Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Some of us are incredibly stupid...

~Mustang Sends

Patrick the Gorilla is cranky. He is not treating other of his kind very kindly, even sneering at them and, on one occasion, he bit a female with whom he was to have sexual intercourse. I actually witnessed this behavior once in a bar in Boston, just outside the Navy Yard.

I digress.

Zookeepers in Dallas, Texas, are sending Patrick to a gorilla therapist and time-out sessions at the Riverbanks Zoo and Gardens in South Carolina. I am thinking that if Patrick Gorilla is cranky now, in Dallas, just wait until hominy grits show up on his breakfast tray.

Several years ago, Patrick’s best friend Jabari escaped captivity and went on a rampage. Dallas police shot Jabari dead after he injured three people —proving once more that Texans have no sense of humor. 

Since Jabari’s untimely demise, Patrick has had a very poor attitude.  Still, one wonders why Zoo officials are sending Patrick halfway across the United States; why not offer him psychotherapy in the Dallas area? Maybe there is something more going on—something Dallas Zookeepers are not willing to reveal to the public.

Is Patrick gay?

There must be something seriously wrong with us —as a people. Patrick is an animal. I have seen numerous films of gorillas in the wild, and they all seem very cranky to me. Who cares if he sneers at other gorillas? Who cares if he bit a female gorilla? Maybe she is in to biting …

With starving citizens, Mohammedans running amok, Obama Care on the horizon, three and a half more years of an Obama presidency … why are we wasting resources rehabilitating a gorilla?


beakerkin said...

Maybe they will send him to the same shrink that was supposed to turn Al Gore into an Alpha Male.

Ed Bonderenka said...

He's gonna test some Samsonite luggage along the way.

Duckys here said...

"With starving citizens ... "

Next thing you know, mustang will come out against the move to cut food tamps. Not likely.

Duckys here said...

I actually witnessed this behavior once in a bar in Boston, just outside the Navy Yard.

Maybe happened to you. You strike me as the perceptive type who'd walk into a Townie bar and yell, "Up the I.R.A."

The Debonair Dudes World said...

"Some of us are incredibly stupid" You bet they are! ... Well, lets look at the video tape! The Iranian president snubs Obama three times, and yet he (Obama) tell us that “HE” will not discus anything with him face to face.
Dear Leader is respected by no one, not even a piece of crap like Hassan Rouhani!
When Obama hosted a luncheon of world leaders most of the press and insiders had thought there might at least be a handshake to break the ice... However Dear Leader was left empty handed after Hassan Rouhani, didn’t even show up.
Did the Obama and the Libtards learn nothing from Syria? Ot’s Putin who runs the show, not Obama. We are NO-longer the worlds threat. Sorry Libtards, but it's true!
The Ayatollahs no long
er give a crap about what Obama wants or says. The have Putin on their side. And they understand perfectly well what Obama’s position in the world is. Also the crazy midget in North Korea may actually believe he could take on the US after seeing Obama’s weakness. Obama showed the world that his “Red Line” was just another way of putting his Head In The Sand and his Foot In His Mouth!
Our Liar in Chief show the world that he is not a person to respect or trust, or even fear!.

Even the Obama’s list of Accomplishments Is An Obomination!

Rottweiler said...

Stupid, and a disgusting excuse for the House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi who ridicules the GOP as obsessed with its loathing of President Obama and hell-bent on hurting him politically, regardless the cost. She PelosiObamaassigns little to no blame to the president (even though Democrats privately say that’s laughable) and instead portrays him as saintly, above reproach and the victim of jealousy or something worse.
After all those years in the House, she says, “I haven’t seen anything like it. I haven’t seen anything like it.”
She added a line that she has used before, that drives Republicans batty: “He has been … open, practically apolitical, certainly nonpartisan, in terms of welcoming every idea and solution. I think that’s one of the reasons the Republicans want to take him down politically, because they know he is a nonpartisan president, and that’s something very hard for them to cope with.”
Nancy Pelosi represents everything, and I do mean EVERYTHING, wrong with our political leadership today.
And talking about being incredibly stupid... Obama and his administration handled the Syria chemical weapons crisis like Larry, Moe and Curly, only I think that they couldn’t have handled it better.
And not only is he “Stupid” but he’s a LIAR and a bad one at that, when he said, “First of all, I didn't set a red line. The world set a red line” Yeah right! This is arguably one of the biggest lies ever told by a sitting President. It's pathologically untruthful. And it will be even tough for the media to cover this one up. Yes, Some of us are incredibly stupid...And I'm not even getting started, we should do a whole blog on the Stupidity of John Kerry!

sue hanes said...

Z - Good point. The way I look at it there are enough people in this world that there is always someone to do these weird things. Like
paying quality attention to gorillas - when humans need the attention.

JonBerg said...

"With starving citizens" (?)

America ranks #1 in the over weight/obese category when compared with the rest of the World!

Our WorldAs We See It said...

JonBerg said...
"America ranks #1 in the over weight/obese category when compared with the rest of the World!"

Does that include the First Lady?

Lisa said...
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Lisa said...

speaking of stupid. Food stamps were not "cut" they were just increased by 57% over the next 10 years as opposed to 75% that the dems advocated for.

Our WorldAs We See It said...

Where in the constitution does it mandate that the federal government give out food stamps?

How about you progressive-liberals go out there and buy some groceries for some of thes “So Called” poor people who spend their welfare checks on cigarettes and Lottery tickets ? You seem to love spending other people's money, spend some of your own.

I never read where Jesus said "sit on your ass and suck off of your neighbor"

Sam Huntington said...

“Our World” is right. It is not an enumerated power of the federal government to issue out food stamps. There is no direct relationship between the people of this country and the federal executive --except the powers usurped by progressives/neo-communists. If there is anyone that does not know this, they must have been educated in a communist run public school. Who was it that led the charge assailing the constitutional authority of states, as set forth in the US Constitution? Why, scum sucking bottom feeders such as William Jennings Bryan and, sadly, the states themselves who were sadly informed about the long range consequences of such actions.

The SoapBox Kid said...

Ted Cruz of Texas just ended his magnificent speech against Obamacare today after almost 22 hours. I think we are seeing one of the most amazing displays of leadership wéll see in our lifetime. This was just awesome to watch .I love how he exposes the slimy, scumy lying backstabbing Liberals who still love that monstrosity called Obamacare.

Harry Reid says Obamacare is the "law of the land" and must be upheld and enforced. I guess he never met Ted Cruz before. Heis really getting under the skin of the lily-Chicken livered cowardly Obamaniacs GO TED.
Cruz is doing what Obama and the MSM have not done, that is telling the low information voters about the exemptions for the privileged few. That is why the creepy idiots on those Progressive bogs are so frightened that they are already blogging their SCUM.

The Gladiator said...

The whole idea was to filibuster the bill until Harry the Scumbag Reid agreed to follow normal Senate rules and require a 60 vote majority to amend the Bill. Which would make it very hard for Dirty Harry to strip the defunding out of there which, again, would leave him with no choice but to put the whole bill up for a vote, unaltered.
Keep in mind that Dirty Harry is a shill for the Zimbabwean in Chief.
And Mitch McCockfluffer and John Cornyn are fine with that. Of course they are. They all made sure that they can keep their Cadillac plans at the taxpayers’ expense while those same taxpayers get to “enjoy” the fruits of a U.S. version of the NHS, so why would they give a flying fig about the people who voted them into office?
But the RINO traitor caucus couldn’t even get on board with that. Because Harry might get mad and stop giving them cheap thrills in the Senate showers.

JonBerg said...

By some studies my state, Colorado, has the lowest per capita overweight problem in the US which, reportedly, has the highest rate in the developed world . I just returned from the supermarket and I must say that I don't even want to see what it's like in Mississippi!

Here is an interesting link to the issue of food stamps and obesity:

Mustang said...

@ JonBerg

That was an excellent article. As Dr. Sowell reminds us, “It is hard to understand politics if you are hung up on reality. Politicians leave reality to others; what matters in politics is what you can get the voters to believe, whether it bears any resemblance to reality, or not.”

Notwithstanding the facts, as so ably discussed by Mr. Gregory, it is probably true that our nation is full of disgustingly fat people, and concurrently, there are children who go to bed at night hungry. My point was that before we waste our limited (monetary) resources sending monkeys back and forth across the United States in search of qualitative psychotherapy, before we give one thin dime to Islamacists so that they can purchase AK-74s from Russia to kill Christians, Jews, and American tourists, maybe—just maybe—we should feed our hungry children here at home. I’m not sure I understand the progressive argument that places foreigners and gorillas ahead of our own hungry children.

JonBerg said...


"I’m not sure I understand the progressive argument that places foreigners and gorillas ahead of our own hungry children."

Me neither. I guess that some of us are so "hung up on reality" that we fail to see the "progressive"* light!

*In the current,corrupted vernacular

Duckys here said...

Has it occurred to Mustang that zoos serve to study animal behavior and attempt to breed threatened species?
Now you may agree or disagree with that mission but the zoo seems to be within its mission here.

But notice that Mustang immediately jumps to a theory (based on his zoology or veterinary degree no doubt) that the animal is gay.
There's that preoccupation again. What's up, Mustang?

Anonymous said...


DUcky, this animal was born in the Bronx zoo...he's not extinct and nothing they spend money doing to him (or others in his position)will help any of his breed not become extinct....unless they might set up mental health centers throughout the area in Africa from which his breed comes? :-)
They're teaching him "primate etiquette" Ducky..

"What's up, Mustang?" don't you have ANY sense of humor? No wonder you guys butt heads; he's got a fantastic one!

Mustang said...

Thank you for your idiocies, Ducky. Miss Z and I are operating on the assumption that even a complete nitwit, such as yourself, will at some point tire of his own obtuseness and, like that fine old soldier of years gone by, just fade away.

JonBerg said...

"Is Patrick gay?"

Who knows? But if he is it sounds like his "rights" are being violated! What if they were doing this to "cranky" Barney Frank? OK, I guess that he isn't a "threatened species".

Duckys here said...

z, please notice that I wrote "threatened". The gorilla, at least the mountain gorilla, is indeed a threatened species.

Whether the zoo breeding program is effective is the topic for another thread.

Pris said...

Mustang I enjoyed your sense of humor in your post. However, It's hard to believe there's a gorilla therapist!

Actually, to be serious, all they have to do is put Patrick Gorilla in an area by himself. He's become an old cranky gorilla, so let him be alone. End of story!

Anonymous said...


Ducky, not it's not another topic; or at least it wasn't. You're the one who brought this up, not Mustang or I.
Who isn't against at least trying to keep species from becoming endangered?

Pris; the voice of reason :-) (again!)

Locke, A Great American Patriot said...

What a comparison in MEN, in speaking, and in credibility, between that wimp who spoke at the UN aka the Liar in Chief, or the “Toothless Leader and the AmazingTed Cruz! Cruz is explaining in his argument the fallacies in Obamacare with clarity, grace, and class. As well as all the facts against it. .We need about 99 more of him in the Senate without a doubt. We have much to many ignorant Old Democratic Farts walking around the Senate floor with their heads up thier ass’s starting with Harry Reid on down. I cannot imagine how any politicians with their head screwed on straight would want this Abomination.
To read those progressive sites today, you’d think that they were watching a different speaker. Maybe they have their TV’s tuned to Sesame Street, or The View.

And over at the UN, Obamás attempt to sound tough was as flat as a old glass of seltzer. He said nothing at that sound like a Leader! In fact he gave a signal that the USA aka the Former world’s Superpower is losing the will to stand up to rogue states! He has exposed himself as a WIMP. al Qaeda on the rise, Not on the run as he so often had claimed. Bathhouse Barry as he in known to the Gay Community has no credibility left, if he ever had any. He has turned into a global joke.
And all day the spoiled children over at the Wicked Witch’s cave has been posting their sacks of crap like sniveling brats who have had their ass’s whipped.
Ted Cruz has done a great job ever since being elected. He is a man who stands by his convictions and beliefs. What Cruz did today showed his character, toughness, smarts and relentlessness. The socialist movement (and they're in both parties), never gives up until they win. This is why Ted Cruz strikes fear in them, he has the same tenacity they do, and he's gradually gaining support. Ted comes across as warm, passionate and caring, and is articulate, this is a person who I believe has what to takes to win over more Democrat voters than many might believe - it isn't just libertarians and conservatives that are against Obamacare. We need more like him.

Lib Buster said...

No one fears America any longer with Barack Obama leading from behind. That is the sorry state of affairs the United States finds itself. I think this may well be the tipping for the Obama administration. We will continue go downhill from here. I hardly envy any American traveling overseas at this juncture and we can hold the Obama administration accountable for the degradation of our status internationally. Every single American's life is in danger now and the 'One' has made it so. When the current President of the United States is both mocked and ridiculed around the world and disrespected for very good reason by two dictatorial leaders from such disparate places as Russia and Iran, this somehow seems to highlight what a disaster this tactic has become for America...and except for the ever present Mr.O, I suspect he isn't very happy with this outcome. And the ass wipes on the left.

Pris said...

Thank you Z.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Always On Watch said...

Absurdity rules the day in the 21st Century.

Remember Obama's comment yesterday, the comment about a safer world today than 5 years ago. Sheesh.

Anonymous said...
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Because I Say So said...

The bitterness, and the nastiness of that progressive feline who writes all that negativity and hate about the republican and conservative parties shows the hate , anger, and close minded people called mentally deficient people. We all realize that all people are not perfect, but when they write their leader (Obama) can do no wrong, and is so admired for his “WHAT” What is it that they (she) see’s in this Dolt? . Can she possibly really believe that he is a political messiah. She is bitter, hate filled, and also wrong. Wrong about that “leader”. And politically immature and personally immature.

It seems the followers of “hope and change” have no hope and expect no change. Of course not, they are to wrapped up in their hate. An idiot differs from a fool who is unwise and an ignoramus who is uneducated/an ignorant, neither of which refers to someone with low intelligence. The medical classification of these people are said to have "profound mental retardation."

voodookobra said...

I've noticed people on the left tend to live in a fantasy world and have this idea of how the world should be regardless of how impractical their ideas or principals are. They seem to think people should have way too many entitlement given the resources and practicality in the real world. But they don't think about things like practicality, they seem to be more concerned with some imaginary utopia in their mind that is completely unrealistic. Do you Progressive's hear me!

FreeThinke said...

Be careful, or PETA will get on your case, and make you wish you'd never been born.

Mark my words.

Get enlightened: Animals are JUST as important as human beings, and what's more they are a whole lot NICER and more DESERVING.

It must be true. After all PETA said so. };-)>

Anonymous said...

FROM GEEEZ at work:

FT, at one point, PETA said that chickens being raised and killed for our food was as bad as the holocaust.

I remember when Pamela Anderson said something about banning Kentucky Fried Chicken and Mr Z and I heard it on the radio before lunch. I said 'Honey, let's get KFC for lunch right now!" He wouldn't eat it because he hated it, but I DID just in protest of the idiocies.

Anonymous, I don't even know what picture you're talking about. It took me five minutes and then I realized what I think you mean and I'll be deleting you when I get home. THat's awful. Or tell me what you meant.

Because I Say So... Who are YOU alluding to? If it's that shaw blog, you'll be deleted, too.
I'm not interested in continuing to have her detractors here talking about her. Who CARES what's on her blog?

Also...I urge many of you to open your own blogs; anonymous commenters are only accepted here because I blog as "anonymous" from here at work. I'm thinking of stopping that because I'm tired of people, even non-Anonymous commenters, using GeeeZ for posting their own blog posts completely off topic of mine or my contributors.
We have posts here and comments adhere to them.
That's the way blogging works; maybe you can find other blogs with the topics you want to cover at MINE? Thanks.

Sam Huntington said...

If I could be an animal psychologist, I would want to focus more on squirrels or chipmunks, not gorillas or ducks.

Bob said...

"why are we wasting resources rehabilitating a gorilla?"

Why, indeed? Plus, Patrick will probably do just fine in South Carolina if they let him roam among the population. Females, there, appreciate a little nip every now and then. So I am told...

By the way, there ain't nothing wrong with grits for breakfast, or as they are known in Louisiana, Cajun ice cream.

TS/WS said...

And I'm glade Cruz told how the Dem Congressional STAFFERS who (who make $120,000 a year) Wrote The Bill- now don't want to pay their "FAIR SHARE", they want me and you to pay our fair share AND THEIRS!
Today we find out the IRS Employees want OUT AS WELL-they too want us to Pay Their "FAIR SHARE"!
And pay for animal husbandry studies (fruit flies and all),
and we have to pay for the Patrick study of Patric acting like a Gorilla. Do Dallas occupiers only have to foot the psychotherapist eating habits?

Z said...

TS/WS..thanks for getting back to the post at the end of your comment :-)
good comment, too.

Bob! The HUMAN population?!!

Sam, that cracked me up!

Kid said...

I would say that since nothing in politics, pop culture, school, news, or the media in general makes us 'feel good', we have been forced into These environments to find things that makes us 'feel good'. Because that's the most important thing. And we crave the awesome. Like the sheer awesomeness of someone holding a door for a woman walking with crutches. Now THAT's awesome.

PS - able bodied people receiving food stamps should pay for them with community service. Right duck?

Kid said...

If I may be so bold and intrusive on Z's blog....

Lisa, You are ON it dear lady.

Miss Pris, No doubt there are gorilla therapists. There are people who are experts in any field where government money is available.

Sam, Cat psychologists are where the real money is. Think crazy cat lady(s). They usually have a lot of money.

Z said...

Kid, I will email you privately about what I think about the term "cat lady", I won't. Let me just put it this way: Why's a guy with a lot of cats just a guy with a lot of cats? :0)

Let's watch the libs squirm out of this one. I think I'll do a whole POST on this some day soon.

That 'feel good' BS is part of bringing this gorilla to a shrink, you're right.

Kid said...

Z, just common slang, and it is usually older women who collect a bunch of cats to take care of and for the companionship. My lunch buddies sister is one ! :)

In my defense, anyone who has ever willed their estate to a cat(s) has been a woman.

But if you find it offensive, I beg a thousand pardons.

Z said...

Kid, I'm SUCH a non feminist (except for equal pay) but it does bug me that men can have 10 cats and nobody'd call him anything..but a woman with is "that crazy cat woman"!
OK, they might call the guy 'eccentric' but......... :-)
I'm not offended, but you hit a nerve.
And this from a woman with exactly 0 cats. But, who had one who WAS her 'soul mate':-)

Marcello The Wonderful..

Kid said...

Z, as far as the community service thing. I believe strongly that anyone receiving money from the taxpayers for any reason, who are able, should be giving something back in some sort of community service role.

Kid said...

Z, I should have left off the crazy part. Women who are taking care of animals are not crazy. Unless they do it to the point it is detrimental to themself or the cats.

And again, of course it is a slang stereotype.

We have a neighbor dude who feeds about 10 stray cats who live pretty much on his porch. I'd call him a crazy cat guy.

JonBerg said...

Sorry to be so behind times but is there a Glossary of these things like, !:) or whatever it is? I can't even get a firm cryptonic-analysis of this $#!t on Wikipedia! What ever happened to the English Language?

Z said...

Kid...I'm okay with's just that it has always hit a nerve!

As far as Community Service and Food Stamps, of course you're right...people should give back when they're getting for FREE. But, I think the first time Obama'd be against anything with COMMUNITY in it, would be THIS idea.
God FORBID that the poor WORK to earn their sustenance. )(sarcasm here)

Goodnight, folks...I was up at 2:30 this morning...maybe slept another 30 minutes and I have a VERY busy next four days! HELP!

see you tomorrow!

JonBerg said...

Regarding my last comment; sorry to go "off topic" again. Sometimes I just can't help it!

Anonymous said...

"The gorilla, at least the mountain gorilla, is indeed a threatened species."

By whom?

It's cousins? Only one matter of DNA apart?

Anonymous said...

"zoos serve to study animal behavior and attempt to breed threatened species?"

Did you know that with every species there comes a time when they all cease to exist?

Thousands of species of plants and animals are no longer with us.....thank nature for that otherwise we'd all be in Jurrasic Park.

Every day a species goes POOF!

JonBerg said...

"every species there comes a time when they all cease to exist"

You are quite correct. Why don't you assume an idenity?

Always On Watch said...

at one point, PETA said that chickens being raised and killed for our food was as bad as the holocaust.

You can't reason with people like that!

darlingsapphire said...

I am vegetarian, but eat a little
fish and one egg a week. I've been
told I look around twenty years
younger than my age. I love God's
beautiful, wonderful animals, and
have cared for some for the last
sixteen years, and will go on.My
mind and body is very active, and
speaking of mind I must say that
Gorilla, Patrick definitely has a
mind of his own. He not only is a
very handsome silverback but has
a very intelligent mind. Like his
Father, Barney (who once recided
at Metro Toronto Zoo,I can't find
anything wrong with him. Since he
was a youngster, he just lights
up a dark day. Who in their right
mind would want to make a family
at a zoo where they shoot (kill)
his own species. Never mind what
silly people are writing about
you, Patrick, you and many others
know you are just a handsome,
intelligent, gregarious, witty,
charming, and the list goes on,
silverback who does love females,
but not where the humans shoot
gorillas dead.