Thursday, September 19, 2013

We HATE Non-Rich People!??

This is just too rich...I had to post it.   But, take heart; Jared Spurbeck's ridiculous generalizations and innuendos aren't bought much anymore.  Check out the comments of Yahoo! readers below the article.

Commentary: 'Obamacare

Fight' Shows GOP’s 

Contempt for Non-Rich PeopleYahoo Contributor Network

As Barack Obama and some GOP lawmakers argue over the debt ceiling and the Affordable Care Act, Yahoo asked Americans how the battle in Washington is affecting them. Here's one perspective.

COMMENTARY | Let's get a few things straight.

First, House Republicans are not going to stop Obamacare, also known as the Affordable Care Act. (This website explains what it actually does.) (Z: this website is the government's website;  does he think it's going to be critical!?  Great journalism, huh?) They're not going to prevent freeloaders from having to buy health insurance (to help pay for care for people with actual medical conditions, which the ACA also requires insurance companies to stop coming up with excuses not to cover them), and they're not going to prevent the Medicaid expansion, which will let poor families and workers get chronic and life-threatening medical conditions taken care of. Their leadership has very publicly refused to commit to a course of action, and it's kind of ridiculous to talk about "defunding Obamacare" in the first place.
Second, it's even more ridiculous to talk about generally defunding the government (via refusing to raise the debt ceiling or continuing "sequestration") versus letting Americans have some semblance of the health care coverage people in practically every other first-world country have already. That's because those aren't the only two options on the table. We can choose what we want our society to look like, and it doesn't have to be a "winner-take-all, the rest of you fight for the scraps" universe.
I currently depend on government-funded health care for life-saving medical interventions, through hard-to-find and hard-to-sign-up-for programs that I didn't even know existed and that put a hard limit on how often I can see a health care professional. I wanted to go on Medicaid in 2014, but the Republicans in my state of North Carolina rejected federal funding of the ACA Medicaid expansion, over the protest of the state's doctors and even though it'd cost them nothing.
I'm scared that my life will be thrown away.
Right now, we have widespread unemployment and poverty because no one's spending enough to justify hiring more workers. Poor and middle-class Americans can't spend the money, and people with unearned wealth simply aren't.
We, as a society, go to a lot of trouble to make life easier for rich people. We build the roads, bridges, and public schools that make the United States a better and safer place to do business than Somalia, and even though they get most of the benefits, we don't even make them pay their fair share of the cost. Instead, we let them deduct practically everything from their taxes, avoid paying corporate income tax, and rewrite the tax laws every year with the help of their full-time accountants.
"Sequestration" is basically rich people saying -- via the House Republicans -- "screw you all, my $300,000 wristwatch is more important than your child's health care." Or her preschool program, or her breakfast, or her teacher's salary. Why do we think this is OK? Do we really have to let people curl up and die -- 502 of them every week in 2010 -- to make sure rich people get to keep all the unearned wealth that we worked so hard to give them?
Why are we even talking about this in the 21st century?
Jared Spurbeck lives in Cary, N.C.

THESE are such amazing comments, you won't be sorry by CLICKING HERE, you'll be delighted...and amazed;  I promise.

So, what do you think of ol' Jared and his article...but, more important;  what do you think of the public reaction?  These comments are from yahoo!, not a conservative blog where you expect criticism of his nutty piece!



beakerkin said...

Class warfare is not original and the
lowest form of populism. Then again
one needs to look at Venezuela or Argentina to see where this rhetoric leads.

Mandy in SC said...

All that is really not really all that surprising... Didn’t our Dear Leader go Golfing during the Syria debacle... wasn’t he partying in Vegas immediately after the Benghazi attack! So it’s no surprise at all that he and Moochie throw a dance party right after the Navy Yard Shooting. Fits Barack and Moochie’s Modus Operandi perfectly! I wonder if Miley Cyrus will be there to teach the First Moocher how to twerk!

Waylon said...

According to Jared Spurbeck he's a "table top gamer" (whatever the hell that is) and interested in "social issues". He seems to be a cat lover in a photo taken either in the psych ward or in his mothers basement.

Sounds like a drone without much ambition to help himself. Like most liberals he's a finger-pointer accusing others of being the cause of his problems.

Robert Sinclair said...

This person Jared Spurbeck could be the poster-boy for all that is wrong with American education. He is no doubt one of those who believes that the term “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness” really means immortality, anarchy, and having no responsibility for self or his own generated family.

Z said...

To me, this piece had so many holes in it, and such weak support (imagine linking the government's raves about Obamacare as proof it's going to work? This is tantamount to liberals who know we'd vote for ANY Black man we agree with yet constantly call us racists for criticizing Obama! Who even thinks of his color when we're upset at his ideology and methodology?!!)....this article kind of stuck out as a good example of why we need to be thankful there are some conservative writers.

And THEN, THE COMMENTS PAGE HONESTLY GAVE ME HOPE. AMAZINGLY critical comments on a homepage that is NOT conservative. Very surprising and refreshing.

Red Herring said...


How's any self-respectin' Pirate s'posed to make a livin' robbin' POOR people?

Do I look like a Left-wing government bureaucrat to YOU?


Of COURSE us Pirates HATE Non-Rich People! We wish EVERYONE could be RICH... and RIPE for Plunderin'! What the HELL is wrong with THAT?

Red Herring said...
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The Absolute Marxist said...
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The Absolute Marxist said...

Us Communists HATE rich people!

That's why we spend our ENTIRE lives ensuring that EVERYONE is as poor as a schoolmouse!

No RICH people! Riches are BAD!

The Absolute Marxist said...


JonBerg said...

As I've said many times before: 2,700 pages of law and 20,000 pages of regulations is un-tenable unless, of course, you are a lawyer or some sort of a bureaucrat such as a"navigator". My Physician is "throwing in the towel"! All of those responsible for this impending nightmare should be thrown in prison! I recently stopped by a large supermarket in my old neighborhood and saw someone who I remembered from about 25 years ago. I inquired as to how things were going. Well, not good! After nearly 30 years with the company, at that particular store, her hours were cut to <30; guess why? She is now cleaning houses to supplement the loss of income. It's my understanding that this POS passed without the support of any Republican. I hope that this fact will be remembered as the donnybrook ramps-up.

The Absolute Marxist said...

e unum pluribus!

Duckys here said...

The key is the exchanges

It's worthwhile understanding them.
They may be the seed of a vehicle away from the for profit health insurance insanity in America.
The left needs to understand them as a building block and the right needs to stop them and make sure the health insurance system ignores health care and concentrates on profit.

The kid is on the right track.

Anonymous said...


Ducky, not agreeing doesn't mean not understanding; when ARE you going to understand that?

We're AMericans..or were...we helped those without help out of the goodness of our hearts, not because the government's intent on mimicking health care schemes that haven't worked in Europe for years.
England's a nightmare, Germany's begging their people to buy private insurance because they're out of money.

NOBODY doesn't get healthcare when it's needed here, Ducky...

And, of course, it's an utter mess that won't be turned around because you'll have driven private health care, which has done an amazing job for years (let's hope you never have to find out like I did when Mr. Z was sick; I saw no bills..EVER), right out of business.

Most Americans understand this Obama nightmare is strictly to get SINGLE don't have to be Einstein to see that.
And, of course, America simply can't afford to do that.

You do the math.

liberalism...maybe it truly IS a mental disease? And you know I very rarely use that kind of hyperbole.

FreeThinke said...

"Class Warfare" USED to be called by its rightful name in Christian countries. That name is ENVY -- one of the deadliest of the Seven Deadly Sins.

Marxian Dialectics, having sneaked into the culture and seeped surreptitiously into the public consciousness via the septic machinations of Cultural Marxism, have succeeded in elevating Deadly Sin to the category of Cardinal Virtue -- and vice versa.

That's what PERVERSION really is -- a reversal of values from positive to negative brought about by obstinate, unrelenting assertions that white is black, up is down, out is in, vile is virtuous, etc.

Our country has been PERVERTED, and we are now at the point where it is labelled a HATE CRIME to make any attempt to explain how and why this happened.

THIS is why we feel THROTTLED. THIS is why everyone is furious and on edge ALL the TIME.

We have lost the right to freedom of expression because of the successful initiation of Hate Crime Laws.

Don't you think there are SOME things that one OUGHT to HATE, if one still hopes to resurrect America's true identity?

Liberalmann said...

Report: For Millions, Insurance Will Cost Less Than $100/Month

Pris said...

Hi Z,
The Dodgers just clinched their division!!! Hooray!!

Duckys here said...

"Class Warfare" USED to be called by its rightful name in Christian countries. That name is ENVY -- one of the deadliest of the Seven Deadly Sins.

You've never seen class warfare.

Class warfare occurs when you get pulled from your limousine, beaten with a tire iron and hung from a lamp pole.

Kid said...

From the start I said obamacare was solely intended to re-route all the current health insurer payments through DC.

I also predicted most of the evil that this will inflict upon people who need healthcare. Not gonna rehash it - unless someone wants me to.

Important to my point, realize everyone will either be on the government supplied health care, and/or the insurers left standing will be regulated to operate just like the government plan, specifically, authorization form a panel of grossly overpaid and evil boobs will be rubber stamping or not your acceptance for treatment and what time frame that will occur within. Or Not.

At this point, I believe it was also intended to take care of America's soon to be huge retiree population by letting them die off.

You'll get a serious disease, probably cancer. You'll see someone not in a timely fashion who will schedule an appointment with a specialist, months from now, when it's too late to treat successfully.
If you actually see the specialist, you be scheduled and be waiting again. You die cursing the republicans because you only watch msnbc who already has you believing the only problem with obamacare is that the republicans screwed it up. No dear, it was screwed up the moment it saw daylight.

This is what happened in Canadia for decades. Years ago, I saw an article that a top government official lady came to California for breast cancer treatment. The article was full of excuses for why she didn't use the fantastico canadia system, but look; she came to California.

In the ed, after they've killed enough retirees off, they'llstart scaling back, and like canadia, will be receptive to allowing citizens the opportunity to purchase a health plan that will actually do something for them.

Of course, that means, that onw, they'll be paying for that and Still paying mucho taxes for the non-health care.

Anyway, when obamacare is fully implemented, there will be MORE people without coverage than there are now. Yep.

Finally, I've never heard ANY politician talk about what one of the major problems is with the HC system in America. Trial Lawyers.
They have to be throttled. Somehow, under obamacare, I think they'll still be well taken care of.

The other problems are fraud (50% of medicare is fraud and could be stopped easily) and profiteering by hospitals and other health professionals.

We used to be such a great country ya know?

Kid said...

Z, liberalism IS a mental disease. Liberals are in 1 of two categories.

Young idealists who will painfully learn that liberals ideas are dead ends and will morph into intelligent people somewhere over the age of 30.

People like duck who are stuck as bratty little 3 year old children. I call this arrested mental development. It may not be their fault, they may simply not have the capacity to learn and refuse to even consider they are NOT geniuses until the day they die. I cut them no slack for that if true when they are actively turning this country into a (fill in your own blank and it isn't good)

They are characterized by believing the most naive 'plans' will work and in reality don't even get to step 2 before failing miserably. Like little brats they spend all their energy moaning about the rich and trying to figure out how to take from the rich instead of putting some effort in and making something of themselves.
When their idiotic plans crash and burn, they scream Unintended Consequences! and We Didn't Spend Enough Moneyyyyy !

No, they're stupid.

Somehow they've taken over the voting majority and are destroying America post haste. I can't wait until people like duck are all over the internet bitching about how they can't get health care and the evil republicans that did them in.

Duckys here said...

I also predicted most of the evil that this will inflict upon people who need healthcare. Not gonna rehash it - unless someone wants me to.

Yeah, I gotta read this.

Kid said...

Duck, sadly, you don't count.

Thersites said...


I can get insurance for $20 a month now. Are you telling me that I'll have to spend 5x that, now???

Z said...

Thanks for letting me know!

Duckys here said...

Dodgers vs. Red Sox?

Dodgers have no chance.

Thanks for taking those stiffs Gonzalez, "Kentucky Fried" Beckett and Crawford (is he even playing?) off our hands.

Sox have had one of the largest one year turnaround in baseball history. Maybe the most likeable Sox team I can remember.

The Flyin' Hawaiian and Uehara coming at ya'.

Z said...

Ducky! "No chance"? They just won their division. How do you think they did that? :-)

'likable' doesn't win games, but good luck (not)

Pris said...

My my Ducky,
Well, the Dodgers have had a fabulous huge turnaround. They were once behind by 12 games now they're ahead by 11 1/2 and locked it up.

Gonzales has been great, and yes Crawford is playing and doing fine.

Dodgers have no chance? They came back and have been roaring through.

Kershaw, and Greinke will be coming at ya!!! Not to mention Hanley Ramirez and Yasiel Puig, our star rookie!

Yes Z, the Dodger team is likable too, but it's determination that wins games, right? Oh, and a bit of good luck doesn't hurt, huh?

Kid said...

Duck, that's what you but what am I?

Just trying to get on your level man.