Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Obama Care......Great, except for the exempt?

So, why do you suppose Congress and the president aren't signing up for Obama Care?  
By the way, have you tried to and found it easy or difficult, or?  Any stories to share?

By the way........the media's doing a darned good job of obfuscating from the truth that people are having a heck of a time getting into exchanges...  let's stop the bickering between parties and PAY ATTENTION TO HOW THIS IS NOT GOING TO WORK.   Let the product speak for itself, folks.



Rottweiler said...
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Rottweiler said...

So what does a "federal government shutdown" REALLY mean?
The Military still works and social security checks will be on time. The Post office is still posting letters and the "intelligence" agencies will still be doing whatever it is that they do. They are going to close the parks and that's a shame but that seems to be the extent of it. They used to say "non essential" federal employees would be laid off but they use different terminology today because people were asking why they were hired in the first place if they aren't essential. Personally I think with the exceptions noted above the federal government should shut down for about four months every year and if it works well enough we can extend it to 6 months. Meanwhile the states can run the parks.

Although the asshats on the left will tell you differently, including the asshat above this post, It means that a few worthless federal employees will sit on their ass doing nothing at home, and draw a retroactive pay check; instead of sitting on their ass doing nothing at some bogus government agency.

Its like trimming the fat, except the fat comes right back... Yup. These Fed workers could disappear and no one would miss em.
AS for them getting payed?? They shouldn't get payed while furloughed. Who the hell pays people to sit home??
Oh wait. I forgot. It’s the Govt and they use our tax dollars to pay people to sit home and do nothing or sit in some Govt office doing nothing. If you’ve ever been to a VA office like I have, then you’ve seen that nobody does anything and that nothing goes on there anyway but a bunch of idiots wasting your time because they don’t know what the hell they are doing anyway... Just like at the Post Office.

Thersites said...

The ACA law will work because it was written by Americans for Americans.

What kind of specious logic is THAT?

"Communism will work, because it was written by communists FOR communists!"

Anonymous said...

How long the impasse will continue is anyone’s guess, but the cause is the growing public concern over the Affordable Care Act otherwise known as Obamacare. It is so abundantly a disaster that the Democrats have decided to brazen their way toward its full implementation while the Republicans are reflecting the outcry from tens of thousands of telephone calls, email, and all other manner of communication.

In short, the Republicans are doing what is expected of politicians while the Democrats are expressing their contempt for the voters. It is the same contempt that led to the near-midnight, 2009 party line vote in the Senate that passed Obamacare. None of the Senators had read the huge bill that is filled with many new taxes and puts the government in charge of one sixth of the nation’s economy and, in effect, the entire healthcare system. Its impact is already being felt as large companies lay off more and more workers while smaller ones put them in a part-time status, reducing the number of hours with which they can earn a living.
“We had to pass it to find out what was in it,” said the then-Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi. Significantly, no Republican in either the House or Senate voted for Obamacare.
The intransigence of Sen. Harry Reid (D-NV), the Majority Leader of the Senate, reflecting the same view as President Obama, is the reason why the shutdown has occurred. There is much more to this than just politics, though obviously both parties are rolling the dice as to the outcome of the 2014 midterm elections.
To their credit, I think the Republicans have the high ground!
Ultimately, it is the Tea Party movement that will get the credit for resisting Obamacare and it should surprise no one that the White House and Harry Reid keep calling them terrorists, anarchists, extortionists, and other names.

It will be interesting to watch President Obama say whatever he can, or whatever he has to. to affect the outcome of the shutdown. With nearly five years in office and with a thick volume of lies he told about Obamacare to get its passage, he is likely to suffer a significant injury to his power to influence events in the days and years ahead.

The shutdown is a good thing. Enjoy ...

Anonymous said...

I find it depressing to find that so many of our elected representatives display their ignorance on a daily basis. It is depressing to know that officials appointed to positions of great responsibility in our government see it only has an opportunity to impose some ideology or agenda that is disconnected from science or from any facts that support their machinations.
Let me say that I have long regarded Barack Obama as stupid. His incompetence manifests itself daily. He cannot speak without the assistance of a Tele-Prompter. He has zero experience with the way people make a living or run a business. He has zero experience regarding military affairs and appears to have no knowledge of history. His lack of knowledge about economics has left the nation with the highest debt and deficit in its history, and millions unemployed.

The Screaming Eagle said...

President Alinsky Threatens Americans once again!
Remember Obama's “you didn't build that” speech! That malarkey scolding and attack on Republicans!
Now we have a “You (Didn't) Shut That Government Down" Speech
Who the is Obama and or his leftist Socialist Cronies business, and none of the governments to judge who deserves their “OWN” wealth, and who doesn't?

If a person works hard and leaves a fortune for his descendants to use, its none of anyone else’s freaken business.
Tyrant Hussein Obama has no intention of allowing the US Congress to interfere with Obama’care, no matter what happens to the country’s economy

Obama will use his executive orders, and his military to “preserve, protect and defend” Obamacare in order to insure the complete financial destruction of The United States and thus fulfill his 1st Inaugural vow to “Fundamentally changing the United States of America! Typical liberal/progressive/communist tactics

Anonymous said...
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Jim at Asylum Watch said...

" Let the product speak for itself, folks."

Okay, but the product doesn't speak a language I understand or want to learn.

Sam Huntington said...

The simplemindedness is amazing, Z. “ACA will work because it was written by Americans for Americans.” My god, it is nothing shy of utter stupidity, as if we needed more examples of that from the left. Buy into this fraud, you idiots … and when you finally arrive at a single-payer system, bask in the knowledge that your folly helped to destroy the premier health care system on the planet, in order to replace it with one that will ultimately deny you of your so-called right to immortality.

Anonymous said...

The miserable bunch of Democrats refuse to even talk about it - yet - it is the Republican shutdown.
How stupid can people just amazing.
No real conservative would ever support the 69% Marxist ideology. This place is on the cusp of implosion anyway and I could care less how many traitors in Congress don't get their jobs back. Let them go to real work like the rest of us.

JonBerg said...

"The ACA law will work because it was written by Americans for Americans."

Yeah, all 22,700 pages of legalize and regulatory crap!

How about:
The ACA law will [not] work because it was written by [lawyers] for [lawyers] !

Anonymous said...

Don't you Lefty Dimbats ever get tired of trying to blame everyone else for your monumental failures?

It's not enough that Obama is the laughingstock of the whole world and that Putin is being considered for the Nobel Peace prize.

Anonymous said...

I'm waiting for Poobah Obama to issue a decree forbidding companies from cutting back worker's hours.

Z said...

You who were deleted need to read the comments above the comment box.
I guess we should have added "stupid" in there, too.

Folks, you're responding to a comment that was deleted (for those of you who're wondering what they're talking about)...

As an aside, lefties, don't believe what you hear...Republicans don't want the poor to not have health care, and if you listened to news other than leftwing (what's become mainstream today) news, you'd understand a bit more. it might help not to hate through pure ignorance.


Mustang, if you're around today; it might be a big 'deleting day'...thanks.Go to it! :-)

We need people here who understand boy sides and understand that all the Republicans wanted to do was represent the millions who want to slow this process down and THINK before enacting the laws.


George Whyte said...

The shutdown will cost $30 million a day, brought to you by the fiscally conservative teapublicans!
How soon you forgot how George Bush started two wars on the nation’s credit card and took a surplus from the Clinton administration and turned it into a mountain of debt. In addition, the great recession occurred under the Bush administration. Pres. Obama skillfully fought Republican obstructionism to get our economy back on the road to recovery – which includes jobs.
Obama has done an excellent job and any Democrat will do just as good or better, but only if we rid the Congress of the GOP and Tea Party members. You people who love the GOP and Tea Party are either rich, too old to know better, or are a little touched in the head and don’t know the difference. You all need to get on the American band wagon and support our President no matter which party is represented. One other thing, try and forget that Obama is black; he is a true American.

Duckys here said...

Just what does it mean to be "exempt"?
I means tat you have health insurance, probably through an employer, and the cot of that insurance is tax exempt.

Now, why would Congressional staffers want to surrender the same tax exemption for medical insurance premiums that most of you have?

When the right can finally see straight (I'm the eternal optimist) they will understand the issues here.
Medical insurers have a monopoly. They take a large portion of the health insurance dollar for doing NOTHING.
It will be tremendously difficult to dislodge them with friends like Diane Feinstein (D - Corporate pimp) and her Republican allies.

However, if the exchanges work then America might start on the path to less expensive single payer and the insurers won't like that.
The only people who can possibly support the American for profit health insurance disgrace are those who think Moses brought down a copy of "Atlas Shrugged" along with the tablets but they too can learn.

Anonymous said...

It is wonderful to watch as "Z" tries to control the conversation by deleting comments.

"Any stories to share?"

But only stories that meet "Z" narrative.

Delete away.

Radical Redneck said...

OT but: Oh Man, Oh Man, Oh Man, I think I broke every rib. I've NEVER laughed so hard ever! COULD NOT happen to a more deserving bunch of shitbirds. There IS a God!

Hyperventilating with laughter!

Anonymous said...

"But only stories that meet "Z" narrative."

Hey dipshit...there's plenty of other places you can go to where they always control the narrative. Like the entire LSM especially MSNBC, Kos, the Guardian. Media Matters, Salon, Mother jones and every other leftist rag that controls their brand.

It's perfectly legitimate for the owner of this blog to decide who's welcome here and who isn't.

So take your toys with you and jam them into your diapers! Go shit somewhere else kumquat.

My apologies to the blog owner.

Duckys here said...

Well, anonymous (Redneck Rebel?), it is true that when z gets put in a logical corner she can get petulant.

Radical Redneck said...

George Whyte said...

Georgie loves him some gummint healthcare. After all they did pay for both his lobotomy and castration.

Mustang said...

The shutdown will cost $30 million a day … or put another way, about the cost of one of the Obama family’s 4-annual vacations. Not sure how the math works with “shutting down government cost more money.” If I had my way, we would dismiss easily one-half of the government, retaining ONLY the enumerated powers as set forth in the US Constitution.

Robert Sinclair said...

It may be time to wonder why we have to pay for “non-essential” government services in the first place. What is more disturbing is the fact that the entire left side of our political equation thinks that this is just peachy. Groan.

Jack Whyte said...

Meanwhile, communist congressman Alan Grayson used the government shut down as an excuse to increase his net worth by soliciting campaign contributions on the evening of the shutdown. He tweeted, “We fight to win. Contribute $25 by tonight’s FEC deadline, and together we’ll keep winning.” His tweet featured an ad in which he called himself, “A Peace Champion.” One remembers that Alan Grayson, communist extraordinaire, once claimed that Republican health care consists of hoping that American die. He must have overlooked the Obama Care death panels, which appear to have been correctly identified by Sarah Palin.

Sam Huntington said...

So, if anyone needed a powerful example of what has happened to the American education system under the progressive plan—one that demands dumber Americans, here it is. Notice how this genius seeks to convince us of his argument by insulting us.

You people who love the GOP and Tea Party are either rich, too old to know better, or are a little touched in the head and don’t know the difference. You all need to get on the American band wagon and support our President no matter which party is represented. One other thing, try and forget that Obama is black; he is a true American.

A real genius to be sure.

skudrunner said...

Wait until people find out they have to pay something for obamacare, the riots will begin. Nothing makes the entitled madder than to ask them to pay for something. The next thing you know is they will be asked to get a job. Of course under the current administration the majority of jobs are part time.

The GOP has backed themselves into a corner trying to delay obamacare. Left alone it will implode under it's own weight. Maybe Putin will come to their aid and prevent them form being complete asses, he saved the incompetent incumbent so we know he can do it.

JonBerg said...


How soon you forgot how: Bill Clinton failed to poractively stop bin Laden; Bill Clinton shuned the concept of a "balanced budget" until he was goaded by Speaker Newt Gingrich into capitulation; the Community Reinvestment Act, started by Jimmy Carter, exacerbated by Bill Clinton, caused un-repayable loans to wreck the entire economy and how George Bush's efforts to rein-in [that] impending disaster were interdicted by Democrat committee chairmen Frank and Dodd. Your Michael Moore avatar speaks volumes!

George Whyte said...

Squealing like the stuck pig he is Mark Levin disgraces himself daily in verbal diarrhea, a serious disease which once it has control of a person, causes them to spew forth incoherent babble from the bowels of their mouth.
You can’t get anymore disgraceful than the vicious invectives that Mark Levin spews every day on hate radio. Citing his hard right Tea Party extremist cronies in Congress, Levin once again quoted the outrageous charges that the U.S. government had been “infiltrated” by the Muslim Brotherhood, then claimed President Obama was a Muslim Brotherhood sympathizer. Hopefully Obamacare covers verbal diarrhea, this pre existing condition exists with most Teapubs these days.

And thank you so much JonBerg for your lesson in political history. Would you like me to give you some undisputed facts about George W. Bush? I’d be more that happpy to if you’d like.
I could start with the undisputed fact that George W. Bush was AWOL for at least a 12 month period. That is an undisputed fact.

And Radical Redneck The reason why nobody says that you are dumb, is because they think that you’re 6 years old.

JonBerg said...

"And thank you so much JonBerg for your lesson in political history"

You're Welcome! BTW,I'd love it if B.O. went AWOL for the rest of his term!

Words of Wisdom said...

The following are the words of wisdom of Luqman as described
“A wise man can learn from another man’s experience; a fool cannot learn even from his own.”

The words of the Quran and teachings of our Prophet Muhammad guide us to a wealth of wisdom and knowledge
To the Republican Party that claims every life is precious, tell us how you justify denying hope to the adults and children whose last hope is with the NIH and these cancer trials. Tell us and them how you justify withdrawing their last chance at life, and why these living, breathing precious lives do not matter to the GOP.

And tell us why civilized people shouldn't look at the Republican Party as nothing more than a collection of mobsters using the pain and suffering of the American people to extract their ransome. And what would that ransome be? Delaying the implementation of a health care program that will enable Americans who do not have insurance to buy that insurance at state exchanges.

JonBerg said...


Your avatar resembles two rolls of toilet paper!

Robert Sinclair said...

@ Words of Wisdom

Actually, once the drugs wear off, I think you should crawl back under your rock and die. If you won't do that for us, then at least do it for your country.

Duckys here said...

No, Berg, it resembles a book.

I understand why you're confused.

JonBerg said...

NO $#1T-Ducky!

Crabby Old Man said...

Could that little pipsqueak Georgie Porgie, who has SO much to say please tell me where the current President has done such a great job, where do you live some other country? Where have you been for the past few months? He says that he inherited all of George Bush’s problems? Well he’s been saying that since the first day he came into office, but he made a promise to the American people to fix all those problems. We have the economy of a country in a depression, the alarming amount of part time employees should scare the crap out of everybody. He is as luxuriant at war as he is about everything else. – he has no problem sending other peoples children to die when he promised peace.
He promised transparency, he promised to keep us in the loop yet this administration has made just as many back room deals and behind the curtain decisions as any other administration and possibly more. He was against the Patriot Act and actually promised and even ran on a platform of repealing it, that changed. Not only that be he also quietly instituted policies that no one was even aware of. !

The only improvements to the job situation are part time and low pay jobs. The price of food, gas and electricity has skyrocketed under this administration and he has made more deals with special interest groups then any other administration, so please tell me how on earth he has done such a great job? After Bush I had hoped we would get better and since the man was quite a bit younger than most of his predecessors I had hoped that he would do great thing but we got more of the same! Some words explaining how he has done such a great job would help greatly and words that have nothing to do with race, political parties and other partisan crap.
Obamacare was PASSED BLINDLY! Even Pelosi said you will see whats in it once you pass it!
His administration is the administration of crooks, liars, tax cheats, inside traders using their power to broker deals for themselves and their friends in this industry or that. He has let that SOB Russian Putin shame us like we have never been shamed before!
Obama played Russian Roulette, and HE lost! American citizens suffer greatly like peons instead of the strong wealthy country that we once were. . Folks are tired of Obama, Pelosi, and Dingy Harry.
So tell me again why he is any better than the guy before him?

Radical Redneck said...

And Radical Redneck The reason why nobody says that you are dumb, is because they think that you’re 6 years old.

What a scathing riposte!
Oh my, who could ever counter that flawless trump card. When are you headlining Vegas?

You are proof positive that NOTHING good can ever come from the conception of a deviate wedding.

Anonymous said...

From Z at work:

You haven't seen anything yet...I'll be home and will be doing that in a couple of hours.
No problem; there are rules above the comments box and, you break them, you're gone.

Ducky, petulant is one thing..disappearing when faced with truths you can't answer to is your bag; that and obfuscation.
"petulant"..a compliment in comparison.
And no, I don't; I don't do petulant well.

I have to laugh at all of you leftwingers raving about our keeping up with England, Germany and other insurance like we're being forced into now. They aren't WORKING THERE...what part of that do you NOT UNDERSTAND?
Even ABC was RAVING about England's just have to laugh!

Bob said...

Obamacare is a terrible product, but since it is THE GOVERNMENT product, unlimited efforts will be expended to keep it alive. Indeed, the web site problems will soon be fixed, and the mechanical parts will soon become workable.

The problems will come when the bills are due. Just because the system is a bad system doesn't meant that it will not work at all.

Creating a good system was never the Democrats goal. Creating a controlling environment is the goal.

The people be damned.

Kid said...

Well, it occurs to me that if 'they' can't refuse people with pre-existing conditions AND they can't charge those people any more, Why would I pay for insurance up front.

I'll just pay the fine, pay for the doctor checkups out of pocket, and if I get something serious, I'll go get my insurance and get fixed up, and cancel it when I'm back in the pink.

Another reason this is one POS bunch of nonsense.

Z said...

Kid, that's exactly what the leftwingers just can't understand.
Yes, you can pay a slight fine...get really sick and just sign the heck up. NO PROBLEM.
Meanwhile, hardworking Americans who did the right thing are paying and paying and paying.........

Words of Wisdom: Stop watching MSNBC: who the heck ever said the GOP doesn't care?
Can't you LISTEN to what they're trying to tell you? It's just nuts how the media's in your way; but you keep thinking like that. Who can stop you?

We have FAMILIES, did anybody ever think of that? Yet lefties think we want the sick to stay sick.
Some of us have black relatives we love but we're "racists", according to the left..
I could go ON and on......but why bother?

But "Z" didn't delete anything today; till now, when I (Z) got home from work; but you think what you want.

And, by the way, THIS IS MY BLOG. If people want to stay within the MY RULES as enumerated above the comment box, they do NOT GET DELETED.

My gosh.

Kid said...

Z, yea, True Conservatives are the most non-racist, non-violent, non-judgemental (we don't care what you do folks) want Everyone to be successful, money and help donating people in existence.

But sure buttheads, go with what My joe $200 a year total donation biden tells ya. And it was the democrats that put them in chains and still have them in chains.

Apparently though, there are a Large Number of people who are enjoying Victim Status in this country, that they can't afford to understand who their friends and enemies are. Because they're weak.

Well, to their own peril. For an obamaphone and a free happy meal.
Watch how that works out for them.

Something tells me they'll be begging for OUR help when it all comes crashing down. Guess what America destroyers. I'm not going to be Rushing to your aid. You may get some from me but not before you've learned what reality is. - You don't now what that means either but you will.

Z said...

Kid...who could read your comment and not UNDERSTAND IT?
I guess getting freebies is more important now than America, too.

Z said...

Anonymous (third down from the top)...well said.

Kid said...

Z, I can think of a few to be sure !


Anonymous said...

Clinton did not have a surplus you wet behind the ears big dummy.
I was there.
He was dragged kicking and screaming to the table to sign a Budget. When the economy picked up he tried to claim credit, he said, I can see a [projected surplus]
Then he gave some number and said, A Number I Pulled out of The Air.
We laughed and howled at that Bubba trying to claim credit for a [Projected Surplus]; then he said by some numbers he pulled out of the AIR----we said NO HE DIDN'T--HAhAHAhaHAhaHA we never laughed so hard.
GW Bush took over with a Bubba- Gore RECESSION!
Get a life you big dummy.
You sound like you weren't even born yet. in the 1990's- or were just a toddler.

Impertinent said...

Oh boy. The feds are now going to administer our healthcare...and yet..they can't get a few simple servers up and running in order to even log in to complete the signup? They've had 3 years to accomplish this? This is a bad, bad omen.

Glitches? Hiccups?'s a real bad omen when they're talking about healthcare...just like everything the feds's phooked and fubar before it even starts.

JonBerg said...

22,700 pages of $#IT. Why don't you people understand that it WON'T work?

Dave Miller said...

To answer your question Z, maybe Congress has been exempted because of a clause inserted into the ACA law by Republican Chuck Grassley, favored by Democrat Harry Reid and championed, at least in private by Republican John Boehner.

Pure Bi-partisan folly...

At least if we believe Glenn Beck, Politico, USA Today and a host of new organizations...

Z said...

Dave, I can't stand Boehner. I've met him and he's a drunken foul mouthed creep.
This doesn't surprise me about him.

It sure doesn't stand for all of Congress, however...particularly those Republicans who've said they'd skip their salaries through the Shut down, etc.

One needn't be too bright to understand there's so much wrong with this bill and most Republicans have been 100% right in doing all they can to slow it down, to correct what needs correcting (much of which Dems agree with)..

but...we'll never really hear the truth; not with this media.

Oddly, it's the Conservative news venues that tell the truth; even against their own. We don't see that much from liberals, do we.

Z said...

Dave, I wonder how you feel about the WWII memorial Obama's people spent money putting barricades around so the shut down would REALLY look bad :-)
Thankfully, the vets moved the barricades. The MLK, Jr. monument, too, was shut down...
Odd, when both of these places have so little staff and all you do is walk up to them and look.
Shutting them down was as ridiculous and obvious as Obama's ever been. Almost as ridiculous as closing the White House for affect.

Anonymous said...

Yore gunna love it once you get it. All the desizzhuns well be taken outta yore hans. You just due wutt yore toald, ask no questions, and let them do whatever they want with you, and yule either get well, or yule die. Either way it's all right. What difference does it make?
Juss relax. Go along for the ride, throw it up in the lap of the Lawd. Dyin' ain't neer so tuff as livin anyway.

Ilse Koch von Buchenwald

voodookobra said...

Hey Georgie, take two Valiums and come back in the morning, you have been reading to many Progressive blogs.
You are defending a guy who got down on his hands and knees and kissed Vladimir Putin's ass while also giving away Americas secrets and vital interests at the same time. Remember when he told Dimitri, to "tell Vladimir to wait until after the election when I can be more flexible" who steadfastly refuses to negotiate with his fellow Americans over something most Americans resolutely do not want. Its no longer any secret whom Barack Obama considers his real enemy and its not the folks who conspire, plan, threaten or carry out acts to kill Americans and destroy their rights and property. For Americans today its like having Joe Stalin, Nikita Kruschev, Mao Tse Tung, Ho Chi Minh, Bashar Assad, Ayatollah Khomeini, Osama bin Laden, Ayman al Zawahiri, and Kim il Jong all rolled into one as president.

As for your reading the progressive blogs, have fun with that... But don't get to close, you might catch a disease.

Shaw Kenawe said...

We can't save the easily gullible from themselves.

They have been duped

Anonymous said...

George W. Seems to be one of Shaw's stooges,

Radical Redneck said...

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Snap!

Dave Miller said...

Z, if Boehner would allow a straight vote, this would all be over. Those 40 or so Repubs that you mention are effectively defying the will of the American people who support a clean vote on the CR.

I've seen many times here a view that Obama is not respecting the will of the American people. But clearly on this case he is and the fact that Boehner will not even allow a vote shows that he knows his party will support a clean CR.

I've heard many times that conservatives have changed on Obamacare and only want to delay it so as to get it right and make sure the role out will be smooth...

Is that true? Do the "true conservatives" really want to do that, or is it just a tactic to eventually repeal the law?

We used to hear the phrase repeal and replace. I am not hearing that anymore. Do conservatives believe that insurance companies should be allowed to disinsure, or not cover people because of pre existing conditions?

I know that conservatives do not want people to die from lack of quality health care. Anybody who says otherwise is just wrong. I am just trying to understand what conservatives are proposing to put in place of a national health care plan.

I don't think saying get a job, as Sen Cruz did recently is the answer. I know many working people who simply do not make enough cash to afford to buy insurance at the prices we are seeing today.

As for the monument... I don;t really have an opinion on that as I've not watched many of the conservative, or liberal stories in support of their positions.

Anonymous said...

Kingdom? You mean dungion !

Anonymous said...


Kid said...

IMP, Who has ever dealt with the government and felt like a satisfied customer ? Ever.

Spidey said...

I thought healthcare was going to be free.
What do you mean I have to sign up and PAY for health insurance?
That ain't what was told to us."

Almost exactly, word-for-word, what was railed at me when I had to hand out the Dept. of Labor's information sheet to our employees today!!

One of them even went straight to the phone to tell somebody, "Did you know it was the law that we have to have health coverage or pay a fine?!"

That, dear friends, is how shit like this happens

O-BAH-Ma Help Me

Z said...

Dave, you're so much smarter than that.
To suggest that Republicans don't want to work on some way of insuring people with preexisting conditions is beneath you.
Republicans didn't write the laws that said insurance companies didn't have to!

There are many things the R's want to fix, and , honestly, even my liberal friends are scared to death of what they're learning about this program.

Four years ago, my husband's doctor, VERY liberal, told my husband how wonderful Obama soon as Dr Kaplan learned a little about Obamacare, he told my husband the next time he came in "WHY did people VOTE FOR HIM?"
My husband couldn't resist.."Ask YOURSELF! I warned you"

no, please don't act like the R's just want to throw out good ideas with all the's just plain not TRUE.

Dave Miller said...

Z, I never said that... my question was whether the GOP believes government has a role in making, or forcing insurance companies to cover people with pre-existing conditions.

And if they don't, which I can accept as a legit philosophy supporting free markets, how then should we make sure people in those circumstances can in fact get reasonably priced coverage?

I'll turn the tables a little on you... certainly I'm a lib... but you should know I am not of the type that thinks all conservatives are bad any more than I believe all libs are wonderful.

Kid said...

Z, Absolutely right. The R's didn't break it. Frankly the Lawyers who are almost democrat to a man, broke the health care system. They've sued it out of existence.

Sure, there is fraud. Sure there is profiteering by doctors and hospitals. But the main problem with health care are the damage suit lawyers. Scum of the Earth. Hospitals don't charge 15 bucks for an aspirin for kicks. They do it because of the vampire lawyers who have sucked the system dry.

And isn't it Damn interesting that not a single politician has pointed that out? Ever.

When hospitals, drug companies and doctors have to shovel massive amounts of money into reserve funds in case they get sued by the vampires, We are where that money comes from.

Liberalmann said...


Rand Paul, Mitch McConnell caught on hot mic talking shutdown strategy

Really now. Any questions?

George Whyte said...

Z said...
"Dave, you're so much smarter than that."

That is a matter of opinion...for sure!

Radical Redneck said...

What a shock - MORE muslim Obamas involved in terrorism. And right where a massive gruesome attack took place! Who'd ever a'thunk.

They are getting better though - this one seems to have married within the species.

Z said...

I notice Libjerk VERY often comments as nasty as he can at the post below the one we've all moved on to........
real courageous, knowing nobody will see his stupidity and respond and expose him.
Good job, libjerk.
You're fun to have around!

Darth Bacon said...

Oy. More crying from this cretin , will it never end!