Wednesday, October 16, 2013

How about you?

The media's winning, folks.  It's the leftwing instrument, the leftwing tool, and it's working very well.   And look how badly our country's doing because of it.  I guess I could take the political stuff if I felt both sides were respected and Americans were actually open minded enough to see the through the media's bias and weigh the facts for themselves....but....that isn't happening. Have you heard the snide remarks of Reid and Pelosi?  The undignified lies and horrible labels they're putting on Republicans simply because they don't like what's going on with our too-big government?  

CHEER ME UP with something..........OKAY!? :-)



Jen Nifer said...

Psalm 46:10 “Be still, and know that I am God. I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth!”

Psalm 56:3 When I am afraid, I put my trust in you.

Psalm 121:1-2 I lift up my eyes to the hills. From where does my help come? My help comes from the LORD, who made heaven and earth.

Proverbs 3:5-6 Trust in the LORD with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding.In all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make straight your paths

Z, I don't put these verses here in a haughty spirit. I grew up in a family of worriers, so I fight the urge daily. I read through several verses when deciding which ones were appropriate, and I felt so peaceful! I didn't realize that I was worried! :-)

Always On Watch said...

Jen offers the best words of cheer and comfort, and I certainly can't add much to those words.

So, I offer you these cheerful images. Enjoy!

Spidey said...

Is there not ONE Democrat on this site who will admit that this mess is.....
Partially caused by your own party? I've seen many posts or threads by the right that is sick of some of the things the GOP does. Yet EVERY thread by the left gives their own party a complete pass and lambastes the right. Most polls show Americans are sick of EVERYONE in DC. But instead of taking that to heart you play stupid games with the percentages. Just yesterday I saw a poll that had Obama at 17% approval among independents. That is TERRIBLE. Yet every thread is about what everyone else is doing wrong.
Today I saw Alan Colmes say that he thinks there should be a 6 to 12 month delay on forced enrollment in Obamacare. And he's about as far left as one can be without falling over. How is it he can be honest but none of you can? What's the harm in the delay? The system is currently COMPLETELY dysfunctional. Tea Party gets the blame when it is ENTIRELY up to Reid & Boehner.
They are ALL acting like spoiled children INCLUDING OBAMA.
As stated in the other post on a different blog I believe most of the tea party candidates have only the good of the nation at heart, Cruz excluded. I believe he was seeking the lime light as his demands which he described as dire to the country seemed to change every few days.
Nancy Pelosi
Mitch McConnell
Barrack Obama
John McCain
Barbara Boxer
John Boehner
All big problems for our country, among others.
We need new faces in DC..Obama has been president for 5 years. At what point does any of this become his responsibility?
I dont recall any downgrades while Bush was president. I dont recall any talks of the gov't defaulting when Bush was president. I dont even recall any of that in Obama's first year.
Obama's recovery has been worse than Bush's recession.

The fact is that the GOP is not there to rubber stamp Democrat policies. They were elected by constituents on a platform--just like the Democrats there--and they are carrying it out. That platform called for a repeal of Obamacare and a return to fiscal sanity. Spending 1.40 for every dollar you take in is not sanity.
The Dems' demands now are for MORE spending. They don't get it. They are like drunks at an AA meeting asking for just one more drink.
The GOP needs to declare there is no one to negotiate with and go home. The mess falls on the Dimocrats. Once they show some flexibility we can talk again.

American Jihad said...

Why can't Obozo compromise on the debt ceiling issue?
The media keeps blaming repubs for not raising the ceiling but if obozo would scale back a few welfare programs and agree to the present debt ceiling, we'd be back in business.

I think obozo wants the govt to fall apart so he can blame the collapse of obamacare on that.
Because he knows that he does not have to?
Obozo goes in front of the cameras which he loves so much and tells the world he will negotiate
anytime, anywhere, anyplace.

Then when it comes time to do such...
He and his pull Toy Harry Reid says they won't negotiate. Liberals want everything to be fair, and equal as long as it’s done THEIR way.

Always On Watch said...

The fact is that the GOP is not there to rubber stamp Democrat policies

Since Obama's re-election, the Dems have come to believe that they have a mandate to force the GOP to approve everything the Dems propose.

Meanwhile, the mainstream media are filled with glee and actually chirping as they speak as they blame the Republicans for the looming default.

Always On Watch said...

American Jihad,
I think obozo wants the govt to fall apart so he can blame the collapse of obamacare on that.


Crabby Old Man said...

You idiots on the left just don’t realize the serious denial with the reality of the situation the Democrats and the President and Your Party is in...
you will be blamed for the misery of Demo-care.....aka Obama-care
and you know how people love to bitch about medical care and access and all you've got now is chaos and failure with the stupid plan...
btw. the polls the your party controls show Obama's down to 37% and still sinking...again.. Yes!!! OBAMA'S APPROVAL RATING IS 37% AND THAT’S WITH THE MEDIA IN HIS POCKET.
Loberias, Progressives, Democrats have no shame, look at the Clintons, Reid, Pelosi and Obama they all have proved that...

Why don’t you all polish up that ring in your nose, and call it like it is. Just a bit of advice to all of these liberals throwing polls out left right and sideways about how badly the Republicans are doing, or touting the alleged "success" of Obamacare:

No amount of good PR can save bad policy. That's that. Get over it. Obamacare is a disaster, an outright failure. No amount of badmouthing, trash talking or partisan hackery will save you from reality. Only 51,000 people "signed up" for Obamacare in it's first week, if it were such a success, then why only 51,000? Oh that's right, your website is shot, and its a customer service nightmare. No insurance company could survive the same catastrophic roll-out that Obamacare has had.

Game over.

The Hardcore Conservative said...

The hatred of the left is contagious and Onama and his cronies are the Carriers. It is a travesty to call him Commander in Chief .
Obama is the first snotty president America has ever produced.
He is not only locking our Veterans out of THEIR OWN memorials but now denying death benefits to the families of our fallen soldiers. What kind of low life does that? And what kind of LIBERAL FREAKS would support that? I am heartbroken for my country. I he has turned me against ALL liberals, because of their support for him. I no long speak to some of my friends and relatives because of their support for him. This is what this man has done to Americans. And progressive liberals are just too stupid to understand.
We have some very intelligent conservative posters on this board who understand politics extremely well.
Understand that I am not insulting ALL Liberal Americans, what and who I am insulting is ignorance. And unfortunately, the kind of people who post the “socialism = liberal” cliches we see in on these here blogs alone are here in far greater numbers on the left. IMHO.
The democrats of today are not liberals, and haven't been for a long time.. What is falsely termed "modern liberal" is simply Leftist Progressives, Commies, Socialists, etc. Liberals and Democrats have nothing at all in common.

Rememberbenghazi said...

The only time the Communist-Liberals seem to be outraged by this is when a Republican is in office. When I saw Bush ridiculed, I cried for my country. I cry, now-but not for the same reasons. Now, I cry because we have the most useless moron in office who makes his predecessors look like angel pussycats…Even Clinton and Carter if that were even possible!
You Liberals are idiots, and you Progressives are even worse. Your idiot president sucks and so do you. This moron lied to his own base- used to make speeches about repealing the patriot act. He lied. This jackass was going to save you from Monsanto, he lied. Your moron leader said he would close your beloved Gitmo, he lied. Still, you support him because you are dumb as shit. Must suck to be hated. Makes me proud to be an Conservative American.

It’s hard to fathom how or why our President ever thought the Muslim Brotherhood saw democracy as other than a means to an end and a particularly repellent one at that in the first place. Bottom line: he is at the very least a muslim sympathizer. Let's face it, the fact is that Commander Zero was raised as a Muslim. While he may have "converted" to Christianity on orders of his wife, whether he really accepts that is open to some speculation. If he really did convert then under Sharia law he is an apostate and should be treated as such by any Muslim who comes in contact with him.
Our one time Great Country that was loved and respected the World over is now being mocked all over the world. 0bama is mocked. America is mocked. Particularly by the Chinese, and now by the Russians. . They are wagging their finger at 0bama. The incompetent. The Failure. The Narcissists Nincompoop... We are a “Diminishing Superpower”.The Russians are preventing a US military intervention. And Vladimir Putin is nominated for the Nobel Prize!!
Today, the world sees Vladimir Putin and Chinese President Xi Jinping taking the world’s stage in yet another clear sign of where the real economic power and leadership is. Enjoy what YOU PROGRESSIVE, LIBERAL, COMMIE IDIOTS, have done to us!

FreeThinke said...
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Thersites said...

The Ponzi government cannot stay afloat without another infusion of helicopter money from the Fed.

Without it, this government would have collapsed back in 2008.

All the Democrats know it. THAT is why they cannot live with the Sequester caps and need to bring in Janet Yellen post haste.

The Democrats won't "negotiate" because they can't.

Duckys here said...

Just take a little time off and read "The Collected Wisdom of Louie Gohmert".

That will clear it all up.

JonBerg said...

"CHEER ME UP with something"

I'm trying but how can I when surrounded by idiots who elected the biggest fraud in the history of the Republic, TWICE?

Z said...

Jen, good reminders..thanks!

Sue, they are beautiful images, thanks!

I do go to Scripture and beauty when I'm down, and you both know that rarely happens: I'm also interested in good news from SOMETHING in government someone's heard of :-)

Spidey..I know! THAT is one of the things starting to get to me. They honestly believe no Republican has ever had a solution to our health care situation...but I blame the Republicans for not articulately laying out what they have come up with over the years ..since Bush.
Even ALAN COLMES is saying that? SEE? THAT is telling, but will the other lefties listen? No.
They want a Monarchy, apparently, and that's where they're headed.

Imagine there ever having been a "clean CR"? NEVER happen, but THIS ONE WANTS IT. He's ruthless and the very thought that Reid and Pelosi and Boxer are ALLOWED to get away with the HIDEOUS insults to Republicans, shows we're not quite the same country anymore.
"anarchists?" "Bomb throwers?" and WORSE? Their homeland security dept is MORE worried about Christians than muslims?
And, by the way, who's the new head of Homeland Sec....are they planning a muslim? Why the quiet?

FT...It's so much more than that. But thanks.

Ducky...if only you could get past your hate and learn something.

Crabby..the game is NOT over. They're winning. The media's working for them. That's no America.

Z said...

Sorry...had to delete FT.
Please write again without what I've asked not to include here.

Rememberbenghazi said...

Progressives are responsible for this farce to get passed for yet you don’t hear a word about this being a total embarrassment. You reap what you sow, and that’s the bottom, line! It used to be Hope and Change! Now it's I Hope that it works! Obamacare is an embarrassing failure period! There isn’t anything this incompetent President and his minions haven't done, that hasn’t royally screwed up?
Omamba and his sycophants guided a moronic idea from it's inception to a debacle, a catastrophe, and finally a total nightmare.
Maybe this explains why so many neighborhoods in Chicago are a total train wreck. Omamba organized them !

And Omamba and the Omamba-ites offer’s candy while bankrupting the country.
Omamba can criticize, scold, name call the repubs all he wants.........he is the is all his................Obama and Reid own it.

PattyJ said...

I am so glad you wrote this piece. I listen in disbelief to these leftist imbeciles who constant;y blame Bush etc. Also I wish someone would depose of those "illegals" who are crapping allover America. As for our dear leader,it's starting to feel like Germany in 1939!

Constitutional Insurgent said...

The 'great' part about our media is that if one outlet doesn't confirm your political bias, it's not hard to find one that does.

Z said...

CI, we shouldn't be choosing media to fit our own biases; we should be listening to all or any which make sense and decide.
MSNBC is worthless. FOX and CNN are biased but have information from both sides we should study and learn from and decide from. Sadly, even network news now doesn't tell everything; "forgets" to mention things, etc.
FOX does the same but it's mostly editorial, as is much of CNN.
We expect better from EVENING NEWS...we don't get it.

Thersites said...

Need cheering up.

Mitch McConnell got rid of the debt ceiling AND pocketted $2B in earmarks for the state of Ky!

There's a REAL Republican for you!


ps - ted cruz is the anti- christ!

Thersites said...

ps - the helicopters full of money arrive in 3 hours!

Constitutional Insurgent said...

"we shouldn't be choosing media to fit our own biases"

But, by and large we do, as a nation. And then we level charges of bias against the opposition, forgetting the axiom that our own position is tempered by our own bias....thus diluting the charge from the beginning.

Everything on cable news should be fact checked. They're in the business of promoting the two party paradigm, because it allows cover for their "both sides" business model.

Liberalmann said...
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Impertinent said...


""There is no distinctly native American criminal class – except Congress." ~ Mark Twain"

Z said...

CI, I never forget my own biases; that's why I listen even more to CNN than FOX lately.

Z said...

CI, I also do agree about the 'business model''s pretty clear to me that the the divisiveness is working for the news venues; riotous conversations, constant division.

I've never seen it this bad ... only since Obama's been in has this happened to anything near this degree. He's helped a LOT with his comments and his horribly dismissive language toward the GOP, but then the left says "it's because he's black"..
They were NO DUMMIES getting him elected; it's worked like a charm so far.
And, when we remind them Conservatives have championed so many Black men who THINK LIKE WE DO, they disappear. It's not good times, that's for SURE.

Kid said...

Well, here's the good news. The government could take ALL of the privately held wealth of American 'citizens' and it would only run the government for about 6 months.

It's coming apart folks. That's a good thing in the final analysis since to get through it we have to go through it.

Watch out for the hordes of ill-prepared folks who have had the government wiping their butts the last 20? 40? years. The kind that show up at the Superdome with kids, no diapers, no water, no food, and no brains.

Think organized neighborhood protection. Be the toughest neighborhood in your area. Losers seek the path of least resistance.

Z said...

Kid, I'm hearing that a LOT of people are already disgruntled with enormous deductibles in health insurance they didn't know about..people who counted on everything FREEEEEE!

WHERE do liberals and unthinking Americans get their ideas that ANYTHING could last when people are living off of it? It's failed in Europe, it'll fail here!

Impertinent said...


Have you been "O"Reily-ed or "Juaned"?

Duckys here said...

How will we know when "the media" have won and what's the prize?

Anonymous said...


When there no longer is any opposition to them from anyone.

Kid said...

Z, the simple answer is that libtards live off/on their fantasies.

It's why they get so mad when confronted with reality. They NEED those fantasies.

Z said...

Imp, I don't get what you mean "O'Reilly-d or Juaned?"

Ducky, good question.
Their prize will be when leftwingers have reduced everyone to having no competition, no desires, no hope.
The prize will be when everyone's bought into leftwing hypocrisy and poverty of spirit.

Kid, is it because they don't want to work hard? Or actually believe someone will always take care of them?
Or that America will always be there as they've known it no matter how badly they betray her?

JonBerg said...

Perhaps I'm a bit off topic but, once-and-for-all; how does a diminishing Private Sector Economy due to being over taxed and over regulated continue to support Socialism? I bet that there is [one] who will give a "canned" answer, albeit one of no validity! Let's see who that may be.

otto matic said...

"The media's winning, folks. It's the leftwing instrument, the leftwing tool, and it's working very well."

Yes Murdoch Media/Fox Networks are leftwing instruments.

Otto Matic

Z said...

JonBerg...good point. you serious?
Among the rest of the leftwing venues, FOX stands alone and you say THAT? :-)

highboy said...

"How will we know when "the media" have won and what's the prize?"

You'll know the media won when every single socialist agenda from the left takes hold. The prize is a complete social and economic collapse like Greece.

Kid said...

Kid, is it because they don't want to work hard? Or actually believe someone will always take care of them?
Or that America will always be there as they've known it no matter how badly they betray her?

Variable answer of course.

The kids (who mean well) simply go about the business of having fun and rely on the people in government to take care of things in America's interest. To them it's "Hey, this is 'Merica, can't touch dis stuff." They're wrong at the wrong time.

The losers? Many people are a combination of lazy and adept at using the system to get free 'stuff'.

Then you have the WIC people. Most are white,but still... They don't know another way of life. This IS life to 99% of them. Teir mom was a career baby(democrat voter) maker who had 6 or 7 females who then have 6 or 7 females... It is exponential of course.
They Demand. There are plenty of women with 15 kids who Demand that they're all taken care of. It will get worse as time goes on, the dumbing down reaches further, the education system becomes more dysfunctional.

Downward spiral. Fewer and fewer will be here like US to support such a system through paying taxes. Eventually it will be more attractive to do something else. Become a liability ourselves, or move to another country. One way or the other many middle class (who pay for everything) will eject ourselves from being the bottom of the food chain.

The scales Will tip if strong measures are not taken. They won't be - and so, we will see some Hard Times. 10 years?30? Don't know, but this isn't sustainable and I'm not talking about 17 trillion of debt. That's a canard. The Fed printed up 43 Trillion that they gave tot he banks so the banks could have a do over. No fuss, no muss. 17 tril? Pffffft. Roll the presses and make it disappear.

Just some nothing to keep the masses focused on.

Dang, what were we talking about again?

Liberalmann said...

Just loving seeing the GOP so totally pwned.

highboy said...

"Just loving seeing the GOP so totally pwned."

Of course Liberlman, because to you, this is nothing more than a pissing contest and rooting for the Democrats is like rooting for your favorite sports team. Only in your childish ignorance, you forgot the concept that its not a pissing contest, this stuff actually matters, and while in your mind "your side" may have "won", you still lost, like the rest of us. You're just too childishly stubborn to care, because hey, "your side" got the "win".