference and about the most un-American situation there's been; this dishonest, left-leaning media which isn't curious or truthful. That makes for tough times for a country which prided itself on both sides at least being known and respected if not agreed to.

As to your question about the ward; good question. ;-(
There are some extremists here and I'm beginning to question where they're suddenly coming from. though I have a good idea. It's not a coincidence that only about 3 weeks ago, this started to happen.

JonBerg said...

B.O. claims that after the ACA goes into effect people will just love it. Please, as if he's even read it!

Duckys here said...

No, Jon but you have.
Please stop.

I never cared much for Hoffman, z, although Cruz does have that cartoon quality.
You need a Eugene McCarthy.

Other than coming out against the disgrace in Vietnam, how was the media friendly to the left in the 60's? Coverage of the convention probably cost Humphrey the election.

Jack Whyte said...

Showing your ass again, Ducky? Jon is a former legislative assistant.

cube said...

Republicans are evil... don'tcha know?

Anonymous said...

From Z of GeeeeZ at work:

Ducky, not all Conservatives are nuts about Cruz, but you brandish him as the poster child for us all.

Yet, distance yourself from Hoffman and he's not fair game?

No party is perfect but we conservatives know perfection isn't in the game.

Lib Buster said...

If Obamacare is so great, how come Congressmen who passed the bill want no part of it? (Even though they make at least $174,000 a year, most are taking federal subsidies to pay for their insurance plans.)

The Crusader said...

To all you little Slivering Weenie’s, and you dirty unshaven Hippies, you American flag burning, Tree-Hugging, and Pierced tongue, Vermin-infested Liberals, especial that Slime-Bag George Whyte. We see you here reading these Conservative blogs and then running over to your Führer, your Duce and reporting in.
So what? Who cares? Continue Reading, have a good time. And maybe, just maybe if you really read carefully, you might learn something. You might learn that you were Duped when you listened to Obama, and then RAN out and voted for him. You might learn that you are Being Duped by Obamacare!
Scamers and fraudsters have been around a long time, but this guy has them all beat.
Your childish name calling really shows the mentality we are dealing with here.
And one more thing, Trust me, I wont be at a KKK meeting tonight....
How prophetic you ..
Tell that to your Führer!

Impertinent said...

Z..I like the newcomers for the most part. The more the merrier?

My 2 cents.

Duckys here said...

Give us the details, man.

Duckys here said...

Hope JonBerg enjoyed the North End

Kid said...

I'm looking forward Very Much to a shutdown. I think the freeway is going to be much lighter traffic wise.

And here's a stat. The government has shutdown 17 times since 1970. None of those were shattering events except for maybe the 800,000 Non-essential federal "workers" who lost a little money. Not to worry about them as few of them pay their taxes. In total, they owe 3 Billion in back taxes. They file, but they don't pay. Not that I'd worry about them generally speaking anyway.

Government was originally setup to be shutdown and only open when congress had business to take care of. Course stealing money is a 24/7/365 venture these days so the vermin are always there now.

I say, let's see how long we can Go ! Ugga Chucka Ugga Chuka Ugga Ugga Ugga Chucka.

OBAMa? Who's that. Oh yea the dweeb dictatortot who lives at the white house with his moron wife.

Kid said...

duck, 70+ are against socialized health care. Because they know it Sucks.
The other 30 % can easily be assumed to be in the tank for obama or purely insane like yourself. Therefore, 100% of the population are against socialized health care.


Kid said...

Z, I hope the republicans don't win Any seats. I do hope the Tea Party do though and that they are actually interested in Americanism.

The repubs are as diseased as the democrats are these days. They're not the solution. I hate to go hard line, but we have to recognize the problem before any solution can be realized.

Z said...

Imp, I'm glad you like the newcomers.
That's not the problem, liking them or not; the problem is where the heck they came from in one stream so suddenly.
and so hateful.

Kid said...

As far as oBAMa, the democrats and their libtard followers pointing their finger at anything and everything other them themselves as being the problem; You realize this is what incompetent imbeciles do. Right?

Anyone who has worked in a business environment in their life, especially those who have been in contact with middle managers know exactly what incompetence looks and acts like.


Successful people and groups don't bother with the low class activity of slamming their critics. They point to their Successes as evidence of their correct strategies.
Why does oBAMa and crew not do this? it can only be because they have no successful strategies to point to.

Except for oBAMa saying OK after 3 or more months of election projection polling on the effects of a successful or unsuccessful mission for the SEALs to take out that POS osama. That's about the only thing the democrats have allowed others to do for America.

It's pretty clear and simple isn't it to people who have the benefit of life and working experience? No offense intended for anyone. It had to be said.

Impertinent said...

Good Points Kid.

No one says it like you do bud.

Kid said...

Thanks Imp.

Z said...

Kid, Imp's are RIGHT ON.

Obama's very thin skinned and I think everybody around him just feeds into that.......or none of them has the experience and dignity to do what you say...
plus, it's hard to point to successes when there are few.
That's why he's hanging on to this healthcare fiasco; it is, as he said, his crowning achievement of his first term.
And we're going to pay for it with money and our health.

what a freakin' NIGHTMARE>

he's angry, he's demanding his way or the high way, he's name -calling, etc.
I'll NEVER FORGET the first time he insulted the crew at FOX NEWS; I remember thinking "Man, a PRESIDENT said THAT? That's baby talk, insulting people.."
I honestly couldn't BELIEVE it.

but...he's done it again and again.

He KNOWS very well that he has most of the media and the poor and the lazy on his side and he knows goodies speak to them...and he knows the truth isn't being found out because the media won't say it.
Then we have Roger Ailes hiring that stupid Howie Kurtz and replacing the show that HONESTLY approached the media and its coverage of our news and now has Kurtz and others talking about the media from the lib point of view. WHat the hell is wrong with Ailes?

impertinent said... mean this?

Of course, we are all at this point very well acquainted with the Obama administration’s definition of “negotiation,” which can be most succinctly summed up by “the other interested party not doing exactly what we want and letting us get away scot-free with everything,”

Kid said...

IMP, No question. Compromise for the democrats means getting the other party (repubs) to do what they want them to do AND making them look like A* in the process AND criticizing them AND blaming them afterwards.

The repubs are dead to me, for more reasons that this, but this would be enough.

Z said...

Kid, do you think they should have folded for Obama care?
How would you have handled it if you were Boehner (God forbid!!) :-)

Kid said...

Well, I'm not "There" so there is that. But I'd like to think my main strategy would be to oppose them every way possible. Taking out adds that talk about the evils of obamacare. Not that expensive compared to election campaigns and My interest would be America. If America saw that, I'd think the election would take care of itself so if I din't have election funds in 2014, I'd rest my laurels on the work I did for America. So, Oppose, Oppose, Oppose.

Not this milquetoast tactic of trying to please everyone and pleasing no one in the process.

We have socialists in control. If there is an opposing party it should be 100% capitalism. It is what made America what it is. Not perfect but better then everyone else.
Delete the word - bipartisan.
Delete the phrase -reach across the aisle.
Let the voters pick one or the other.
If they still pick socialism, then Boehner and everyone else should get out of the way.
Take out a weeekly full page add in the WSJ that says, America, you've selected your leadership. We won't stand in its way. If in 4 years you are unsatisfied, Let us know at the polls.

Fill that in with all the usual suspects extolling the virtues of Capitalism, and shining a light on the evil of socialism. Put some youtubes together walkikng through France metro areas that show the vast majority of people living in 700 sq ft apartments like rats while the government live like kings. etc.

Z said...


BRAVO! They SHOULD have compare/contrasted Obamacare with good insurance. And SOMEHOW got out the truth about what they wanted to do.

Tonight on CNN there was Pelosi and her minions saying they'd tried to negotiate when they had NOT.


well, our government is shut down. So those who work at museums and national parks have a vacation.
I'm not sure our country will make it.


beakerkin said...


Let Obama lead by example.

Every Federal worker, every state worker and every local worker goes on Obama care now. If he did that I guarantee Democrats loose every single election for a long time.

Lois Lerner is the face of this farce. Do you want political goons
controlling your health care?

Still if Lerner is free to abuse political foes what is to prevent a
future GOP administration from deporting you to North Korea. The government serves and is answerable
to the people not the other way around.

The Crusader said...

Nope. We won't negotiate with these two faced socialists. Hats off to the Teabaggers.Good job republicans!

Your Dear Leader will prostrate himself to talk to every dirty dictator on this planet, but won't talk to Republicans to keep the government functioning and you blame Republicans? That sounds kind of ignorant to me. But I’m not at all surprised.

Thersites said...

The republicans tried 3x in good faith to negotiate. each offer was repudiated with a non- negotiable counter. i think that anyone in America who hasn't noticed where the hubris lies isn't worth listening to.

skudrunner said...

Obama got what he wanted
Shut the government down and get his MSM's to blame Republicans.
He then went on TV and said he will not negotiate with the Republicans.
What a leader he is.

Z said...

beakerkin; SO TRUE...well said.

Duckys here said...

Mexico's The News wrote in an editorial.

In the United States, however, government shutdowns - or the threat thereof - have become an accepted negotiating tactic, thanks to the quirks of the American federal system, which allows different branches of government to be controlled by different parties. It was a structure devised by the nation's founders to encourage compromise and deliberation, but lately has had just the opposite effect.

Wow, the Mexican press understands our Constitution better than the tea Party. Whodathunkit.

rphuga89 said...

Government shutdown? Good ! I say turn off all the lights and lock up every door. Then throw the keys in a box and leave them for 6 months. This bloated pig needs to lose some weight and maybe a 6 month fast will start the process. Obama is such a double talker bragging about " decreasing the growing deficit " as though he is really saying he is trying to lower the national debt. What a joke. As though spending only 4 trillion dollars we don't have is better than spending 5 trillion we still don't have. Wtf? Or, " you wouldn't not pay your mortgage" so " it would be irresponsible for us not to raise the debt ceiling to pay our debts" . Wtf? We also would not let our credit cards be used unchecked by somebody for a whole year and then just expect to get a new loan to cover the final amount at the end of the year. Duh !

Duckys here said...


The point of the Affordable Care Act is to provide medical insurance to those lacking it.

Do you lack coverage?
Then why would you have to "go on Obamacare".

Now we know from your own writings on your blog that you spend most of your time training the people who are going to do more advance functions. For that you're well paid with medical and a pension. Why are you squawking?

Thersites said...

the flawed premise of the "affordable" care act...

that subsidizing a commodity makes the cost go DOWN.

how does THAT work, ducky? Anybody got kids in college?

Duckys here said...

Well, we'll find won't, won't we, Farmer.

We DO know that a for profit model, which is only unsubsidized in the minds of deluded laissez faire fellow travelers, has not been able to restrain premiums.

Now ACA is undoubtedly flawed but it is a start toward intelligent models used by the rest of the industrial world.

Duckys here said...

If progressives had done a blitz campaign to label ACA, Obamacare, we would be accused of following Alinsky tactics.

Bob said...

"what's going to happen? "

What, me worry?

Caren said...

There have been many government shutdowns over our history. It's all political.

Rational Nation USA said...

2014 won't go well for the Republicans.

In reality this shutdown belongs to both dysfunctional parties marching to the beat of their Oligarch masters.

Ho Hum, as the monkeys throw wrenches at each other so their masters behind the curtains give them more bananas.

Thersites said...

We DO know that a for profit model, which is only unsubsidized in the minds of deluded laissez faire fellow travelers, has not been able to restrain premiums.

Do we?

we're already almost half way to single payer, duckman. how is THAT laissaz faire?

NEW YORK (CNNMoney) -- The U.S. government will foot the bill for half of all health care costs in the United States by 2020, according to a government report released Thursday.

That's up from 44% just two years ago, and reflects both the rising cost of health care and the fact that millions more people will have access to it under health reform, said the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.

I suspect that the reason health care costs are increasing is because government subsidies are increasing. I know, that's just "crazy talk"! ;)

Thersites said...

Actually, only 12% of health care spending is currently "laissez faire" out-of-pocket spending.

so much for your argument!