Monday, October 28, 2013

Benghazi; the truth

Here are the security officers and others who warned the Department of Defense about the lax state of protection at the Benghazi offices of Ambassador Stevens.   They warned and warned.  They're grieving because America did not have their backs as it always does.   They still look gutted and devastated by our lack of DOING SOMETHING.  "Shocking"......"angry"..........

If this doesn't make you angry, I don't know what to say.  I feel gutted, too.

Will anything come of this video having been shown on Sixty Minutes last night?  Or will it go away again.

We let them down.  We let down our brave people who do diplomacy and fight for us overseas in dangerous places.

"Keep fighting.  I'm on my way."  After being told the place is swarming with rebels...... "I'm on my way."   These are men fighting for us.  The best of the best.  And gutted for the lack of support from our government.

I think this video proves that help COULD have come; the experts THERE know it could have.   Also, the security planning they wanted to do would have prevented these deaths and they warned twice of how vulnerable those people were and then they were in the throes of putting together the third official warning but were kept from completion. Why?



Always On Watch said...

I've noticed lately that CBS has broken away from other mainstream media in that CBS is covering stories that condemn Obama.

Is it possible that CBS has revoked its membership in the Cult of Obama?

George Whyte said...

“60 Minutes” reported tonight that Ambassador Stevens HIMSELF told the State Department that Al Qaeda was taking over buildings… before he was tortured and murdered.

This means that Hillary KNEW it was a terrorist attack, and yet she lied to the world in front of the coffins of the victims. Then she lied to congress — a deliberate FELONY for political gain. What difference, at this time, does it make? It will make difference in 2016.

Remember when Obama & Friends blamed some poor schmuck's shitty video for all this and he had his life torn apart by the media, knowing all the while it was a preplanned attack?
Ah, those were the Good times.

LibWhacker said...

You know that democrats are in trouble, when the liberal media starts telling the truth!

Rottweiler said...

They had months of warnings about Benghazi and the State Department, under Her Thighness, did nothing.

Four good men died. One of them an Ambassador because State did nothing.

Then they tried to blame it on a video that no one ever heard of.

They lied all right and have been busily covering their asses ever since. Oh and don't expect anyone's head to roll. Hillabeast should have. That's for sure.

To bad the families of the dead can't sue the pants of Hillabeast and her State Department for their total incompetence.

Yea, that 3am phone call came and went for both Obama and Hillary. And neither one of them did crap about it. Either that or they just didn't give a crap.
And what’s so disturbing is that so many IGNORANT people just ignorantly following along with whatever they said.

Anonymous said...

Ambassador Stevens was left to be murdered by feral Islamists and our State Department held no honest gratitude nor accountability for his loved ones. This is how they regard their own; and their sycophants are surprised someone like myself want absolutely nothing to do with any of them.

Obama’s entire administration should be held responsible, starting with Hillary!

Hillary has a lot to answer for and I for one think she’d look great on a orange pant-suit!

Jim at Asylum Watch said...

Obama's halo is looking a little tarnished. It's about time!

Marine4Ever said...

Z -- "Why?" 'Why?' is a rhetorical question as far as I'm concerned; I know the answer... I want heads to roll and not those of a couple of scapegoats.

We've known for some time that units were capable of coming to the aid of those in Benghazi, but ALL were ordered to stand down. That order wasn't a miscalculation on any one person or group's part. That order was a deliberate and calculated move to eliminate a very embarrassing situation that the little she-male, Bathhouse Barry, had gotten herself into... AGAIN.

The 'administration' seems to be a slow learner. With lessons that should have been learned from the 'Fast and Furious' debacle, they decided to run guns (among other things) on an international scale; it began to blow up on their faces and, once again, the sacrificial lambs were called to the alter.

"Angery?" That word can't begin to describe my thoughts and feelings about Benghazi.

"Shocked?" Not really. For one to be 'shocked,' an element of 'surprise' usually has to precede. Since the beginning of 2009, when the present 'administration' invaded the White House, shock and surprise are no longer in my vocabulary... nor in my emotional makeup. Anger has replaced shock and surprise.

"Will anything come of this video having been shown on Sixty Minutes last night?" -- Sorry, but my answer will have to be, "No." America is at the mall.

Only when this 'administration' is replaced (with one NOT like it) will there ever be any accountability.

Only when this 'administration' is replaced will we be able to proudly hold our heads up and return to the United States of America.

Marine4Ever said...

AOW -- Your CBS observation is the same as mine. I'm also noticing changes in other media groups. How is this possible with the George Soroses paying the light bills?!

Skoal Man said...

So it finally comes out... Michelle Obama and CGI Federal executive belonged to student group at Princeton that hosted pro-terrorist speaker! Well isn’t that special!

Here is the link that PROVES these two classmates know each other!
Surprisingly Moochie isn't the fattest one in the photo.

Imagine that, a No-Bid contract for $1 Billion to Moochelle's Soul Sista from Princeton's Organization of BLACK Unity (OBU) and fellow Association of BLACK Princeton Alumni. Funny how these sistas don't belong to the Princeton Alumni Association

Z said...

I'd really like the name calling about Michelle Obama to stop, please.
It makes any comment worth reading reduced to just name calling and detracts from the points.

Z said...

I'm also asking that we stay on topic.

Sharon Feingold said...

he left-wing, George Soros-funded Media Matters has long held that the Benghazi scandal is a “phony scandal” and parroted the Obama was AWOL Stevens Died Obama Lied administration’s pronouncements minimizing the scandal. Now, they have penned a book, The Benghazi Hoax, which formalizes this theory.

A new United Nations report ties perpetrators of the Benghazi attack to the Muhammad Jamal Network
The network and its founder, Egyptian Muhammad Jamal, were designated by Obama’s State Department this month as “specially designated global terrorists” affiliated with al-Qaida.
A U.N. narrative summary of the sanctions resolution reads: “Muhammad Jamal set up a training camp in Libya where Libyan and foreign violent extremists were trained. Some of the attackers of the U.S. Mission in Benghazi on 11 September 2012 have been identified as associates of Muhammad Jamal, and some of the Benghazi attackers reportedly trained at MJN camps in Libya.”

Earlier this month, WND quoted informed Middle Eastern security officials saying it was militants from the Muslim Brotherhood who sprang terrorist leader Muhammad Jamal from prison in 2011.

The Muslim Brotherhood connection may serve as further evidence of an Egyptian role in the Benghazi attack.

REMEMBER BENGAZI AND THE FOUR THAT DIED, AND THE COMMENT HILLARY CLINTON MADE TO THE CONGRESS? We had 4 dead Americans, was it because of a protest or because of guys out for a walk one night and decided to go KILL some Americans? AT THIS POINT WHAT DIFFERENCE DOES IT MAKE. I would say allot to the families that lost there love ones. what I want to know is how the HE** would she feel if it were her daughter. Do we want another creep like Obama the illegal in our White House just so the Democrats can run rough shod over us for 8 years. Do you really think that Hillary cares anything at all about America or do you think that we can survive another 8 years of corruption. I don't. REMEMBER HILLARY'S COMMENT TO AMERICA ABOUT 4 DEAD AMERICANS (AND VOTE NO WHEN HILLARY WANTS TO BE OUR PRESIDENT!)

Sharon Feingold said...

Z said...
I'm also asking that we stay on topic.


American Jihad said...

This isn't very surprising to me and it should be to to anyone else who has been following this "phony scandal" from the beginning. Everyone knew this except the deniers on the left and the Progressives who read and post at that phoney and vicious Progressive blog. What this President did was far worse than what President Nixon did. The only difference is that Nixon was a Proud American and resigned himself. .
And now here's even more proof----from the un no less!----that this administration was running guns to al-quaeda and then lying to everyone about it! Then when they get caught in their lies, they lie some more and attempt to obfuscate even more! Anyone who isn't a die hard sycophant for this administration can clearly see that they have been lying all along! Why are we arming our enemies, dear leader?
First it's fast and furious, now it's benghazi! This administration is bathed in the blood of Americans that were sacrificed for this administration's agenda and they arrogantly refuse to answer any questions!
It took a un report? Hello? Where is the MSM on this?
Oh----but abu grahaib was just such a scandal! And who died there by the way? And who lied for weeks and tried to cover it up?
The MSM should just change it's name officially to state media or Pravda and be done with it! They lost any credibility they may have had some time ago.

Obama lied. Four died.
Hillary lied. Four died.
Remember the Benghazi four!

Mustang said...

The facts about Benghazi aren’t very pretty, but it is what it is. First, I believe General Ham when he testified that the military resources were not available for a reactionary force. Second, by the time a reactionary force arrived, the Ambassador and others were already dead. It would have been a deadly military operation, since the Consulate is 11 miles from the airfield. I think we are talking about a battalion-sized operation to seize and defend the airfield for extraction, and movement to contact 11 miles through an urban setting.

We are asking the wrong questions. Rather than demanding to know why a reaction force wasn’t sent in, we should be demanding to know why Hillary Clinton disapproved three requests for additional security assets. Clinton maintains that “she never saw” such requests. This is possible, especially if Clinton had informed her deputy, “Never show me anything that could cause me political problems later on.” As a matter of fact, such does appear to have been the culture at the State Department under Clinton, but I’m not certain why anyone is surprised about this. We are talking about Hillary Clinton, who standing in front of four caskets, lied about a video.

I do not think there would have been an attack if the Consulate had sufficient security —and I don’t mean local security, which are never trustworthy. Hillary Clinton has to answer for this. Will the American people hold her to account? I have my doubts.

Dave Miller said...

In another time and place, a US Presidential Administration was aware of, and had even seen memos that detailed Osama bin Ladens resolve to attack the US homeland and even use airplanes to do it.

In another time and place, A US Presidential Admin was charged with recklessly lying to the American people about the extent of Saddam Hussein's military capabilities for the express purpose of taking our country to war.

We still do not know all the facts of those two instances, like we still do not know all the facts surrounding our involvement in Vietnam many years later.

I suspect it will be years until we know what really happened that night in Benghazi, indeed if we ever do.

At this point all we can do is speculate.

I suspect that years from now when the historians write about all of the events of the last two administrations, we will see much about which we can be angry, but little of the supposed hate and idiocy that both sides have proclaimed about Presidents Bush and Obama.

Was Benghazi a massive screwup? Yes it was... just as the intelligence failures that led to 9/11 and our involvement in Iraq.

Wrong yes...nefarious? Doubtful.

Sam Huntington said...

Nefarious? Do you mean, as in despicable? Yes … the refusal to bolster security at one of our consulates, and then lie about what happened (and why), is nefarious. This is not guesswork, if you believe the testimony of Mr. Greg Hicks (a registered Democrat). If you choose not to believe that testimony, fine.

Dave, this is not a personal attack. I simply think that if any American does not know what really transpired in Vietnam, it is a matter of that person not caring enough to educate him or herself. What a sad commentary that is.

As to whether Saddam Hussein had chemical agents that he used against his own people, he did. I saw the aftermath. What did he do with those agents? Have you ever heard of Syria?

Constitutional Insurgent said...

"The facts about Benghazi aren’t very pretty, but it is what it is."

Spot on, Mustang. Logistics trumps strategy.

Pris said...

President Bush was briefed everyday, by George Tenant, head of the CIA, and I find it ludicrous that this info(warning), would have remained in only the State Dept at that time, or for that matter this time as well.

This was put on hold, because this administration was facing re-election in two months! Politics is everything for these people, and they didn't want anything to get in the way! So they focused on this story about the so called video, but it didn't stick!

However the video talking points was believed by the people who wanted to believe that. It took too much time for the truth to come out!

God bless these men on 60 minutes who have the guts to tell the truth. It's way past the time for the state run media to only now, reveal it, but at least CBS is now doing it! Way too late, but better than nothing I guess.

Anonymous said...


Sharon, you stayed on topic. No problem. And yes, some things need to be said, but not with silly name calling or completely off topic for the commenter's agenda.
Thanks for not doing that yourself.

Dave, I never feel good about something as bad as Benghazi happening and people bringing up the past of the other side. No matter how hard you and others try, that doesn't negate this nightmare.
Shall I argue that Bush couldn't have shut down every airplane in the skies over America until terrorism was over because they had threats? Do we need to argue that point over and over again?

Or shall we ridiculously have to remind again and again that we weren't the only country which believed the intel about Saddam's WMD? And, tell me (no, don't, I want to stay on topic but want to respond), how many must die before it's considered "mass"....300,000 Kurds didn't matter?
Why is the media only now finally seeing what most of us saw immediately after Benghazi? Are we to tell the American people "Ah, well..heck...Bush knew about 9/11 coming up, so let's give this admin a break and just forget Benghazi...what's it MATTER?" REALLY?

I ache for the men on this video..the look in their eyes, the sadness and gutted demeanor...they knew, they tried to call even took his life in his hands to sneak into the hospital hoping to see which American was dead and, sure enough, there was his friend, the Ambassador. ANd he'd tried so hard to help.
And yes, to the other witness; we ARE supposed to have your back.
Now you know this administration doesn''s that feel? Here's your paycheck; it's your job to risk your life; DO it. (BS...)

Always On Watch said...

Mustang brought up something very important, and 60 Minutes emphasized this in the segment:

We are asking the wrong questions. Rather than demanding to know why a reaction force wasn’t sent in, we should be demanding to know why Hillary Clinton disapproved three requests for additional security assets.

And she lied -- blaming a film for her own failure. Or so it seems right now.

Always On Watch said...

How is this possible with the George Soroses paying the light bills?!

I don't know! But something is definitely afoot.

Skol Man said...
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Dave Miller said...

Z... what other countries believed is not germane. The facts show, admitted to by President bush himself, that Iraq did not have WMDs.

The facts show that President Bush was warned in August of 2001 in a memo of Al Qaeda's desire to use airplanes to attack the US.

It is just what it is.

In both of those situations, crap happened, and it did not happen because President Bush was a bad man, hated America, wanted to see Americans die, or any other stupid reason.

I guess my reluctance to hold President Obama liable for Benghazi stems from my reluctance to hold any president personally responsible for events like this that happen on their watch.

Like you, I am not interested in rehashing Iraq, 9/11 or any other events of the Bush Admin. He was a good man, certainly not evil as some have said, and yet he made some mistakes.

I think the same about President Obama... he's a good man, certainly not evil as some charge, and has made, and will continue to make some mistakes.

The history of all of these vents will be written many years from now, and then, maybe, we will really know what happened.

For some, there will be vindication of what they thought they knew. For others, they will have to confront the reality that what they believed was wrong.

But those realities will not come today, tomorrow, or anytime soon...

Robert Sinclair said...

Correcto-munndo, Dave. Go ahead and call Ambassador Stevens family and say, "You know what, Hillary made a mistake. Obama made a mistake when they both lied about the cause of this incident. Your son was a mistake."

You want their address so you can do this Potomac Two Step on their front porch?

And you call yourself a man of God?

skudrunner said...


"The facts show that President Bush was warned in August of 2001 in a memo of Al Qaeda's desire to use airplanes to attack the US."

There is a lot of difference between using planes to attack the US, what part of that is specific, New York, LA, Wyoming. There will be an attack around September 11 on the embassy in Bengazi, seems to be a little more specific.

After the fact bush said there were no wmd's but even many democrats thought there was, kerry and clinton come to mind.

Obama needs to have a briefing on what is going on in the US. He admits to knowing nothing about Fast and Furious, Bengazi, IRS, NSA spying, spying on reporters, targeting conservative groups, his namesake healthcare bill.

Instead of trying to fix anything, he is now stumping for immigration reform. His legacy will be the most uninformed president in history.

Louis H. said...

I think Benghazi is what happens when you lead from behind.

cube said...

It's sickening how this was allowed to happen, but more sickening was how
the cowards in the white house colluded to conceal it from the American public.

Anonymous said...

Yeah right Dave. Go ahead and call Ambassador Stevens family and say, "You know what, Obama really is a "Good Guy" but he just didn't give a damn about your Husband, your Father etc.

Go ahead Dave You try it.

Anonymous said...

FROM GEEEZ (Z) at work:

I can't delete here, but any more mention of Michelle Obama's GONE as soon as possible.

DAVE: Again, I'll just ask you what you think Bush might have done when they knew "planes might attack the US"...just curious.

As I said above, did you and the rest of the liberals who suggest Bush could have stopped 9/11, believe he should have grounded all planes? Until terrorism was over? Just in America or around the world? REALLY? HOw?

Yes, I think Bush was a good man.

I hate to say this, but I do not think Obama is. I'm tired of pretending.

Also, do you put "If you like your insurance you can keep it" on the same footing as the lies you feel Bush treated us to? Or not?

Duckys here said...

Yes, mustang's post is quite thoughtful (I'm not joking).
There are other questions to ask but some of them aren't going to be answered like, "What game was the CIA running in Benghazi"? Was it a factor in the following events?

As for security, well the Baghdad embassy had been beefed up and recent upgrades in Turkey prevented casualties during an attack so it isn't true that the call for increased security was completely ignored.
Could all the upgrades have been done in time? That may involve some second guessing and feel free to proceed but we should admit that second guessing is involved here and that makes it even more important to check our biases.

Duckys here said...

@Sinclair --- And you (note: Dave Miller) call yourself a man of God?

I believe he does and his witness is considerably more effective than yours.

What's with the avatar, you one of the Knights Templar?

Duckys here said...

@z --- Or shall we ridiculously have to remind again and again that we weren't the only country which believed the intel about Saddam's WMD?

How often does the point have to be made that intelligent failures virtually never involve crediting an enemy with a capability they do not possess.
It's the opposite.

To say that the world's intelligence services (led by our "allies" Saudi Arabia and Israel who were invested in removing Saddam) all got it wrong is simply naive.

Anonymous said...

Fact is we were lied to as a nation .My understanding Ambassador Steven's asked 3 months before the attack for help.Then told a terrorist attack was taking place . A stand down order was given and who can give that order? That would give the true answer wouldn't it? And, not wanting to get off the subject but I fell it is important to me and should be to other's loving our great once nation.Syria was funded and given arms now when you look at this and our 4 brave men who died a very painful freaful death of 7 hour babttle alone against these terrorist. Shouldn't America be very sickend by funding al-qaeda while our men were denied.Would you not call this treason?Or is my understanding of treason off? When in the shut down American citizens were locked out of everything but THEY held a rally for who?That seems like that was treason act... nt sto say that workers said they were given order's to make it as hard on the citizen as possible. No time in history have I ever seen anything lke this or crime so high under any president.But all said is what I fell just wondering as simple of saying that I said fell its important as a U.S.A. citizen do not feel safe under our leader's. Bush I believe loved America and he can't be blamed for the past 5 years only one person can take it for the blame.We are in such a mess I hope I didn't go off subject too much.

Kid said...

There is nothing else to say about this but that hilrod (and others) is guilty of accessory to murder, and perjury to Congress. It should be in jail but It will likely end up in the white house in 2017.

Anonymous said...

From Z of GEEEZ at work:

Kid's right, of course.

Ducky :-)'s ALL AMERICA'S fault. What WAS the CIA doing and why would they kill a poor ol' Ambassador? Aw, gee...
And I guess the media, even leftwing, is "naïve" too, huh?
You are a riot.

Maybe it was the CIA which gave Bush bad information but, ODD, I've never heard you give Bush the break. Isn't that just the ODDEST thing? :-)

Anonymous...not off topic at all, thanks.. And you're right.

Louis H is also 2000% correct.

Kid said...

Maybe if they showed this on ESPN and WWE AND superimposed some naked chicks over the vid enough 'people' might get a glimpse of reality.

@Mustang, one story I heard was that an AC-130 gunship was recalled by the pentagon Back to Tripoli while it was only an hour away into a 7 hour firefight and that the sight and some action from the AC-130 would have dispersed the local attackers. Any truth to that at all in your opinion ?
And of course, who does the pentagon get their orders from...

Anonymous said...

FROM Z OF GEEEZ (I want to GO HOME :-( !!)

Kid...SOMETHING could have been done. And that night. There is no doubt about it from the very sad looks on the faces of these experts in the video. Plus, they're taking their lives in their hands even talking out finally. Why, if they feel they're wrong?

I'd heard about the gunship, too, but there HAS to be a way to prove that.

Something that rings in my mind is when a Conservative said on TV months ago "What we need to remember is they didn't KNOW it would be a 7 hour firefight...they didn't know it wouldn't take 7 more hours than that, so why turn anything back, or not bring any big guns at all?"

that's pretty compelling....makes a lot of sense.

Ed Bonderenka said...

I wonder how naive one must be to suppose that president obama is a "good man".
What evidence is there?
His career is based on the careful placement of knives in the backs of friends, mentors and supporters.

Kid said...

A conservative said? "What we need to remember is they didn't KNOW it would be a 7 hour firefight"

I don't think the military is trained to sit around wringing their hands and trying to guess how long a fight might last when American lives are at stake anywhere, let alone in some Godforsaken country. In fact, I'm sure of it. And if they did, they should be reassigned to France, guarding the Grey Poupon..

Kid said...

Ed, but mcLame told us obama is a Fine Man.

Mustang said...

I think it might have happened, Kid … but it all centers around this one fact. Only one person in the USA can authorize a cross-border military operation. If the gunship was provisionally dispatched (which is to say, pending presidential authority) and if that authority was not granted, or if specifically denied, then the aircraft had to be recalled. No four-star general wishes to finish out his career in Leavenworth.

That said, I would not want to be a good guy barely hanging on to my life when an AC-130 shows up and releases that kind of hell. It is not “surgical” strike technology. And so while it is likely that the aircraft was provisionally dispatched, it would be lunacy to carry out an attack on our own people —to save them.

Al Qaeda has learned an important lesson from Vo Nguyen Giap; close with the enemy, and stay as close to them as possible. It is the best protection against American air assets. When Woods reported, “They are all over the place,” it rendered air attack virtually impossible.

Kid said...

Thanks Mustang. That clears that one up.

Impertinent said...

It's clear by now that this "CIC" is an utter incompetent, lying sack of manure. If Bush or any other president claimed ignorance of one...just ONE of the past 5 events and scandals they'd have called for impeachment.

Now this guy claims to know nothing of F&F, Benghazi ( we'll get to the bottom of it ), the IRS, NSA, ACA, Solendra and on and on...that he "learned" about these through another party or the press leaks!??

Huh? Is he that insulated from his day to day duties by VJ that he's really incapable of leading or taking responsibility?

It's clear he cannot be counted on. Oh...but he'll claim he was hands on in the Bin Laden action...yea...sure....while he was clearly not present in the situation room ( remember the photoshopped pics of him looking smaller than the General next to him and not at the head of the table either? ).

It now comes out that he was playing a few games of spades with some flacks while the hunt was coming down.

We knew Bubba was a pathological liar...we know the press are too....but how do we describe this moron for this incompetence and dereliction of his duties for long?

And not a red blooded, real American lib will condemn him either.

It makes me sick to look at this knuckle head.

Impertinent said...

And BTW....if this knuckled head has any balls...they're probably prosthetic gonads?

He's never had any or VJ has them in a jewelry box...a tiny, tiny one.

What could a community organizer and 20 years of tribalist racism know of honor?

Robert Sinclair said...

@ Imp

I think when so much work has been done to discredit everything America stands for, when we raise children believing that America is not at all exceptional, when we have gone out of our way to dumb-down public education and teach our children that multiculturalism is a cure-all to all our past sins, when we lie to them about the environment (a program designed to usher in more government control over us), to use it as a method to frighten them into trusting government more and themselves less … then we end up with knuckleheads like Obama, and Clinton, and Bush (both of them). Under such conditions, the US cannot help but fail and this is what the left wants. Our failure will usher in a new soviet union. And if we allow that to happen, as well it might, then we deserve it.

@ Ducky


Impertinent said...

@Robert Sinclair:

"Our failure will usher in a new soviet union."

Robert....not with about 80%+ Americans being pushed to the wall. And there might not be a "union" that we've come to know of 50 states. It might be 40 on their own or a new association of states and a new union to meet the threat?

Impertinent said...

OOps...another Obutthead disaster , fiasco looming over the horizon? This sack of suds just keeps on giving...

In his sales pitch for ObamaCare, the President regularly told Americans that if they liked their current health insurance policies, they could keep them.

A blockbuster report just published at by Lisa Myers and Hannah Rappleye not only completely refutes this, but claims that the Administration has known for at least three years that millions would lose their coverage due to ObamaCare's implementation..

Robert Sinclair said...

@ Imp

I have seen no indication that the American people will resist any government usurpation of their constitutional liberties. It makes me wonder if we the people are being tested, and if we are, then we are an EPIC FAIL.

Obama Care is but one example of this. No one seems to care about Obama's executive edicts, by-passing Congress on immigration … not a peep from among the people who are paying for this idiocy. I’m glad you have confidence in 80% of the American people. I don’t.

Kid said...

Imp, I knew 5 years ago that obammycare would put the private insurers out of business. Am I a genius? No.

Impertinent said...

@R Sinclair:

"I’m glad you have confidence in 80% of the American people. I don’t." was probably the same in 1776...all it'll take is one good, great, brave fearless leader. There's many out there..I have to believe.

Impertinent said...

"A pitched battle. Bravery on display by Americans fighting to protect other Americans that is truly incredible.

Running and shooting through the streets, in the dark, just to get to other Americans who were fighting for their lives.

On a rooftop, also in the dark, surrounded by animals. But they fought. No different than Iwo Jima, or Khe sang, or the Alamo.

And what kind of behavior was on display by the people whose responsibility it was to protect them? He goes to bed.

Just checks out on these brave men and doesn't lift a finger to help them. That's unimaginable to me.

She then cheats the families out of the only small, pitifully small, piece of consolation that may have helped ease their grief.

The fact that their sons died fighting against an enemy that would kill any of us if given one chance.

Instead, she looked the parents in the eye from 10 inches away and told them that their sons had not died fighting on behalf of us against our sworn mortal enemy.

She was so gutless that she told these particular Americans, with the coffins present, people who deserved better from our Secretary of State, that their sons died because of the actions of another American.

"Some American made a video. And that's the reason your Navy Seal son died." He went to bed, and she told a Father that.
Don't tell me this is a "phony scandal".

Liberalmann said...

Can we now investigate the 13 Embassies attacked when Bush was President?

Kid said...

Libtard - how many Ambassadors were sodomized with wooden utensils during any other embassy attack? How many Embassies begged for help for months and didn't get any? Are you for real? Nope. Are you that blindingly stupid? Yep. And you're probably doing this for Free ! Good God.

"True information does not matter anymore." You could take them by the back of the neck, reach across time and space and stick their face right in it and they still won't believe you. That's where we're at.

Kid said...

Libtard, I say you're doing this for free because You Suck At It. katie couric wouldn't even flip a dime at you for this pathetic crap. Dig?

Impertinent said...


Every time I see both of these lying slugs...I look to see if they leave a trail of slime behind them as they slither away. Someone has to clean up the filth after them.

Yet...they live on for more and more crimes, cruelty and infamy.

The only thing the butthead has ever fought hard and long for...was a better price on a kilo or an 8 ball.

Kid said...

IMP, They do have people wiping up their slime trails. I wouldn't be the least surprised to find it was the KGB either. There are a lot of dead people starting with JFK.