Friday, October 11, 2013

I agree with Gloria Steinem?

Unbelievable, but true.....I AGREE with GLORIA...  Alert the media! :-)

Here's a bit from the linked article where Steinem addresses the behavior of Miley Cyrus and others like her:

"...... I wish we didn't have to be nude to be noticed," Steinem said. "But given the game as it exists, women make decisions. For instance, the Miss America contest is in all of its states, forms … the single greatest source of scholarship money for women in the United States. If a contest based only on appearance was the single greatest source of scholarship money for men, we would be saying, 'This is why China wins.' You know? It's ridiculous. But that's the way the culture is. I think that we need to change the culture, not blame the people that are playing the only game that exists."

At the of the article comes this:

"Now that Steinem has spoken, however, perhaps we can all officially move on?"

"Officially move on?"  So that's it?   We don't THINK about what Steinem said?  We don't address the problem, just "move on?"


Think we should just "move on?"   Think our culture CAN be changed for the better?



sue hanes said...

Z - I think our culture can be changed for the better. Miss America will always be based on looks - but we can make the intellect more important than the bathing suit competition. If enough people speak out about it.

Jen Nifer said...

We have normalized pornography in our society, which has lowered every standard.

We have to start at home, teaching our kids that a person's worth is not based on appearance.

Ed Bonderenka said...

Another Great Awakening is our only hope.
Bad news for atheists, that means to them, there's no hope.

Mustang said...

From reading the article, it seems to me that the writer, Raechal Shewfelt, would like the Cyrus thing to go away. Steinem’s narrative is false. “We” do not have to be nude in order for others to notice us. What we have to become is decent, personable, moral, polite, intelligent, and educated. Of course, no one living in America today, if honest, believes this is even possible. We have become a cultureless society. As a people, we are “bleah.”

As to the Miss America beauty contest, we have no choice but to base it on physical beauty and measurements. It is all we have left. One could certainly not posit that these women, at a young age, know much of anything about life, and having been educated in the United States cannot possibly dazzle us with their intellect.

Sam Huntington said...

I think Mustang made a good point. Since Americans are no longer cultured, we do not have a praiseworthy culture —which I define as anything worth emulation. But let’s test this idea. Here are the following aspects of culture —let’s see how the American people stand up, shall we?

Language: Americans pursue the least common denominator. They enjoy filthy rap and speak with a pronounced Negro dialect, such as “Was sup?”

Science: Internationally, Americans fall within the 25th and 28th percentile, which is just behind the Slovak republic and just ahead of the Moslem state of Turkey.

Technology: We nailed this one. We have Facebook, Twitter, and smart phones. These amazing devices allow our citizens to text while driving.

Cuisine: We have McDonalds and Burger King.

Aesthetics (art, music, literature, fashion, and architecture): Let’s see … we have Piss Christ, Rap, Henry Millier, Miley Cyrus, and that monstrosity they’re building in downtown NYC.

Values & Ideology: Obama was elected twice.

Social conventions: profane epithets and the liberal tossing about of middle fingers.

Gender roles: American men have become feminized.

Festivals and Holidays: First of all, we are not allowed to discuss Christmas. As of about a year ago, it became Winter Holiday. However, we do celebrate Ramadan and display small cardboard or wooden depictions of Mohammed being shat from the arse of a goat and dedicate the Empire State Building to celebrating the moon god.

Religion: Yes, except nothing Christian.

So in conclusion, one must wonder … whenever anyone is speaking about American culture, what in the hell are they talking about?

Impertinent said...


So right...36-26-36....which one is the IQ?

Duckys here said...

I think Gloria missed a few things. More women than men attend college today and I'm going to say that they attend on scholarship in at least equal proportion.

Heck, thanks to the nasty liberals and Title IX women are even getting a share of athletic scholarships.

But this really doesn't have anything to do with Miley Cyrus. That phenomenon has its roots elsewhere. Sge is aging and has no talent. Her only option is to ramp up the outrageousness and there is a phalanx of high priced press agents and media outlets to do it.
Nothing new but as the young have been given more money they have more control over the market. Seems that older folk just opt out.
So the escalation of more bizarre outrage continues and there is so much money involved it will be tough to go back.

Duckys here said...

I enjoy Sam's cultural criticism.

He's what I brand a "P*** Christ" commentator. He thinks Serrano is indicative of contemporary photography even though he can't name another contemporary photographer.
You're not paying attention, Sam.

Cuisine? High end restaurants are a growth industry, Sam.
The problem is the upward wealth transfer leaving folks with fewer options. Hence McDonald's.
This is another example of you condemning the logical results of policies you advocate.

Film - there is a lot out there beyond the boring action film. But as one poster mentioned here at z's when she asked for some film recommendations, "People want to be entertained".
I take it the right can't be entertained and be challenged at the same time. Pity.
But here's a suggestion: A Saudi Arabian film
Things change slowly but supporting a (pretty good) film by a female Saudi director is beneficial.

Then we have Mustang who rails against the Harry Potter books at his site today, implying they are turning kids toward the occult.
Well, your mileage may vary. My experience was that they encouraged my nieces to read. I thought that was the point.

Anyway, Sam. Your analysis is defective.
Here's an idea I like to give students. Go out and make your own culture. Don't be passive consumers.

Robert Sinclair said...

Fire in the lake, eh Ducky?

WomanHonorThyself said...

Z..we didnt need Steinhem to tell us bout morality..YOU and other wonderful women have known this all along but now that things are so horrific..perhaps Libs are finally getting on board..pathetic isnt it?..Happy weekend my friend:)

Anonymous said...


Mustang, that's exactly the impression the writer gave me...."ah..Steinem's 79, who cares what she says? Old fashioned"

But Jen is right...that's because this write doesn't even realize what's happening is wrong and immoral.
And please, lefties who read this, don't tell us "Just don't look, turn off the TV"'s EVERYWHERE, particularly where are children are looking.

SAM...boy, did YOU depress me! And you're so right.
Except there is another AMERICAN CULTURE we, at least, HAD if we don't have it now:

As for language; I don't believe now that NOT having a 'national language' wasn't premeditated for trouble today. I used to think it was a silly thing to demand; now I see it's helped drive America into the mud.
"Dial 2 for Spanish" Are you KIDDING ME?
"But, oh NO," says the leftwinger.." we mustn't demand they speak OUR language, it's not even our national language, who are WE to demand people learn English?"

Odd, my relatives who came here couldn't WAIT to learn English. They knew that learning the language would help them succeed.
Not anymore

Ducky, please remember nuance ...Sam's list has more validity than you could ever have and I believe you understand that, deep down.
As if that was a negative? My gosh.

FreeThinke said...

Just as in former times -- and remember the world has ALWAYS been a turbulent, threatening, dangerous place -- people get in better touch wit their creative capacity when they are challenged -- or threatened.

We've been obsessed with frivolity and triviality for the past hundred years. I mean who listens to Brahms and who reads Proust and James Joyce? And who in his right mind would watch a JAPANESE movie? ;-)

The frivolity and triviality turned rancid, soured and became toxic. A lot of the stuff many believe they like is just DREAFUL, but they like it because it reminds them of their youth. NOSTALGIA is a potent influence.

Steinem, however, has outlived her life. Who pays attention to HER anymore? The Miss America Pageant is reminiscent of a very old wedding cake somebody forgot to throw away. I stepped looking at it even before the got rid of Bert Parks.

The last Miss Americas I can even remember were Lee Ann Merriwether and Bess Myerson!

Miley Cyrus -- like the aging Madonna before her -- is just an ASSHOLE. It is the people who pay ATTENTION to these assholes that are the cause of so much decay in our society.

Face it if they sold tickets and nobody bought them, the whole stinking mess would dry up faster than a drop of water on a hot griddle.

Miss America is NOTHING. It's not even harmless. IT's just NOTHING. Vacuous, banal, insipid, lower-middle-class BS.

Don't worry about it.

Like all liberals Steinem has to find something to get aggravated about or she has no identity.

Thersites said...

Wasn't Gloria Steinem a playboy bunny?

Z said...

FT..Steinem was on our side...I thought it was amazing.
She's arguing about the culture.
Of course, she helped create that culture, now that I think of it!

Thersites, I believe that's right....weird.

Brooke said...

I cannot believe Ducky had the nerve to bring up 'Piss Christ' again. Oh, Margaret!

Kid said...

Remember the dixie chicks, when they spit on America while in Europe. Marketing disaster being they're genre is country music...
So they thought and thought and thought and what did they come up with? Pose nude for a magazine cover.

And I'm damn glad I've never heard about them again.

It does seem like today's young women (generally speaking) so easily accept a slut role.

Lot's of reasons why.
- disintegration of the family unit
- destruction of the education system
- pop culture - peer pressure
- what teenage boys want.

in that order. The first two on the list are the most devastating, recent and given to us by the communist democrats starting in a big way with LBJ.

Kid said...

Mustang. Obviously agree.
Sam - Enjoyed it.

Duckys here said...

While you all whine about the cultural wasteland, commie PBS is airing,at this moment, a damn good Henry V.

Maybe not quite up to Olivier but probably equal to Branagh's.

Kid said...

OK Duck, I'm going to go all out trying to help you in the spirit of martyr-like sainthood on my part.

I've heard about a new program where folks like you can get a new working brain for free. Here's how it works.

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Voila. New brain.
You can even stay in France, no doubt, it would be an improvement since you love socialism, they've already got it down to the fine art. You won't have to wait another 10 years for it to be fully implemented here in the states.
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Also living in a 700 sq ft apartment will remove a lot of the daily drudgery of having to clean and maintain like you do in your current 4000 sq ft villa in New York.
I know, seems to good to be true.
Well, No charge my friend, no charge.
Rock on.

Impertinent said...


"she helped create that culture, now that I think of it!.."

Typical...once it applies to them too ( Like Congress and AHA )...they don't like it. Wait until the $$$ runs out. They're know they're above it all.

Kid said...

IMP, It's all 'unintended consequences' and 'didn't spend enough money' don't ya know....
The idea was pure genius of course.

Z said...

Ducky...HENRY V...? GREAT!
Between Bill Moyers shows slamming America; how refreshing.

I was wondering...we have to pay for the liberal pablum; how would YOU feel paying for an hour of Sean Hannity? not so much, eh?


Duckys here said...

Why the need for Hannity, even Faux doesn't want him.

When you've got the McLaughlin Group and David Brooks on Newshour I'd say that balances Moyers.

Anonymous said...

"The collapse of the ObamaCare exchanges is just the start of HHS problems in ObamaCare.

When the websites actually begin to work, a lot of people will be shocked at the skyrocketing costs and out-of-pocket expenses for health insurance in the new paradigm of the ACA.

And that will have a huge impact on politics next year as more and more families have to make choices between paying premiums, fines, or grocery bills."

Way to go you asshole...put people in jail now cause they can't afford your POS "utopia". It's time...time for that second revolt....for the same reason as the first. Ovomit...must go.

Can anyone actually justify this abhorrent, disgusting, illegal and onerous encroachment on our freedoms?

Anonymous said...

I see America at the same crossroads as Romania in 1989....with the ouster of their dictator...that filthy , murdering Commie bastard...Ceausescu.

At least..they knew what to do with their corrupt "leader".

Ah...I know...we're all to freaked out to offer a solution that's been American for decades. It's our paranoia over the NSA, the IRS and our own "government".....who should fear us...but it's clear that they don't.

Thersites said...

yep...nothing screams "culture" like State funded television!


Thersites said...

...must have been a fire sale at the BBC for content.

Anonymous said...

Gloria Steinem has never been on our side. You've misunderstood. Whenever anyone talks about "change the culture" you know you have a rabid leftist on your hands.

Dettson Detters

Z said...

Ducky, so DAVID BROOKS is your idea of a conservative? THAT is funny.
He's who the libs bring on as a conservative because he pretty much plays their lib game. Pay attention.

And, you missed my point entirely, somehow....if we must pay for Moyers, why mustn't you pay for Hannity?
And, of course, McLaughlin Group has liberals on it...half and half; typical. conservative talk program because we DO want to argue the facts, not just pontificate and slam the Right.
Moyers? a total leftwing hack.

Anonymous, you need to read the link when commenting about Steinem.
I totally agree that our culture needs changing and she bemoans how young women like Cyrus have been sold a bill of goods. I absolutely agree and am proud to.