Thursday, September 5, 2013

Now he IS and now he ISN'T...and now we wait, and now we don't? WHAT?


I might not be an expert on foreign affairs (FAR from it) but I am curious.

Obama drew a red line;  'when they use chemicals on their people, that's IT'.  

But, now he's saying he didn't draw any color of a line............

And Kerry said we have to act and act soon......then Obama said we have to wait a week for Congress to be back.

Then, suddenly, he's got Pelosi and Boehner and McCain and Graham in his office...weren't they OFF?  And then today senate panel approved the resolution to hit Syria.

SO, wait..........DID he wait the week for the senate to get back, or not?

I don't have to ask about the Red Line because there's no doubt he said that and now there's no doubt that he's saying he didn't say it.

Are you this confused?   Am I confused or is Obama?


Constitutional Insurgent said...

I think this cartoon should accompany your text as graphical representation of the absurdity we're witnessing.,+September+4,+9.59+PM.png

Always On Watch said...

This should be one of Obama's theme songs: "Liar, Liar" by Three Dog Night.

Always On Watch said...

Check out the words of the song here.

Always On Watch said...

I'm going to use that graphic in my post tomorrow morning!

sue hanes said...

Z - I am with you - a little bit confused by this whole thing. Who said what and when.

Duckys here said...

That jackass Tom Friedman has a good one today

Eye roll, please.

Only the US can provide a "credible" response. Because "our" trademark is "credibility" in Midddle East military matters. Idiot.

Sam Huntington said...

I have been saying for quite some time now that of all the various forms of state-craft, “quiet” diplomacy is by far the most competent and efficient. Sadly, however, the US has not had any statesmen since the days of Elihu Root. I do believe that a credible diplomatic effort will have “red lines” that appear somewhat distant from warning flags, but I do not believe it is necessary to announce them so that they can be used against you later on.

Time seems to have illustrated the truth of Joe Wilson’s assertion that Barack Obama is a liar. Worse, Obama lacks integrity—the personal kind that makes a man trustworthy and honorable. This appears to be a problem in our government, and I don’t just mean in the current administration. Mustang sent me an email the other day and asked, “Who doesn’t know that John Kerry is a liar?” Tell me Z … how could have imagined 40 years ago that the former head of the KGB would be more trustworthy than the President of the United States?

Congressional leaders are always available to the President, whether they are in recess or not. I’m simply amazed that Boehner and Pelosi were sober when the phone rang.

Z said...

I think what Obama realizes is how deep he dug himself (and our country, of course) into a hole by using the RED LINE phrase...and that's why he's saying it was the world which said it....even the Left is calling him out on this.

I just deleted a comment saying we Conservatives just look for anything to criticize Obama for. Apparently, the man can do NOTHING wrong, even when about as many democrats are agreeing with conservatives that going into Syria isn't a great idea. odd.

Always...thanks; pretty good lyrics.

CI..will look later; or at AOW's tomorrow!?

Sue, he really screwed up.

Ducky, America was credible until lately; it made people fearful and impressed. We've lost that. Not a good thing.

Z said...

Sam, who would have thought, indeed?

Did you just hear Putin's response regarding gays in Russia? I don't know the details, but what he said was a huge signal I respect ..I paraphrase, but it was something like "I have no problem with gays here in Russia; I give awards and commendations to those who do well in their fields, I salute their talents when deserving,,.." etc

I don't have time to find the exact quote, but I thought "what he's saying is 'be gay on your own time...nobody cares WHAT you do in your bedroom, just do well at what you do and we respect that'".

yes, indeed.

Meanwhile, Obama's apparently going to meet with gays in Russia...that should be interesting.

Jim at Asylum Watch said...

Obama has shown with his disappearing red ink that he is just as comfortable lying on the world stage as he is lying on the American stage.

Duckys here said...

@Z --- Ducky, America was credible until lately; it made people fearful and impressed.
Yeah, when Saint Ronnie Reagan bailed in Lebanon and then invaded Grenada for no good reason to show how powerful we are.

Name a use of the American military since WW II that has done anything but enrich a small number of Americans.

FreeThinke said...

I wouldn't worry about it, if I were you. The whole thing is completely out of our hands.

When I was just a little boy,
I asked my Daddy,
"What do you see?
"Will our decisions
Increase divisions?"
Here's what he said to me:


"Whatever will be will be.
The future's not ours to see
"For that you can thank PC


You want a federal government responsible to its citizens, and responsive to the will of its people?


The Frankfurt School has TRIUMPHED -- and most of us haven't the faintest notion of who and what that is or where it came from and why.

Duckys here said...

Oh stop bashing the Frankfurt school, FT.
They were much more involved with popular culture than foreign policy.
The only reason you bash Adorno is that he championed Schoenberg.

Anonymous said...

Boy was that a stupid. Waste of syberspace

Jack Whyte said...

Obama is such a phony. If he wanted to destroy Syria, he send Ducky over there. After a few years ... they'd all be idiots.

Anonymous said...

FROM Z of GEEEZ at work:

Schoenberg; THERE's a waste of time. shudder

Mustang, please delete Ducky's comment...I don't accept CHUCKLENUTS and he knows it.
And Anonymous, please. a true waste of space, indeed. Doesn't even spell cyberspace correctly :-)

And Jack, good solution :-)

Ducky...This country was still revered and feared under Reagan....always a better thing, though I know Lefties hate the word FEAR.
And still feared under Bush, too, by the way.
Or, we can all be on the same below-par level of other countries and let some other strong country come to the top. You happy with China being the World Power? I think Obama seems to be.

Duckys here said...

What are the options being presented?

There are many options between invasion (McCain - R Insane) and an ineffective cruise launch. A "no fly zones" to permit the Kurds in North Iraq to support the Kurds in North Syria.

How about a blockade of Syria in the Med?
For that matter, WTF is going to be done about Jordan? A million refugees are going to destabilize that country in a hurry.

Not to mention how much this threatens "our allies" (wink, wink).

I'd like to know who His Nibs is listening to. Then tell him to listen to someone else.

Maybe he got stuck with a dilemma, I don't know but he should have learned a couple of things by now.

All he has to do now is appoint Larry Summers as Fed chairman and he moves past Bush in the ranks of the worst American post war presidents and he's moving up on the rail on the leader (you know who).

Duckys here said...

@Z --- Schoenberg; THERE's a waste of time. shudder

Have you ever tried to sing Pierrot Lunaire?

I can see the Madonna section generating some conflict for you but to call this work a waste is absurd.

Mustang said...

Things that do not surprise me today …

I see Ducky is being critical of past presidents again. I actually do not blame him for that. I do wonder, though, if Ducky thinks that his side, The Communist Pukes of America, in some way has a better record. Maybe we can make that argument after smoking a carton of funny cigarettes or shoving blow up our nose.

The left has not offered Americans a better path, and no surprise, Leftist John McCain is siding with the rebels who execute unarmed prisoners, and decapitates them on camera. Such behavior is something to be proud of, I suppose. I am sure Ducky thinks so, but then Ducky is fatuous.

I was talking with a friend of mine earlier. He seemed surprised to learn that Walter Shapiro, who, as you may recall, was a speechwriter for Jimmy Carter and headed Salon’s Washington bureau (LOL), is now working for Yahoo News and does stand-up comedy in New York City nightclubs. I am not sure why my friend was surprised; I can see the relationship between speechwriting for Carter, working for pretend news agencies (Ducky’s primary source for information), and doing stand-up comedy.

Constitutional Insurgent said...

"I'm going to use that graphic in my post tomorrow morning!"

AOW -I got it from John Lott's site, but is originally at Politico:

JonBerg said...

"Meanwhile, Obama's apparently going to meet with gays in Russia."

I bet that he can't wait!

Impertinent said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Leticia said...

Obama wouldn't know the truth if it bit him in his arse.

All I know is that NO ONE wants to get involved with the Syria conflict, and this vile hypocrite that supports infanticide here in the states wants to save children there. What the heck??

And don't get me started on the weapons of mass destruction that supposedly Bush lied about.

Mustang said...

@ Two Thumbs

I have deleted your comment because you are a drive-by commenter. You left the exact same comment at AOW's blog. You can comment here if you clean up your language and your act.

Duckys here said...

@Leticia --- And don't get me started on the weapons of mass destruction that supposedly Bush lied about.
You mean he didn't lie through his teeth?

Constitutional Insurgent said...

Leticia - "And don't get me started on the weapons of mass destruction that supposedly Bush lied about."

You mean what the 75th Exploitation Task Force and the Iraq Survey Group didn't find?

Anonymous said...

If The Chosen had shown more Maturity
And not been so hipped on their Purity
They have seen that The Beast
Known as The Middle East
Was the last place to look for Security.

Lime Rickey

Bob said...

What's a couple of red lines among friends?

The interest in Syria is not Syria which is a client state of Iran. Whatever we do there should be done with eventual dealings with Iran. We already know we cannot negotiate anything in Syria, or anything with Iran.

One of the downsides of leaving Iraq is that we have no nearby forces to deal with the Iranians, or exert any power in the region.

Bob said...

Duckys here said...
You mean he (Bush) didn't lie through his teeth?"

Factually, Bush did not lie. He may have acted on bad information, and was guilty of trusting the CIA, but he did not lie. You need to document what you say.

Just because a person delivers information that is not accurate, that doesn't make that person a liar. I have been put in that situation by former employers, and found out later that they were misinformed. I did not lie, even though some customers thought so.

Kid said...

Bob, I gotta call you on that one....
Everyone knows that GW Bush personally travelled to each and every site visited by the CIA and every other Intelligence Unit around the world that agreed Iraq had WMD's.

He also personally re-interviewed and vetted every informant involved in this intelligence.

GW Bush did in fact lie, and he did it stoned on a couple bottles of Old Crow and lots of blow.

Kid said...

As to obama knowing the truth about anything... he's never been educated beyond learning how to read a teleprompter and memorize lines about a given subject. Is it any wonder he never talks or answers questions ad-lib. This is obvious to everyone right?

He knows nothing about America. How could he; he spent his entire life in the tutelage of America haters such as Rev Wright, black theologists at hahvard and assorted individuals there and later in Chicago where he community organized, Er, I mean, worked to scam free money for black people such as the great Farm reparations scam. Married michele obama who hates white people and is an imbecile herself, unable to navigate life in America and abroad (remember the gaffes and trailer trash encounters with gordon brown and family and the Queen??) with 22 highly paid assistants., obama himself spent most of his youth with assorted persons in Kenya, Indonesia and the muslim cult.

How could he possibly know the slightest thing about the American DNA ? Not possible.
If he was exposed to the slightest bit of information about the once fantastic USA, his racism would have filtered it out before it settled on a single brain cell.

Does he know the truth? his handlers tell him what he needs to know to navigate the day without letting his racist, anti-American, muslim activist beast within be too exposed. Wouldn't want to wake up the 15 year old to 30 or 50-something zombies out there who think he is an actual functioning human being.

Duckys here said...

Yeah kid, when he had Powell go in front of the U.N. to testify with data Powell admitted he knew was a lie about Saddam's mobile labs of death Bush was out of the loop.

Buy a vowel.

Kid said...

duck, when you're interested in music, you go out and buy CD's like "K Tel's love songs of the 80's" right?

Translation since I suspect you'll need it. Do you have a single original thought of your own? I'd guess few, which is why you relate to and love obama so much.
Translation 2 - I'm not going to bother engaging you in a given subject. You don't know enough about anything to hold my interest and therefore, it would be a waste of everyone's time.

But what the hey, it's a free country and not my b log, comment away !

Here's a quick quiz question. What's the easiest Possible thing for a person to do?

- que the music.......

A: do nothing but complain and insult.

Jack Whyte said...

Kid, you don’t understand. Ducky doesn’t get along well with people. It is why he had to join Masturbators Anonymous … his only real friends.

CI … No, I think she means what the 75th Exploitation Task Force and the Iraq Survey Group didn't find because their search didn’t take them into Syria.

Duckys here said...

duck, when you're interested in music, you go out and buy CD's like "K Tel's love songs of the 80's" right?

The last music I purchased was Ligeti's Six Bagatelles for Wind Quintet.

Anonymous said...

"Six Bagatelles for Wind Quintet..."

Doesn't that feature skin flute section? A whole city of them? Or is it pipe organs?

Anonymous said...

From Z at work: 11 hours later :-)

EVERYBODY: Does anybody remember that Bush wasn't the only one who said Saddam had WMD? Almost every other country agreed?

Also, does enough chemicals to kill 300,000 of your own people constitute a weapon of mass destruction? I've always thought so.
Does the major who still insists Saddam shipped uranium out of Iraq while we were dithering around wondering if we should go in go down in history as a liar? WHY?

i'm tired.. should be home in about an hour and I'll be here. maybe :-)

Bob said...

Kid said, "Everyone knows that GW Bush personally travelled to each and every site visited by the CIA"

Oh? Does everybody know this? Perhaps you can deliver some documentary evidence. Did W go to Iraq, personally, to inventory Sadam Hussein's inventory of weapons? You make it sound that way. So, back up your speculation.

Or, maybe you are saying that Bush did this AFTER winning the Iraq War 2. Please be specific and furnish some details.

Z said...

Ya, Libmann...the "right will find any excuse to criticize Obama"

REAL glad you all didn't do that to Bush.

Get a clue.

I'm home, everybody.


Duckys here said...

@Z --- EVERYBODY: Does anybody remember that Bush wasn't the only one who said Saddam had WMD? Almost every other country agreed?

Next z will have the class explain how everyone, EVERYONE, got it wrong.
Despite the fact that attributing a capability is a rare intelligence error, intelligence failures miss a capability but EVERYONE committed the same rare error.

Even Glenn Beck can't explain that.

Rita said...

Funny that Ducky brings up the "invasion" of Grenada. Funny, in that the people of Grenada see quite differently than the media spun it here and as Ducky tried to do.

We talked at length with several people in Grenada. All of the brought up the subject of how the US INTERVENED, not invaded.

They spoke well, no they raved about the US intervention. It was quick, decisive, and rid them of a brutal ruler.

That intervention was successful, had an end game and there was a clear distinction of who the bad guys were.

Syria is just one big mess with no way to determine which side is worse.

We need to stay OUT!

Kid said...

BOB, Sorry man, this was sarcastic humor. Thought it would have been obvious but I apologize for fooling you then. I shall thrust myself upon my sword as soon as duck admits the democrats were the slave owners and were and very much Are the racists who keep the fires a burnin as well as 'keep them in chains'.

Z said...

Ducky, excellent way to say it "everyone made the same error".
Learn your history; that's what happened.

Rita, instead of real history, the lefties make up anything they can to make US look bad. Must be a very sad, difficult way to live "I think I'll make the country which gave me opportunities and which foreigners would do anything to live, look as stupid and evil as I can" Very creepy mentality

Kid, I hope Bob sees your remark; I didn't want to speak FOR you but it was sarcasm...
Bob, Kid's one of the great guys are on the same beam, believe me!

Liberalmann said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Rita said...

Do you EVER actually think about what you type before you hit the Publish Your Comment Libkid?

Read your last paragraph again and them actually research how many IRAQI citizens were slaughtered by Saddam. THAT was NOT a "lie". That was real. So you have to continue your support of Bush's and Congress's vote to go to into Iraq. Otherwise, you can't stand to live in this world.

Talk about clueless.

Z said...

Rita, infrequently, I look at posts comments below my top one; almost always , I see Liberalmann has left a comment...usually the next day.

Seems chicken to me to 'dare' write his typical silly, hackneyed comments when he knows nobody can respond because they've all moved on to the next post's comments page.
I'm glad you did.