Thursday, September 26, 2013

Why did Obama lie?

We all know Obama didn't quit smoking "6 years ago"...........REMEMBER THIS STUFF?  Did he quit before the presidency?   No, we know that's not true.  Did he quit when Michelle said he did, or when Gates said he did, or?   Has he quit yet?  We know it isn't anywhere near six years ago........

And please watch his charming face as he tells the lie.  Sure, this isn't the most important thing to discuss and we all know politicians aren't always truthful, but this just seems to be a silly thing to lie have it come so easy.

ya think?



Bob said...

Like Bill Clinton and other Democrats before him, Barack Obama would tell a lie when the truth would sound better. He has to keep in practice, you know.

Always On Watch said...

Pathological liars tell lies for no good reason.

Ed Bonderenka said...

Which begs the question, was he telling the truth about fear of his wife.
"And please watch his charming face as he tells the lie."
The same is true of the pretty faced liberal women Fox commentators when on Hannity or O'reilly.
Lying through their teeth.
Smiling all the time, I believe at the thought of how well they're doing it.

FreeThinke said...

I can only quote The Immortal Hillary Clinton, the Phoenix Bird of American Politics:

"What difference does it make?

That line uttered unthinkingly in a fit of pique should be her epitaph -- the perfect inscription to be chiselled on her tombstone.

It could very well serve as the epitaph for our blessed country too, if we continue to accept a life of endless petty squabbling and complaint over an earnest attempt to stand up for Truth, Love, Courage, Justice, Meekness, Tolerance -- and above all -- PRINCIPLE.

"Seek ye FIRST the Kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all ... things shall be added unto you."

"Seek ye the Lord that He may be found."

Locke, A Great American Patriot said...

Ted did us proud and the best is yet to come. Suck that up you Progressive imbeciles, and you numbnuts over at the Witch's place.
And congrats on being as super gullible and thinking as I a;ways thought you all were.
In order to be a liberal you have to be a complete blithering idiot, or a criminally insane authoritarian sociopath, and most of you over there are both, get that Ms. bottom feeding suckered tentacles squid!
I think you've got it backward, with all respect.
A lie is just part of the story.
I agree totally but how do you stop the procession of chemical has existed since the first animal discovered it...and man just continue to perfect the ways of killing.
The real problem is that Obama made red lines in Syria and then he made a deal with Putin who is NOT going to do what he said at all. And now he is stuck with that deal and has to follow his own words.
Communists, Marxists, Progressives. Sociopaths, don't follow the rules or make deals that they keep.
And Yes Obama gets a pass because of what Bush did in Iraq!

American Jihad said...

Well there you go, OBAMA IS A LIAR. and, if he lied to them over such a simple thing, just imagine how much he lies to us!1
Obama, the Liar in Chief has no class, no morals, no ethics, no virtues, no responsibility.....and so on and on. So why are you so surprised that he Lied about a silly thing such as not smoking any longer? I don't even understand why anyone takes him seriously at this point, so much for his “DEAL” with Putin!
Frankly I think that you have to be ether black, socialist, communist or just plain ignorant and brain dead to support him, mostly ignorant, and a lack of integrity !

Can you imagine the fallout that would have taken place if George Bush was ever caught in such a stupid lie? The idiot media would be tripping over themselves trying to get to the air waves first.
But the bottom feeding zombies still love their Boy King, the Mother of all Liars.

American Jihad said...

You know, this is exactly the kind of lie pathological liars tell. Lying comes easy to people like him. Yes, iy easier to tell the truth, makes absolutely NO sense to lie about it because everybody knows it's a lie, and except for his insurance carrier nobody cares! I bet he is lying to his insurers, too - wouldn't it be fun to find out?
After Barry's "the world is more stable now" run-on lie at the UN, he was called out by the President of Brazil (yes, little Brazil). Dilma Rousseff, tells it like it really is in her speach here:
It's sad, but I enjoy seeing Obama brought down, and because of my respect for the office would like to see him brought down all the way. His blatant disregard for the Oath of Office he swore to makes it easy to cherish every bit of light that is shone on his dark and evil soul.
He is a monster and a coward, and fits in perfectly in Washington D.C.

Always On Watch said...

the question, was he telling the truth about fear of his wife

And here's something else....What kind of message does it send that the POTUS is afraid of his wife? A jest on BHO's part? Maybe. But a lot of people all around the world don't have that same sense of humor.

I can't imagine that Putin would ever said such a thing. Or any number of other American Presidents, for that matter.

Always On Watch said...

I once personally knew a pathological liar, the daughter of my mother's best friend. The diagnosis was confirmed years later.

When a child, this liar would tell the most pointless lies that you can imagine! None of us had ever before encountered such a person. The liar went on to serve several prison terms, one relating to the suspicious death of one of her many children.

Anonymous said...

The truth does not even occur to a pathological liar.

Duckys here said...

Can you get a little more trivial?

Darth Bacon said...

Yes, but you wouldn't get it anyway

Sam Huntington said...

Lying to the American people is not the problem. The problem is that we cannot believe a single thing Obama tells us.

The problem is not that our politicians lie; the problem is that we can no longer trust our government.

Whenever a husband and wife no longer have trust, a divorce or a murder must result.

This seems like good advice to me.

Z said...

This really saddened me. I believe small lies are easy from those who can lie big, too. That is the problem.

It can give no one pleasure to have seen this and to have to discuss it, but CHARACTER IS IMPORTANT to some of us.

I hope that gentleman Obama spoke to never looks up the truth. Then, it's WE who haven't principles.

Ed, I know who you mean, too. Gives me the creeps to watch it...

The media's not discussed this;

Someone mentioned how Bush would have been treated had he lied like that to that man.
Here's a man who got over drinking on his own, but if he'd said "I gave up booze 12 years ago" and it had been 10 years, the media would have had BUSH LIES on the headlines.

No, this isn't something we should ignore. This was sad.

Ed Bonderenka said...

AOW: "What kind of message does it send that the POTUS is afraid of his wife? "
Even Samuel L. Jackson said recently that he wishes the president would act more presidential in his speaking.

Mustang said...

Given his practical experience, we should imagine that Mr. Obama would demonstrate greater skill in the telling and defending of his lies.

cube said...

When has Obama not lied?

Z said...

these are times when the "charm offensive" is truly offensive.

So nobody mentions this in the media but we know the latest Miley Cyrus album cover, don't we. In the headlines.

By the way, folks: Why the big media reports of how THE WHITE WIDOW is now being sought in the Kenyan killings? Any Arabic Muslims involved, too, or is this just GREAT, damning copy?

Check this out: "She told The Sun newspaper in September 2005 that her husband had fallen under the influence of radical mosques.

"How these people could have turned him and poisoned his mind is dreadful," the newspaper quoted her as saying. "He was an innocent, naive and simple man. I suppose he must have been an ideal candidate.

"He was so angry when he saw Muslim civilians being killed on the streets of Iraq, Bosnia, Palestine and Israel — and always said it was the innocent who suffered."

I guess SHE was either lying in that interview those years ago, or radical muslims got to her, too?

Jack Whyte said...

What should we otherwise expect from Obama? He's a politician, from Chicago, and a lawyer. Maybe we have unrealistic expectations.

Ed Bonderenka said...

Jack Whyte, FTW!

JonBerg said...

Like Bill Clinton before him B.O. is a congenital liar. The pathology is such that often times they will rather lie than tell the truth even when the truth bears no adverse consequences. Liberals suffer from a mental illness that not only condones such deviance but, obviously, supports it. Electing such human trash to the highest office in the land portends a direction in which we are headed and it's not UP!

Impertinent said...
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Bob said...

Duckys here said...

"Can you get a little more trivial?"

It is harder to get more trivial about a President than Barack Obama. As far as quoting his trivial words, how about, "Change you can believe in!" What the hell did that mean in the first place, and how many people worshiped those meaningless words?

Talk about trivial...

Bob said...

JonBerg said...

"Like Bill Clinton before him B.O. is a congenital liar. "

Clinton was a genital liar, too!

Duckys here said...

Bob, is Obama's presidency your first experience with politicians?

You sound a little inexperienced.

Sam Huntington said...

There he goes with the ad hominem attacks again. What a disgrace.

Kid said...

This is what pathological lying is and what they are. They wouldn't tell the truth even if it were to their advantage. Their game is lying. I see many agree.

What is Trivial about the 'leader of the free world' being such a pathetic liar? Nothing. It does nothing more than shine a light on his incredible weakness.

Once again duck shows his incredible ignorance.

There are serious world situations going on. The world laughs at this imbecile. We laugh at this imbecile. his lies are transparent. Even punks like the new bum in iran play him like a cat with a paraplegic mouse.

obama is like a little boy, caught with a cookie, lying to mom. lying about smoking. lying about looking at other women, lying about anything and everything.

Anyone who thinks that this a trivial thing in regard to the current POTUS has no brain, not even where it doesn't belong.

Because he is weak, he is easy extortion prey for other countries. Enemy countries. Not what I want in the leadership of my country.

Honestly, 6 year olds would see this as a major problem with the president of the United States.

Kid said...

Duck, you sound like a moron. And the fact that it doesn't embarrass you makes you a good candidate for being a retarded person. Are you? DO you see a doctor? Are you on medication? Let us know and we'll, or at least I, will simply ignore you pathetic milquetoast nonsensical outbursts.

Bob said...

Duckys here said...
"Bob, is Obama's presidency your first experience with politicians? You sound a little inexperienced."

Yeah. I wish!

FreeThinke said...

Why did Obama lie?

The answer should be obvious.

He's made a CAREER out of it. It's what he DOES.