Saturday, September 28, 2013

Happy Birthday!



Always On Watch said...

Kid's a great guy!

Rita said...

Happy birthday Kid. You help to make Geez a great place to enjoy a good debate. And I love your space pics on your own blog.

Hope your day is magical.

sue hanes said...

Happy Birthday Kid. Any many more.

Mustang said...

My best to you, Kid ... Happy Birthday!

Ed Bonderenka said...

Happy Birthday Kid!
Let's see if the lib element chimes in.

Rottweiler said...

Congtats Kid, Good luck and many happy returns.

Kid said...

Looks Just like me Z! Thanks !

Thank you all very much !

AOW, right back at you in spades !
Rita, I'll keep them coming :)
Sue, Best to you, hope your day is a good one.
Mustang, My best to you.
Ed, You think obama might chime in?
Rottweiler, And to you sir.

Have a great Saturday all.

Pris said...

You are a terrific contributor here at GEEEEEZ! Meow!

Sam Huntington said...

Happy Birthday, Kid! I enjoy reading your comments and posts. Have a fantastic day.

Bob said...

Happy birthday, Kid. Write many more interesting blogs.

Elizabeth Gonzalez said...

Happy birthday! :)

Kid said...

Pris, Purrrr baby !

Sam, I enjoy your all American stuff and otherwise.

Bob, I'll do it.

Elizabeth, Thanks !

Kid said...

Folks, honestly, to have everyone I respect and love to read here myself stopping by to say hey; is an honor not taken lightly.

I hope you're all enjoying the weekend. :)

FreeThinke said...

Happy Birthday, Kid!

My gift to you is a free pass to FreeThinke's Blog and an open invitation to comment whenever you wish. The pass is good for the entire year -- assuming I last that long .;-)

Everlasting cheers!

Kid said...

FT, Thanks much:)

Z said...'re pitchin' again!
Does this mean your blog's permanently open again?
My gosh!