Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Prickly City........

THIS is how far Google will go to sell an ebook:   "As the American mainstream tilts gradually right, Prickly City takes its place as a humorous voice for the masses. Creator Scott Stantis' first collection captures the issues and arguments of the George W. Bush political era era from the viewpoint of a little girl and a cute coyote."

"The American mainstream tilts gradually RIGHT?"  :-)

I'm blogging this because I was stunned to see that the L.A. Times carries this cartoon strip, PRICKLY CITY, by Scott Stantis, and IT does tilt right.  Who knew?  Considering how left-leaning most of the cartoons which hit on politics or culture are, this was pretty surprising.

Do you have any conservative-leaning cartoons in your paper?



Mista Anonymous said...

There will be no Nativity Scene in Washington this year.

The Supreme Court has ruled that there cannot be a Nativity Scene in the United States Capital this Christmas season.

This isn't for any religious reason; they simply have not been able to find Three Wise Men in the Nation's Capital

A search for a Virgin continues.

There was no problem, however, in finding enough asses to fill the stable.

FreeThinke said...

I happen to live in an area known to be one of many sanctuaries for prosperous white retirees -- and those who serve their needs -- but our one local newspaper -- a Gannett subsidiary, of course --, is nothing but a sick, pale imitation of the New York Times.

Need I say more?

Rita said...

Newspapers? Oh yeah, I remember them.

Divine Theatre said...

I don't read the paper, my friend. When they call to ask for a subscription I tell them I don't read fiction.


sue hanes said...

Z - Almost all of the political cartoons are conservative leaning in the two newspapers we read.

But then Indiana is a conservative leaning state.

We are living in a liberal college campus - but the surrounding people are conservative.

Thersites said...

Bring back Calvinb & Hobbes!

Duckys here said...


Z said...

Mista...an oldie but goodie, thanks.


Rita...I don't get one, either, except my neighbors save me their LA Times Crossword puzzles and the comics happen to be attached :)

Divine...I like that line...'fiction'...good one!

Sue, We haven't had anything even slightly conservative in years so this was a surprise.
I believe both should be included..always have.

Thersites; I LOVE C&H

Ducky. Now i see.

Z said...

Ducky, I asked yesterday and hope you can respond today;

What's your interpretation of a LIBERAL?

FreeThinke said...

"What's your interpretation of a LIBERAL?"

Canardo will never give you a straight answer, Z, because his definitions change with the prevailing winds. Like nearly all leftists he's apt to tell you only what suits his purposes best at any given moment.

It's not that these people are liars, it's simply that the Truth is not IN them. They wouldn't know "Truth," if it bit them on the behind.

You know this as well as I; One of the major strategies employed by the Left is the use of many and varied ploys designed to keep their opponents confused and forever off balance.

Duckys here said...

I have always given a straight answer, FT.

My goal is a reasonable distribution of wealth and power.
Since the distribution of wealth proceeds from economic power I start there.

Places I do not want power concentrated:
1. Calvinism or as it currently masquerades, Fundamentalism although I've made some progress separating Evangelicalism from Fundamentalism.
I feel that the idea of a chosen nation, a chosen people or "the elect" is disgraceful.
Some religious depend on charity to correct the imbalance and relieve need. I encourage charity and also consider it inadequate to the task as was demonstrated by Hoover's reliance on it to resolve the Great Depression.

2. Unregulated Kapital is structurally incapable of anything but a damaging, disproportionate distribution of wealth.
We are very close to the tilt level in America if we aren't already there.
Our economic institutions should be structured to providing advancements in quality of life rather than strictly generating profit.
The private for profit health insurance monopoly is an example of Kapital being extremely naughty. It must be controlled.

3. The government. I want to put my faith here but we have seen especially since the Reagan administration that government can be bought and owned even while the suckers mewl about "freedom".
We are doomed till we get the money out of government and limit the finance sector.

It's a serious problem. I have no good solution and consider realization that the Tea Party is nothing more than a bunch of corporate poltroons an important first step. Yes, I fully realize enough democrats have been bought to make citizen input a joke.

I'm a leftist, FT. I believe human problems are very often economic in origin.
I wish for an egalitarian society that does not crush social mobility.
I want our culture at least partially freed from the market.

I do not believe the divine can intervene in human affairs. It's rolling and we have free will. A spiritual fellowship concerned with problems in the HER AND NOW is important.
The end times are a fairy tale but the right will certainly play the patsies on climate change and general stewardship of the earth to justify their consumption while pretending their God gave the wealthy the right to trash the place.

If you can define your position I'd love to hear it.

Rita said...

I've never read anything so sad in all my life. Now I understand why The Duck is so miserable.

Anonymous said...

Ducky's small manifesto is coherent and I appreciate his detailed answer.

@ "My goal is a reasonable distribution of wealth and power."

A whole civil war could be fought just over the word reasonable.

This is a recipe for tyranny:

"Our economic institutions should be structured to providing advancements in quality of life rather than strictly generating profit."

Quality of life is a fluid, subjective concept. My idea of it may be a window air conditioner, while FT's could be more classical music radio stations.

No, my no doubt sincere friend, your recommendations require a leviathan that imposes someone's interpretation of your high and noble ideals.

Economic liberty is the answer. Here in the real world, things cost money. The answer is to leave each person free to pursue his or her own economic goals so that each person can pursue his or her own version of happiness and quality of life.

What makes you happy doesn't make me happy, so any government that undertakes your manifesto is bound to make some unhappy at the expense of others. Kinda like what we have now.

The real problem we face in our democratic republic is the devil's triangle of Big Government-Big Finance-Bib Biz(which includes its partner, Big Labor).

The answer is to shatter that iron triangle, forcing each malefactor to go his own way without the aid abetting of his accomplices.

Preferably, this should be done with a rabble of citizenry wielding torches and jabbing pitchforks at their backsides.

-- Silverfiddle

Anonymous said...

How can ant idiot compare the A - hole in the White Houe now with Harry Truman?
They would have to be restarted

FreeThinke said...

A worthwhile -- if far too brief -- exchange.

Thank you both, Dcky and SilverFiddle, very much.

The crux of the argument is in WHO GETS to DETERMINE what is REASONABLE and what is and is not DESIRABLE -- and BY WHAT STANDARDS?

Despite all my sarcastic jibes, at "Canardo," I believe Ducky is a sincerely good-hearted person who would like the world to be a fairer, kinder, gentler, more generous place. I really do.

However, his Rx for getting there, frankly sucks -- as history has proven time and time and time and time and time and time again.

We were on the right track, though certainly not "there," until Progressivism (a thinly-disguised, albeit differently styled version of Marxism) entered the scene very early in the last century -- a terrible blow to freedom.

Since then, we've been plunged into an unending series of violent conflicts and economic crises, and been subjected to horrendous inflation that has so devalued the currency, it takes fully a THOUSAND TIMES MORE to feed an average family today than it took a hundred years ago. One THOUSAND percent INFLATION (roughly) -- and no end in sight.

My maternal grandfather earned $20.00 a WEEK-- no more -- and raised eight children. My grandmother did not work outside the home -- there would have been no time for it anyway, I assure you.

Despite all that, they were able to save enough to build a good sized 'foursquare" house with a wraparound porch on two acres in the country with a small apple and peach orchard for LESS than TWO-THOUSAND DOLLARS.

If that doesn't tell you-- all by itself --we've been on the skids since long before we were born, nothing would ever convince you.

JonBerg said...

In Colorado, where they propose to fund K-12 by selling/taxing Marijuana, Denver has only one main paper; the liberal Denver Post. Since my parrot died and I no longer have to line his cage, I no longer buy it. When I did, however, it was printing "Mallard Fillmore". I assume it still does.

Ed Bonderenka said...

Brewster Rockit is not "conservative" per se, but it occasionally pokes fun at enough liberal idiocy that it suffices for me.

Pris said...

Good grief Ducky,
Don't you realize that when the Govt. reaches a huge bloated power structure, it regulates all of our lives?

We citizens are losing our individual freedom, bit by bit. I'm a Tea Party member because I'm so concerned about the future for my children, and grandchild, as are so many of the people I've met who belong to a local Tea Party.

If you want a perfect utopian country, it will never happen. Perfection doesn't exist! If you look back in history, you'll find that Monarchs, Czars, or any leaders who had too much power, the citizenry is doomed to a regulated life. No freedom.

So while you lament that some have more than others, in a free society, that doesn't mean that those who have less than others must be miserable.

My Dad was a house painter, and my sister and I made do with not being spoiled, but we were happy children. We had a wonderful family. Love and discipline was our great motivator, and character was greatly important. You see, we didn't have to be wealthy and still don't.

Our system in America, may not be perfect, but it is by far, the best there is. Our founders had it right. Small Govt. for, by, and of the people! Freedom for our people. That is the key to greatness!

Bob said...

"I wish for an egalitarian society that does not crush social mobility.", Ducky says as he reaches for his rose colored glasses.

Continuing, our man gets to the bottom of the world's hate and greed with, "I want our culture at least partially freed from the market." Since socialism is slavery, I am assuming D-Man eschews that particularly obnoxious economic and social system.

Being a self-created, random collection of quarks and bisons, he further pontificates, "I do not believe the divine can intervene in human affairs."

"It's rolling and we have free will. ... The end times are a fairy tale but the right will certainly play the patsies on climate change and general stewardship of the earth to justify their consumption while pretending their God gave the wealthy the right to trash the place."

Hey! It's our job, Ducky! "...fill the earth and subdue it and have dominion over the fish of the sea and over the birds of the heavens and over every living thing that moves on the earth.” Genesis 1:28

I think we have done a pretty good job.

Bob said...

Did I say, bisons? Darned spell checkers.

Anonymous said...

Just how despicable can a Liberal be?
We just witnessed the despicable failure of American stewardship by Harry Reid and the Senate liberal progressives in killing the House

Kid said...

What's a 'paper' ? :)

Anonymous said...

Ducky, you can't be egalitarian and socially mobile, sadly.

You and your buddies want everyone the SAME...if I don't have, you feel all should fill in what I don't have...that makes me beholden and dependent, not socially mobile.

that's very telling... your statement makes no sense.
Or, sorry to be so rude; you tell us how that can work.



Kid said...

Duck. "My goal is a reasonable distribution of wealth and power. "

A reasonable distribution of Wealth means maintaining a system where talented intelligent individuals who bring fantastic things to the masses like PC's iPhones, reasonably priced energy, food, clothing and shelter to the masses so as to enrich Everyone's Standard of Living and are rewarded with Wealth which they share with those who turn the gears and fire up the generators.

Assuming these people/companies are public companies, everyone can share in the success by owning stock in the company or participating in a variable market exposed retirement plan at their desired risk level. It's called Capitalism. We still have that to some extent, but there's lots of crony capitalism now out there which has rigged the game against the middle class who are now at the Bottom of the Food Chain. This is because liberals have given too much power to government who have enabled crony capitalism for self enrichment.

The way out isn't socialism, it is returning to conservatism.

A reasonable distribution of Power is a government By the People who fear The People.

We're way beyond this in the wrong direction. Because liberals have given government too much power.

Now duck, come on back good buddy and don't disappoint me here.

Ed Bonderenka said...

Waiter! I'll have what Kids having.

Kid said...

Ed, Heh! Thank you.

Impertinent said...

I had to read the canards dissertation three times. In disbelief. Then I realized why college kids are so F'd up!

This is an actual screed that these dopes sitting around the quad would swallow hook line and sinker. From a wanna be pseudo intellectual, can't do asshole professor or TA at a 50K a year school.

All the while tweeting and face-screwing each other ( on an app invented by a pimply faced commie billionaire...I mean shit..he's got his right ? ) and using premier Apple products invented by those nasty bastard capitalists like Jobs and Gates!

Scuse me while I smash my Mac.

Z said...

Kid, he won't come back; he rarely does when faced with these truths.
I wish he would.

Kid said...

Z, and it's what I've been saying. Yea, he'll go hide and be back tomorrow with the same BS AND believe it.

They're not worth the time of day. Hell, they should be in institutions. Gee, I wonder Why the libtards closed the mental institutions !

Kid said...


..... intermission .....

Hey, why is there no milk? No food? No toilet paper? Wait in line for gasoline? And pay 10 bucks a gallon? What the hell!
Damn those 34 Tea Party people!!!!!

Count on it.

Anonymous said...

Those wet behind the ears wan-na-be libtards aren't even educated to novice level, but spew fell good sound bites that young skulls full of mush absorb and repeat with a bullying ire- that is from an ill heart.
The big time Marxist laugh and laugh at them as little soldiers that will be left behind if and when the sh*# hits the fan, just like the '60's in Hollowywood - they ran like rats screaming "Macarthy-ites" gave us the blackball for having commie ties.
Then lobbied Congress to stop having un-American activities hearings. And we saw Congress bend to their demands.
Just like we see Congress bending to the U.N. demands for Illegal Immigration Reform/Health Care Reform.
A U.N. resolution calls for All Member Nations to surrender Resources to the U.N.
When The Affordable Health Care Act is fully enacted it will be the possession of the World Health Organization.
Didn't the wording say that health care be given to "Anyone"?
And is it not for pre-existing conditions?
Just like the whole World Needs.
And we will be paying for the Whole Worlds Medical problems until we collapse, the majority of the Member Nations in The U.N. are Muzzies who are trying to collapse our economic system.
And then there is that DataBase the Barbra Boxer let out of the BAG, she said that Obama will have all our personal info for the U.N. to see and know about each and everyone of us.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I forgot to close with ---
see you in the funny papers