Saturday, October 19, 2013

"Vote the bastards out...!" McAfee

Pardon the expression, but John McAfee says Obama Care's website situation is a "hacker's wet dream"...(Neil Cavuto, the interviewer, wasn't thrilled about that expression, either, I'm sorry if it offends you....I only use it for the shock value ... because we NEED to get peoples' ATTENTION.  I adore Cavuto...see his interview with an expert:'s THAT feel to you?   Every bit of any medical information or social security number, or ANYTHING, could be in a hacker's hands.........easily.

According to the expert (who my lefties will now decry, calling McAfee names and saying he's really not smart, with a link from The Nation:-)), we are in BIG TROUBLE with this situation.

How do we escape this hacking probability and why don't men like McAfee speak out more often?



beakerkin said...

The problem of workplace availability
and access are with us for the future. Without hacking government employees abuse databases. The rare times people are caught or punished have more to do with vendettas then vigilance.

Few employees take the limits seriously. I paused to get clarification on the ethics of some
information. The rule in slang is the information what would be expected within your official job capacity.

In my case what appeared to be a clerical error was in a related file held by a peer. My boss and I spoke for a second about the impact
and we asked to take a look at the record in question. The matter turned out to have been something ominous that required immediate attention.

If the system functions properly this type of caution is natural and healthy.

Duckys here said...

A drug addict on the run from a murder investigation my not be he best source.

Ed Bonderenka said...

Read Rita's treatise on the subject:
There's no way it's roadworthy, and if it doesn't work, The security is not there.
Per Duck's comment, there are better sources criticizing the security.
But just because McAfee is as described, doesn't mean he's wrong.
If some disgruntled NSA or Army Intelligence techs can compromise national security, what's a healthcare site?
A target rich environment.

FreeThinke said...

Massive PASSIVE RESISTANCE to tyranny a la Mahatma Ghandi -- would be our ONLY hope of repelling and ultimate overcoming the Invading Force that has grabbed hold of the levers of power.

Better to go to JAIL. Better to be KILLED than roll over and play dead for despotism.

Sam Huntington said...

Being bizarre isn’t necessarily an indication that the man has nothing of value to say. It is certainly true in Ducky's case, but it may not apply to every case.

Lib Buster said...

You got me with..."Vote the bastards out...!"

Lib Buster said...

When Obama is thrown out there will be a party at my house.

Z said...

Beak....I think you're right;
I click on websites, don't 'submit' but, suddenly, I go to another website and it knows what I like!
Some fill my information in the forms before I type them...sites I've not been on. This is terrible.
Hiring these people for Obama Care handling is like hiring TSA people...they know little; they're trained little and Obama's set it up so they're in charge.

Ducky, thanks for making my point.

Ed, we should all be as brilliant as McAfee. It has absolutely nothing to do with his intelligence and experience.
"target rich environment" Well said.

FT...I never thought I could sacrifice myself in ANY way for my country; I've said MANY TIMES how much the courage of soldiers humbles and humiliates me.
But, I've heard the kind of information I must give just to get service somewhere, I'm beginning to know I won't do it. Let them chips fall where they may. Kind of surprising for me.

Sam...poor Ducky; I even beat him to the punch in my post...and STILL he pulled it!! :-) Does anybody think he'd not try this approach to outscream the truth? He always does. It's like idiotic liberals who suddenly think Geo. Washington deserves no respect because he had a slave.
You see, they don't really understand context and they can insult the Father of what they think is "this shitty country", all in one fell swoop.
To insult McAfee is, they think, a way to get our attention from the truth; we're way way too smart and understand context too much.

LibBuster...I want an invitation!

Impertinent said...


Sounds like Hilary, Holder or Obama could fit that snark about McAfee.

Z said...

To be clear: Here's the bait from my post for Ducky, who swallowed it hook, line and sinker:

"(who my lefties will now decry, calling McAfee names and saying he's really not smart, with a link from The Nation:-))," Except he didn't link :-)

Imp...HOW many Russians did Ducky's hero kill?

rattrapper said...

I hope there are many people who stick it to 0bama, and that 0bamacare goes down in a ball of flaming failure. Anyone who was stupid enough to vote the libtards into office should suffer the consequences.

Z said...

rattrapper, thanks for coming by. Tried to go on your site but you list four websites of your own and I don't have the energy or time to check them all out.
Which is your premier blog!? Lots of bloggers do that and it's problematic!

Divine Theatre said...

Ultimately, why do we need to submit all of our personal information to receive a service from a doctor?
When I enter into a transaction with a local vendor I give them my money and I go home with my stuff. Why is medical care different?


Ed Bonderenka said...

Andie: exactly.

JonBerg said...

For what it's worth, the very worst virus attack I ever had to deal with was under the, so called, protection of McAfee.

Always On Watch said...

At CBS News yesterday. The entire article is worth reading.

Note this excerpt which pertains to this thread here at Z's:

...Sources say the administration added to the problems with a last-minute decision to have applicants open an account and prove their identity first, before they could shop for insurance. On a typical website, shopping for the product comes first. This crucial decision to not allow window shopping for insurance happened in late September, just before the website went live and millions of Americans tried and failed to open an account....

Can the federal web site be fixed at all? Nobody seems to know the answer -- other than, the timeline is impossible to predict.

Z said...

JonBerg...great, but it is a huge name and millions like it. Sorry you had problems.
I'm starting to wonder about AVAST (mostly because I never take the time to UPDATE and am suddenly getting some spam......all about MEN's sexual problems, by the way :-()

Andie, other than medical information a doc should have in treating us (if he isn't familiar with our history), you're right...he needs know NOTHING.
Thankfully, docs are starting to treat for less money and don't take insurance and many of us will not have to tell our doctor any financial information because it'll be 'Cash on the line". MANY MANY Doctors here in Santa Monica and LA are starting to do that.
I'd rather pay what my insurance carrier "allowed" me and pay cash.....wouldn't you?

Z said...

AOW: Most Americans are one of three things:

UNINFORMED (gee, I hate to say STUPID)



and they're in charge now.
And we wonder why we have problems this big?

And we wonder that they don't ask WHO IS PAYING FOR THIS SEVENTEEN TRILLION? (=Oh, I forgot...their neighbor can, HE makes $230 more a month than THEY do!)


Impertinent said...


"all about MEN's sexual problems, by the way :-()..."

Ask any man Z..they won't cop to that...we don't have any problems!! :-=)

BTW..try's free and does a great job...used it for years...on PC's.

rightklik said...

Obama’s Brilliant Reform Immigration Plan
Put those who BROKE the law at the front of the line. While those who played by the rules and waited for years and years, and paying thousands of dollars in legal fees. The newly minted immigrant citizens will reward with this plan by voting for Democrats in percentages much greater than Republicans. And then they'll stop doing "THE WORK THAT AMERICANS WON'T DO" because ... they'll be American citizens! And they'll be entitled to all of our underutilized entitlement programs.
Great Idea Mr. Obama. What other “Great Ideas” do you have to offer besides Onamacare!
Yes, of course Obama won re-election. That's great for him, even though it's probably the worst thing to happen to America in the last four years.
Obama now once again has all of the advantages of incumbency the power of trillion’s of dollar "stimulus" purse, all the White House perks, Air Force One, A coo; looking bomber jacket, etc.
Please forgive me for having encouraged anyone to believe that there was still hope to save America. We’re obviously doomed beyond all hope of redemption.
It’s pointless to think that because America reelected the most unqualified disastrous president in recent memory, we should still believe in “Hope”

And that’s my counsel to you tonight: Please, do not be bitter. Do not fall prey to the blame game. Do not get mired in small things. Do not become vengeful creatures like our political opponents on the Left who voted out of spite instead of love of country.
We still have boundless blessings to count.
I still remain a proud, unrepentant believer in the American Dream. And I know you do, too. Freedom will endure because we will keep fighting for it. We can’t afford not to, friends.
I just don't know what we're supposed to be fighting for anymore. Do the people of this country want freedom and the American dream? Sure, they want all the goodies, but are they prepared for all of the hard work and sacrifices? I don't think so anymore.

Impertinent said...


"Freedom will endure because we will keep fighting for it."

We haven't started fighting yet. Once this country falls to the progressive scum...there'll be no turning your back on it any longer.

rightklik said...

Obama Administration to Make Anti-Muslim Speech Punishable By Law?

Joe said...

DT: "...why do we need to submit all of our personal information to receive a service from a doctor?"

The doc needs your age because that's related to certain issure. He needs your address so he can send you the bill. He needs your sex because...well some things I just don't want him to try to treat in me, and he needs your phone number to call you to remind you of your appointment or to ask whether the check's in the mail.

Why the government should need any of that information is beyond me.

Impertinent said...

"Anti-Muslim Speech Punishable By Law?"

Fine...then it's a two way street...the first time some iman scum or any muslims call for killing the Jews, Christians, Infidels ( all of us non muzzies ) or talk of overthrowing this Republic and replace it with sharia insanity...then they'll go to jail too.

But just try and stop us lawn jockey...just won't see barricades come'll see the constitution shoved where the moon don't shine.

Ed Bonderenka said...

Z and Imp:
Best av going.

Z said...

hey rightklik, where've YOU been!? Good to see you!

No, I probably am not an 'unrepentant believer in the American dream" anymore. I don't see the dream continuing; not the way our kids have been brainwashed in schools.
I see cracks, however...I sub'd yesterday at the high school at which I'm blessed (greatly) to work, and heard quite a few comments under their breaths that showed these kids agreed with me on plenty of subjects. Actually, the 'class' was detention and we usually sit quietly doing homework (me, reading) but I couldn't resist talking with them a little and was stunned by the subtle agreement with me........
Of course, I think they're afraid to voice conservative attitudes because their media frowns on it, but I did see a ray of light there.

Still, I think we can't afford $$$ the dream anymore and I grieve for our kids.

Joe, is your blog back? I visited the other day and it looked like you were taking a break; am I remembering correctly? I don't have the time/energy to visit my buddies much anymore with working more than full time, but...?? I hope you and yours are doing great.
And you're right..
Although I think one look at you and you wouldn't be treated for menopause :-)

Z said...

Ed, thanks, but I don't have a clue on how to do that stuff myself.

Imp; I agree. Why's Obama not make a law saying anybody slamming Christians or Jews is breaking a law?

FreeThinke said...




The soundest advice ever given. Would that more had the wit and the wisdom to follow it.

Z said...

By the way, I keep seeing CRUZ'S BIG MISTAKE all over the blogosphere and the feeling I get very often about that is "not so fast.."

Obama care, if it's the joke and nightmare we all thought it would be, is going to propel ol' Ted Cruz to big success and the Republicans, too.

I feel a little optimism there because he did the RIGHT thing no matter HOW the lefties want to spin that it's ALL THE REPUBLICANS' FAULT THAT THE GOV"T WAS SHUT DOWN.

Can anybody find when the last clean bill was passed? (Hint: GOOD LUCK) But OBAMA and REID WANTED IT :-)

Even lefties are now saying this president had better get thicker skin and mingle with the minions in congress...he's NOT KING. But, he's lived thinking everybody's a racist so he's a HUGE HUGE HUGE Victim and he's going to show us ALL, racists or NOT.

FT... not sure where that came from regarding this post, but thanks. We can't all have WIT and WISDOM. I know you know that.

Z said...

who wants to grab a margarita and some enchiladas tonight with me?


Kid said...

Z, How about I make you my world famous Chicken Fajitas?

Perfectly grilled than seasoned chicken strips.

Pico de Gallo

Refried beans with melted 4 cheese mexican

Steamed flour tortilla

Hot but still crunchy green and red bell pepper.

Carmelized onion, avacado, guacamole, warm chips and Herdez medium salsa.

Margaritas on the rocks with sea salt.
Oh my.....

Kid said...

IMP is rockin the house baby.
laser focus. Ogggggghhhhhmmmmmm.

Not to be taken as negative by the other commenters with a brain.

Kid said...

PS - the guac has lots of the Pico de Gallo in it. Good stuff.

Z said...

actually, I had fish tacos that were FANTASTIC and I"m not a salt-on-the rim Margarita girl, but I'm there if you want to do your fajitas, Kid!

Wouldn't we all have one HECK of a time at the same table some night for dinner? We'd probably never leave the table with talk talk eat eat talk talk!

Kid said...

Z, Maybe it will happen sometime.

Me and the missus are definitely headed back to the sun belt in about 5-6 years for retirement. And it would be great to have many of your commenters on hand for a rousing evening of food and drink as well.

And the salt is just a suggestion but of course Mademoiselle.

Z said...

that would be great, Kid!
Most people DO like the salt; I know you wouldn't shun me for not using it :-)

Anonymous said...

FreeThinke said...
The soundest advice ever given. Would that more had the wit and the wisdom to follow it."

Are you kidding? I will COMPLAIN. whenever I see fit til my last breath! This is MY Gods given right as an American.

And my first complaint if this morning is the Cockamamie BS that I read at that progressive blog,how does she get away saying those things unchallenged.

Duckys here said...

My Red Sox post keeps disappearing.

Must be the work of some Dodger fan.
"Mouse Ears" Gonzalez couldn't get it done.

JonBerg said...

"And my first complaint if this morning is the Cockamamie BS that I read at that progressive blog,how does she get away saying those things unchallenged."

I suspect that many who, from a philosophical point-of-view, would challenge such BS, don't waste their time going there and reading it. Why lift the cover of a cesspool to see what it smells like?

Rita said...

I decided to check out the ACA website since my insurance has skyrocketed along with a huge deductible that includes paying for prescriptions out of pocket first. Ugh.

Here's what I found interesting. The site wants to validate my ID by asking me some questions. Like which if the four answers was a city I once lived in. Ok that makes sense as I would have filed tax returns but then it asked me this.....

Which of the four answers was the high school you attended?

Wait, now what? When I went it school, you didn't get your social security number until you were going to start working. And you didn't give it to the school.

So at what point did my high school information get into the government records without a matching SSN?

Does that seem strange to anyone else my age?

Kid, what time's dinner.

Z said...

Rita, that is INSANE. They know so much more about us than we think.
Of course, the IRS is involved in this situation, so maybe they have every one of our returns on record at ACA, too?

I heard that they ask how much you're worth right off the that right? Because they won't let you further into the sight until they know exactly what you're worth so they can show you an equation/ACA amount for you that bilks you the most?

Rita said...

The site didn't ask me that question, but then again they first had an option as to whether I was wanting it to calculate if I qualified for a subsidy.

Since I knew I wouldn't, I didn't take that option. So I don't know what qualifying questions it might have asked me if I had.

Before I explain the next option, first I need to explain that as of October 21st, I am in longer eligible for COBRA through The company Bob retired from. So as of November, my premium alone jumps to $537 for the $7,500 deductible and THEN it will begin paying 70%.

That's why I looked at the options at ACA. It appears that I might be able to get a plan through Blue Cross for $20 more with a $5,000 deductible in 2014.

I noticed that all the plans do not cover prescriptions until after the deductible. That HURTS. A lot.

Since Bob went in Medicare October 1st, he priced his medication through his new plan and through a local pharmacy.

His out of pocket prescription cost TRIPLED!

So, it's higher premiums, higher deductible AND higher cost of prescriptions.

There is no way those in the lower end of middle income can afford this.

Kid said...

Rita, Dinner? Anytime you want of course. :)

Rita said...

You know there is a whole group of bloggers that have conventions now.

I think we need to start a geez convention, somewhere I. flyover country. Heck, we'll even pay for Ducky's dinner,

Anonymous said...

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