Friday, October 18, 2013

Come live with me...............

Please pray for THIS KID.............every kid deserves to have people take care of him, to not have to live off the state.  To feel self worth. Affection.

Would you take him in?

By the way, friends of mine have 3 great kids and want to take another child into their home;  they have to go through many day-long training classes put on by the State as if they don't know about parenting.  AND, they're told the State turns away 70 children a day from the foster care program because there aren't enough homes for them.   The plan is to start orphanages again.  Does your State have orphanages and do you think they could work like they did in the past and better their past reputations?  Is it better than the bad foster care homes we hear about?

I'm interested because the boy in the post represents so many American children in such do we resolve this problem, yet another concern for America's future?



sue hanes said...

Z - He is on my prayer list. I hope someone adopts him.

cube said...

I hear he's getting all kinds of offers. I think he'll find a home soon.

I hope his future foster family isn't made to jump through the needless bureaucratic hoops that you described.

JonBerg said...

OK, this sounds cold but the reality seems to be that [responsible] people are, more and more, being asked to solve the problems created by [irresponsible] people. Which group is growing the fastest? The subject of today's post is, sadly, indicative of a trend that unless and until it's reversed will only worsen. To me the bigger question here is; how do we restore societal responsibility? I don't have the answer but more Governmental involvement isn't it. The "Great Society" is irrefutable proof of that!

Ed Bonderenka said...
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FreeThinke said...

Mandatory sterilization for the welfare class would make a good start. A human being cannot suffer if it has never been born.

Promote more widespread use of birth control.

Abstinence would be lovely, and irresponsible, "recreational" sex may be a great evil, but it is here to stay. When people cannot -- or refuse to -- control themselves, they must be controlled by the State. Period!

People who live on government assistance in government housing should have all their rights suspended, until they become independent, self-supporting, productive members of society.

Meanwhile, the state should be prevented from putting up barriers between existing orphans and those who want to adopt and care for them.

Divine Theatre said...

I would rather die than go back into an orphanage. Horrible places, those.

I will never forget opening the newspaper to see my little brother's face. He was posted as the "Foster Kid of the Week", in the same manner they post photos of stray dogs and cats in need of a home.

There is no easy answer. There is no easy way. However, there has to be a way to allow the children of these wretches to maintain a modicum of dignity?

I agree with FreeThinke. We need to stop subsidizing irresponsible behavior. We also need to bring the notion of shame back to this society.


Anonymous said...

from Z of GEEEZ:

FT..I literally just this minute got an email from the friend who's trying to take a child in. They asked personal questions about HER PARENTS' SEXUAL ATTITUDES, her early dating years, etc. SHe's horrified at the invasion of privacy. She has 3 children she's doing a great job of raising...!!

Meanwhile, teens are popping babies out with no dads, no money...but they keep and raise them. No questions asked.

JonBerg...the children cannot suffer for their irresponsible sperm/egg donors (I refuse to call THEM 'parents')

I'm glad you see my post for how I meant it...a terrible trend and irreversible.'s doubtful, but I hope it does work. The article mentions he has a temper and many might not be too happy about that, poor kid.

Anonymous said...

from z:

Andie, I'm so sorry this brings up that kind of memories for you.
There just have to be good people who could open large homes ...I don't use the word ORPHANAGE here because it comes with such baggage, you're right. You obviously KNOW.

Still...what the heck is the opposite of not subsidizing this behavior? Do like they do in Chile and have the cops shoot the children running wild? Yes, I did hear a missionary say they kill the children with no homes, running wild. KILL. i'll never forget hearing that.

Divine Theatre said...


Perhaps a Scarlet Letter?

Divine Theatre said...

Older children DO have a lot of baggage and can pose a viable threat. It pains me to say this, as I wish I could save them all.
The stress of being a foster child is beyond description. Knowing that if you are not good enough you will soon see your few belongings piled on your bed, the doorbell will ring and the social worker will help you carry your things to the car...and it starts all over again.
This kind of rejection breeds resentment. This resentment breeds anger and anger breeds what anger breeds.
Not all foster children are dangerous but it is not a chance worth taking when you have other children in the home.

JonBerg said...


Unfortunately, you are right! Don't be surprised, however, if some, with no viable solution(s) of their own, attempt to discredit your views (and mine) as 'extreme'.

Mustang said...

This is a heart-wrenching story, to be sure. It wasn’t any easier to take on the televised news earlier today. I hope people are paying attention to how our nation has evolved. We are in a deep spiritual decline. There was a time when communities came together to address such tragedies. They seemed to do the right thing, most of the time. But then the federal government decided that it could do a better job than state or community programs. Well, now we see how well the federal government is doing taking care of children; the progressive movement is a disgrace.

Duckys here said...

@Divine Theater --- I agree with FreeThinke.

You wish your parents had been sterilized?

Careful, Reichsorganisationsleiter FT is in high dudgeon today. His opinions may be more bearable when the manic phase passes.

Impertinent said...


"We also need to bring the notion of shame back to this society."

How about head and arm locks / stocks from the old Salem days in front of Planned parenthood?

Pris said...

How terribly sad this is. All this boy wants is to be loved and have a home haven to reside in.
Mustang is right, this is heart wrenching.

FT, I believe you go too far in suggesting female welfare recipients receive mandatory sterilization. I know that there are single welfare women who have several children, and receive a lot of welfare money.

There should be a limit as to how many children they have, and one way would be to limit welfare for only two children.
I think that would be a better answer, and the woman would know ahead of time, her gravy train would not continue to pay for more children.

Btw, the father or fathers should be required to pay child support. Why should they get off scott free?

Anonymous said...

You sound like a nazie , shame on you1

Ed Bonderenka said...

I deleted my earlier comment as off topic, but Z broached the subject.
30 years ago, when I adopted my son, I knew that the process was delayed, because I was a devout Christian, by the unicorn and gaia worshipping liberal sociologists until budget cuts under Reagan removed their financial interest in justifying their paychecks.

Jen Nifer said...

"We also need to bring the notion of shame back to this society."

How about head and arm locks / stocks from the old Salem days in front of Planned parenthood


Nothing like the power of good old fashioned shame to reach people's hearts.

::shakes head::

Impertinent said...

@ Jen Nifer:

":shakes head::"

Sarc on or sarc off?

Mine was purely the former.

Anonymous said...

From Z of GEEEZ at work:

Would you guys believe I did Detention this morning and was here at 6:30 and I stupidly volunteered to chaperone the school dance till TEN THIRTY TONIGHT?! I've got to go listen to rap (which I actually LIKE) and other stuff for FOUR HOURS! PRAY FOR mE :)

OKAY...having whined sufficiently enough:

JEN: I AGREE....I hate to say it but the word SHAME isn't always terrible. We had shame when I was a kid and you can't believe how much it kept us in check :-)

I think Andie and FT, by SHAME, mean "think TWICE, it DOES matter what others think...don't do stupid things!" I agree with them.

Ed..Imagine this amazing couple and the hoops they have to jump through? The questions they're being asked just to take a child IN? Meanwhile, there are 13 year olds getting knocked up in the backseat of a car as I type and they'll have a kid and keep it and they'll both suffer FOREVER. But my friends need to be questioned about their parents' sexual attitudes?

Pris! a LIMIT to how many kids welfare moms can have? HOW? and WHY?

MUSTANG IS RIGHT...this story was posted as a wake up call that's gone unheeded so long NOTHING will help this pathetic country; we're stuck with children tainted and damaged and hurting from abuse and no love. And they keep popping them out.

There IS no solution but faith, decency and a kind of 'shame' that makes young kids think twice.
THAT isn't going to happen, so........

Divine Theatre said...

Yes. Shame. As in the opposite of a "proud single mother". As if she cares one whit about her children.
There is NOTHING to be proud about when giving your child a mere percentage of what he/she deserves.



Irresponsible people seem to garner more respect from you. Why is that?

Jen Nifer said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jen Nifer said...

I was being sarcastic, Imp. Sorry if I misread you.

I'm not promoting "proud single welfare mom", Andie. Lol! That has NOTHING to do with my comment.

Z, I know what you're talking about. There is a type of shame that holds us in check, keeps us from our basest impulses, but utter contempt and scorn, not intended to raises standards.

You mentioned Faith being the answer, and I happen to agree. I just don't see how judging others EVER leads them to Christ.

There's no point in trying to explain myself.

Ed Bonderenka said...

Judging others never leads them to Christ.
Getting them to judge themselves might.

Jen Nifer said...

Yes, it might. But seems to me that genuine kindness is a good place to start.

Anonymous said...


No, judging doesn't bring good to anybody, but discernment does. Education does.

In America today, we CHAMPION unwed moms and babies born to poverty. THAT is not healthy for ANYBODY, those poor little things...

Andie, your comment brought tears to my eyes so said
"there is nothing to be proud of..."

And the left thinks we're MEAN because we discourage bad behavior when, if they'd just GROW THE HELL UP and realize we CARE THAT MUCH; we'd rather PREVENT problems than bring a whole country DOWN because of them financially, morally, etc etc to get back to the school dance.

Not enough rap. damn

Impertinent said...


"Irresponsible people seem to garner more respect from you. Why is that?"...

You already know, so why ask?

Our standards, our beliefs,our commitments to socially acceptable behavior have not only been compromised...they have become anarchistic.

Our social order is in the miley cyrus toilet. Our country is a crap hole of feelings,illiteracy and total ignorance.

Accept and get used to it...we are a divided nation and now the dis United States of chaos, anarchy and lawlessness.

There.. will be a civil's already happening.

Impertinent said...


"I was being sarcastic, Imp. Sorry if I misread you."..."

Relax Jen ...disembodied text is difficult enough..LOL

Except when FT comments!

We're OK.

Jen Nifer said...

Thanks, Imp.

JonBerg said...

My previous comment: " Don't be surprised, however, if some, with no viable solution(s) of their own, attempt to discredit your views (and mine) as 'extreme'."

Ducky, you came through as expected; criticism with NO solution, congratulations !


"There should be a limit as to how many children they have, and one way would be to limit welfare for only two children. "

As someone who always appreciates everything you say I must ask: How, in the World, would you enforce that "limit" without, at least, what FT proposes? I submit that if they keep having them the Government (US) will keep paying!

Impertinent said...


"I think Andie and FT, by SHAME, mean "think TWICE, it DOES matter what others think...don't do stupid things!" I agree with them."

How can it be labeled "stupid"...when stupid is now ...acceptable and rewarded? Think about it...1 kid...3 kids....10 kids?

12 years poor dear...15 years old with one kid....let's give you day care...20 years old ( being excused from any responsibility at all... and 3 kids...) never ask where the "father" is. Never interrupt the business of illegitimacy.

No problem. How much do we owe you?

Kid said...

Making a long story as short as possible. A child in Cincinnati was killed in a foster home by some vermin foster parents.
Local radio for about a week asked people to call in and tell if they were in a foster home and was it a good experience. (Certainly there are some) but in this case, no one called in to say so.
Many called in to say they were in orphanages and were quite happy about that. They they felt like they had these big families that they still kept in touch with. Brothers and sisters.

A few called in to testify that they were in foster homes and were subjected to pedophiles.
One foster parent called in, and testified that their foster daughter, who they'd since adopted, was in 17 pedophile situations prior to arriving at the last home at 13. She was then 17. 17 pedophile homes which she would report the abuse, and nothing would happen to the home owners, she'd just be shuffled to another pedophile home.

Think about it. If you are a pedophile, where is your richest source of children?

But these days, is an orphanage the answer? There may not be an answer. My first thought is that if the orphanage mgmt people were defective, they'd be found out and replaced, but at this stage I doubt it. Too many things are broken. I don't think there is a general answer, but I'll go with orphanage over foster home by a small margin.

Kid said...

FT, mandatory sterilization?
I was in Detroit years ago over the holidays and they had a "heart waring story" on the news.

Seems some female with 8 kids (geting checks for the state of course to the tune of 8 kids) got kicked out of her section 8 abode and began living in a buick with 8 kids.

2 years later, she had 9 kids. she got pregnant while living in a buick with 8 kids.... the heart warming part was some shit for brains person bought her a 250k house to move into with the 9 kids. I can't imagine she is still there.

Conclusion: we as taxpayers are forced to pay women for child abuse. Millions of them pop kids out like pieces of toast into zero opportunity, drug and crime infested environments, and we Pay them for it. We pay for child abuse.

Sterilize them? maybe when our galaxy merges with the Andromeda galaxy in a couple billion years.

Duckys here said...

Reminds me that z's readers are the first to dump on Margaret Sanger and then they call for forced sterilization.

Ah, the right wing mind.

Jen Nifer said...

He has a point.

Divine Theatre said...


As a child I spent time in foster homes and an orphanage.
Yes. I was abused in every way in foster homes. We were beaten to the point of broken bones, forced to sleep on newspaper on concrete floors, kept in basements and starved, among other (even worse) abuse. I thought it was a normal part of life. I was shocked to discover that normal kids did not endure such things.
The social workers HAD to know that the foster parents sexually abused us. I truly believe they benefitted somehow.
However, life in the orphanage was difficult because the other kids were so destructive. My sister had her hand broken by an older girl and I was beat up regularly. There really was no oversight. At the time it was funded by DCFS. The individuals who work for DCFS are the most repugnant, vile, disgusting people on the face of this earth.
The bigger kids also stole our food. That may not seem like a big deal but it must have meant something to me if I still remember it!
There are no easy answers. However, the advent of the Welfare State has made things far worse than they ever were. It is time to get the government out of the business of subsidizing irresponsible behavior.
Did you know that the State of Illinois has lost 50% of its wards? This means that half of the children in their care are unaccounted for. HOW can this be? The state forced itself into that position. They should be held criminally accountable. There is NO excuse.
The government needs to get out of the business of welfare all together. They cause more harm than good.


Divine Theatre said...


Do you have a point? if so, make it.

Are you implying that irresponsible women who irresponsibly breed children without a father should be rewarded for their selfishness? They should be rewarded for raising future strippers and prison inmates?


Divine Theatre said...

Rather than smarmy retorts why don't you tell us why you have no problem with these kids suffering?

Divine Theatre said...

Rather than smarmy retorts why don't you tell us why you have no problem with these kids suffering?

Jen Nifer said...

It boggles the mind.....

JonBerg said...

Hey Ducky, with all due respect; what is your solution? Or do you even see a problem?

Divine Theatre said...


How about you tell us how love will save the day, eh?
Your arrogance belies your ignorance.
Come on. Fix it for us. Will you? Fix the world with a psalm...or a shake of the head.
How can we unboggle your mind? I'd really like to know.


Jen Nifer said...


I said EXACTLY what I meant.

If I mean anything else, I'll say it.

I promise.

Jen Nifer said...


Divine Theatre said...


So "It boggles the mind" is your way to fix the world? And "shakes head" is filled with deep, meaningful thought.
All our problems are solved!

Now I can move on to bigger things. You are a GENIUS!

Jen Nifer said...

Have a good night, Andie.

Divine Theatre said...

Be a Christian, Jennifer. I understand that is important to you.

Divine Theatre said...


I apologize for being rude to your friend.


Sam Huntington said...

I knew a couple years ago who took in foster-children. The children received excellent care, but I know that the family did this sort of thing for the money. Good care, but no emotional attachments —and the problem is only half-solved.

I suppose the problem is that there is such a demand for foster parents, and so few people willing to put themselves through such an arrangement, that it is impossible to properly vet the individuals who apply to serve as foster parents. So it seems as though the program is doomed to mediocrity at the very beginning.

Welfare for single mothers is a program that only a politician could create. If someone with any brains sat down and thought about this, a viable program could be constructed around the premise that if you teach someone to fish, they will ultimately demand fewer handouts.

So, a mother with two children applies for welfare and the only way she can get it is that she must also sign up for classes; one of these focused on parenting, the other leading to some skill beyond flipping burgers. No signee, no welfare.

While in class, certified child care attendants babysit her children; the children are periodically screeded by a PHS doctor to evaluates their health. If there is evidence of malnourishment, then the mother is informed that she is in danger of losing the children and welfare benefit. Home visits scheduled through local social services and community churches.

Next, if the welfare mother has another child out of wedlock, her benefit is reduced—not increased. Finally, no benefit will be paid after five years.

Divine Theatre said...


I agree. They should also lose their right to vote while on the dole.
I don't think the US taxpayer should be forced to pay for the education of these wretches, however.
Maybe they could clean the toilets in government buildings?


Sam Huntington said...

You’re right Andie … I’ve always wondered by government entities pay out huge bucks to clean governments office spaces when they have so many people on welfare who are available to do this work. We should get away from thinking that any kind of work is beneath our dignity. Honest work is honest work.

Z said...

Ducky, I'm proud to 'dump' on Margaret Sanger, whose goal was to kill black babies before they're born.
What kind of monster ARE you?
And, believe me, I and most of my readers are NOT calling for sterilization. FT is.

Andie, I absolutely cannot believe the pain you went through...none of us can know on ANY level until we've 'been there'...thankfully, most of us have not.

Jen, I'm not sure what the answer is but paying welfare moms to make more babies sure isn't it, as I'm sure you'll agree!

Kid, for YEARS, I've thought orphanages should come back (we have none in California as far as I know, so I'm surprised to hear you talk about them being in existence)......but I fear that BAD orphanages would be at least as bad as bad foster homes. I could hope that only 'really lovely people' would be hired to run orphanages, but I think we've run out of Spencer Tracys and Boys Towns.
I don't think we even make that kind of person anymore. sadly.



Pris said...

Z, and JB,
What I meant was, if a welfare Mom has more than two children, they shouldn't get welfare payments for them.

Many single Moms have so may kids because they get more welfare money! If they know in advance, before they have children, perhaps they'll stop reproducing.

I just don't believe that the Govt. should have the right to sterilize them.

Robert Sinclair said...

There is something seriously wrong with FT.

Z said...

Hi, Pris....ya, I get what you mean.
It would just irk me to guarantee a welfare mom would get ANYTHING, though I hate to see her children suffer.

By "How?" and "Why?" I mean that it just seems so wild to guarantee anybody money as long as she keeps the babies down to two. I know you agree...

But, you're right, SOMETHING has to be done. And yes, perhaps they wouldn't breed ONLY for the money, which we all understand is happening.

If only the welfare which guaranteed mothers money as long as the dad wasn't there had never happened; we've all heard of the stories of dads leaving (officially) FOR the money...awful stuff. And it put a whole different mindset on Americans.
This is what liberalism is about.

And, of course, we're "mean" if we don't want to give money to women who have babies for the money. Go figure.

And no, NO STERILIZATION. That is Hitlerian and Frankenstinian, don't you think?

Z said...

Oh, wonderful (sarc)...Yahoo homepage has an article "DAVION ONLY GOES TO CHURCH TO FIND A FAMILY"

unbelievable. Is that supposed to be a pejorative when Yahoo NEVER celebrates a person of faith, anyway? You'd think it's a badge of honor for the left that he doesn't go often.
And, really, how many 15 yr olds do YOU know, with zero family, who'd go to church on his own.?

But they've got to get that dig in SOMEWHERE :-(

Pris said...

Hi Z,
"And no, NO STERILIZATION. That is Hitlerian and Frankenstinian, don't you think?"

Yes Z, that is what I think.

Also I do feel so sorry for Davion. He so desperately wants a family....someone who cares for him.

JonBerg said...

"Many single Moms have so may kids because they get more welfare money! If they know in advance, before they have children, perhaps they'll stop reproducing."

I doubt it. They aren't nearly as smart as you are. And let's say they have a couple over your [two] limit, do you really think that good ol' government isn't going to step in? Please believe me, I've seen the REAL World. Color me Frankenstien if you so desire. I guess my big mistake is having to be a responsible, tax paying person. I've had quite enough of that wasted on Liberal BS, "pie-in-the-sky"!

Oh yes and by-the-way; if anyone thinks the debt incurred, in part, to support irresponsible people will not impact, at some point, CHILDREN, not even born yet, keep voting the Liberal line.

Pris said...

JB, me keep voting the liberal line?
Are you kidding? I want the Govt. to stay out of our private lives, and not to control what our people do!

When there are those who have to learn the hard way, so be it!

JonBerg said...


Please read my last sentence where I used the word "anyone" .
I really didn't mean you, per se. Come on I sure know better than that!

Pris said...

OK Jon, sorry about that. I misunderstood.

Anonymous said...

I find it strange the way human nature wants heroes and yet wants to destroy their heroes. It's a kind of mass insecurity people want something to look up to and get a buzz off but, at the same time, want to destroy it because it makes them feel insecure. See the link below for more info.


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