Sunday, October 13, 2013

Sunday Faith Post

Please see the Wounded Warriors website HERE.................for $19.00 a month, you can really be helping someone who deserves it so much.   And that cost can be had from just denying yourself one Starbucks coffee a week...or thereabouts!  
As their website so eloquently says "The greatest tragedy is being forgotten."  

Please don't forget.  Sign up to help!

"And the angel of the Lord appeared to him and said to him, “The Lord is with you, O mighty man of valor.” 
Judges 6:12

If you can't afford to help, please pray for them.

God bless our soldiers..........and their families.



Always On Watch said...

We have a good local group (various businesses, including landscapers) here to help disabled veterans: Decorate A Vet. A few weeks ago, Mr. AOW received notification that his nomination for help has been accepted. Mr. AOW was nominated by the commander of a local VFW post. We desperately need help here this fall!

Brooke said...

I hope that works out, AOW!

Our vets deserve the very best we can give them.

Z said...

AOW, that's good to hear. I'm glad you'll be getting some help!

Brooke, all our vets to deserve the best...

I'm hoping that people sign up to help Wounded Warriors......that they fight for us and we could let that go un-thanked is unconscionable.

I'm rather ashamed, frankly, that I only just signed up to help....I signed up for more than I'd intended but there's barely anything more important.

sue hanes said...

Z - I pray for our troops everyday.
Their families deserve prayers also.

Z said...

Hi, Sue...that's why I wrote that in my post.....the soldiers and their families need prayer. It's wonderful that you do that.
We all should!
have a wonderful day.

Impertinent said...

Thanks for the motivation Z....


FreeThinke said...

What you really meant was, "If you can help, please PAY for them." ;-) And, indeed, we should.

The "help" we get from the government is nothing but THEFT disguised as "charity." These men are not heroes, they are VICTIMS of a hopelessly corrupt Welfare-Warfare State -- a monstrous THRESHING MACHINE tat is pounding the life and the breath out of ALL of us, but the military have always been in the vanguard. It is they who stand before us and take the spears in their chest - NOT to protect US, but to protect the VESTED INTERESTS of The Oligarchs -- the inventors and promoters of Endless War for THEIR Profit.

Our ONLY hope lies in these groups of INDIVIDUALS like this PRIVATE Aid to Veterans charity voluntarily banding together to do whatever they can to help each other.

God bless these wounded, maimed, blinded and crippled men and their families. It is a terrible TRAGEDY that their efforts have all been in vain since 1945.

Kid said...

Another worthy charity for those in service is Soldiers Angels

I believe them to be a very light administrative cost charity focused on Vets and those in service. They work with wounded from Afghanistan in Germany for example and provide voice activated laptops for those without the use of their hands so they can communicate with family, etc. Among Many things.

Brooke said...

Z... Our vets are saving us again... Just look at what they are doing at the National Mall this weekend.

Z said...

Imp; THANK YOU for that...I'm SO GLAD YOU DID IT! That brings a big smile to my face just now; honestly! I'm so glad.

FT..No, I definitely mean PRAY. Not all of us can pay but prayer is always a help.

Kid, thanks for that other link.
I think Wounded Warriors is pretty well run, too. What we all have to remember is to check that MOST of the donations go to the people and not administration, right?

Brooke...great point.
I went to comment at your place today and I thought it was your blog which denied me but realized my computer was acting up. Rebooted and all's well so I'll try again.
Great to see you commenting /blogging from time to time. When you're gone, you're missed. xx

Always On Watch said...

I saw one very interesting photo from yesterday's Vet March: a policeman carrying one of the Barrycades to the White House.

Police in riot gear showed up yesterday -- then backed off and walked away. Some had pained expressions on their faces. They realized how stupid they looked going up against elderly vets and children with such riot gear.

FreeThinke said...

MONEY and MUSCLE and MORE money is what they NEED, Z.

Prayer helps the one who prays. I know that for a fact, but I've never been convinced that it helps anyone else.

We are ALL entitled to our own point of view -- even I. ;-)