Friday, October 25, 2013

The civilian army.....what's WITH this?

Have you ever seen ANYTHING like this?   And the news isn't carrying it to show dismay and concern?
Have you seen this on the news anywhere?
TELL me this is photoshopped or SOMETHING...because this isn't good.



Craig said...

It's goofy, I'll give you that. A dozen kids in a basement aspiring to be doctors, engineers,
entrepreneurs and "take personal responsibility" frightens you? Maybe it's reciting the benefits of Obamacare that has you hyperventilating.

The only thing suggesting "army" is their pants. That must be it, camo pants= civilian army= FEMA concentration camps for Conservative bloggers. That you think this is newsworthy or cause for great concern is mind bending. What's it like to live in constant fear?

Constitutional Insurgent said...

A video from 2009, showing young brainwashed kids parroting rhetoric.

I'm not terribly concerned.

Sick Of All Of You Cons. said...

Could there be a little hypocrisy involved here Ms.GeeeeeZ? We used to always honor our Presidents in school. Pictures of them were up on the walls. We wrote letters to the President and dreamed about meeting him. We learned about each and every one of them in History classes like they were all deities or something. That wasn’t such a long time ago! I didn’t go to school in the Dark Ages!!But once again you Conservatives are trying your best to comparing Obama to Hitler. Would you have dared to complain if that were Kids showing support for Reagan or Bush?

You people are freaken Hypocrites!

Sick Of All Of You Cons. said...

Other than racism, there is no explanation for the hatred expressed against our president here!.

Constitutional Insurgent said...

"Other than racism, there is no explanation for the hatred expressed against our president here!."

Really? We cannot hate him for his policies and agenda?

sue hanes said...

Z - I've never seen anything like this - but it doesn't look too threatening. Just about eight guys doing cheerleading movements.
Not too scary.

Z said...

Craig; what's mind bending is that you don't think this isn't healthy for ANY kid.
"constant fear?"???

CI: Good! I'm not fond of brainwashing kids, myself.

Ted..'support'? This is brainwashing...we're not usually big on that in America.
"Black"? What's that got to do with it??
By the would YOU have felt if there were kids brainwashed like this for Bush? :-) Ya, I thought so.

I'll never understand why liberals can't understand that people who'd vote, and have in the past, for black conservatives are suddenly 'racist' for disagreeing with Obama. It's just a little unthinking and I'm encouraging all liberals to THINK.

Sue..good for you.
Personally, I'd have balked at this for ANY president and am hoping it's on this relatively small scale; though I'll never believe mind control is a good thing for American kids. Never.
Maybe it's because I've lived in

Z said...

"Other than RACISM!">...

Can you not defend Obama with information and your viewpoints? We'd love to hear it here. Why go to "RACISM"?
Seems like such a silly accusation based on not having the ability to defend him as a PERSON.

We don't think color here; sorry.

As I said above, there are Black conservatives we'd vote for in a heartbeat. Now you figure out, PLEASE, how we're racist.
I'll wait.

Ducky's here said...

I thought the civilian army threat had played out with conservatives and they had moved on to other ways the administration is intentionally destroying America.

Odd that this has your knickers in a knot but you care little about the militarization of the police.
Any idea why the Dallas police need a tank?

Z said...

by the way "Ted"..we don't name call here, so I deleted you.
Try again.

And Sick Of All You Cons: why DID we stop honoring our presidents in school with pictures on the walls? And WHY? Fill us in. And then tell us about this video and your feelings about it.

Z said...

Or maybe it's because ALL the boys in the video are black? No white or Asian kids involved.
Is that the 'racist' part of it?
Ya, maybe that's it?

American Jihad said...

We either rally around a leader with the courage and will to fight relentlessly, or we apologize for our existence, rename ourselves Retreaticans, and assume the dhimmi pose. Moderation isn't an option now. This is the exigency of either/or.

When the Left gains enough power, and it will if we don't rally around our true leaders and fight, it will start to take away our guns, free speech, and our property. As soon as they can do it, the Left will take our homes and businesses and force us into government housing....that will undoubtedly be crawling with street gangs. Then they will assign us a job....that pay nothing.... we're darn near there already.

It is time to join the Tea Party and fight. It is the only political force the Left fears in America. It defeated the Left in 2010, and has been demonized incessantly since, which is an "honor" the Left only bestows on those it fears. It "honored" Sarah Palin, and still does, with every vile thing it could muster, and now it's Ted Cruz's turn. We need to back him up by swelling the ranks of the only effective fighting force the Right has. Enough with following the craven counsel of Republican political consultants.

"The Republican Party could stand to learn from his example."

Maybe they could learn to stand from his example....but don't hold your breath.

American Jihad said...

There’s really no excuse for this stupid website not to be working! None! . Facebook is ridiculously much more complex and it works evert dat! . It accommodates over a billion users. It can handle an entire app infrastructure, different types of accounts, live updates, videos and integration with half the websites on the internet., despite the complexity creep, had a fairly straightforward task. There are hundreds of eCommerce sites that handle similar tasks without costing 600 million dollars or requiring 25 times more code than Facebook.

But what do you expect from a website for a bill that was too long for anyone to read!

Kathleen Sebelius’s monumental mistakes in implementing Obamacare may be the program’s downfall. Let’s hope she continues her fine work.

Ducky's here said...

Or maybe it's because ALL the boys in the video are black?

I wasn't going to say it but yes.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Ducky, it sure would be considered racist were these kids all touting the Obama meme and white. Or not? :-)


highboy said...

Actually, Ducky has a good point for once. The militarization of the police is way over the top. They've used that "tank" Ducky spoke of to smash through and bust a cock fighting ring for crying out loud. Seriously? John Stossel had a program about this on Fox News where a S.W.A.T team kicked in the door of a residence suspected of drug dealing, shot the little boy's dog and killed and killed the dog right in front of the boy, and found nothing but a weed pipe. No one was reprimanded, no charges against the team, the police department, not even a public apology. These aren't isolated incidents either, and its a much bigger problem than people think.

highboy said...

"Other than racism, there is no explanation for the hatred expressed against our president here!."

Hey Sick of all You Cons: you're a dishonest, uneducated coward. If you want to disagree about something do it, and supply facts of which you base your opinion on. If you don't have any, don't smoke screen it by playing the race card. I can give you a laundry list of problems with Obama that have nothing to do with his skin color. Here are just a few:

1. Supporting government bailouts and stimulus packages that have almost bankrupt the economy.
2. Trampling civil rights and the Constitution with Obamacare.
3. Voting against the Born Alive Protection Act.
4. Publicly lying about Jill Stanek for going public with his support for letting dying babies lie under dirty blankets in a janitor closet to suffer until they finally died.
5. Lying about Benghazi and letting American citizens die with no support.
6. Supporting a bill in Illinois that would force schools to teach sex education, including contraception use, to kindergartners.

Is that enough? Or do you want more?

Rottweiler said...

I Can't Wait to See How the Democrats Respond to this Latest Obama Bombshell.
After posting several damning videos this week and watching the libs on the blogs absolutely lose their freaken minds while trying to scramble for any lie which would spin the indisputable truth - it should be entertaining as hell to watch them chase their tails over this bombshell:

Barack Obama could not sit in the situation room during the operation to kill Osama Bin Laden. During the most important event in his presidency, he went to another room to play cards with a few members of his staff.

Un-freaken-believable. What kind of leader leaves the room during something that crucial? The man crows about "killing Bin Laden" and not only was it NOT him (it was the Seals), but he couldn't even be bothered to sit through the operation to provide the leadership which is his responsibility. Apparently he found doing his job "too boring" and was instead more consumed by a fascinating game of Spades. Then again, as one very bright American already stated, maybe Obama couldn't sit through it all because of an internal conflict - being that he hates America and is a Muslim and all. Maybe Spades was a way!

I must admit - that made me laugh.

Heroes Are Ordinary Men Who Do Extraordinary Things in Extraordinary Times said...

>highboy said...

"Other than racism, there is no explanation for the hatred expressed against our president here!."

Hey Sick of all You Cons: you're a dishonest, uneducated coward. If you want to disagree about something do it, and supply facts of which you base your opinion on. If you don't have any, don't smoke screen it by playing the race card. I can give you a laundry list of problems with Obama that have nothing to do with his skin color.

Obama is setting the bar for any future black presidents... After him, I doubt very much if we will see another one in our lifetime.

Sam Huntington said...

I sure hope they admit gays.

Average American said...

That was 1 of the obummer legions during the campaign. At least this 1 wasn't a room full of elementary school kids led by their teacher!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

President Obama should be ashamed. His constituents expected more; the nation needed more from a leader and he let us down. And I'm afraid that this likely won't be the last disappointment from him.

Anonymous said...

From Z of GEEEZ:

Anita, there are so many things that have happened, but most Americans don't get the truth, only the "he's perfect" spin.
HOWEVER, this latest debacle is getting even the ire of some lefties Jon Stewart and some at the NY Times.

AA...I do remember that...little children singing the praises of OBAMA. THAT was scary, and the lefties think we're racist for saying so, but can you picture it if children were taught to sing the praises of ANY Republican president? HELL to pay.

Ed Bonderenka said...

SOAYCons said: "Other than racism, there is no explanation for the hatred expressed against our president here!."
I despise his white half as much.

BB-Idaho said...

Militias and tykes are ubiquitous .

Baysider said...

THE scary thing here is drinking the cult of personality kool aid and working yourself into a soundbite trance over it.

It's one thing to admire a man's accomplishments, character and ideas and even look up to him and model yourself after him. It's quite another to fall in hypnotic lockstep behind a 'dear leader' or 'the leader' as we've seen millions do in the last century.

The infirm charge of 'racism' doesn't even merit a 'good try sucker' it's so lacking in substance or truth except what it reflects of its feeble writer.

Sieg heil anyone?

Mustang said...

It isn’t whether we should teach our young people. By definition, all young people must be taught. The question is, what do we teach them, and how? I viewed BB-Idaho’s video link; I think we should teach our youngsters how to use firearms—but I do not think we should be telling an 8-year old to “…shoot them in the face.” That’s extreme.

As regards the video in this post, I am disturbed that we are teaching young people (like baby Samurais) to swear allegiance to an emperor rather than to the Constitution, which is a law that binds us.

Whatever happened to, “On my honor, I will do my best, to do my duty to God, and my country, and to obey the Scout law; to help other people at all times; to keep myself physically strong, mentally awake, and morally straight”?

I guess that’s just too hard, eh?

Pris said...

I guess you far lefties don't know about the young German brown shirts do you. Whaddaya know, they were white!
Skin color has nothing to do with this.

Furthermore that speech Obama gave was in July of 2008, when he was running for President. Evidently, the voters didn't stop and use their brains!
Why does a President need his own private, civilian army, huh?
Please answer my question!

Do you lefties know there are Govt. agencies with armed employees? Why would the IRS, or any other agency need those? Oh, and before you can mention this I will......I'm not talking about the FBI, or the CIA.

And Ducky is right, there are militarized police, and they do have tanks. Why?

Anonymous said...

From Z of GEEEZ:

Why does owning a tank make a police department militarized? Maybe they have situations where the cops can only be safe inside a tank when faced with really awful perps? I'm not sure; I'm not challenging, just questioning...

And Pris is right:

AND Mustang is SO RIGHT: What happened to pledges to our country and our constitution? I guess that fell by the wayside when COUNTRY started to be taught as "too rich" and "too racist" and "undeserving of being exceptional" in our schools...and the CONSTITUTION started being shredded and disregarded.

Bayside...too true.

Constitutional Insurgent said...

Z - "Why does owning a tank make a police department militarized? Maybe they have situations where the cops can only be safe inside a tank when faced with really awful perps?"

This is a concern I share. Since 9/11, but especially now with surplus stocks from Iraq and AFG, small town and campus police departments are able to receive MRAPs and other military accoutrements , often for free. I've spent my entire adult life either in uniform or supporting those still in....but I have no small amount of issues with turning a civilian law enforcement apparatus into a militarized enforcement mechanism.

Kid said...

Donut shop owners Beware!

Ducky's here said...

@z --- And Pris is right:
He doesn't and he doesn't have one.
Complete non issue.

On the other hand we have soon to be ex mayor Bloomberg stating that the NYPD is his private army and that didn't seem to bother anyone on the right.

Probably because the NYPD was so effective breaking up #OWS. Can't have any of those nasty demonstrators scaring the clientele.

Kid said...

The biggest problem with this is of course, people pledging some sort of allegiance or loyalty to obama, as opposed to the USA. It's not the first or 5th time this has happened either.

It's disgusting on that basis alone.

Kid said...

American Jihad, I work in this field - web based application development.

I can tell you, this was half $$ giveaway to pretend developers (ala solyndra) and half project managed by imbeciles. More or less.

This is what you get when you have imbeciles in charge. It's all you get. It's why every department listed in the registry of federal departments is nothing more than a useless money sucking pig that returns negative ROI, except for some of DOD, Medicare, SS. The rest of them could all go away tomorrow and things would start improving.

Kid said...

Anita David, Nope, after 6 years obama is still finding ways to lower the bar.

Unknown said...

Anonymous … you offer a circular argument. He wouldn’t be president without mindless supporters. Rather than yours being the case of a superior intellect, I can only credit you with a keen sense of the obvious.

Impertinent said...


"It's not the first or 5th time this has happened either..."

I was googling for that New White Panther Party but I didn't get any hits.

Kid said...

IMP, Take it easy on my man, I barely gradeated 8th grade. And I was only a Life Scout.

I'm just thinking people should pledge allegiance to something more lasting than a kenyan imbecile propped up by the chicago mafia.
And they should realize that one and all and say Whatda? when such an idea is presented.

WE would have - even at 8 years old. We'd have laughed at the idea. It's a new world, and people are not going to be happy with it.

Duck, lettuce know when things start to appear screwy to you would ya? You're the official canary in the coal mine.

Ducky's here said...
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Ducky's here said...

Come on Imp, you know what to look up.

Aryan Nation

Christian Identity

Liberty Lobby

German American Bund

Don't play Mickey the Dunce.

Impertinent said...

But Duck...why isn't wanted parity, diversity and above all...equality.

"German American" bund? Didn't they get busted and sent to camps in '42?

Z said...

Can we all stop the idiocy?

This kind of mind bending, marching in synch, telling themselves how great Obama care is is simply NUTS and anybody who doesn't see that is so ideologically befuddled it isn't worth discussing it with them.

These kids are also talking about self reliance and making it on their own; Do they even realize most of their hard work's pay will go to their nonworking neighbor? Or they'll have no work because no companies can afford the health care?

The IRONY of that video chanting is inescapable.

Who ever heard of a German American BUND? I don't need the names of those groups on my blog.
"Christian Identity" as if it stands for anything Christian at all.


Robert, the only 'anonymous' looks like it's from me. I don't know what you're talking about.

Z said...


Please link to where that didn't happen; I'm all ears.

And let's talk about the link to the kids singing to Obama during the election.

You liberals are AMAZING.