Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Is this actor a RACIST?

This is hilarious and isn't the 'cleanest' video I've seen (the website where Kid found it warns the viewer) but it's worth watching. 
As I watched the black comedian spoof Obama, I couldn't help wondering why leftwingers wouldn't find him the "RACIST" they think WE are for daring to make Obama look bad?    Or WHY NOT?

And how do you like the video?!

(thanks, kid!)


Jack Whyte said...

For keen analysis on what ails this country, please review the previous comment.

Z said...

Sorry, Jack, the previous comment broke the rules here........he's gone. again.

But yes...for what ails the country, that WAS it.
You see, a black man can slam Obama as done in the video, but let a white Conservative criticize a bad bill, and we're racists. The leftie fun never stops, does it :-)

Boehner keeps asking for a conference to go over the bill and discuss some negotiation, the left keeps saying NO and tells the public there's no offer from the Right of compromise.
Odd; I've been watching CNN this morning, and even they are wondering why Obama won't budge. Fascinating stuff.

sue hanes said...

Z - The video is ok but I think the actor who is imitating Obama is good.

I was sorry to wake up this morning to find that the government has shut down.

I don't think Congress should continue to get paid during the shutdown. And I think it is bad that the troops will not draw paychecks. Also it is sad that the museums and parks will be closed.

Duckys here said...

Moderately humorous sketch.

At what point does it even approach touching on race? Methinks the right protests too much.

Duckys here said...
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Z said...

Sue, all it took was more negotiation... but, it didn't happen.
Thankfully, Congress did act to make sure that troops are paid and it was signed into law last night..

Ducky, THANK YOU. Exactly proving my point. My question isn't about race in the video; it has nothing to do with race. But, it's a black man criticizing Obama. We are insulted for legitimate criticism we'd do of any president we didn't agree with and called racists because of it. That's my point; why is he not considered racist by the leftists on SNL?


Z said...

when it's not about race, it's not about race.
And the criticism of Obama is not racist.

FreeThinke said...

Heavy handed satire. Pretty good, but not very good.

EvERYBODY is a racist; they're just scared to death to ADMIT it. I choose to IGNORE the issue, and just be myself.

Don't like it?


If you are either frightened or repelled at the thought of being called a "RACIST," you are being CONTROLLED, OWNED and OPERATED by the LEFT.

A black man is a NEGRO. Don't be afraid to say it. It's the truth, and it is NOT a term invented by white racists to demean colored people.

The UNITED NEGRO COLLEGE FUND has never changed its name, neither as The National Association for the Advancement of COLORED People, so why should YOU -- or anyone else -- be expected to pussy foot around TERRIFIED to use these perfectly legitimate terms?

Showing respect for PC is not " KIND and CONSIDERATE," it is COWARDLY.

Z said...

FT..not sure here if anybody's TERRIFIED of this, as you weirdly suggest, but my point is made and, if everyone is racist, we all deserve equal billing, not one-sided "the right is racist, the left is not".

Anonymous said...

Obama gonna pay my bills
Obama gonna cure my ills

Obama gonna give to me
Everything I want for free.

On me and mine Obama dotes
Dat's why he's gonna get our votes.

We's gonna suck da white man dry
And laugh to see him sit and cry.

We laugh and laugh 'cause its so funny
Dat our bills be paid wiff white man's money.

~ Guess Who? };-)>

FreeThinke said...

Oh yes, Z. Most people today really ARE terrified at the prospect of being called a racist -- or anything else the Left has deemed "undesirable." After all, the Left has become SO powerful all over the civilized world that you can lose your job, suffer ostracism, and in Europe even be put in JAIL for daring to express thoughts, feelings or facts that run counter to the New Orthodoxy.

This is Mind Control by Thought Police -- the absolute antithesis of freedom -- and so I exercise my right to be deliberately obnoxious and provocative every once in while just to prove my point.

I'm lucky I can AFFORD not to care what anyone thinks of me. I only wish that EVERYONE was so lucky.

"If there is any principle of the Constitution that more imperatively calls for attachment than any other it is the principle of free thought -- not free thought for those that agree with us, but freedom for the thought that we hate."

~ Oliver W. Holmes (1841-1935)

And Justice Holmes was considered a LIBERAL in his day. Imagine that!

Z said...

FT...no, I don't think RACIST is so bad (most of us certainly are not racists and we don't need to keep saying that!) except that the left knows ELECTIONS ARE WON by calling their enemy names.
We regret the term RACIST stupidly and illegitimately applied to us because there are AMericans who don't think and believe it.
There are leftwing commenters at conservative blogs where the blogger's just said they'd vote for Alan West or Benjamin Carson tomorrow if they could yet they're called racist by the left...by the unthinking American leftwinger at in all his weird glory.. Go figure.

No, you see..it's "label and destroy" that is going to keep Dems in power forever and THAT is why we must dispel and fight the RACIST moniker..and the goodies they promise the poor so the rich will be brought to their knees. But that's a whole different subject.

JonBerg said...

Government shut-down [should] provide a wealth of information regarding potential cuts to or elimination of programs, agencies, etc which no longer serve a purpose, are duplicative or bloated. I also think that there should be legsislative sessions wherein the Houses are exclusively (baring emergency needs) devoted to examining and repealing obsolete statutes or parts thereof. Washington D.C. is currently rated 3rd in America's top 10 cities based upon the top 5%of National Income Distribution. It should be obvious as to why. Do you think that we are getting our money's worth?

jez said...

Racism is not illegal, nor is it necessarily the greatest evil we currently face (although, it did seem to inspire more than its share of the evil perpetrated in the past few centuries), but it is STUPID. It's not illegal to be innumerate and illiterate either. Enjoy yourselves.

Leticia said...

That was awesome!! So sharing this with friends on Facebook!!

It did sum it all up rather nicely.

Robert Sinclair said...

I cannot agree that we are all racist, or even that we all have racist tendencies, but I do think that all humans have biases. In other words, we have preferences. I prefer vanilla ice cream to chocolate. I prefer German made cars to those made in Japan. I prefer wine to ale. I prefer statesmen to politicians. I do not like Obama, I think he is a disgrace as president, but none of that has anything to do with his race, even if we were sure what that was, exactly. I didn’t find the video humorous because it reminds me that we cannot trust the American people to make intelligent decisions in the voting booth. I didn’t find the video racist because the primary actor is black and we all know that black people and leftists can never be racists.

Jen Nifer said...

The skit was funny, and it's refreshing to see SNL digging on Obama.

I think it's muddled because we are comparing humor with serious criticism. I don't see honest criticism of Obama OR this skit as racist. I'm tired of the issue, to be honest.

Are there double standards? Yes indeed.

Jen Nifer said...

But then again, conservatives have double standards, too. Neither side is as objective as they like to believe.

FreeThinke said...

If it were up to me, I would have the word "racist," which used to be a noun and not an adjective where I cam from, stricken from the vocabulary and never printed or uttered again. The word is terribly overworked, and its present day usage as a descriptive term is syntactically repugnant.

I agree with Mr. Sinclair's analysis. He said what I tried to say when I asserted that everyone is a racist better than I. Innate BIAS is a better term for it.

What I was trying to get at, of course, is that by TODAY'S standards the Left has given the term a meaning it never had in former times. The LEFT would have you believe that PREFERENCES are biased, inherently "racist," and, therefore, unacceptable by the pseudo-enlightened standards of this Brave New World leftists have created from their vain, alienated, disaffected, vengeance-prone imaginings.

"We" have allowed the Left to twist, misrepresent and reverse the meaning of much standard vocabulary. In so doing we have effectively ceded control to them.

A great pity!

Liberalmann said...

Katy Perry is the most beautiful, enlightened woman EVER! HERE is your proof!

jez said...

Disagree that the definition has drifted. Racism is the belief that a person's abilities and behaviour can be reliably predicted from his ethnicity, same as it always was.

-FJ said...

No Libby, THIS is the most beautiful, ENLIGHTENED, woman EVER! ;)

Anonymous said...

"Racism is the belief that a person's abilities and behaviour can be reliably predicted from his ethnicity, same as it always was."

I don't think so. What you just said is the simple truth, that's all.

Virginia Beach

Sam Huntington said...

We may possibly define racialism a number of ways; predicting human behavior based on observed cultural or ethnic norms is not one of them.

Kid said...

Nothing racist in that post. Now, beating up on the homosexuals who too often find themselves in ER was clearly out of bounds. :)

btw, I really freaked ou this morning when I found out the shutdown had occurred.. Then I had a glass of orange juice and everything was fine. But that was a close one.

Z said...

Did anybody pick up the point of my post being not one BIT that the video is racist but that there's a black man slamming Obama and the lefties are laughing and enjoying it,..but let a conservative criticize Obama and we're racist?

Do you see my point in posting this?
I think it's important and I'm hoping it was picked up on because it shows the hypocrisy SO WELL.

Kid said...

Z, It goes Way beyond hypocrisy.

The DNC, the politcians, the democrat media and all the little fascist libtards make stuff up ALL Day Long to throw out to criticize, insult, demean and exile Conservatives in the public square. It's Organized. They're all on the talking point review each morning and through the day through all the various communication mediums available. Just look at a chart of who's who at the major networks and they are all married to or very connected to the white house, and all things democrat.

They know they're lying, mis-informing, and most of all Not informing. It's the tactic.

They all have their marching orders and it is laser focused on pounding on non-democrats. It is as bad as anything that happened in the 1930's in Germany. They Are the Nazi fascists and Marxists.

It's a Machine. It is literally a machine.

Impertinent said...


"but let a conservative criticize Obama and we're racist?"...

You mean a white conservative, right?
Cause Alan West, Ben Carson, Herman Cain and Justice Thomas sure have had their say from time to time. Neither of them are immune from backlash though even if they're the right color.

Z said...

well, ya know, Imp?>...they're all UNCLE TOMS, right? (smile...lots of sarcasm included here)

Kid, right...and have you noticed that they'll rarely mention Soros but, when they do they never say "the liberal Soros" but let the Koch Bros. be brought up and it's "the very conservative Koch Bros." as if they give more money than Soros does!?
Cracks me up.

This isn't American, this attitude of hiding truth by our media...and they just keep doing it.
it IS very prewar Germany, you're very right.

Kid said...

Wait til the punks truly find out what they've invited into their homes.

Maybe they'll at least strip the coexist stickers off their bumpers.

I read today, that 69% of the little beggars have no idea they're going to be fined for not having health insurance. Now THAT stuff is going to be hilarious to watch.

Thersites said...

The only ones likely to ever be fined for not purchasing obamacare are young white males.

Thersites said...

Funny, I didn't know that so many females were paying child support.

Duckys here said...

Ben Carson, what ever happened to him, Imp.

He was the Republican Great Black Hope to be after West and Cain turned out to be blockheads.

Z said...

I happen to know that Benjamin Carson, MD is making the circuit of conservative groups and rising in popularity and respect, Ducky.
He's retired from neurosurgery and is testing the political waters.

Mustang said...

I find the sneering remark “Great Black Hope” insulting, especially coming from a Cheka bastard.

Duckys here said...

The correct term is "Chekist"

Interesting how the fringe right can only think in extremes.

Mustang said...

Great Black Hope isn’t extreme? Man, you need to get back on your meds, duck.

Caren said...

If we start calling anyone a racist, we're just playing their game because they have nothing substantial to offer up!

Z said...


WRONG, DUCKY...CHEKA is also used as the name for that group.

Caren, my post is pretty clear; we're called racists here all the time by leftwing commenters; nobody's calling anybody a racist here but them.
And, when a black man criticizes Obama, why don't the left call HIM a racist? That's the question.

Impertinent said...

Isn't it odd that a minority president, refuses to deal with or have discussions with the minority branch of our government?

And I thought that O was the Great Black Hope? Didn't he sell himself as that? That he was the "one" they've been waiting for? As some incarnation of MLK and Lincoln?

Well...they hoped...and he failed...cause he has indeed changed all of us. And blacks still suffer his failures exponentially...while dismantling the dreams of MLK in 4 short years...with his own racism that has now seized the country and put us back 100 years,

Kid said...

More poetry Imp. And that's the least of what this anti-American imbecile is guilty of.

Impertinent said...


Maybe it's Time To Abolish Congress?

IMpertinent said...


That's the question.

The answer is skin not character. That's the pass.

Kid said...

THIS congress. Corrupt beyond redemption. Not working even one minute a year for America. So, yea.

TS/WS said...

Even Zeeee missed the purpose of the skit.
It is to rub our faces in it. They are playing on the Conservatives gripes and complaints.
You all will never get it until realizing that these Fascist are out to eliminate the opposition-by picking on the conservative way of life, making the Tea Party Republicans out to be heartless and uncaring of the poor and underprivileged life's tragedies due to no fault of their own (sarc).
But that is the sell (flim-flam).
They have eliminated the Churches as the go to for help, because no one should have to listen to a sermon before getting money for any type of help.
And they have run a scam on everyone by saying over and over that people need their help by saying that the only way for the issue to be brought up and a solution can only be with the help from the Government.
The skit is showing the absurdity of the Conservatives complaints of the AHC Bill Passed by the only ones in Government caring for the downtrodden - The DemocRATS and The Golden Boy/The ONE/Their Messiah.

Impertinent said...


Mark Twain said it best:

"Suppose you were a member of Congress and suppose you were an idiot; but I repeat myself."

America....the next Titanic?

Kid said...

IMP, We've already hit the iceberg. The one that duh scientists promised us would not be there because of global warming. Damn them. :)

Yeah, going down in slow motion.

Express Elevator to hell. Goin Down.

Impertinent said...


I don't think that's the real iceberg bud. It's definitely the one that Reid and Bonehead have hit. It's a Congress that's stalemated, checkmated and a recalcitrant, petulant narcissist school boy as "potus". Out schooled, out maneuvered, out politicked and done in the eyes of the world. Finito.

jez said...

re definition of racism, check your Webster's and your OED. Thanks.

Z said...

TS/WS....I'd watch the video again; it's fraught with nothing but people who don't understand the bill, or are thrilled they don't have to work but still get healthcare now, or thrilled that they can be sick any number of times and still get help, etc etc.

TS/WS; You actually said "You all will never get it until realizing that these Fascist are out to eliminate the opposition-by picking on the conservative way of life, making the Tea Party Republicans out to be heartless and uncaring of the poor and underprivileged life's tragedies due to no fault of their own (sarc)."

You read my blog and think THAT?
We understand that about better than ANYTHING around here! What's up with you today?

Average American said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Average American said...

Today I am not just "The Average American.: I am now "The P I S S E D O F F Average American!!!

I am PISSED OFF at the demorats. I am PISSED OFF at the republicans. I am REALLY PISSED OFF at the president!

I am PISSED OFF over obummercare. I am PISSED OFF at a 21 hour filibuster. I am PISSED OFF that Dr. Zeus was read in the U.S. Senate!!!

I am PISSED OFF at the Senate AND the House, and ESPECIALLY the President!

You can bet your ass that I am REALLY PISSED OFF at the lamestreammedia!

The Republicans in the House did NOT close the government down, at least not by themselves. Obummer started that ball rolling the first time he promised to VETO any bill that touched obummercare. Hey, you Republicans, "you didn't build that, someone else made that happen." The president was actually right for once in his life! heh heh heh!

Because of ALL the above, I am VERY SERIOUSLY CONSIDERING running for the U.S. Senate seat which will be up for grabs in the GREAT State of New Hampshire in 2014. Go back, if you have a few minutes, and read the 1st and 2nd posts I ever posted on my blog to get an idea of my rational. We NEED some politicians that are NOT members of either of the major parties and today, AMERICANS ARE READY to try that solution.

Wish me luck please!!!

(Z, you have the honor of being the FIRST place I mentioned this.)

Average American said...

I forgot to mention, I am NOT a Republican. I am what is referred to in N. H. as "undeclared", meaning an independent voter.

JonBerg said...


Good on you buddy. If I could support you I would. In Colorado, obviously, I can't. Good luck! You must know that 3rd party stuff never works. Anyway I wish you the best.

Jen Nifer said...

Good luck, AA!