Saturday, October 12, 2013

Answer me THIS one............ you care one bit about anything Elizabeth Hasselbeck could possibly say?

I'm just curious. What's her background?  What's her expertise?  I don't mean to be unkind;  I wish her and her family nothing but good things in their lives, forever, but.........who cares what she says enough to hire her to do a morning talk show on politics and culture?  REALLY??   Of all the really brilliant women out there?

Help me out



Always On Watch said...

I have noticed that FNC seems to have a propensity for hiring blonde bimbos.

Now, not all of the blondes on Fox are bimbos, but some clearly are airheads. Sometimes they begin interviews only to cut off those interviews because the interviewer cannot really follow what the interviewee is saying. Sheesh.

Constitutional Insurgent said...

She's a chattering bobblehead, like most others on cable news. They're largely hired for their ability to be telegenic.

What used to be a journalism model, has now morphed into and OpEd model. The audience for these shows apparently don't actually care about what constitutes news, but are rather, more interested in the 10% of news that confirms their biases [often depending on the channel they're tuned into] and the 90% of what the talking head and guests think about said bias.

I don't personally have anything against her, but I really don't care what she has to say.

Thersites said...


Thersites said...

Her main "virtue" is that she's not as dumb as Baba Wawa.

Rita said...

I will at least give her credit for being able to stand her own with those blathering idiotic leftists which joined her on The View.

I couldn't bear watching those knuckleheads, can you imagine working with them?

Actually I think Fox has some very intelligent women, particular the girls on The Five and nobody beats Jennifer Griffin. Her investigative reporting on Benghazi was and is amazing.

Z said... be fair, I have never ever seen any blonde o n FOX who's that dumb. In fact, I wonder how they get such beautiful women who are that smart.
One blonde who only is on late at night had to cover that fire in TX that occurred during the night; I'll never forget thinking how amazingly she handled what was thrown at her so quickly.
I'm surprised you think that! Which ones??

Obviously, from your last sentence, that's exactly how I feel. Who cares? nothing personal, but what does she have in her background to put her on daily talking to politicos?

Rita..she caved politically so often to the 'ladies' on The View, I never could watch much; not that I wanted to. She just couldn't stand on her own intellect and beliefs.

Yes, I agree, The Five women are beautiful and SMART. Jennifer Griffin is excellent; Catherine Herridge does an astonishing job, to.

I'm a little disappointed in Megyn Kelly because she's so sharp but her show's becoming just another shout-down. I had high hopes.

FairWitness said...

I don't know what to say about this post of yours, Z. Why NOT Elizabeth Hasselbeck? She appears to have worked hard and succeeded at every turn on the ladder of her life.

Yes, she married into a famous NFL family, which opened some doors for her. She met her husband in college where she was a champion softball player and captain of her team. That means she has leadership qualities.

From what I've seen of her, she's a winner, very competitive, loves her family - and lovely. What I like about her is that she conducts herself like a lady.

There are many women with stronger journalism credentials - but Fox & Friends is a morning show - not a hard news show. I don't see her as a blonde bimbo. I think she's earned my respect and she has it.

I like Elizabeth Hasselbeck, I think she's pleasant to watch.

So I ask you again, why NOT her?

Duckys here said...

Well, I can say this about her, she's not as dumb as Barbara Walters, the leader of the pack and founder of bimbo journalism.

Z said...

Hi, FW.
As I say in my post and comments, I have nothing against her.
But her background through the SURVIVOR show doesn't, to me, make her someone I want to hear politics from.
By the wa, I don't think being married to an athlete should EVER disqualify anybody from any career.

I question this new job because she went squishy nearly ever time I saw her on THE VIEW...they'd give her an opportunity to voice a conservative opinion (finallY!) and she'd cave almost every time.
It's why they had her there. Imagine them fighting Coulter? NEVER HAPPEN.

it's like David Brook being asked to represent conservatism. Almost that bad, anyway.

No, I think Elizabeth's a lovely girl who loves God, her country and family and I think there's a place for her somewhere but I don't know what's equipped her to represent conservatives and interview high level politicians...

Monica Crowley, PhD..years of talk show experience..LOTS of reading/talking

Catherine Herridge...amazing skills in politics

Molly, years of interviewing.

Jamie as a nail and very bright and entertaining.

Hasselbeck? I literally CRINGE sometimes. Not for me, but I'm glad you like her! And you're obviously not alone.

I also cringe at the changes Ailes is making to make FOX less conservative. I adored the NewsWatch show because it actually gave libs like Powers and Miller the chance to agree that the leftwing press was biased...they couldn't have voiced otherwise with the proof that show offered.
Now? it's liberal Howie Kurtz slamming every single attempt at showing leftwing bias... every single time "well, the right does it, too"

Maybe, but the mainstream media deserves to be skewered.
Not anymore. Not with Howie :-)

Z said...

I completely disagree with the assessments of Walters. She got in because of her amazingly successful dad, MANY years ago, but she did well all these years.

She's a terribly flagrant self promoter, but she got fabulous interviews and did open the door for all women, stupid and smart.
I have to admit I don't like her politics being quite so obvious, but I admire her career.
Diane Sawyer, too. Beautiful, smart...obviously biased, but generous.

FreeThinke said...

Ditto to Thersites.

FairWitness said...

I understand, Z. The thing is, Hasselbeck doesn't describe herself as a conservative, she says she's an independent. The reason she "caved" on The View is because she's a moderate, not a conservative. She was the most conservative-leaning cohost.

You're right about the shift toward the center on Fox News. Hasselbeck is one of those shifts.

Megyn Kelly is a compelling woman. I think I'm going to give her more time to settle into her new high profile role at 9 PM. The pressure on her to perform must be enormous. She sure could kick the crap out of liberals during her daytime show. I can't wait see her do that on prime time!

O'Reilly was on fire this week and I loved it. I am so sick of Obama and his people lying and the media not challenging them.

Can you imagine any other time in American history where fallen soldiers and their families were so poorly treated? Maybe during the Vietnam War, I suppose. But I don't think death benefits were withheld by the very government that put them in harm's way.

During the same week, WWII veterans were locked out of their memorial (and all Americans out of our National Parks) and the Washington Mall was open to a rally attended by illegal aliens. If that isn't the most effed up situation ever, I don't know what is.

Nancy Pelosi attended the rally, too. It perfectly illustrated how the Left and the Obama Administration feel about America and her people. Utter contempt. It's vile.

Duckys here said...

z, which Walters interview was your favorite?

The Kardashians?
Michael Jackson?

Absolute pap.

Always On Watch said...

Which ones? Well, one of my pet peeves over the years has been the one that Hasselbeck replaced. At the least, she needed a lesson in proper dress for a morning show. Of course, Mr. AOW didn't mind her outfits at all.

Now, there are others -- very attractive ladies -- who are obviously intelligent and dignified.

I've said it before, and I'll say it again: I'm not an avid watcher of FNC. I'd much rather get my news from the web.

Z said...

Walters' Castro interview was a long time ago, but important. Begin, Saddat..presidents, world leaders...nice stuff.

She's done a lot better interviews than the nobodys you mention, Ducky! But, anything to prove your point, I know! :-) You ought not watch the junkier ones and watch her more important people.

FW..SURE! This government's GLAD to open our land to illegals to march against us...but the VETS? SHUT IT DOWN, right?

AOW...I can't even remember who E. H replaced! How quickly we forget!

I do like to watch news, tho I read plenty, too. I'm finding myself watching CNN more than FOX these days....I can't stand that CNN doesn't have the amount of two-sided conversations, but they're finally starting to, and there's less yelling.

I guffawed last night, however, when Anderson Cooper slammed Benjamin Carson for saying that Obamacare was the worst thing to happen since slavery! "Worse than the CIVIL WAR?"
I thought "Ya, Anderson, and if you REALLY understood how quintessentially this new law changes our country and brings us down, you'd understand, too!".

Always On Watch said...

When a breaking story hits the air waves, I usually tune into CNN (Boston Marathon jihad attack and the Navy Yard Shooting, for example). Often the CNN reporters are the first on the scene.

Constitutional Insurgent said...
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Constitutional Insurgent said...

"I can't stand that CNN doesn't have the amount of two-sided conversations, but they're finally starting to, and there's less yelling."

If I'm going to watch cable news, it's usually CNN...but I watch it for exactly the reason that you brought up. As most of cable news becomes the journalism version of Honey Boo-Boo....I find it nice not to have the invented drama. And from my perspective, there aren't always two sides to any issue. Quite often there are more.

Z said...

CI...for years, CNN had barely a conservative opinion. When I said "two sides" that's all I meant.
They're still getting much stronger, more articulate liberals, but at least they're inviting and even featuring conservatives now.
For example, there's a hispanic "Republican" woman who is far less strong and articulate than MANY of the better known conservative women on the scene, but she's at least there! They can 'win' against her but at least she is heard.

I forgot to respond to FairWitness on O'Reilly; he really has been revealing a LOT of truths not shown on CNN or the mainstream networks, you're right...good stuff.

Did you see where MSNBC's chairman thinks the Nielsons are lying in FOX's favor? :-)

Bob said...

Ducky said, "she's not as dumb as Barbara Walters".

Stop it, Duck. I cannot be seen to agree with you so often. On the other hand, I never watched the View long enough to render an objective opinion. It is that bad.

Hasselback is another Fox triumph. I know guys that watched the View simply to see this woman. Add that to the recent news that Fox has lured George Will, almost the definition of conservatism to some people. Fox is really getting better and better programming.

Now, if they could only get rid of Hannity...

Anonymous said...

FROM GEEZ (at work...oy)

BOB....believe me, I will be watching less of the little time I had to watch that FOX early morning show (REALLY early in LA) because of her; I see no upside to her addition.

I did NOT know about Will....his own show? Although he can go quite squishy, too, THAT is an interesting turn of events.

I will miss NewsWatch; my only news solace of the week was seeing libs have to admit to liberal media bias.
Kurtz' show tries to prove the right's nuts in suggesting there's bias. How unintelligent and what a bad move on Ailes' part.

Kid said...

Is there anyone in media - or politics for that matter - who someone intelligent would call truly intelligent ? Who would that person be ?

I can't think of one. The last person to fit that bill may have been William F Buckley.

Naw, we're stuck with popular culture, poll result talking heads who misinform and don't inform on both sides, ruled by organizations who's main interest is making a profit - as a Best Case. Folks know I categorize the main media as a pure propaganda and support machine for the communist democrats.

Sorry to be such a snob.

Kid said...

I believe anyone presented as a conservative on a media program that leans left is just there to present a strongly sounding case but just weak enough to be trumped by the liberals, thereby creating the illusion that "Well, the conservatives put up their best argument and still the left wins the day." Nothing to see here folks, keep voting democrat.

Which I support though I won't vote for one myself. Don't have to anyway. We're not going anywhere until these kids learn the horror of socialism. So, lets get there as fast as we can. Just don't let them take the guns. Otherwise, let them do what they want.

Duckys here said...

You gun loons going to start a civil war?

Anonymous said...

Kid...Charles Krauthammer. Britt Hume, Catherine Herridge, ...I could name a few from FOX.
George Will.

I used to admire Richard Cohen, who's a liberal but lost his balance....


back in a minute

Constitutional Insurgent said...

"You gun loons going to start a civil war?"

No. You gun control loons going to start one?

Kid said...

CI, You beat me to it!

Kid said...

Z, Ok, Intelligent. Yes.

My argument is not then related to intelligence but effectiveness. Another subject for another wonderful post from Z.

Rita said...

Dang it. I lost my comment.

And dang it again because Z beat me to correcting Kid.

Hands down the most intelligent TV consultant is Charles Krauthamer. Even my non-political husband will put down his paper to listen to him.

When The Five first started I didn't think I would like it, but the women on the show sure aren't there as tokens, as many womenin TV are. I love watching Beckel shut up when Dana Perino gets riled up with something he's said. That's the only Fox News show I tape in case I miss it.

I like Bret Baier and Neil Cavuto.

I vote Steve Hayes for best eye candy AND intellect.

Kid said...

No prob Rita. I submit to your point too. :)

Rita said...

So you think Hayes makes for some great eye candy too Kid?

Z said...

Baier, Cavuto and Hayes...all very good.
Byron York's smart, too.
I adore Cavuto.

So, what's with George Will? Own show, or..??

Kid, none is effective because the media won't allow them to be. It's like whistling in the wind for Republicans. Americans STILL think they're responsible for the shutdown AND that they're the party of NO, when they have offered PLENTY of ideas.

This is the problem; when a media's so biased, you're not an open country anymore

Ed Bonderenka said...

Kid: "Is there anyone in media - or politics for that matter - who someone intelligent would call truly intelligent ? Who would that person be ? "
I listen to Bill Bennett daily.
Candor, Intelligence and Good Will.
Bill is often not as conservative as his guests, but I equate listening to this show with listening to Krauthammer.

Ed Bonderenka said...

And Byron York (whom I've spoken with on air) gets an hour on there every Monday. and I'm Ed from Ypsilanti.

Kid said...

Sorry Rita, I don't know who Hayes is.

Kid said...

Ed, Yea, I've switched horses now. There are a few intelligent folks out there. Effectiveness though.

Not until the kids feel the pain.

Always On Watch said...

The last person to fit that bill may have been William F Buckley.

As a child and teenager, I watched and read Buckley's work. I always needed to keep a dictionary nearby.

Kid said...

AOW, I think he did too!

Duckys here said...

Buckley's rigor is very questionable

Always On Watch said...

Maybe there is hope for my home office after all!

Kid said...

AOW, Hahha