Sunday, October 27, 2013

Sunday Faith Post

HERE is a book I've had highly recommended to me.  The name is DAVID AND GOLIATH and it's by Malcolm Gladwell, a man raised in a Canadian Mennonite family but who drifted until writing this book about underdogs and how faith has helped them forgive, conquer, succeed.   HERE is a very interesting and inspiring interview with him.

Do you know people who came back to their Christian faith?  Can you share?

"Be on your guard; stand firm in the faith; be men of courage; be strong."  1 Corinthians 13

Have a courageous Sunday!



sue hanes said...

Z - I do know someone who strayed away from his faith. Now he is stronger in it than ever. It's as if God planned it that way. He will never stray again - I'm sure.

I strayed away for a few years and now I'm back for the duration.

Have a great Sunday.

Thersites said...
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Thersites said...
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Z said...

Thersites, this is about the 100th time I've thought you were offering something more/new to my post and I spent time opening a link of yours only to find out it wasn't new :-( This IS the author I'm talking about and the same story. What's the "another take?"!!?? :-)

Sue...Do you know what brought the fellow back?

I was raised going to church but had no relationship... my fault, not theirs. I still have my doubts but am usually happy for those times as it brings me back stronger.
I wish I could go into this phenomena in depth, but can't on a public blog, but the stronger I get and the more scriptured-up I am, the more I realize something happens to us that we simply can't explain (and usually didn't ask for, believe you ME). It's not even worth conversing about it unless it's happened to the other in the conversation :-(

Dave Miller said...

Nice interview with Gladwell about this book this AM on Zakaria's GPS...

Z said...

thanks, Dave....I need to leave, but I hope Zacharias (one of my have GOT to read his autobiography) has it on his website for a while..?

Thersites said...
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Waylon said...

I don't see Malcom Gladwell as much more than a main stream media corporate hack, the star writer for The New New Yorker and/or Vanity Fair. Any interviews that I've seen he looks like there's something wrong with him. Definitely don't think he'd go off the approved reservation to challenge the status quo.

Figures he'd be appearing with Farheed Zakaria on GPS, which underlines the simple reality that he's a hack.

Z, I had no idea you were a fan of Zakaria. Yikes!

Ed Bonderenka said...

Z: I believe Dave is meaning Fareed Zakaria, not Ravi Zacharias.

Z said...

Waylon; Ed's right; I thought Dave meant Ravi Zacharias and kind of wondered at Dave's misspelling because it's not his norm. We may rarely agree, but he usually spells it right :-)

Ed, thanks!

Fareed is the hack, Waylon. I can't see how you'd ever consider Gladwell one; he's come up with fascinating books that many find stimulating, true, and exciting.

Z said...

I need to say here that many comments have been deleted and I'm stunned that so many would take advantage of Sunday, and my Faith Post, to vent their politics in such an ugly manner.

We try to stay on topic here, we can discuss and even argue the topic, but we don't insult or lie (as one did so badly and so transparently) or swear today. Not in print :-)


Marine4ever said...

I've known people who haven't had a walk in faith but never known anyone who has came back to their Christian faith. I would suppose that they never really had much to start out with, if it's possible to COME BACK to their faith.

I had The Lord speak to me when I was five or six years old. He asked me to come to Him and He said that if I didn't accept Christ at that time, that I probably never would. He SPOKE to me. I actually heard Him as if He were standing by my side. I accepted Jesus as my Savior and 60 some-odd years later, I've never had Him speak to me again. I don't need to. I know that He is always with me.

I've had many trials and tribulations in my life. There have been so many time where I could have gone the other way -- it was my faith that kept me going. The Lord has always been there to help me through them. Things could have been so much worse, but He's ALWAYS been there to comfort me, to heal me and SAVE me --to save me mentally, physically and spiritually.

If anything, my faith just grows stronger with each passing day. I feel so sorry for those who can't put their faith in Jesus Christ.

Z said...

MaRINE4...I really needed that today. WHAT an amazing testimony; thank you SO VERY MUCH.
I really appreciate your sharing that......

I have an actor friend you'd know who was on the skids in NYC after a divorce, etc., and he was in his apartment and saw Jesus in his words spoken...but he knew it was him.
And he'd not been a believer IN ANY way.
But he sure is now. Years later.

Marine4ever said...

Z -- God DOES work in mysterious and wonderful ways!