Wednesday, September 11, 2013

it's that day again............

.............the day I try not to think of those people who jumped from the towers, but then only CAN think of them.   May it never happen again, those awful jumps which touched something inside some of us that will never go away.

God Bless America.  God Bless those who died and their families.  God Bless the first responders and everyone who's still dealing with that in one way or the other.  I guess that would be all of us, come to think of it.

God, please keep us safe.  

I picked this picture for this post and wondered why.......then I got to thinking that it's kind of the opposite of 9/11. Healing.  And there are so many things we need healing and diversion from in our government these days.   Dwell on the picture for a little while today.......I know I will.  Think of beauty and goodness in spite of it all.  Try.



Always On Watch said...

Not looking forward to today.

The place where I work gets threatening phone calls on a regular basis. Some of those calls appear to involve individuals with Arab accents. **sigh**

kiki said...

Mr. Obama is seeing the chicken coming home to roost now. While he celebrates Sept. 11th,of course he ignores all the other over 21,000 attacks since 9/11 including Madrid Bali Mumbai etc etc..
It was deranged Muslim young men. They murder on a daily basis all over the world because Muslim culture is so toxic.
Pity he was refused the assistance in his insane request from us Brits to help him murder those Syrians.

kiki - Great Britain

Jim at Asylum Watch said...

Healing is important and necessary. But, I fear too many of our so-called leaders have forgotten the significance of 9/11.

JonBerg said...

kiki gets it right while B.O., concurrently, extols what he perceives to be the virtues of Muslims!

Anonymous said...

Kiki gets it right and the creeps at PE can't understand why Obima got his clock cleaned

Waylon said...

We were all eyewitnesses awakening to the horrific images of passenger airliners being flown into the towers of the World Trade Center in New York on September 11, 2001. The even more horrific images of people jumping to their deaths from the stricken towers won't be erased from the memories of those witness to the horror and worse the unimaginable horror of those whose family and friends were among the direct victims of the attack.

With a twelve year perspective to relive the horrors of the day, we are obviously living in a different world today than the one that existed on that day in 2001.

Today more and more people (almost half of the American people) upon considering the original official version of the 911 attack believe there was more to the story than we so readily accepted in the immediate aftermath of the horror story. I put myself in that camp today. Was the 911 attack a contrived prelude to the world we live in today? Considering the expansion of the tyrannical power of the state into and over the lives of every individual, not only in America but also in all other parts of the Western world, is the world a better place from our groping and probing "security"? Who is benefiting, if not the individual citizens? Are there groups of maniacal power grabbers manipulating our psyches with stories and images to accept that those who "know better" should be given more power over every individual today?

Sadly my opinion is affirmative to those questions. We live and learn from our mistakes and this can best be remedied by gaining more knowledge and understanding of the real world in which we live, and that requires the ability to question our own beliefs that may have been long held, but wrong on deeper introspection.

Average American said...

I'm torn today, torn between the sorrow of remembering 12 years ago, sorrow of remembering 1 year ago, and the feelings of pissed off anger over the muzzies getting a permit to occupy D.C. while the 2 Million Bikers have to travel with NO permit issued and hope that the authorities won't harass the Hell out of them. We don't see much news coverage about that now do we?! Hmmmmmm. Can you say biased coverage?

Anonymous said...

A sad day indeed. But what's even sadder is that these muslims creeps are having a rally in DC today with permits ( and Americans were denied a permit ) to bitch about their "treatment"?

"The American Muslim Political Action Committee has scheduled a rally to draw attention to what they call unfair fear of Muslims after the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks."

Muck fuzlims. Not once in 12 years have these animals apologized for their murdering cultists that killed 3000 innocents today. I think they need to get their asses kicked by a few thousand bikers....cause we do hate your stuff it.

Anonymous said...

Right, and those scumbags on the left who loss their dirty ass's can go screw themselves.

Anonymous said...

Right, and those scumbags on the left who kiss their dirty ass's can go to hell.....

Anonymous said...

How dare those Muslim creatures desecrate our day of remembrance for the Muslim attack which killed 2,977 people in the WTC alone along with the pentagon deaths and all those who died over the last twelve years because of after effects from that treacherous attack.

It is on par with Pearl Harbor attack. And we remember it still. It may not be politically correct to say this, but their parades should be sprayed with Yellow paint as they pass. Showing the cowardly creature they really are.

Re-direct all their parades to the nearest airport or dock, load them all on planes or boats and send them off to a Muslim country, somewhere nice, like IRAN.
Molon Labe.

Anonymous said...


Waylon, I wonder what we'd all give to have September 10, 2001 back again, right? A LOT.
The world was so innocent.

I was living with Mr Z in Paris at the time...Mom had been there for 2 weeks and had taken off the day before for home (thank GOD she didn't leave the next day and have to be alone in Bangor, Maine or something with the planes not coming in, remember? I thank God for that)...

I've posted this before, but September 11 in paris that day was BRILLIANT..we'd gone for a coffee and shopping and were walking back home on the Avenue Victor Hugo and we passed AU NOM DE LA ROSE, a flower shop with only roses, and with petals on the sidewalk they'd strew there....I said "Honey, what would the world be like without roses?!"

And we got home, I put on CNN and the planes hit two minutes later.
The world has been without roses, since...

FreeThinke said...

Aw shucks, Mom! I wish you hadn't a done that! Now I feel embarrassed. - FT

SERIOUSLY, I did want to thank you, Z, for reminding us to keep focused on serene and beautiful images that remind us that, despite the dreadful things done by the worst among us, this is GOD's world -- a place of peace, contentment and perfect beauty -- if it were not for our stiff-necked tendency to question and try always to deny the dictates of Truth and Love in favor of self-serving agendas.

Anonymous said...

We Don't need the likes of a Commi like "Ms. Shaw" to tell us about 9-11.
They will only blame Bush as they do even today.
Let them sink in their own manure ..

Duckys here said...

@z --- And we got home, I put on CNN and the planes hit two minutes later.
The world has been without roses, since...

They bloomed like clock work in my front yard again this year.

It's your decision, z.

Duckys here said...

Average American --- The size of the two million march was two dozen at last count.

A mix of Muslims and Alex Jones followers.
Only the right wing took notice.

There was a similar sized crowd screaming insults.

Sam Huntington said...

I watched earlier as the news reported on the new world trade towers, huge demand for office spaces, employing thousands of people … and I have to say I found it appalling that anyone would want to go to work in those new targets of opportunity. After watching people jump to their death, I wouldn’t.

Bunkerville said...

Maybe soon Obama can recognize it wasn't work place violence. Thanks for the reminder of that of Importance.

Anonymous said...

questionmann...(ah, two n's, just like libmann..thanks for the clue)

You're being deleted as soon as my friend can do so; I don't do that from work.

Also, how do you explain that we racists would have voted for a conservative black man ANY DAY OF THE WEEK but you say we hate Obama because he's black?
THINK...please explain; I'd love to know that. Thanks!

Anonymous; you're right; you will not do that here again. Absolutely right.

You really don't see what I meant?
you REALLY don't see our world so downhill since 9/11?
A rich and rewarding personal life like mine has nothing to do with what I see in America these days.
You should be more thoughtful about the country, not just your own garden.

FROM GEEEEZ at work.

Always On Watch said...


And we got home, I put on CNN and the planes hit two minutes later.
The world has been without roses, since...

Yes. An accurate turn of phrases.

Always On Watch said...

A lot of bikers did roll into D.C. today. Not as many as participate during Rolling Thunder, but enough to tie up traffic for hours.

Meanwhile, the Million Muslims March had about 25 attendees.

Duckys here said...

You really don't see what I meant?
you REALLY don't see our world so downhill since 9/11?

I don't see that 9/11 is a significant demarcation. America went almost 200 years without being attacked on its soil.
Considering the horror in that time we should be thankful we were that fortunate.

But I think people are snapping out of their jingoism and moving forward.
Must be my faith.

Anonymous said...


AOW...25 attendees? You know, that shows something REALLY GOOD, don't you think?
There are SO many Muslims here who aren't dangerous, who aren't marching against our country; I believe this is an excellent sign.
We can hope!
THanks for that information.

the roses thing was so sad.....I remembered I'd said that a few hours after watching, horrified, with Mr. Z.

I believe I've also blogged here about the Middle Eastern family who lived directly across the street and the same floor as our Paris apt. They who always kept their metal shutters closed suddenly were home throwing them open where I could see people coming into their apartment and those already there laughing and pointing to the wall which faced me...I wondered what they were doing until I realized their TV was against that wall, as my TV's back was to the street side, too.

Do you know I clicked through every channel hoping against hope there was some soccer game they were watching and celebrating?
But, alas.

It was a terrible feeling knowing those people were slapping themselves on the backs and smiling. overus.

Anonymous said...


Ducky, you heart really saddens me. I couldn't live here if I felt this way about America.
I know; we're not exceptional but EVERY SINGLE DAMNED TIME I"VE ASKED YOU WHO IS (by definition of that word) YOU HAVE DISAPPEARED, HAVEN"T YOU.

Can you tell me if you think WWII was a particularly aggressive foreign policy on our part?
How about S Korea?
How about the intentions behind Vietnam?
How about the fact that 40 countries backed Bush, based on their and our intel, on Iraq and Afghanistan?

jingoistic? ptui

Duckys here said...

I know; we're not exceptional but EVERY SINGLE DAMNED TIME I"VE ASKED YOI've alwas been very clear on that.U WHO IS (by definition of that word) YOU HAVE DISAPPEARED, HAVEN"T YOU.

Who is?
No one. We're all bozos on this bus.

Mustang said...

AOW...25 attendees? You know, that shows something REALLY GOOD, don't you think?

No, those 25 included the President and his Mohammedan Outreach Cabinet.

Always On Watch said...

Please see this information at the WTOP web site, which specializes in local news for the D.C. area. Quite a lot of information about the bikers' rally in D.C. today. Lots of photos!

Kid said...

So many people say that people died on 9-11. I can understand that. This is what most people say. I respectfully ask people put in a concerted effort to say that these people were Murdered instead.

Anyway, never forgotten, will never forget.

Z said...

No, Ducky, we are NOT all 'bozos' on any bus.
We're Americans and we are (or WERE until liberalism took over) nothing like BOZOS.

Mustang...good point!

Kid, well, nobody died of a sickness; they were MURDERED. you do as much living, and teaching, and wife-ing and housekeeping, and blogging, commenting, is BEYOND ME!!!

Always On Watch said...

As the product of the one room schoolhouse, I can multitask like you wouldn't believe.