Saturday, October 5, 2013

Rock on..............

What is your all time ROCK GROUP (or 3...who can pick one?)!

let's talk ROCK!


Joe said...

Yes, Pink Floyd, Beatles

FreeThinke said...

The Cave Men and Women who made those beautiful paintings of wild animals on the walls of their rocky subterranean dwelling space aeons ago.

No one else. Sorry!

Ed Bonderenka said...

Straycats, Nugent, early Aerosmith, Roxy Music, Hendrix, none of which I ever listen to anymore.
Paul Baloche, Mercy Me, Aaron Schust are what I listen to now.

Scotty said...

Don't know that it falls into the Rock genre but, Tower Of Power. Soul with little funk mixed in.

Mustang said...

The Eagles, Lynyrd Skynrd, Fleetwood Mac ... and The Band.

Anonymous said...

I'm not the biggest rock fan. I listen to Pink Floyd more than any other band.

I also love Deep Purple b/c I love their organ sound.

Also a big Toto fan.

Sam Huntington said...

Bob Segar rocks!

Duckys here said...

Most of it has faded and I gravitate toward individuals, Dylan, Van Morrison, Billy Bragg and a few others rather than groups.

I still have a certain fondness for the rule breakers, The Ramones, The Clash and I will always hate metal with extreme prejudice.

Pris said...

The Five Satins
Everly Bros.
The Beach Boys
Credence Clear Water
The Beatles
3 Dog Night
Mamas and the Papas

Whoops, I got carried away, huh Z? HaHa!

Duckys here said...

... oh, and the only band that matters, The Replacements.

JonBerg said...

When I was in High-School I saw most of the popular groups and singles, live. While they were not Rock n' Roll, per se, of all of groups appearing at Rock n' Roll shows The Platters were far and away the best! A lot of groups and singles, while sounding great on recordings, fell short live. The Platters, on the other hand, were even better live than on their recordings.

Z said...

Scotty! TOWER OF POWER! GREAT stuff, thanks for that reminder :-) A REALLY good sound.'re kidding me, right? How can we differ so much on our 'popular/classical' music taste and be so in synch with rock? YOU LIKE LYNYRD SKYNRD AND THE BAND!?

I was thinking about music today in the car and I thought "The only band I wouldn't turn off halfway thru any song is THE BAND."....even with other songs I like, I'll turn the station to see if something else is on!!!! NOT with the band. never.
Or Leon Russell.

Pris; GREAT group of bands. I love them!! Not a HUGE Elvis fan, but he certainly was a force!!

JonBerg...THE PLATTERS..what good tunes.
I'm not quite your age yet, but I remember their stuff.

I believe the first 45s I ever bought (and maybe the only?!!) were MY DAD (gad, imagine!?), LISTEN TO THE RHYTHM OF THE FALLING RAIN, and some Four Seasons song. Honestly, I think I still have them somewhere.

and, of course, Ducky's edict is there IS no band that REALLY MATTERS but his. :-)

Z said...

Ducky, you might like The Decembrists;

Pris said...

do you remember Bill Hayley and the Comets? That goes way back. Sure, that was rock and roll. It began when I was a teenager. Chuck Berry, Little Richard. I saw Elvis on his first tour, also Bo Diddley. Yes the Platters were good.

Duckys here said...

Yeah, I've heard them , z. Definitely enjoyable.

Duckys here said...

... in fact, z, I guess I really don't care for pure rock and hard rock that much.

Mentioning the Decembrists, I do like folk oriented groups quite a bit, Steeleye Span, Fairport Convention (Sandy Denny!), Pentangle, Anne Briggs, Nic Jones.

Duckys here said...

I'm guessing the FT approves of the Child ballads.

JonBerg said...


Yep, saw then all! We sure got our money's worth back then.

Impertinent said...

Lovin' Spoonful, 4 Seasons, Temptations, Four Tops


Young far?

Anonymous said...'re such a pompous stick in the mud old man...really Lighten don't have that much time left to be such a crank.

Laugh a'll feel better than all you're bitching does for you.

Kid said...

My 3 are: Led Zeppelin, Spencer Davis Group, Sly and the Family Stone.

Pris, it's interesting to me there is not a single CCR song I don't like. Pretty amazing.

Ed Bonderenka said...

z: Love me some Leon Russell.
Once drove 200 miles to see him.

Anonymous said...

I think FT suffers from...


Duckys here said...
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Duckys here said...

Imp, did yu know all of the Spoonfull's masters were lost?

Jen Nifer said...


I've seen them all live, but I don't listen to them daily. (I'll be seeing VAmPire Weekend next Thursday!)

I live on Ryan Adams, Iron and Wine, Wilco, and Whiskeytown.

Jen Nifer said...
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Jen Nifer said...

Ducky, we have very similar musical tastes.

Alabama Shakes
Ray LaMontaigne (Z, I think you'd like him.)

Jen Nifer said...
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Impertinent said...


Aww hell no. When, how?

Z said...

Imp, really good stuff there.

I have always LOVED Motown.


MARVIN GAYE (and most any Motown)

For oldies but goodies in my head:
Led Zeppelin.
Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young.

I guess I could go ON and ON and on.......not very discriminating!
But that top bunch rates NUMERO UNO with me

Impertinent said...


Love Judy Collins...and Joannie Mitchell ( Chelsea Morning )...I like two Doors tunes...maybe 3 Stones...not Beatles too much. Although I have all their original albums! Just Collected many of them long ago...Beatles too.

Yea...John Fogarty is up there too...and so were some of the Brit Bands that followed the Beatles.

Kinks...Buckinhams...Troggs...Turtles. a kid growing up in North Jersey...DOO WOP Ruled.....LOL

Z said...

Imp, I was just thinking;

have you ever heard the opening strains of "It's a beautiful morning..." and not felt BETTER THAN YOU JUST DID!? :-)

Duckys here said...

Hmmm, maybe not, Imp.

This is a note from Buddha's Greatest Hits

"Digitally remastered for the first time from long lost first generation master tapes."

Evidently what was once lost is found.

Impertinent said...


"It's a beautiful morning..."

Some of their older videos on YouTube crack me up...they dressed so silly then.

But...I had that on 8 track as a kid...played the Rascals all the time...most of those guys were Jersey / NY the 4 Seasons ( have you seen Jersey Boys yet? ).

The Rascals were finally inducted into the R&R Hall of Fame.

Kid said...

IMP, I was raised on Motown, still love most of it. All positive stuff. I think we're missing a lot of that today.

Z, Beautiful Morning. Great tune. My kind of music. And I have most of the stuff y'all are talking about on my playlist.

Impertinent said...


Damn Duck...that's good news. Man they were a great band. John Sebastian was top stuff...I think he was in the Mamas and papas too or the Mug Wumps early on?

Z said...

Just posted a Judy Collins song that I LOVE. I could listen to it over and over and over and over again.

She could be singing "oatmeal's good for you" and I'd still love her singing that gorgeous thing.
The instrumentation is JUST RIGHT, too.

The only concert I went to alone was a Judy Collins concert....It was free seating, inside a theater nearby, and I sat way in the back and let her singing wash over me and was amazed how much I enjoyed myself all alone. it's not very 'me' to do that...but I still remember it was kind of a private thrill, really. Something only I share. (now that's a kind of neat way of saying it, come to think of it, huh?!) :-)

Jen, I think you'd love it..words and all.

Imp, this one's for you.

Impertinent said...


You're right...Motown was tops...never was about color either man. Never.

Last time I counted I had over 3200 tunes in my play lists.

Don't forget Roy Orbinson either. That man could sing like an angel.

Kid said...

Yes, I like all the Roy tunes.

Z said...

I went to a Four Tops/Temptations concert years ago...a theater that only sat about 500 people.

One of the greatest things was I was sitting there with friends when the lights first went down and someone was escorted about five rows up and center and as his profile walked by I said to my friend "That's Smokey Robinson"....

The show was FANTASTIC...the two groups did each others' hits...very cool! AND, at the end of the show, they brought Smokey up on stage and they all sang.

Oh..also, you won't BELIEVE this...
I went to my chiropractor the next day, was walking thru the waiting room out the door after my appointment and the only people in the waiting room were..(drum roll)...Smokey Robinson and a gorgeous black girl he introduced to me as "Ivory!". !!!
I walked right over to him after I got over my 'small world' shock and said "Pardon me...but you won't believe this....but I was at the theater last night and saw you with the Temps and 4 Tops...out of 500 people in LA...and here we are again in the same room."

He could NOT have been nicer...and he couldn't believe the coincidence, either..then he introduced me to the girl...and we chatted a few seconds and I left.
Amazing, huh?

Z said...

I hate to say that Roy Orbison would be number 23947823948797234987 on my list of faves! I don't know why I have NEVER warmed up to that guy because I know people LOVE him and he does have a good voice.

Kid said...

Roy? No problem from me Z, Music is like art, very hard to buy for someone else.

On the subject of Voices. I'm going to go:

Karen Carpenter - clearer than country water.

Andy Williams - very warm.

Annie Lennox - On certain tunes, very talented and clear also.

John Lennon had interesting singing.

Brook Benton on Rainy Night in Georgia

These are the standouts whenever I think of singers.

Z said...

Kid, that's a wonderful list of singers!

My voice coach always told me I reminded her of Karen Carpenter's voice......I did a LOT of her stuff when I was in the rock band during college.. A LOT.
I'd like a dollar for every time we did "we've only just beguuuun.." :-)

Andy Williams was terrific...Annie Lennox; terrific..>Benton, amazing.
Lennon. I loved him. I just loved him. Never an enormous Beatles fan...tho why, I don't know.

By the way, we're leaving THE ROLLING STONES out .... I heard MIDNIGHT RAMBLER the other day...
I LOVED "Wild Horses" SO MUCh...they were SO SO SO GOOD.

Kid said...

Z, I'm finding I'm liking Beatles stuff less and less. They were the bomb back when because they were excellent musicians and their stuff was so fresh, but more and more that was a different time. Much of it will continue to be played by orchestra though because of the songwriting.

I've heard your voice. It's truly wonderful.

Stones? I do like some of their tunes but like the Beatles - fewer and fewer over time. Wild Horses, Rambler, Monkey Man, and Just Waiting For a Friend are still on my flashdrive.

Kid said...

Z, Like anyone cares but also on the Stones: Honkey Tonk Woman, Paint it Black, You Can't Always Get What You Want

Z said...

Oh, man, Kid...those ARE great Stones songs...I particularly like YOU CAN"T ALWAYS GET WHAT YOU WANT but I love the others, too.

When I see them rockin' and rollin' today, in their seventies, it kind of gives me the creeps, but I swear they still sound SO GOOD!! They haven't lost it a bit!
their bio SYMPATHY FOR THE DEVIL is fantastic, by the way.

Z said...

FT..sorry you got that comment from "Anonymous" but you don't have to be so dismissive as you are every single time any music but classical is discussed...especially rock.
You know, we're not cave men because we like something you don't!
everyone to his own taste.

Impertinent said...


23947823948797234987 each his>

Scotty said...

Z, I did my infantry training at Fort Ord. Every weekend pass I got, I went to Frisco with only one mission. To experience the Fillmore West. I saw MANY great bands there and it was there that I first heard and experienced Tower Of Power.

While so many bands have long since disappeared, TOP is still going strong.

A short list of who I saw there. Buddy Miles, Quicksilver Messenger Service, Pacific Gas and Electric, Mike Bloomfield, Al Kooper, Moby Grape and Allman Brothers. Just to name a few......

Z said...

Scotty, that's great. A LOT of good groups were at Fillmore West, that's for sure.

I had a business partner who was in THE NICE with Keith Emerson (before ELP)...we went to a club on Sunset years ago because Keith called and said there were some guys getting a gig together that night...there was a guy from Riders of the Purple Sage, King Crimson...I can't remember exactly the names but that genre of guys. It was an amazing night sitting there hearing these guys all playing together and seeing my business partner go at it!. I think this must have been in 1983 or so.
Lee had told me for years about meeting John Lennon very spontaneously in a pub across the street from where they were editing MAGICAL MYSTERY TOUR...and going to Rod Stewart's 30th birthday party, calling Elton John "Fat Reggie Dwight," before he made it big, Reggie Dwight being his real name...
I loved to hear the old rock'n roll stories from someone who was there.

FreeThinke said...

Oh yes! There is one other rock group I remember with love:

My mother's ROCK GARDEN in the first house we owned when I was very young. It was very beautiful - and really fascinating. The best thing about it, however, is that it never made any NOISE ungodly or otherwise.