Monday, October 21, 2013

The Fiscal Cliff:

So.............What can we do about the situation?  I've always likened this to a family budget myself......."So, hey...we're in debt $20,000...what do we do now?  Stop spending as best as we can and start paying the debt down or just keep spending and let's see what happens?   I don't know about you, but at my house, we'd stop spending as best as we can.

So, what 'shit' (pardon the expression, but coming off the above 'notice') can we start removing in your opinion?
I was thinking how my husband died before he'd made the full Social Security requirement, so he didn't get any when we looked into it.  Four points short, I believe it was.   Meanwhile, he came legally from Germany, worked hard, employed about 50 people and got nothing; illegals get paid FOR nothing.  Hmmm....maybe we can start there?
(thanks, Bayside)


Rita said...

Here's an idea.

How about we decide what goes INTO the budget instead of what we cut OUT?

John Jamerson said...

With everyone focused on debt ceilings, the government shut down and naming calling the republicans by the people on the left, and you know who you are! You may not have noticed we have now officially gone over 17 trillion in debt I'm sure the media would have gotten around to mentioning that sooner or later, or not.

JonBerg said...

Just in case one hasn't seen this lately, check out "Real Time, US National Debt Clock":

Really, how will this ever get fixed?

Anonymous said...

The Dems - Libs own the economy
The US debt jumped above 17 trillion dollars for the first time in history, the Treasury Department said Friday.

Jim at Asylum Watch said...

Neither spending less or borrowing more will do us any good. It's too late. We are on a runawy train and there is no stopping it. Our debt plus unfunded commitments is measured in hundreds of trillions of dollars.

JonBerg said...


Sadly, that's my take, as well.

FreeThinke said...

To coin a phrase: We are shit out of luck.

Might as well relax and enjoy The Ride to Perdition, because THAT is our destination ,and there ain't a goddam thing any of us can do about it.

All we can do is pray and hope for a miracle, but in the main WE have let GOD down. Perhaps individual salvation may still be possible if we exercise genuine contrition, but die we must, because the American Experiment is over. We FAILED.

face it, stop wining and prepare as best you can for life in the next world, because this one ain't gonna be around much longer.

Defusing The Liberal Lies. said...

FreeThinke said...
"To coin a phrase: We are shit out of luck"

This is what happens when a hyperpartisan Community Organizer an Inept, inexperienced,unqualified, Socialist,is given power.

Duckys here said...

First we admit that health care costs are unsustainable. Then we look at other nations not using the absolutely ridiculous "for profit" model and we change.
The ACA still pours money down the for profit insurers rathole and that has to change.

Then we start trimming the military. That's going to be a problem since pouring money into that non performing depreciating asset is going to cause some dislocation as it changes.

JonBerg said...


"This is what happens when a hyperpartisan Community Organizer an Inept, inexperienced,unqualified, Socialist,is given power."

Yes, but worse is the fact that we have an electorate ignorant enough to give him that "power", TWICE! Is it any wonder that we are now caught in a "death spiral"?

FreeThinke said...

Go over to my site and listen to Jesus Maria Sanroma play TOTENTANZ (The Dance of Death).

It is THE perfect accompaniment to the prevailing mood in the conservative blogosphere.

You'll LOVE it. It guarantee. Truly a 'fun" piece.

Divine Theatre said...

Playing along with the scenario...
If we were in that kind of debt I would certainly sell off some assets (furniture), sleep on the floor and get a job, no matter how "beneath" me.

As a country we need to implement Reagan's economic policies. He faced a a more daunting economy than Barack did yet he was able to reign it in. Barack's policies are the diametric opposite of Reagan's. Is it any wonder he failed?


Mouse Annie said...

ZeroCare is a mess, the website is a mess. Beyond that, he is utterly unqualified to fix the mess he and his stupid administration or advisers made. But have fun trying.

Bloviating Zeppelin said...

What you can eliminate:

Department of Commerce
Secretary Penny Pritzker

Department of Labor
Secretary Thomas E. Perez

Department of Health and Human Services
Secretary Kathleen Sebelius

Department of Energy
Secretary Ernest Moniz

Department of Education
Secretary Arne Duncan

Department of Homeland Security
Acting Secretary Rand Beers

United States Trade Representative
Ambassador Michael Froman

United States Mission to the United Nations
Ambassador Samantha Power

Council of Economic Advisers
Chairman Jason Furman

Small Business Administration
Acting Administrator Jeanne Hulit

Environmental Protection Agency
Administrator Gina McCarthy

That's a start. . .


Anonymous said...


BZ, great list...but only a start, yes.

EVERYBODY: See EZ's comment?

This is the new MEME I'm hearing everywhere in the leftist media (networks, etc.)


Remember BEFORE the shutdown? We hadn't heard TEA PARTY in months and months. "FRINGE" is the new description of Republicans...don't buy into that "only the far Right is 'fringe'"
THIS is all about the 2014 elections and it's scripted, TRUST ME...far too much a coincidence that everyone's using these terms for all of us who aren't ONE BIT more "FRINGE" than DUCKY or EZ or BOB BECKEL or DON LEMON or any of the lefties.

pay attention...

FT..PLEASE stop calling my posts and commenters "whiners" was weird the first time to get that and here it is again .....what we do here is discuss and try to share opinions/feelings about what's going on and even look for what answers can solve some of the problems. Thanks!

Duckys here said...

@Divine Theater ---
As a country we need to implement Reagan's economic policies. He faced a a more daunting economy than Barack ...
Reagan faced a more daunting economy?
He faced something worse than a meltdown that had destroyed the American investment banking sector?
Do tell.
In fact he didn't face anything. Carter had already appointed Volker who had implemented the policies that Nixon had prevented Arthur Burns from using for fear that any tightening would hurt his re-election chances.

So St. Reagan implements the largest tax increase in American history and generates a huge budget deficit while borrowing at 10+% compared to Obama's ability to borrow at less than the rate of inflation.

Please explain your position.

Mustang said...

Of possible interest ... on topic.

Sam Huntington said...

Ducky is so far left, he has NO vision.

Duckys here said...

Z, I am fringe. I'm very far left in my vision.

Difference? I know it and I realize the necessity of compromise.

Your readers do not understand their extremism.

Divine Theatre said...

For Ducky,

Anonymous said...

Republican voters are oblivious to the chaos that passes for right wing politics. They pretend that GW Bush never happened or if they acknowledge him their new meme is that he was a liberal They forget how and why the deficit ballooned and act as if President Obama walked into the White House when everything was peachy keen and wonderful, with no regard for the cost of 2 multi trillion They forget that those wars were not included into the budget until Democrats won in 2006 and they pretend that Democrats were to blame for the housing bubble that went right through the era when Republicans held both houses and the White House.
They even pretend that the rarely used filibuster had run amok from January 2007 until now and that all attempts to grow jobs were tabled on John Boehner’s desk to collect dust. Worse still was how rightfully angry Americans were hoodwinked into voting for the Tea Party in 2010 but reality like chickens has come home to roost and more people see that Republicans in the house are in a full blown uncivil war as they scramble to both take credit for and blame each other for the $24 billion debacle they put America through. No amount of positive spinning or denial is working for them as their poll numbers inextricably slide lower and lower but reality has a habit of not being noticed by people who fail to learn from their own mistake

Anonymous said...


Robert Sinclair, I very much appreciate your comments when you stick to the topic, but I'm not real interested in turning my blog into a fighting ring. FT's blog is open again, I believe, please take it there. Thanks.

Mustang, please delete Food4Thought.

Leave's good comic relief..gad.


Pris said...

JB, "Really, how will this ever get fixed?"

If it doesn't, it'll be passed on to our children and grandchildren, and probably beyond them!

There are no signs that Obama will back off killing America! Oh, and if Hillary get's elected, it will continue and all of us will be regulated beyond belief, and our freedom will disappear!

This is why I joined the grassroots effort of the Tea Party. For my children and grandson's future.

Now, the left and the administration is trying to make people like me an enemy, and extremists, because I love our country, and because I love my children and grandchild?

I know just how you feel Jon. I do too!

John Jamerson said...

So far the results of Obamacare for me and mine:

1. Our premiums have been increased by about 38%.

2. Our deductibles and copays have been roughy doubled.

3. Numerous things that were once covered no longer are. Absolutely nothing that wasn't covered before has been added.

4. Because so many clinics, hospitals, and doctors offices are being forced to lay off staff, there is less sanitation, waits for service are far longer, and there is increased consolidation that is not to the patient's advantage.

5. My doctor that he is taking early retirement because he can no longer stomach the mountain of increased red tape, restrictions, and stupid rules imposed by Obamacare. And this is happening more and more. Among the 10 different specialists that my elderly aunt and uncle are seeing for numerous medical problems, one--count him ONE--is American born.

6. And on top of the government website woes, there is this in the small print: privacy of personal and medical information cannot be guaranteed.

And yet the Libs say that this is the greatest thing to happen in America since sliced bread!
So to my fellow bloggers read your fucking history, and you’ll see that this is a repeat of what happened in the Socialist countries. This is nothing new!.
I don’t give a Rats Ass what the PROGRESSIVES - SOCIALISTS - COMMUNISTS - LEFT-WING RADICALS , say! They want people to be offended, stir up a bunch of race talk all over the radio dials, the TV, and the News papers, and take everyone's attention away from the biggest presidential scandals in modern history. Plus, they wouldn’t know a fact if it hit them in the face.
Political correctness has gone mad in this country. It wasn't too many years ago that every other word out of Richard Pryor's mouth was a vulgarity about race. No one really cared. Well, except for the morons who wanted to personalize it rather than accept it as humor. I don't know Paula Deen from a hole in the wall but I know that she is being treating unfairly, and if the shoe was on the other foot things would be very different.

It would be interesting to hear what Food Network executives have uttered in their lifetimes. You know, the ones who fired her. Or, the person who worked there for five years and then decided to file a lawsuit after being "abused" for so long. Ahem. How often has that person used racial slurs? Has she been deposed of this question? People should be forgiven for their small-minded words and encouraged to grow from those perceptions. I'm not taking Paul Deen's side, but I have never seen her as anything other than a heartfelt, caring person.
Far more damage has been done by black rappers and entertainers who used the infamous "n-word" to create a "racial" identity for too many of their foolish young people to follow. Ten million Paula Deens could not do nearly as much damage to that "race" as they did.
Oh and one more thing, Al and Jesse, just love this type of shit, they want a race war. Couple of false prophets and puppets to Satan.

FYI-I'm a Veteran, Red, White, and Blue. I have paid my dues and I believe in calling it like it is. And I don’t need any of this crap in my life,

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Duckys here said...

Let's see, DT --- "The capital gains tax rate will soar by nearly 60%, counting the new Obamacare taxes going into effect that year. The total tax rate on corporate dividends would increase by nearly three times. The Medicare payroll tax would increase by 62% for the nation’s job creators and investors. The death tax rate would go back up to 55%. In his 2012 budget and his recent national budget speech, President Obama proposes still more tax increases.'

Has any of that happened?
Did Obama fight for the repeal of the Bush capital gains tax reduction?

That's because Obama is right/center and accepts the supply side mantra. Why the hell else was he trying to put Larry Summers in as Fed chairman?

The tax rate on dividends at 45%? Utter nonsense.

Really, pitch till you win.

Duckys here said...

Don't you find it odd, DT, that the article is talking about tax cuts when St. Reagan raised the payroll tax?

What tax cuts are they talking about?

FreeThinke said...

Bitch, whine, whine bitch, lament, and bitch some more, ad infinitum.

That is really ALL you do. Nothing CONSTRUCTIVE or heartening, or interesting is ever said here. It's just one long HOWL. It's all about YOUR pain -- how distressed YOU are -- how much YOU suffer at the hands of Outrageous Fortune. How much you wish you had your spoiled little life with your parents back again, and how much -- way deep down -- you RESENT the "outrage" that YOU have been forced to accept adult responsibility.

I'm fucking sick and tired of being picked on and tacitly insulted by you, while you allow perfectly DISGUSTiNG, HORRIDLY NASTY remarks from truly horrible people to remain here with impunity.

You told me what you really think of me in a private email the other night. It felt like a SLAP in the FACE.

I've tried for twelve years to believe we are friends. WE ARE NOT FRIENDS, Z.

You are entitled to your low opinion of me just as I am entitled to tell you once and for all that I am FED UP with your saccharine pretense of being a nice, sweet, sensitive, considerate person with a heart as big as all outdoors.

You may be able to fool most of the people most of the time, but you have not fooled me.

Obviously, this is my "Swan Song" here. I need you and your approval like I a need nauseous headache.


That's what you've worked zealously to provoke me into saying ever since you started this blog, isn't it?

Now, go lie down and your fainting couch, and let all your sycophantic friends fawn all over you and tell you what a dirty son-of-a-bitch I am. I'm sure it will bring you great comfort.

Anonymous said...

The fascist octopus has sung its swan song blogging

Impertinent said...


"Then we start trimming the military. That's going to be a problem since pouring money into that non performing depreciating asset..."

Huh??? Are you serious?

Leftist,Liberal, and Progressive said...

Mr. Free Stinke, The Republican party just threw you overboard ass overboard, so you came over to the Liberals to be loved and that didn't work.
These tea-toddlers aren't used to being told what to day or do.

Weren't the John Birchers kicked out of "conservationism" on their day. Ironic isn't it.

Impertinent said...


Jesus FreeThinke..I mean....come on.

Ed Bonderenka said...

Leftist, Lib & Prog:
English doesn't come easy to you, does it?

Duckys here said...

@Imp --- Huh??? Are you serious?
As a heart attack.

Kid said...

1.) Take care of family and friends and enjoy yourself.
2.) Media. Gotta go one way or the other and be replaced by a media that reports. Most other things will take care of themselves.
3.) All the dems and repubs have to go.
4.) Sing... a Simple.... SONG !

Kid said...

The only thing the federal government should be responsible for is National Defense. Period.

Some idiot was delirious when they wrote "provide for the general welfare". The other idiot thing was allowing government to make legislation that didn't apply to themselves and vice-versa.

Kid said...

There is a better one than this but the facts Are here..

Short story - we could eliminate every federal department except for Mandatory Spending, tax everyone at 100 % and still be running at a deficit given the mandatory expenditures. SS, Medicare, DOD, VA, etc.

You could take all the wealth from the wealth class in America, including what they have hidden out of country, and only be able to run the government for 6-9 months. Then what.

It's not red. It's not blue. It's not spending, and it's not revenue, It's not me and it's not you.

Sing a simple Song Baby ! Really.

Teach your children to defend themselves.

Kid said...

To clarify, 50% of medicare is fraud, the government admits it.
Ditto social security, plus all the people they give the money to that didn't pay in, plus LBJ stealing it to create welfare and communist America...

Ditto DOD. 50% fraud, stolen.
And a Lot of money disguised as foreign aid, bla bla bla bla fricken bla - All Money Laundering. The Fed printing up 43 Trillions of the end of QE2 to GIVE to the banks. You will pay for that through dollar devaluation, inflation, higher taxes, single payer non-healthcare, taxes on all that non-healthcare, etc as time goes on. More money is stolen that is used for anything else.

Why? Because dumbass libs with the minds of 3 year old spoil;ed brats elected vampires who promised to 'take care of them'. They've been taken care of.

I wonder how long it's gonna take for duck and friends to get a clue.

Rita said...

Well wasn't that sweet.

Duckys here said...

@kid -- To clarify, 50% of medicare is fraud, the government admits it.
Ditto social security...
You really should try stand up.

Kid said...

Z, You're a lovely woman and a lovely person.

Kid said...

Duck, this is easy because I really don't care what you think. Dig? ;-)

Rita said...

Kid +1 on the last two comments.

Kid said...

Thanks Rita.:) +1 on all your stuff. Really. Ditto some others here.

Duckys here said...

kid, any details on the government admission that 50% of Social Security is fraud?
Ted Cruz could use that as an election issue.

Kid said...

Go find em Duck. Report back first available K?

Kid said...

Duck, Interesting sideline. Ted Cruz, election issue?

Really? That oBAMa is a racist, anti-American muslim activist imbecile with a verified fake BC, who by his own admission spent the last 2 years of high school in a "drug and alcohol induced haze" but somehow got into Hahvard, and earned a law degree that he never used and surrendered upon request (along with MEEEchele) just prior to or after entering the white house due to "legal Irregularities". (I could go on ya know.but... libs simply aren't worth the typing if it's not for my own jockularity...)

Like THAT kind of an election issue? For Who??? The losers who are too stupid to care, or Can't Afford to Care what kind of vermin occupies the white house ? THOSE kind of people? This would be an issue for the liberal parasites of America who voted obama in twice?

Tell me duck, who could possible care less about the fraudulent use of/theft of money at the federal level. ?
Pleeeeeeeeeeease clue me in.

Rita said...

I always love it when libs start going on how there is no fraud in Medicare and Food Stamps, but they sure can find it in defense.

The people I know that are on food stamps are there because they find it easier than working. When one young woman offered to sell hers to a member of my family, she found herself being severely lectured for quite a while.

I know too many able bodied adults who have spent their entire lives drinking off the government teet. And I see my aging in-laws who worked their entire lives and live month to month and yet can't "qualify" for an Obama phone because they won't accept food stamps.

Impertinent said...

Crap...I feel like chopped liver tonight.

Impertinent said...


"but they sure can find it in defense. "

Sure as hell blew my mind that statement Duck made...Wow, wow, wow.

Kid said...

Rita, I too know some people who SURE should qualify for food stamps. Man and Wife, black, 3 kids, not a lot of income. I'm Sure they make less than some who are on food stamps. No question. Wild eh?

And there are able-bodied folks out there taking the IV drip. I have to admit for folks, especially kids, working jobs that pay little more if that, that unemployment pays, it's hard to imagine they're going to go out and work until the situation is forced.

I'm very concerned about the carer baby makers. They're popping out kids like pieces of toast into zero opportunity environments, don't know who their dad is so you have that lifelong mental drain, but mainly, this becomes a mindset for them that this is a way of life. One woman has 5? young women, who have 5 who have 5... And this has been going on a while.

Duckys here said...

@Rita ---I always love it when libs start going on how there is no fraud in Medicare and Food Stamps, but they sure can find it in defense.

I see. Not agreeing that there is 60% fraud is equivalent to believing there is no fraud.

Stunning. Absolutely stunning.

Duckys here said...

@kid --- working jobs that pay little more if that, that unemployment pays ...
Do you live in a state where unemployment pays near 100% of former wages. I'm guessing, no, since there aren't any.

Stunning. Absolutely stunning.

Kid said...

(fir the benefit or smart but inexperienced people)

Depends on what your wages were duck.
If you were making 9 bucks an hour and unem pays you 7.50, you gonna go to work for that buck and a half or are you gonna sit home, eat, smoke weed, and breed ?

Your lack of life experience is Stunning my friend. Just stunning. heheh.

JonBerg said...


"I know just how you feel Jon. I do too!"

I'm just glad to have made it through the "Mine Field" above. No matter how abrasive I may seem to be, I just sometimes must 'let it out'. Please believe me, while I have no children or grandchildren, I care about this Country and the generations to come. If my comments, sometimes, seem to be extreme it's because I think our situation is extreme , as well. Thank you for being you!

Kid said...

Sooooooooo duck, the election issue dealywhopper. You just give up on that one.? Concede? - or better described as Run and Hide. Like Monty Python versus the small fluffy rabbit. Run Away! Run Away! hahaha. (Or hell any of the other 50 issues I've schooled you on that you simply applied palms to ears and emitted loud noises until you thought it safe to return to the forest..)

You libtards are just So tiring for people who take you seriously or who honestly put in an ounce of effort to engage your pathetic asses.. I sure don't. Humor value only my friend. Just so there is no confusion here. ;-)

Impertinent said...


You're stuttering...we get it. You're "stunned"...and then stunned some more.

Impertinent said...


Oh...put down the bong, OK?

Duckys here said...

@kid --- If you were making 9 bucks an hour and unem pays you 7.50

Massachusetts has some of the most generous benefits in the country and the payment would be closer to 4 an hour than 7.50. Most people are just thrilled to live on 4 an hour.

Hear the voices? Those are your corner men yelling, "Stay down."

Kid said...

duck, you got a link for that? Plus, did you figure in all the other benefits that come your way once you become a full fledged democrat parasite? I think not. Back to the drawing board for you.

Put up a link duck. Do eet Now ! :)

Que Jeopardy music...

Z said...

Kid and Rita..thanks ...

Ducky...listen to the others; you could learn something.

You probably still think Germany's 'free medical care' no matter HOW MANY TIMES I've told you they've been begging citizens to buy private health care since Schroeder's reign. Funny one never hears that in America, isn't it.
My stepdaughter in Germany pays $1000 a month for HER 'free health care'...

Rita said...

Oh Duck. You are so predictable it's boring. I still haven't figured out what motivates you to spend your time explaining all your intellect to us wing nuts. Surely you have better things to do.

Duckys here said...

At your request

"Unemployment insurance claimants in Massachusetts receive a weekly benefit amount of 50 percent of his or her average weekly wage up to the maximum weekly amount."

Impertinent said...


It's the heady drug of liberal superiority.

Rita said...

I happened upon a blog from a lady whose family was living in Italy in 2009, 2010. Reading backwards on her blog was quite interesting.

She was a diehard Obama fan, but daily she blogged about their year in Italy. She was a great writer and I LOVE Italy. But I could never live there. She detailed how difficult it was to get anything processed, must go through the postal service, odd and short hours. Never could find it open.

Her blog had numerous posts about trying to get on Italy's health care system. At one point her kids became quite sick and she found it nearly impossible to find a decent medical doctor and never, in the entire year did she ever manage to get in Italy's health care system.

While they were there, ACA was "passed". And I found it so ironic that she was just absolutely thrilled that "health care in the US will finally be affordable".

All the while, she was living in what will become the future of US health care and hated it.

Z said...

Ft, for the record (because it was downright NASTY of you to even suggest I spoke unkindly to you in our last email exchange and say so here)..the worst thing I said was " do very often sound as if everyone’s an idiot who doesn’t think like you do."

I have outrage over what? How awfully ugly of you to make things up and print them here.

As you know, I could print some things here, too, about you...could have years ago, but I'd NEVER DO THAT IN A MILLION YEARS.

I wish you well.....

Anonymous said...

Watching. Leno now. Nearly every joke is Obamacare.

Rita said...

Ooops. That last Anon was me.

Z said...

Rita, that is SO ironic....great story. She doesn't even get it, does she.!!

Ducky, do you understand that BIG GOVERNMENT is killing our country? Do you see that?
And do you understand that life's not so simple as you like to portray it?
STOP. This isn't East Germany and you are NEVER going to like it here.

Z said...

Rita, I think Leno's starting to show more conservative colors now that he knows he's leaving the Network! HURRAH~!
Thanks for the input! xx

Kid said...

Duck, Wow, that's the first time you've ever done that. I'm proud of you.
Now, tell us about the food stamps that become available, the subsidy on obammycare, and the other bennies that rain down on these parasites, WIC benefits, etc, and I'll Really be impressed !

Kid said...

IMP,Rita "It's the heady drug of liberal superiority."

I'd say that's a big part of it. Maybe toss in some fantasy reliance.

Kid said...

Very classy, as always Z...

Kid said...

Rita - "All the while, she was living in what will become the future of US health care and hated it."

Wow, A recurring theme that needs recognition. Over the last 10 years I've ran into So many people from countries with diseased socialistic systems, etc. and it immediately obvious from talking to them for a minute that they are determined to turn the USA into the same diseased system they escaped from. Now, That's stunning.
To the man. Each and every one I've talked to.

JonBerg said...

"Ducky, do you understand that BIG GOVERNMENT is killing our country?"

Of course not! He has absolutely no interest in the real viability of this Nation, only his regurgitation of the Socialist/Communist education(?), that he thinks he has! Once again; why does he get the "time-of-day" around here when others get 'kicked off' for lesser idiocy? Sorry if I violated something!

Ed Bonderenka said...

JB, Ducky is the center of attention here, eh?
I'm too lazy, actually I find it difficult on this tablet, to count the comments dedicated to him, let alone his.
Ducky is an interesting person, moreso than most libs.
But I tire of the arguments with him.

Anonymous said...

Free Thinke, stop warning or threatening us and GO, no one is stopping you.

Duckys here said...

For Jon Berg's consideration

Now it's really the government/kapital combo that is going to sink us.

My main quarrel with conservatives is that they are unwittingly supporting the system that is shoving a very large plank up their butt.

Pris said...

Jon, you aren't an extremist. What's extreme is what the administration is doing to our country.

Thank you for your kind words, and thanks to you for being you.

Pris said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Pris said...

FT, how dare you to attack Z in a public place. Tantrums are for little children, not for grown men!

I'm sure you'll read this, even though for the hundredth time you seek revenge over a rather mild complaint to you and swear you're gone forever!!

If you can't control yourself, at least keep your nasty obscene verbal assaults private. You should be ashamed of yourself.

Anonymous said...

Amen to that

Robert Sinclair said...

Pris, I tried to stick up for Z and received a rebuke and my was comment deleted.

Oh well.

Liberalmann said...

Tea Party Has It Backwards on Falling Federal Deficits


Mustang said...

Robert, I deleted your comment, not Z. I deleted it because it was confrontational with FT ... which is not the reason Z spends the time and effort to blog. You are free to slam FT at your blog, or his.


Sam Huntington said...

Liberal man, if you are going to argue against a point of view based on charts and graphs, may I suggest that you learn how to read them?

Thersites said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Rottweiler said...

So Millions of Americans waited for Odumbass’s speech for him to explain why the Website wasn’t working, just to see if he was he going to blame Bush or Ted Cruz?
I myself tried to sigh up just so I wouldn’t be called a Racist. By the way, I’m not a racist, I hate everyone equally, except for conservative white people
I had no idea how that stupid Canadian mad thing was supposed to work, there are over 5 hundred thing in it that need to be fixed. There are not glitches in the website but rather gaping chasms of FUBAR. This thing was never designed to work.
Face it, fellow racists! ObamaCare is a smashing success whether it is or not! Just ask MSNBC! Where were all of you haters when George W Bush tried to tell you that.

But the one think I didn’t know was that ObamaCare will provide FREE health care for Obama’s kids and the Moochers isn’t that enough to justify the trillions thrown into ObamaCare?

Kid said...

Rottweiler. Just more money laundering. Specifically, incompetent friends of oBAMa being hired to do something for 10,000 times the money real people doing the job would get.

Then, hilariously, I read today, the people working on the project were "throwing up red flags", And I immediately got the image of oBAMa's friends sitting in a posh office somewhere, strippers grinding away all day, writing defective HTML and looking at each other smiling and yelling, "We should tell someone! This Crap ain't gonna work! We have No Idea What We're Doing!" Then "No, Wait til we've billed it out to maximum $ first !"

I'll bet I'm not far off. I've actually seen stuff like this going own during Y2K as I was in the IT thick of it.

So now, they throw away what code they have and hire "Private Contractors" = People who have a clue what they're doing, to start over from scratch.

I don't think Rome ever got any worse, even under Caligula. The only thing the imbecile oBAMa hasn't demanded yet is to be Canonized and statues erected countrywide.