Tuesday, September 24, 2013

So God Made a Farmer

What a wonderful video.  "Farmer" means so many good things and such greatness, in my opinion.  Such hard work, such rough hours, such relying on the elements and hoping and praying things go well.  And we all know one needn't be a farmer to have this strength but it is a good metaphor.

Do you know someone who you think this much of?  What profession is that person in? 

Are we raising kids who'll have what it takes to be a farmer today?  Whether we really mean 'farmer' or if we just mean all the good things that video poses that a farmer IS............

(thanks, Imp)


beakerkin said...

He even made the schizophrenia nulti handle guy who will probably invent
a ghost of Chavez persona yes.

And Man made a Communist. He created those who live to steal the possessions of farmer and the fruits of the farmers labor. The Communist does not produce anything and functions like a mafioso with a business plan drawn up by MAD magazine.

The Communist steals and kills in the name of the poor and oppresses
them greater then anyone else. They
think that the unwashed masses need their guidance to function.

God can create scenes of beauty found in the world around us. Communists create gulags, pathos and stacks of dead.

I would sooner dwell as a Non Christian among true followers of
Christ then among the self deluded
Communist Elite.

FYI Liberation Theology is a Marxist attempt to subvert religions. Its adherents are not Jews, Christians or members of any other faith.

Lib Buster said...

Liberalmann said...
"Yawn. Fascism to glorify the racist and the ignorant."

The progressive black/brown shirts of the 20th century nearly identical to their 21st century counterparts the Liberal party.
The modern progressive = socialism, and fascism. It is ignorant and disingenuous for any American to belong in the situation. i.e. The Progressive Lady and the Liberal Mann.

They both despise religion, freedom of speech, and have a relationship of mutual contempt with each other, while embracing the enemies of America.
I would call them both a combination of Witches, Kool-aide Zombies. and Obamaniacs. AKA People who blindly support and who are obsessed with Barack Obama, due to the fact that he's black, and his idiotic slogans.

Food4Thought said...

I gotta tell ya, with arguments like these, it is a wonder why the liberals-progressives here even try to "debate" you guys here. You are clearly advanced better thinkers.

FreeThinke said...
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Always On Watch said...

Off topic, so delete of you wish after you've checked the link: BERLIN: Outdoor Christmas decorations banned because they might offend Muslims. Is this true?

Always On Watch said...

One homeschool family in the group with whom I work is farm oriented. Well, two of their four children are inclined that way. This family sees to it that their children participate in 4-H. The children also have their own lawn-mowing business and their own vegetable garden, which provides mounds of vegetables for eating and for canning.

I fully expect at least one of those two sons will indeed become a farmer.

Schooling provides some of the training that farmers need, but not much, IMO.

Liberalmann said...
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Darth Bacon said...

@ Lineralmann, too bad because his posts are much better than yours are.

Mustang said...

Hardest working people I ever knew were those who owned or operated farms. What a pity more of us do not appreciate what goes into successful farming. Here’s another pity: people like “Liberal-man” have no idea what in the hell they are talking about.

Z said...

i delete Liberalmann every chance I get, everyone, so I'm only mentioning that so some of you don't wonder what beakerkin and others are responding to.

AOW, I don't know about the Christmas decorations; first I've heard of this. I'd be very surprised but they don't do as commercial a Christmas decorating thing as we do, anyway, so it wouldn't be much. Still, Germans won't give up their outdoor Christmas markets and all their beauty.

Z said...

Liberalmann, why would you need an even more nasty commenter to get you banned from blogs? You're deleted here every time I see you and my blog friend who can delete here will, too.
You never have anything constructive to bring to the table, just
ridiculous slams...sad.

Mustang...the fun never quits, does it. :-)

FreeThinke said...

Thanks for this touching bit of eloquence from the late Paul Harvey, Z.

I liked it so well, it inspired me to make a blog post of my own based on the response I made here, which I have just removed, because I hope for more visitors to my blog, and don't want to appear redundant here.

Anonymous said...


FT and all;

we might say "So GOd made Paul Harvey...and CS Lewis.......and Teresa of Avila ...and...."

What others are you grateful particularly for that God made them and put them in prominence in our lives?

Robert Sinclair said...

I think that FT overlooks one important fact of human development. Migratory patterns from field to city and back again have existed for a few thousand years. People are attracted to cities by the promise of excitement, decadence, and a softer life. There is nothing uniquely American about this experience, nor even its result. It is part of the human condition. Agricultural life does offer rewards, but nothing that most people today will understand. People will make their way again to the fields —for survival— whenever the right catalyst presents itself. It is only a matter of time.

Duckys here said...

Tilling the fields

sue hanes said...

Z- That is an inspiring video. I thought that much of my dad -
and he wasn't a farmer.

I wonder if we are raising kids these days to have those qualities. Some will have - some won't.

Anonymous said...

"I wonder if we are raising kids these days to have those qualities."

In a word...NO!

Elizabeth Gonzalez said...

What a lovely post but I am sad to say I cannot think of anyone.

Liberalmann said...

Why delete me? I merely pointed out that thanks to the GOP corporate policies and even Obama's favor to Monsanto, the family farm is becoming extinct.

Anonymous said...


Libmann, you're deleted any time I see you. You're wrong there and you're always wrong and, usually, nasty. Get over it.
Man..as if the 'corporate policies' are all Republican? You DO know that most of Wall St is liberal, right? Get a clue.

If you don't think most farm family values are conservative, you shouldn't even be commenting here...makes you look not too smart. No offense :-)

Check out Shirley Sherrod and how she screwed all those black farming families. You DO know , finally, that Breitbart WAS right, yes?
Of course, MSNBC will never tell you that.

Anonymous, and Elizabeth..sad, isn't it?

Sue....I guess we have to take solace that we KNEW men like that, right? My dad was an amazing MAN, too. I'm glad you had a good one :-)
And, you know, as down as I can tend to get over how liberals have ruined our children to believe they're entitled, and not to keep score so they're not competitive, etc., you're right SOME WILL. I know a few. You're right.

Duckys here said...

You DO know that most of Wall St is liberal, right?

I've read it all, now. Absolutely stunning.

Just what is "liberal" about Wall Street? They give money to whoever is in power and robs everyone blind.
That's pretty bipartisan these days.

Kid said...

First off, Anyone who is working for a living, contributing. Never taking.
Then for sure all those who responsibly employ people.
Then those who work hard to bring quality products to our doorstep at reasonable prices.

Not a libtard in the bunch to be sure.

Remember libtards. You can't live without us conservatives, but we can live without you, and much more easily.

Kid said...

PS - Give that some thought when things get tough in America. It won't be long.

Kid said...

There are plenty of farmer families, but they are being destroyed by the democrat Death Tax. When a farm owner goes out of business, the estate value is easily over the minimum amount that puts it in the 50% plus tax bracket. Inheriting families often have to sell the farm to pay the tax. Guess who buys. Yea, people like Monsanto. Repubs have nothing to do with that process.

To say nothing of the fact that it is illegal. It is taxing money that has already been taxed.

I mean, it's true to form for a libtard to worship at the feet of those who destroy the individuals wealth and liberties. This is stupidity beyond description and unworthy of tutoring. They don't learn anyway, nor will they until it all hits them directly on their ass, then they say wha happen, and blame the repubs anyway.

We need a plague afflicting libtards. Maybe a TRUE economic meltdown equal to the Great Depression, not this walk in the park the last 5 years.

Good God Y'all.

Duckys here said...

There are plenty of farmer families, but they are being destroyed by the democrat Death Tax.
Is there any old wives tale you don't believe.

If they lose the farm it's their fault for not spending a few hours with a decent attorney.

Of course most farmers are too busy selling out to frackers to care.

Kid said...

Thatttt's right Mr Quack..... It's the victims' fault.

Why can't libtards think in those terms when the victim is some LOSER or Con Man robbing taxpayers of hard earned money?? Huh? heheh

Kid said...

PS, unlike you, I actually KNOW people who fit this scenario.

TS/WS said...

This just in-----------
---------Obama stole Hilory Care- and today Hilory stole it back!!!!

Z said...

Ducky, man, you're on some kind of very weird rant tonight.
Yes, if you've paid any attention, you libs are always on about how EVERYBODY RICH IS A REPUBLICAN, CORPORATIONS ARE ONLY REPUBLICAN, WALL ST IS REPUBLICAN. Unbelievable.
It's so untrue.....and you think WE don't think?

Man, you sure have a skewed knowledge about farmers and a real hate for anything good and full of values.

Mustang said...

Ducky is a "hater." Someone told me he suffers from Tourette syndrome, which would go a long way explaining his psychiatric anomalies. Someone else told me he is in the last stages of syphilis. I am not able to say whether any of these rumors are true, but neither am I able to say that they are all false. Personally, I give no credence to any of them. I think Ducky is just a run of the mill punk asshole.

Always On Watch said...

How many farmers do you personally know?

JonBerg said...

Those who have no respect for what farmers do or who decry energy resource extraction should quit eating while they freeze to death. It's amazing how some choose to flaunt their ignorance. You [should] know who you are but, then again,ignorance seems to transcend introspect for those who suffer from pseudo-intellectual syndrome.

Jen Nifer said...

My mother's father was a cotton farmer. His son farmed, too. My cousin is now studying agriculture.

Selling out to fracking? Hardly. Trying to fix old equipment, pay off debt, and just keep going after 3 years of crippling drought.