Wednesday, September 18, 2013

For a president who hates guns............

.............he's SURE GUNNING UP, isn't he?   What's WITH THIS?

"The charter of the EPA is to protect the environment and public, not to act as a quasi federal police department," ..................right?   Please read the linked article;  do you think what's going on makes any sense or is a good idea....while there are so many attempts at our being DISarmed every step of the way?  Think any EPA employees are hearing voices, if you know what I mean? 



beakerkin said...

Who says Obama hates guns? He just hates Americans with guns.He gives them to terrorists when expedient.

Obama hates free speech that does not agree with him. If you politically organize, his minions in the IRS and other agencies will harass you. Obama spends more time crying about Fox news and talk radio then Al Queda.

Before Obama and Gomer Kerry demand Israelis talk with Palestinians, both should talk to Mark Levin.

Dave Miller said...

Z, about all this has to do with Obama is that he has done nothing to stop the growth in the use of guns by various federal agencies. The majority of the information in this article is based on a report released in 2008, before Mr Obama took office.

Anonymous said...

I get sick and tired of these Bleeding Heart Liberal anti Gun Nutjobs who cry for More and more Gun Control every single time one of these Crazy Screw Balls go haywire and coming one of these heinous crimes. Want to enact more gun control? Convince me.
It is clear to anyone capable of rational thought ( that is anyone with more than a half of a brain) that those who want more gun control can only argue from emotion, ignorance and/or dishonesty. Funny you bleeding heart Obama worshiping liberals don't mention how many lives are saved by guns

However, in the spirit of honest debate, I am happy to offer these people a chance to show otherwise. We have all the laws needed right now, all we have to do is get the right people elected in the States to enforce them.
Thank GOD we have a sensible organization (the NRA) and we have fairly strong laws that we actually enforce the laws. ... all the anti-gun people just DON'T have to own them.
It boils down to this, if someone collects firearms, just as someone collects anything, it doesn't make them a militant, a paranoid "right winger" or any other stupid name you lefties love to call us ... it is their (our) constitutional right... it is just like anything else, if you don't Rush Limbaugh ( and I know just how much you Obama lovers hate Rush) But that too damn freakin bad, DON'T listen to him... if you don't like rap music, like myself, DON'T listen to it... if YOU don't like guns, DON'T own one.... but I will bet you this... if you are a bleeding heart liberal and anti-gun person and your home is invaded and someone is raping your wife or daughter and your next door neighbor owns a weapon and comes over and saves the day you will be loving them and have gratitude for the rest of your life .... Bottom line...Constitutional Rights trumps Obama’s wishes every time (Or should).
Oh yeah, and there’s this one, which should make even you Libs smile.
Our Dear Vice president said, he really likes double barreled shotguns. He even encourages people to fire them into the air and through their front door for self defense.
Was that he dumbest statement ever made or what!
This proves only one thing. you really cannot fix stupid!
So to you libs, Progressives and any other anti Gun Nut, I issue this challenge: present a sound argument for more gun control

Duckys here said...

Hates gun?

For someone who hates guns he's done damn little on gun control.

Bodecea said...

Another example of the Obama failures. He is a narcissist who says things to hear himself speak. His comments yesterday proved that he is more interested in himself than anything else, and he made himself look even smaller.
Plus of course Obama didn’t miss the opportunity to bash Republicans. . Obama hardly touched on the Navy Yard tragedy before criticizing conservative Republicans, and talking about how "Congress has a lot of work to do" in terms of fiscal deadlines! What that what the people wanted to hear one day after this tragedy where 12 people were murdered!
This is a man who wants to work with Congress? I don't think so. This is a man who is a hypocrite!
To get back on track of the subject of this blog, Obama commissioned a study in hopes that it would support the liberal effort to control guns. He must have been horribly disappointed when the study proved otherwise.

Here are some things discovered by the study:

Mass murders declined over the years and only accounted for a fraction of all deaths by murder. We know that more people are murdered in one year in Chicago than by mass murderers in the last 30 years. How do you like those apples?
I am not minimizing the trauma suffered by those who were killed or their loved ones, but we need to be thankful that mass murder is so rare. Using school shootings as a reason for gun control is just exploiting the tragedies.

Gun control would result in even more deaths each year. Looks like some liberal politicians could seriously reduce the murder rate by guns in their cities by removing some of these restrictions. Wonder if they value life enough to actually make the right call. As it is, gun laws merely provide the feeling of safety for criminals who want to kill, not die because they know that their intended victim is unarmed.
Obama ordered this study. So libs, don't be sore losers. Admit you were wrong and then ask yourself why the Obama administration is so hellbent on gun control. It is about control and the erosion of rights

The Political Chic said...

Face it Libs your guy is a sad joke and an inept president. Elected by a nation with white guilt, black racism and tree-hugging bleeding heart hardcore anti-gun lefty low-information voters!

Duckys here said...

Who are the "high information" voters running next election, chic?

My guess is that Ted Cruz shows up at the debates with a side holster and wins in a landslide if Rand Paul doesn't draw on him.

Hillary is just laughing.

Enjoy the show, "high information" voter.

The Political Chic said...

Wrong Ducky:

Hillary is someone to be laughing about!.

Z said...

This article is even more chilling when we consider Obama's talks about civilian security forces he touted.

EVERY single time there's a shooting he goes into his "gotta get rid of your guns" stuff and that's a little unsettling to a lot of people.
As usual, the left needs to fix EVERYTHING for EVERYONE because ONE or TEN nuts shoot people.

Dave, if you read the link you'll see that the latest incidents are different and probably troubling.

Mouse...thanks. Somehow, the existing laws are ignored in the hopes of pounding more laws on us.

By the way, Obama just said that those who don't welcome immigrants are unAmerican, tho I paraphrase. As if most of us didn't come from immigrants?
I'm a first and second generation American. Legal. Mom was LEGAL...and worked hard to obtain that back when it was difficult and involved leaving and then entering again.
No, we do NOT hate immigrants, Mr. Obama. We just don't support law breakers.

Ducky, sadly..the conservatives are more 'high information' least 'more information'. We need all the news known to Americans, not just the typical liberal stories the lib media wants out there.
Thankfully, CNN's waking up and having some conservatives on their CROSSFIRE with the avowed communist, Van Jones. At least CNN watchers are starting to hear that there ARE two ways of looking at things and that those other ways are valid, too. Probably more valid.

Z said...

Political Chic! Hi...
good point.

But, there are enough who actually believe she DID something good during her State Dept tenure; That's a perfect example of Americans hearing only what the left wants known about her; not that she actually has done SQUAT. But get four Americans killed. Oh, and suggest that this country might be better with U.N. input. :-)

Lib Buster said...

I keep hearing the argument from anti gunners that pro gun supporters don’t want to have a conversation about guns. Well, look at the way this Liberal Jokester Ducky debates the issue. Maybe it’s because he like many libs here including Dave Miller because don’t know what you’re talking about. It’s extremely hard to have a rational debate with someone who doesn’t understand the basic issue at hand.

You can laugh and make jokes, and then you’ll certainly cry when you realize that people like Barack Obama keep getting elected time and time again. And thus our country is now the laughing stock of the world.

Try thinking back a bit, remember when you folks called George W. Bush the dumb cowboy, who alienated all our allies and dragged us into wars of choice in the Mideast? And remember when you said that goofball Mitt Romney was a loser whom Joe Biden a year ago accused of wanting to go to war in Syria?
Well they both must be having a big time laughing over the way things are going for Obama now.
Obama's efforts to get support at the G20 conference came to nothing. Even the pope is putting him down.
Meanwhile, here at home, every poll shows that Americans are against a strike, and Obama is facing double-digit defections among Democrats in the Senate. The outlook for passage in the House, looked so bad that a resolution to authorize war wouldn’t have even made it to a vote. So Mr. Obama is thinking God (if he believes in God) that big bad KGB monster Putin saved his skinny ass. But at least some of the Hollywood bleeding hearts are still behind Obama -- or, anyway, is mostly keeping quiet about its opposition because, that Old Fart Hollywood Un-American liberal Ed Asner said, they "don't want to feel Anti-Black."

The reality is and the fact is this - Obama has become the joke to the world!
And Dave and Ducky you are idiots.. But I wouldn't expect anything less from someone of your ilk

Z said...

Let's keep the name calling down.
We don't get that from Dave Miller and he doesn't deserve it back.

Just came back before work to remind you all that an illustration of my point above that only conservatives hear and pay attention to ALL the news, is that a UN Report is saying that global climate changes "have been exaggerated". We've known that and TRIED to blog about it, but libs just kept fighting in the comments pages.
You see, none of us thinks, contrary to liberal thought, that we're better off without clean air and beautiful trees and clean water, we just want to study FIRST and act ACCORDINGLY..
Sort of like Obamacare, which snuck through but, as Pelosi warned (it's a warning now that we know how bad it is) that "you'll have to vote first then see what it is"...

we need to be careful...not follow liberal knee-jerking.

Please attention.

JonBerg said...

"global climate changes "have been exaggerated"."

I'm not so sure that it was ever about real Global Warming/Climate Change as much as it was a high profile scam to gain more [control] over certain industrial economies while exempting others. Of course, we have also witnessed efforts made by 'crackpots' (one in particular) who would have stood to make fortunes by taxing us to fund a pseudo-scientific scheme to reduce non-existent, excessive, levels of CO2 known as "Cap and Trade". It may be interesting to see how proponents of this hoax try to 'spin' their way out of these recent facts; I don't expect them to give-up!

The Debonair Dudes World said...

I, like most Americans that hold our constitution dear to us, believe that the Second Amendment guarantees an individual the right to bear arms. I also believe in the Bill of Rights!
and, THE RIGHT TO BEAR ARMS, The Second Amendment to the Constitution guarantees Americans the right to bear arms. Many Americans believe that without weapons they would be powerless if the government tried to overstep its powers and rule by force. Or if they or their family are confronted by Hoodlums or Criminals either in the Streets or in their own homes.
Barry seems to have no clue that the main purpose of gun ownership is for Protection for one’s Life & ones Property !!!
If Obama feels so strongly that guns belong ONLY in the hands of law enforcement officers and soldiers not criminals, then why weren’t the thousands of assault rifles that were sold to the most violent and dangerous drug cartels in this hemisphere sold to the Mexican military instead? Once again we backed the wrong side!
Obama is the most narcissistic, the most incompetent, and dangerous chief executive our country has ever had ever to occupy our White House.. He makes Jimmy Carter appear brilliant, sane and coherent.
Hanoi John Kerry who was the worst imaginable candidate for any office but who nominated and appointed away said in his impassioned speech on last week that Assad was a “thug” and a monster, and that his action could not go unpunished. The president then not only embarrassed Kerry by postponing action before even conferring with him, but put on hold all in his administration who were getting ready to gather support for a strike, which, as the president said, did not require any vote by Congress. Yet he has now asked for a vote, one in which he has no assurance that he can win. He has opponents on both the Republican and Democratic side of the aisle, and they might very well have enough votes to go against his stated desire that a strike against Syria be taken. But luckily was saved by the Former Head of the Russian KGB! An embarrassment to say the least. The Damage Has Already Been Done!

In the end, should he lose and it turns out that he was scammed by the Russians, it will not only be a further humiliation, but a damaging setback for the reputation and word of the United States. Our enemies throughout the world such as Iran and North Korea will be waiting in anticipation for such a failure. Already, celebrations are in from Syria, which has declared that their regime has already won. By delaying any action for what could be two weeks or more, Obama has given Assad even more time to assure that if a strike comes, it will not harm any of his troops, their weapons and their troops have been given plenty of time to be hid.

Paul said...

The argument that we should ban guns to stop the gun violence is not realistic!! Our govt has tried to ban illegal drugs from coming into this country for many decades and spent hundreds of billions of $$$ trying and completely FAILED!!! Our govt has tried to ban illegal immigration for many decades and spent hundreds of billions of $$$$ trying and completely FAILED.

And the fact that less than 1% of gun crimes are committed by those who legally own guns tells me that the govt will only disarm those who do not commit the crimes( and for what purpose). So for Obama to want to ban legal Gun owners form buying and keeping guns, is totally insane. But then again, what else is new?

Is Barack Obama the Worst and Most Incompetent President Ever?

Worst, YES. Incompetent, Maybe. Obama knows exactly what he is doing. Jimmy Carter still holds those positions.

Pris said...

Obama made this speech in July, 2008.
Now, it seems what he wanted is now a reality. His own civilian army, he called a national security force just as strong, and well funded as the military. Now I ask you all what's the difference between this and Germany's Gestapo!

Why do all these agencies need armed people working for them?

This appears to me that it is the administration's private army. Something's really wrong here.

Here's a link to his speech.

Anonymous said...

Obama never ceases to amaze me with his infantile, thin-skinned, inappropriate remarks against those whose who disagree with him. Other Presidents, like GW Bush, have wisely refrained from criticizing their successors or predecessors, not the low-life, embarrassing, unprofessional Obama, who uses his office to BLAME them and the opposing party for his own stupid, inane mistakes.
There are Two words you will never find in the same sentence --Democrats & class!

WakeUpAmerica said...

Obama’s speech Tuesday was a slashing attack on Republicans instead of showing some compassion to the family members of the Washington Navy Yard’s victims
All this while brave Americans were lying dead, I thought was in extremely bad taste
No US President in history has ever referred to the American people as the enemy. Hussein Obama the delusional Marxist does it all the time. He's not my president. Never was and never will be. It was beyond poor taste; I forced myself to listen and it was all I could do to prevent myself from puking.
I am REALLY surprised they didn't have that party. Moochie must have been in "hair and makeup"all day waiting to do the Hoochie Coochie Latin dances. Too bad it was spoiled for her by the inconvenient murder of 12 Americans. .Bengazi meant nothing to him either. But like Moochie said he was ready to show us some of his " Latin moves"! Now that's important!
These two are unmitigated trash.

Exposing the Hypocrisy of the Liberal Left said...

For Barry and his followers, it is liberal ideology that trumps the "right thing" to say or do. That is always followed by calling people that disagree with them "bigots," "raaaacists," "homophobes," "misogynists," "Islamophobes," etc. Not surprising that BHO's first attack would be on Republicans...his "enemy."
Typical of Obama, to set to launch another Blame, Vilify, and Defame America tour. What a thoroughly nasty, vicious little man!
He is worthless as a president, an embarrassment as the leader of America, and the worst American has ever seen and has made a sham of his presidency.

By the way, what the Hell is a “Capt. Fogg”“ Laughing my ass off.

Krabby said...

Worth the read:

For those of us foolish enough to live in a crime-gripped city that summarily denies our constitutional right to protect ourselves, this week's massacre at the Washington Navy Yard pretty well sums up our insane, defenseless existence.
Our Capitol Hill neighborhood drowned in the screams of sirens as police cars, vans, trucks and armored vehicles streaked through the narrow streets at deadly speeds.

The skies filled with the constant whopping of countless helicopters.
Just back from dropping off children at school, neighbors began frantically calling, texting and emailing one another to see what was wrong. The crisp morning reminded many of Sept. 11, 2001.

Police dispatched text and email alerts to residents that there was an “active shooter” at the nearby Navy Yard, just blocks from where our children play Little League Baseball. Many were dead and more injured, we were told.

Then the terrifying news: As many as two more shooters were on the loose and being sought.
D.C. police concluded their advisory to residents with the same all-capital-letters admonition that punctuates every crime alert: “Do not take action.” Instead, we are given an “event” number and instructed to call 911.

As any decent American knows, there is no feeling more powerless than to realize that a couple of mass murderers are loose in your neighborhood and you are denied the right to keep a gun to defend yourself, your family or your home. A sickening knot tightens in your gut.
“Do not take action.”

Then came the latest Orwellian phrase in the “homeland security” lexicon: “Shelter in place!” So, not only are you not allowed to defend yourself against mass murderers, you are not supposed to run from them, either.

This, my fellow countrymen, is pure insanity.

And all the terror and real bloody carnage took place inside the most impenetrable fortress of gun-control utopia.

The very guns Aaron Alexis used to kill 12 people are banned in this city, unless you submit to an exhaustive, invasive and expensive process and prove to the city bureaucracy that you are worthy of your Second Amendment rights. Clearly, that failed.

We now know that Alexis was run through the normal background checks already in place to purchase a gun from a gun dealer. He submitted to even more exhaustive background checks to get his job and access to the Navy Yard. All of those background checks, and he still massacred 12 people.

We also now know that Alexis had multiple run-ins with police in various states and was accused of committing numerous gun crimes, including firing a gun into his neighbor’s occupied apartment and blasting the tires off of a car in a fit of rage. In those cases, existing laws were already in place to nab the lunatic and strip him of his gun rights.

For whatever reason, these laws that should have flagged him as a dangerous criminal were not enforced.

So here we are with 12 good people dead, living in the land of gun control, where terrorism reigns because the criminals have guns and the rest of us are scolded: “Do not take action” and “Shelter in place.”

The great cartoon philosopher Gary Larson once drew a panel of what he imagined a boneless chicken ranch might look like. Already flightless, the limp birds lay all about unable to even raise their heads with their legs splayed out in ridiculous fashion.

That is what we are here. Flightless and defenseless. As a cartoon about boneless chickens, it is hilarious. As a way of life, it is terrifying.

• Charles Hurt can be reached at or on Twitter @charleshurt.

Constitutional Insurgent said...

The militarization of local and federal law enforcement and the various agencies has been on a continuing arc since 9/11. Obama is an enemy of civil rights, but he doesn't represent the only party to be on watch for.

Anonymous said...


First, I'd LOVE to know where so MANY new commenters are coming from. Sitemeter used to help with that but don't provide that information quite as well as before.
It's an astounding number of new commenters, mostly Conservatives but not all, and I'd just love to know where you're all coming'd you find my blog?
Glad you have.

mostly. :-)

One comment then I have a meeting:

WakeUpAmerica...I'm so in agreement with you.

It seems that if a Congress disagrees (and agrees with a majority of the public, like on obamacare), they're OBSTRUCTIONIST because they're not going along with it easily.........
It's congress' DUTY to speak up if they and most of the public disagree.

Yet, there's Obama constantly making REALLY snide innuendos.
"Label and Dismiss" is what he does...but it's even worse; LABEL AND INSULT.
And he's insulting half the country!!

I think he feels so free because the media's so behind him and the weakest amongst us who need 'freebies'...I honestly don't think he can imagine befriending someone who REALLY loves this country. I never thought of it that way, but I believe I'm right.
Not good times for a country when you feel your own president's taking you in directions never planned on by our founding fathers or the rest of us with values which don't include redistribution, etc.

What they've done is label wrongly:

If you're against paying for abortions, you're ANTI ABORTION for everyone and hate women.
I'm a WOMAN, how can I hate women?
How can I stop women from having an abortion? It's their body; but DO I HAVE TO PAY FOR IT?

If you're against jumping to conclusions and spending horrid amounts of money due to CLIMATE CHANGE, I personally want to know it's NEEDED.
And my asking that doesn't mean I want to suck in dirty air..believe me.

etc etc............
label and DESTROY...Obama's credo

Anonymous said...


Don't worry, CI; I know you wouldn't want to be perceived as not hating Republicans, too.

Constitutional Insurgent said...

Z - Only when they bear blame as well....

Anonymous said...


It sounds knee jerk with you sometimes, CI, but I'll take your word for it.
And, frankly, I've never known any political party that didn't deserve some blame for something, right!?

Lib Buster said...

Obuma went to Vegas for a fund raiser a day after the attack at Benghazi, and now he gives a political speech on the same day a mass murder is taking place. Those behaviors during a time of crisis are what you would expect from a sociopath.

At least we know where he made his speech; thus far, no one has given a clear answer where he was during Benghazi.
And let's not forget Mocchelle told us that he was going to shake his "groove" thing the same night as this happened.

Obama is his name

Distort and ignore is his game..

Liberals, democrats,progressives, socialists, marxists, and communists - they're all the same lot of crap. I don't trust any of them..

Anonymous said...

I found what the President did yesterday was cold stone despicable,uncaring, dishonorable and outright cruel!
Here his neighbors were shot and killed on Government property and you start another smear campaign against your other neighbors about money!

He turns my stomach
It's too late now, you lame-ass incompetent, Puyin owns you now..

Anonymous said...

Putin owns you now..

Anonymous said...

The progressives want you disarmed because they realize that their end game agenda won't be popular with the people. Here's a quote from one of their "elite" thinkers, Josh Horowitz.
Recognize Insurrectionism as a threat to the entire progressive movement.

Too many political progressives assume that the gun rights movement can be co-opted or simply ignored.

Progressives fail to understand that the Insurrectionist idea is part and parcel of a broader reactionary worldview.

Unless progressives recognize that the Insurrectionist premise of the modern gun rights movement is fundamentally hostile to the progressive project and its values, the "conservative" movement will use gun rights as a building block for organizing and propagandizing.

Kid said...

Z, I just sent this article to a friend of mine. :) Wild.

Z, agree your points of course Mademoiselle !

CI, yes, it was GW what inflicted the DHS and TSA upon us. Did you happen to read where TSA can operate anywhere for example; is authorized to pull you over on the road and strip search you at will? Yes, I'm serious folks.

Consider this frog Out of the water for a while now.

Z said...

Kid, we can talk about this frog all we want, and yes, Bush did that...but he didn't do it without the second part of his admin's leftist gov', he was NEVER EVER EVER EVER NEVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER as big on getting American's guns from him as this president is..right?

Anonymous said...

"First, I'd LOVE to know where so MANY new commenters are coming from.."

Then Dear lady...why not ask them? However IP's are not indicative of actual locations...some are spoofed...and some providers use the same IP's all over the country?

Z said...

thanks, Anonymous, but I believe I did ask them with that question?

I was able to get a better bead on who was coming from where in the past; it's not the same now. Very little information.


beamish said...

The government couldn't stockpile weapons and arm its employees if there were no government.

beamish said...

The government couldn't stockpile weapons and arm its employees if there were no government.

Kid said...

Z, oBAMa is 1000 times worse to be sure. but DHS and TSA are pure evil.

Z said...

Kid, I think I'm with you on those...
But, who would you have in charge of airport security, for example, if not TSA?

Z said...

beamish; tell me about a country with no government.
What would it 'look like'?

Pris said...

Hi Z,
The Dodgers just clinched their division!!!! HOORAY!!

Kid said...

Z, I'd do it like the Israeli's do, Profile. Then inspect the heck out of the luggage for dangerous materials.
Bottom line, the TSA is useless at their job. People testing them get stuff through all the time: guns, knives, hand grenades, you name it.
All they accomplish is to harrass the law abiding public. Typical Libtard non-solution to a problem, given to us by Bush.

PS - the passengers will never let some muslims take over a plane again, nor will the cockpit crew.

My nephew is a Flight Deck Officer and pilot. He carries a gun. Nobody is taking his plane.